Anti-Vietnam War Sentiments at MSU

Opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War took many forms at Michigan State University, including peace marches, teach-ins, protests, and distribution of literature. This exhibit covers Anti-Vietnam War Sentiments at MSU from 1965 to 1972.

Barnett Rosenberg

An exhibit highlighting Barnett Rosenberg, his research, and the discovery of cisplatin.

Beaumont Tower

This exhibit covers the history of the collapse of College Hall, construction of Beaumont Tower, the addition of bells, the silence of the bells, rededication of the Beaumont Tower bells, and Tower Guard.

Campus Legends and Myths Surrounding the MSU Campus

This exhibit highlights the myths and legends that are associated with Michigan State University.

Civil War Sesquicentennial

The American Civil War influenced Michigan Agricultural College. The years between 1861 and 1865 proved to be some of the hardest for the college. Enrollment rates dropped because of the war, financial problems were arising, and MAC was fighting to retain the Morrill Land Grant that ensured the permanence of the college. Read more about MAC's role in the Civil War.

Class Gifts at Michigan State

A list and description of Class Gifts through the years at Michigan State University.

College of Human Medicine

An exhibit highlighting the history of the College of Human Medicine from its founding in 1966.

College of Osteopathic Medicine

This exhibit presents some images and sounds from the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Cooperative Extension

An exhibit of the Cooperative Extension office of Michigan State University

Dick Estell

A brief history of Dick Estell who worked for WKAR.

Dormitory Life

The first one-hundred years of students living on campus.

Early Women of M.A.C.

A look at the first three decades of classes, activities, and landmark moments for women on campus.

Forest H. Akers: Not Just a Clever Name for a Golf Course

The name Forest Akers is a familiar one at Michigan State University. But few are familiar with the man behind the clever name.

History of Campus Energy Use

An exhibit about the history of energy use at MSU including the power plants on campus.

International Students at MSU

Michigan State University has a long, rich history of welcoming International Students to its campus.

Life at M.A.C. in 1886

 A brief summary of what life was like at M.A.C. in 1886.

Louis A. Wolfanger Slides

This exhibit highlights the large collection of glass slides that documented agriculture and life in various countries taken by Louis A. Wolfanger.

Lyman Briggs

An exhibit about Lyman Briggs, an alumnus of Michigan State University.

Michigan State University Traditions

A description of various traditions including class rivalry, dating, and J-Hop.

Onn Mann Liang

An exhibit about MSU alumnus Onn Mann Liang, an international student from China in the 1920s.

Orange Horse: an early student activism movement

Learn more about the Orange Horse affair, when students protested the non-renewal of faculty contracts.

President Cecil Mackey

An exhibit of President Cecil Mackey's life.

President Clifton Wharton, Jr.

An exhibit about President Clifton Wharton, Jr.

President Gordon Guyer

An exhibit covering the life of President Gordon Guyer.

President John DiBiaggio

This exhibit is about President John DiBiaggio's career at MSU.

President John Hannah: A Story of a Man Prior to his Presidency

This exhibit is about President John Hannah prior to his presidency at the college.

Ralph Turner

An exhibit highlighting Ralph Turner's work and research at Michigan State University.

Spartan Rose Bowl History

An exhibit about Michigan State University's first four appearances in the Rose Bowl.

Student Organizations: Documenting Diversity @ MSU

Michigan State University has always had diverse student organizations. The activities of these organizations are an important part of the history of student life at the University. These texts and images highlight some of the student organizations at MSU.

The Rock

This exhibit covers the history of the Rock and how it has evolved over the years from a class gift to a message board.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones played at Spartan Stadium on September 9, 1994.

The Spartan Statue and his Creator

This exhibit covers the history of the Spartan Statue, aka "Sparty" and his creator, Leonard Jungwirth.