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. 4 ·WHAT'S UP:
-- October
1989 .
The REAL best of
Lash Is here/ ••• p. 7
G That rotten kid Is back ••• p. 7
9 Dig with Big Baby... p. 9
Volume I .
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independent .
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G · Entertainment .••
·Abortion debate divides state
· by M.L. ELRICK
uR·I Executive Editor
: It's a dedslon no woman.wants to
1ace, yet thousands do each year.
A decision on an Issue so sensitive
two highly-charged and polarized
s~es have done battle In the courts,
the streets, and In the media.
Some say the declsk>n belongs to
the woman.
Others say there should be no Will this effort cost some leglsladeclslon
and, oonsequently, no tors their jobs?
abortion. "I think that's up to the voter.
Abortion IS h&rdly a new Issue, (However), I think most voters don't
but It is one that was hotly contested vote on one Issue; Listing said. The
for years betore the Supreme Court's anticipated ouster of some elected
landmark declsk>n In Roe vs. Wu. officals "depends on the other Issues
Even the terms generally U&ed to Involved In the campaign; she added.
desalbethecombatants-and- Milliken minced no words, telling a
abortion, pro-life-are mmeated. cheering crowd to -Wage war on
· We would have no problem lawmakersattemJ)tlng to deny women
being named anti-abortiOn Hour theirConstltUtlon8l rights.·
opponents would be prc>-abortlon, • That Is where the anti-abortion
said Barbara Listing, Michigan Right and pro-life factions differentiate
To Life president. themselves-rights.
Listing spoke to the uR-1 on the The Right-to-Life movement holds
heels of a pro-choice rally In Lansing that life begins at conception and that
that drew thousands to the capitol their opponents have sought to
lawn more than a week ago. dehumanize the fetus In an attempt to
The beautiful Weather, Dixieland make abortion acceptable, thereby
music and giant American flag taking rights from a unborn person.
backdrop belled the seriousne&& of Pro-choicers sett the fetus Is not a
what was the first post-Webster vs. person until months Into a pregnancy,
Reproductive Services abortion rally and that a woman should have the
In Michigan. right to terminate a pregnancy I f she
Pro-Choice forces fired the ftrst · sees flt.
salvo In what promises to be a bitter .Between the two sides, there can
fight In the Legislature-and In the be no middle ground. And some say
voting booths In November 1990. that may cause voters to base their
We are drawn here by a compel- ballot on a candidate's abortion
llngandcommoncau&8-topre- 1.-----------------=====;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;.;, posklon.
serve freedom of cho6ce tor the Twe el ..___... ,, .......... •,... i:Mice rallJ ill Lauiq. .a-llMAllom GARRllON However, with the exception of
women of our state,· said former · women died from self-Induced and majority In this Important swing state. some close races, many observers
Michigan First-I.my Helen MHliken, unsanitary ~Ion. We wll not Listing...:.. citing Detroit News and said they didn't believe a candidate's
co-chair of the Citizens tor-Personal to18rate government Intrusion Into our Right-to-Life survey numbers givlna view on abortion could cost them their
Freedom. private live&.• them a majority-said pro-life seat.
We are here to say to our Pro-choice forces are pushing legislators are planning to push a five- But Hice almost everything surlegislators:
We cannot, we wiU not legislators to leave Michigan a · bill, aborllon~estrictlve package, rounding Michigan's abortion debate,
accept a step back to the days wt*1 "Choice• state, claiming to have a: through the Legislature. that Is yet to be· seen.
' .'
2 •Reporter-Intelligencer . · , 4 October, 1989
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Page Three
The Second Front Pa e -
Transfer students feel tuition Increase crunch Interrupted or education delayed, but It
normally Isn't education unobtained. •
Other students, such as Sean
Bredy, a James Madison junior, said
he didn't mind the tuition increase.
u R-1 Connpondenl
attend two-year schools first because
of financial reasons.
Combined with the prices MSU
The average community college charges tor out-of-state students,
probably has an enrollment as big as many are forced to take on several
one of MSU's dormitories. job&, apply tor loans and obtain
But leaving behind the community ftnancialaid. i
college can be disorienting In more Craig Walsh, a sophomore
ways than one. Students transferring majoring In flnanoa, said he was
to MSU not only leave behind ooi:y startled by the Increase. The unlvercampuses
and fndivlduallzed Inst rue- sly notified him only three weeks
tlon, they gain the added bill that Is the before registration, which forced him
result of this year's tuition lnaease. to take out an additional loan and find
But transfer students still are choo&- a job.
Ing to attend MSU despite the dizzying Meredith Kuntzsch, a senior In
rate of rising tuition. MSU transfer advertising who transferred to MSU
students are scrambling to find a way last year, was sympathetic.
to make ends meet. 1 have two jobs and I still barely
This year's 7 .9 percent hike hit make ends meet,· Kuntzsch said.
transfer students especially hard. She does not qualify for financial aid
Many transfer students elected to and said she feels helpless.
"The nation's top priority Is
Let us help you out-Come to
$9.00 uni-sex hair styling
"A Cut Above Yet Priced Below" ...._....._ ..... .....,_,
351-6511 549 E. Grand River
(next to Confection Connection)
M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-2pm
education, yet they are unwilling to
help students like me,• she said.
Richard Henson, MSU's associate
director of admissions and scholarships,
said most transfer students still
are choosing MSU despite the rising
tuition costs.
"For most, It Is education
"It's just that when I pay the
Increase, I want to see improvement.•
Some views on abortion
Ill President Bush (R):
Opposed to abortion,
except to save the
mother's life or in cases of
incest or rape.
Ill Sen. Donald Riegle (D):
. Bush
Ill Sen. Carl Levm (D): Pro-choice.
Ill Rep. Bob Carr (D): Pro-choice.
Ill Gov. Blanchard (D): Pro-choice.
Ill State Sen. William Sederburg (R):
Opposed to state funding of abortions, but
believes women should have the right to
Ill State Rep. Lynn Jondahl (D):
wwwwwww ... --.,
1001 s. OnD.4 Rtnr
2Roll -
....M.. ..y,. o._r.d..e..r. ,,
.. Nov.11,1-
----Pa-n- P-iz-z-o- --
two email ...... c•-• +two lie-
Farah a Sons I
221 Ann St.
the. BIG dri11k
25¢ off 46 oz.
fountain Coke
ABORTION: The bottom line is clear
It's up to the
individu.al to decide \.~f;_ /
Without a doubt, there can be few t.t.'°' , QI
Issues or subjects as sensitive as _,._ ~
abortion; there is no middle ground- ~v,S
you either believe It should be legal or "~ ·
should be outlawed. ~ · ,/
J_ Le--r l'1 Y €14 g12. Yo
THAW.*'0H11r Afl.€ yov
Some, like President George V'i~~ " /Al FP/l ~
Bush, have sought to establish a ~i
moderate position by opposing
abortion except In cases of Incest,
rape, or danger to the mother's Hfe.
However, the bottom line remains:
Should women be allowed to have
We strongly believe the question
of whether or not to bear a d'tlld-for
whatever reason, be It to abort a
disabled fetus or an unwanted pregnancy-
ls an Intensely personal
decision. And we strongly believe that
decision should be be left up to the
There can be no debate on this: A
woman's body Is her own and she
alone may decide what happens to It.
It is a simple personal freedom
issue. End of argument.
Questions regarding the beginning
of life and viability of fetuses Is fine for
theologians and scientists, yet It Is the
woman who must bear the unwanted
burden, no matter what unanswerable
question has been "answered.·
To believe abortion Is widely used
as a means of birth control ls fantasy
and a tool to dupe the Ignorant.
While we have never experienced
an abortion or the agony that must
accompany the episode, It Is hard to political hacks by out-of-toud't conser- Some local offices mute on iaue
believe anyone would take such a vative presldents-theirdecislon An Informal uR-1 survey of East
decision lightly. And If so, certainly not does not shock us, but disgusts us. Lansing's representatives confirmed
twice. Yet, as politics swirls and that abortion Is a delicate Issue many
Yet some persist with the abor- changes, woman will still face the legislators fear may cost them their
tlon-as-birth-control and other paper- same agonizing decision. job. Some of the pols are keeping a
thin arguments for a ban on abortion. We assert that the 1972 Supreme tight rein on local offices when asked
Unfortunately, the trend In this Court Roe decision was correct. about their position.
decade has been to restrict abortion Women should be free to have While President George Bush and
rights, with many anxiously awaiting abortions without restrictions Imposed Gov. James J. Blanchard have staked
the outlawing of abortion. by the state. out their positions for all to see (Bush
While we are disappointed, we are If It takes a Constitutional amend- anti-abortion with exceptions and
not surprised by the Supreme Court's ment to assure this right, so be It. Blanchard pro-choice), others have
decision In Webster vs. Reproductive Once again, the bottom line: Ifs a been a little tess forthcoming.
Services which gave states the woman's choice-let her make It. Of the elected officials representopportunity
to place limitations on Ing the MSU community on a national
abortion. and local level, two local offices could
11 was believed politically expedi- See related· not or would not disclose their boss'
ent-as Mr. Bush has shown with the stance and one other office was
reversal of his 1980 position on. conoemed how the uR-1 would state
abortion-to oppose or restrict a graphi• C p. 3 its boss' case.
woman's right to an abortion. And by ' • > > The Lansing office of U.S. Sen.
following the largely conservative high Don Riegle (0) and East Lansing
court's record-a court stacked with office of U.S. Re • Bob Carr (0-East
Lansing) wouldn't or couldn't tell the
uR-1 where their boss stood on the
abortion Issue.
They Instead said they dealt with
specific constituent concerns-which
didn't lncludedlspensing lnfonnation
on their boss's abortion position.
Abortion Is definitely a concern.
The Capitol office of state Sen.
William Sederburg (A-East Lansing)
did talk, but was cautious - to the
point of suggesting the senator call a
reporter to explain his position personally-
but did talk about his position.
The offices of U.S. Sen. Carl
Levin and state Rep. Lynn Jondahl (
Okemos) simply said their bosses
were "pro-choice.•
h Is a disservice to constituents to
hide on the abortion Issue. We urge al
candidates to inform their offices on
their positions on aucial Issues.
Without a doubt, abortion Is one
suctt Issue.
4 October, 1989 Reporter-Intelligencer • 5
!~~ ~~t 'em, The University Reporter-Intelligencer
want 'em is looking for motivated people for a
variety of positions.
- .
:::wehavealewconditions, If you are interested, or know of
The uR-1 encourages al of its
~~==::n someone who might be, please con-
:.':~~~== tact us.at: 351-4899 or at our offices
points, letters to the editor or
~":~~=:~i:.ica- at 142 Gunson. Anyone willing to
. :u:i::~~;~truy work hard will not be turned away.
springboard for intelligent,
~17~.:'."rwisestimu- This may be the break you were
Please send letters typed and I 00 k1· n g f 0 r '· double-spaced (or on a
macintosh disk) to our offices · --------------------
at 142 Gunson the Friday
before publication.
Letters may be edited for
clarity and become property
of the uR-1. They will not be
So get cracking.
I · I : ~~w ~~[Q)~~ :
1 I It's a neat-o reader response card! I I . I
. : So are we headed in the right tra.ck? , :
I Please let us know, send this card to our offices at 142 I
I Gunson St. with·any criticisms, comments or suggestions I
· I or other things you believe will enhance our ability to serve I
I ! the MSU community. Remember, this is your paper, too. ! I I · · . · I
I . I
·I I
6 • Reporter-Intelligencer 4 October, 1989
"WhemWK thMe's a sight to be
s9911, alumni to be milked, exotic MSU
program to b9 visited, or trip to be
taksn, /'H be there, Ma.•
-FormerUConnPr .........
Song to be sung to the tune of
•Message In a Bottle•:
•A year has past since I smoked
that joint;
I should have been cautJous right
ftom the start.
Ssems I thought only I would
Now I'm standing In this bathroom,
pesing In a cup; ..
I'm being tested for IUlcit drugs,
I'm being tested for Ill/ell drugs.
I hope It's not In my
I hope it's not In my system any
bladder any more, yeah, yeah.
(big guitar solo)
My obviously deficient songwriting
skills aside, these lyrics are more than
Johnnie, oh, Johnnie, where is you gone?
The wold al Cowlel Houu lelt (Thought he might want &Ome to useflA. ·
Wed"8aly was •John la e.:k!• send to relative&, whal with him being But I Hice 0181, and I know he
But where ls back? And, damn, named geek of the week and all, kwes this university.
am I ahead of myself already? don'tdlaknow~ I know It's Important for him to hit
Yep. I queried H he might still be In the brick& and tout MSU and maintain
: OK. So, how did this humbte Asia. sautlnlzing the new MSU Its high profile.
undergrad (paying upperdlYtslon program he sautlnlzed last year. I know he'd rather spend the night
tuition rates) know DiBI was back? . Being a helpful MSU employee, In Cowles Mansion with a glass of
Simple, goofbell, I asked. she said; no, he was back. MSU-produced wine and a good, hol,
Af. about 8:45 am., a colleague Back home, I presumed. plate of MSU cafeteria tood, than In
and I pulled up to the mansion and Nein, she said. the waln&CXJttlng of a ruined Europeatl
parked (In OIBl's spot, of course). I Back In Washington. You know; of castle or In a strange hotel room.
went to the entrance and rang the bell the D.C. variety: However, whal I just don't know is
where' was met by a charming Since when was being "back• where he Is half the damn time!
woman with a Bavarian aooent being In Washington, D.C.; home of Perhap& my great friend UnivenW-
11 Dr. DIBlagglo In?" I asked, not Sparty and the John Hannah D·summed It up best In the lead of
knowing John likes to be called Administration Building, but home of one of his administration stories about
"doctor.· other folks with ceramic heads and the John's Travels:
"No, he's not In right now: the Pentagon? "Here tOday, gone tomorrow:
kindly las& replied. I guess It's back when you con- So, have a safe trip, John - and
Undaunted, I asked where he sider that our prez Is a rare c:Ommodlty don't forget to write.
was, as I wanted to bestow upon him on campus. Almost as rare as a
. 1 O copies of the newestest and condom machine, and almost equally·. ~Elrick I• Ex.cutiv• Ed/tot' of
be&test campus newspaper. tlNt uR-1
Fillinl! cups just won't do for this lad
the rantings of an~ellian-1nspired · . · pllshed without trampling on our Ninth
paranoid afraid of the government drunk, not wired, stoned or tripping, Amendment rights.
Intruding not only our homes and remember? Perhaps the Bush Administration
bedrooms, but now our exaetory But was there a big clamor for could see Its way fit to Invest some
systems as well. breathalyzertests to be administered money Into our decrepit educational
The question at hand Is not to all ship captains after the spoiling of syst~ rather than buying little plastic
whether d~ are bad for you or . Prince William Sound? Or afterthe vials. And maybe the minimum wage
whether people who use drugs should spil this summer In Narragansett Bay could be reduced so more people will
work while they're tripping or whether off of the Rhode Island coast?· engage In "honesr labor rather than
drugs are just groovy as long as And since when Is America the taking to the streets to make $2,000 a
they're not on my block. only country bedeviled by drugs? day ~lling crack.
The question Is whether or not the Pardon me If I'm wrong, but I thought It's not a proposition for the
government should have the povier to people In Germany and Britain and legalization of aH drugs, or for workers
enact leglslatlon·allowlng businesses the Soviet Union and even Japan did to endanger lives by building cars
or other employers (Including the them, too. If they don't, will someone · when they think they're feeding
government) to test Its employees for please tell me how Sid Vicious died? elephants.
drug use. , · Or why even a nice boy Jike Paul . It's a call for the government to
A recent quote from Herbert McCartney admitted once to doing ~ stay within Its jurisdiction and not
Kleber an aide to the federal drug LSD? Interfere with Individual privacy.
czar, William Bennett, Illustrate& the We need to ask ourselves, as a I'd like to find the political science
direction In which our country Is country, where do we draw the line professor who told me that Democrats
heading. Kleber was defending a between legitimate governmental . like big government and Republicans
proposal to test workers for drugs. Intrusion and protection of Individual like small, unobtrusive governments.
1f Americans are to remain privacy? Ifs a fine line, and a slippery And pat him on the back, becau&e he
competitive with our foreign competl- one at that. But the government must was so right.
· tlon, we can't afford a workplace that · prove thal Its Interest to protect the The almighty dollar rules, and If
Is stoned,· Kleber said. · people outweighs the Interests of the companies with budgets as big as
Go piss up a rope, Herb. people to be left alone. Third Wortd GNPs want something,
Sure, Herb. We all.agree thal And they have not done thal. you'd better believe they're going to
people should not assemble cars or fly The Bushmen haven't even tried get It. So much for the changes we
planes or navigate giant supertankers to cover their Invasion of our minds really need.
while they're on the peak of a peyote and bodies - be• a woman's right to I wouldn't hold your breath for
trip. But H they like to pop a pill rather decide whether or not to have an those. Or anything else, for that
than sip a Bud after work, so be It. It's abortion, or anyone's right to decide matter.
their buslness,~and It's hypocritical to . whether or not to do drugs or submit Most of all, you'd better not hold It
· differentiate between after-work to a urinalysis test. In. Someone might be around the
martinis and after-work lines --It's all The drive to remove drugs from carrier waiting for a sample.
bad tor your health and It's all drug the workplace -which I assume
use. would require some sort of drug- _Stearns I• managing ~itOI'
11Ja ElpCon Yaktez cantaJn was testing requirement Can be accom- fOI' th• uR-1.
Gee-k of the Week
Sorry, Zaa Zsa baby. We'd kill to have the chance to slap you, but It appears that prlvlleg• has been reserved for a
gorgeous Beverly Hiiia police officer. Too Bad. You should have been walloped years ago for you rterrlble acting or a
dozen other ruaona. It waa long overdue, assuming, of courM, that you were socked.
..... 4 .... ,.. ,. #-,# #",..
,> # # • • I # ' ' f • .J> • I I .J
, ) ,.. ,. , .> • ._ • ~ ,, •
, '·. ,.. #
4 October, 1989 Reporter- lntellligencer • 7
Lash is through with
, get It now1· he yelps. -You just
desatbed What the prof In my econ
class last year called •supply-side
economics,· right? The way he _
explained It, when Reagan rammed
through those whopping tax cuts In
voodoo doo-doo
Whatever happened to voodoo
economics? .
,,, the ear1y 80s and ran up the deficit, he
- justified 'em the same way your pal
Bush's, Is doing now, Isn't he?"
I'm out at the supermarket, gettln'
mighty Impatient as I maneuver my
c:mt up to the checkout. h's piled way
up .. h goodies; my delmonlcos,
BM 9" C8Yis and South African
lobster tals on top.
Ordlnmty, now !hit the 'U"s retired
me I doni mind waiting. but this time I
doni want the frozen stuff to thaw out
before I get It home. I look up to the 'What I want total< to you about, reduce the coat of capital arid create
Incentives for Investment n the long- .
term prodUdlve capacity of American
front of the line to see what's the hold- though,• he goes on, "Is what do you
up, and I see this skinny kid up there think abOut Congress aJtttng the
fumbl.ln' with his food stamps. capital .gains tax. Isn't It outrageousr Industry.'• . _
Wh&rs takln' him so long, I wonder. "Negative: I tells him. 1t's an example 1 still don't get 1t: he scowls. That's
just a lot of words. Could you put It In
simple terms for me"r
All he's got In his cart Is a measly beg of economic statesmanship at Its best.
of generic rice, a couple loaves of You watch, sonny. The economy's
day-old breed, some Navy beans. I'm · gonna surge ahem when that tax cut
just abOut to yell at him to get a move · goes Into effect, Ike the Rolls does
on when he piunlcs down his food - when I give It a shot of high-test gas,
"OK.· 1 says. 1f you're loaded and
the government Gl'15 your taxes and
lets you keep most of your profit when
you sell your stock or a pleoe of real
estate you've owned for awhile, you're
gonna do It, right?
stamps on the counter, straightens up OK"r
. and looks around, spots me a the end · , don't get It,· he says. ,f they give
of the line. America's wealthiest tam Illes a
"Hey, Lashr he chirps. "When we get $25,000 tax cut, how's that going to So they cut your taxes, OK, you
Invest your tax savings In a new
factory or new machine, right? The
new factory produces goods that add
to the supPly of the proouct, the price.
comes down. The new factory provides
employment, and the machine
your money bought Is more efficient,
through here, you got time for just one . help the economy? People like that
quick question?- already spend as much as they want
"How come you got food stamps7" I to on their ·houses, cars clothes, trips
asks him when I get out ot hte perking they take.
lot-where he's waiting for me. "Food, too,• he adds, glancing down
•you don't know what It's like being a hungrily at my delmonkx>s and lobster
student these days, lssh~· he com- tails In the cart. "They'll just put the
plains, -You being a fat cat, puAlng money they have left over after the tax
down your pension, driving your Rolls In the bank. There's no way they'll be 9The way President Bush puts It, In no
time with CX>Sts of procUdion and
prices coming doen all over place,
weil be getting back too the Japanese
and the Germans took away from us
when the Democrats was runnin'
there and all. First, they cut backoon able to spend It.·
financial aids for we students, and -You should've llstened to the Preslnow
the 'U"s raised tuition on us dent,· 1 scowls. "Here's how he
again. The only way I can stay In explained the benefits of his tax cut:
school ls cut back on my food budget. •:A lower capital gains tax rate will
That rotten little kid is back ...
'*Y· mut:Ue-lltNllll. •·• anotl»I'
...-Md ti,,,. to ,.i rt.. adlMlllln
tlowllllJ with. t.wtnMhd ...
ehoD., ,,,. ,_,,.making,,.
wotldju.t a I,,,,. mo;....,....., _
This week the Provocateur cannot
. help but start with the beautiful, witty,
entertaining first lmiy of Hootervllle
(speaking of which, she used to be
Mss Hungary and they doni give that
to no gals from Pancalcevllle) •••
Of course, we refer to Zaa Zaa
(need I say Ga-more?). Rag of the
week, hands down.
The Provoc Is tired of her wasting
the taxpayers money, time and
cluttering up the court dockal with her
"crusade forthe lktle peop1e· against neutrality after one side of the Issue -
the handsome but unruly Beverty Hlls (and a potential source for future
police force. . stories) footed the blll for this excurlfs
hard to Imagine when the sion.
airlines refused to let her take a pet Seems more than a bit fishy to us.
abo8ld (~last crusade) they weren't You might say whaley.
referlng to the dragon lady herself
Ar.d why Is It that plumbers,
Speaking of newsmakers-we're- electricians, et ceteraa never wear
sick-of, It's goOd to see Blllk• Ezor underwear? Is that some kind of union
filally tound a place he won't get In thing?
any trouble-the acoomodatlng and Just where can we get one of
recently remodeled EL.PO pokey. _ those belts that just lets the top
Inexpensive and clo6e to the quarter of the pale moon rise?
watering holes that helped bring little
Bj.akey to his present pilght. Don't you hate the shorting of
We hate to take a shot at good ole president to "Prexy"' In newspaper .
Blaka, but It seems the only thing he headlines?
can't outrun Is the law. Good thing,
too. · To certain of those who made the
Hope to see him and his humon- uR-1 baptismal party last week and left
gous ego back at Dooley's harrasslng a christening check: would Mr. Bill,
the womenfolk and generally annoying John Wayne, Sir Lany Oliver and
the already delicate cllentelle. someone riamed Ms. Seka please call
us so we can get you to sign those
That brings us to another kind of generous checks you left!
clentelle; dlentelle of a lobbying sort.
Enter client John Secor, editor-In- And on keeping checks: as the
chief of Th• State Nt1ws (uh-oh, he's 54-8 District Judge race heats up, It
going to think this Is one of those Wiii be Interesting to hear what the
personal attacks they were afraid oft). candidates have to say to students -
Seems Big J went on an ex- such as being concerned about their
penses-pald trip to Israel this summer, rights and pertinent Issues -and
courtesy of the Jewish Antl-Oefama- then contrast that with their adherence
tlon Laague. Now he's writing about to the overbearing~ alcohol and
problems In the Middle East. noise ordinances.
Quite a globetrotter and Hey, Jordle, hey, Hao& - go easy
superrrian ••• able to leap borders and . on us, babe&.
.ethics In a single bound.
While we realize first~
·experience Is helpful when grappling
with l&Sues. we have to question .rs
Back to babes for a minute.
Just what w8s that horrible tan
-"Our prof had us reed an article In the
AllantJc Monthly where his budget
director -a guy named David
Stockman-admitted that Readan
wanted to reward his rich friends
who'd put him In the White House by
glvng them a big tax cuts.
Reagan needed a way to cover up the
obvious giveaway ;so Deaver or
~came up with~ highsounding
name for It: 'supply-side
economics,' as If they'd discovered a
new economic theory. Bush called it
'voodvoo economics' In those days•
1..M's see how much you remember
from that class about t~ rest of it; I
says, the teacher coming out of me
even though I'm retired.
"How did they answer the question
why the deficit wouldn't go up when
they cut those taxes?"
·1 do rememt>et-1· he says. "They
claimed when all the tax savings were
Invested the way they said they would,
there'd be such an Increase in economic
activity, tax revenues'd skyrocket
and thh govemment'd end up
with a surplus Instead of a deficit I
.. Course it didn't work out that way;
he say5. "When Reagan left the White
House, the deficit was more than
twice what It'd been when he started.
We never got those new factories,
•And now,· he condudes disgustedly,
"your pal Bush Is selling the
country the same· old snake oil Regan
peddled when he was.presldenu· .
jacket George was wearing during
Saturday's MSU-Miami thriller? Mrs.
Pet1es shouldn't let him leave the
house without checking his gym bag
. next week. Gosh, lookln' spiffy,
Hey. Louis S. Kastely! See. nON ~
name Is In 1he ~. Graiq,a.
Happy 4th birthday. MonHur' Prcw<>
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us. Mike ·
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D-lt hos been a long fime and I hove
gown qlite a bit. but I om even cuter
than before. h for lunch If I hove tine
. l'U consider It. Tell Tiff to look out.
1989 pledges!
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liltinp oflocalmWtainmeathappminp
ranging from bmds playing •local
nigbtduhl to plays on md off cmnpm.
We allo will includocancertupdet• IDr
themes ----inBlltl.-ina..Ann
Arbor a metro Detroit. Considering our
relatively "'unhip"ways,ple111econtact•
aboutotherb1ppeDingpbal. evmts, etc..
10 that we may iDcludo them in this
section. ..... reed: This is bMic:ally free
adv~IO send 111 IOIDO pnlA
pd cu.
St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit:
Oct. 6, Friday: Adrian Belew
Nectarine Ballroom, Ann Arbor:
Oct. 9, Monday: Bob Mould (Former
lam singer of Husker Ou).
Oct. 5, Thuraday: Bobcal Goldthwait
The P.S.C.,AulUn Hiia:
Oct. 8, Friday: Jethro Tuff
1111 Auditorium, Ann Arbor:
Oct. 11, Wednesday: Jethro Tull
208 Balley St., East l.Malng:
Oct. 6, Friday: Laughing Hyenas and
Just Say No
'DBM from p. 12
Why not met some spice to the
special programming wllh a show like
the one featured In "Talk Radio?'
Some good old-fashioned tug 'n puU
would be a thrill to lilten to. And doni
UH the FCC. a rock to hide under.
A property produced tormal woni
offend anyone.
And H thal thought Is too rmilcal
for you, how about. world-beat
show? .
Any pseuddamjfieaj can ten you
that some of the world's coolaat music
Is .DQl being programmed Into a
Syndavler. Artis18 like Baaba Maal
and Fela Kuti blow away that Orm
Haza chick. You could UM this show
to be truly cutting-«tge and play Zwkl
Mu, th8l'l't08tlmereaingband1w
seen In a long time.
WD8M UMS a romtlon of mUlic
thal Is similar to thal of.~ (Tep
Reach an
market by
using an
Forty) ndo station. A good Idea, but-It
only tak8s one mlndlesa jock to meas
things up. Eilher Its as obYiou& as
playing thralh (trash?) after Phnlnc.
or as stupid as playing Bauhal.m,
Tones on Tail and Peter Murphy all In
the .... hour. Do your homewori(,
kiis, doni st,st,stuner.
While we're talking about the
bend(s). there are other aongs done
besides "Ball of Confusion• and "Ziggy
Starduaty. ·Lera not forget that Jane's
Addiction only has one song, right
While we're talking about the
alrstaff. plaearnee, If you have
nothing better to say .. .then shut the
ha upt rd rather hear dead air than
conatant berll«aboutsomebody's
aprtng break. roommate's girtfriend,
etc,_ And doni step on (talk over)
lyrtcl of aonga. The other day tn&taad
or write us:
142 Gunson St.
Eat Lansing, MI
of Joey Ramone, I hENud Kevin C.
There a8ams to be a lot of music
that Is truly original and alternative
missing from the repertoire. Next time
someone gets ready to put on a
Smiths record, how about Bongwater,
Spacemen 3 or The Residents
instead? If you're worried about losing
your geek listeners, fear not. They
seem to have mo.the transition from
Kool & the Ging to Oepeche Mode,
they'H survive this.
Then we'll have the management
that doeani seem to want to graduate
and get out Into the real world. This Is
h for them, but the station Is supposed
to be pqrassive, riot regressive.
There are 8118881 three people In
manrgement positions who have
beer1 al similar pos18 tor more than
three years. Go get jobs. guys, stop
"I wouldn't
line the
bottom of my
lizard's cage
with that
other paper!"
u R--1
playing with ourtoys. Let's get some
fresh meat In there.
So as not to sound like a nit-picky
bastard (thought I am), let me commend
the news and sports departments.
Great job people. You're
probably the only redeeming constant
at the station.
Listen up, WDBM, you have a hell
of a lot of potential, you don't have to
wony about nasty old ratings, Irate
owners or penny-pinching advertisers.
But you still have ambitions to compete
In a market as cheezy as Lansing.
Make them play your game,
doni play theirs.
C'mon, show some balls. If you're
gonna assault us, give us something
we haveni already haud. Liberate the
4 October, 1989 . · · Reporte.r-lntelligencer • 11
Big Audio Dynamlle: MBgatop
Phson« .
When tbe aaah emerged from
England's punk scene In the late
70s, It was primarily because the
band had the talent needed to
combine killer melodies with serious,
Introspective lyrics. So when
the group eventually broke up,
Clash fans had reason to be hopeful
that Its leaders would continue to
chum out good music~
This faith was somewhat
justified when Mick Jones formed
B.A.D. Joe Strummer reunited with
his former bandmate on B.A.D.'s
second album, No.10 Upping
Strfft to handle production chores.
Overall, the band has churned
out three fairly good albums with a
unique style, mixing Jones' punkish
vocals with hot dance beats and
band member Don Letts' strange
pop culture volceovers.
The group's new album basically
continues In this vein, while
adding a few more reggae-like
touches. Jones' lyrics are still up to
par, but the music, forthe most part,
doesn't keep pace.
Jones excels when his lyrics are
personal, and this record is no
different. Two of his best efforts,
"Union, Jeck" and "London Bridge,•
relate directly to Jones' feelings
about Britain, and his attempts to
make sense of It all. He fares worse
when attempting other types of
songs, such as his pseudo-parody
attempt• James Brown• and the
Asian-bashing -Oregon Town,•
which is remlniscient of the band's
eartier•Sony.. .
While the music does have Its
high points, It is dlssappolntlng. The
band sounds as H It Is simply using
the same drum beat for fNery song,
a practice which gets tiresome very
quickly. Only when B.A.D. tries
· something different.does the sound
really take off. Two such high points
are "RewiOO- and the instrumental
sample-fest •Mick's a Hpple Burning;
This album was put together
after Jones' long stay in a"hospital.
Fittingly, the problem with Megatop
Pheonix is, to paraphrase from
Jones himself, that although he may
be feeling fine, the beats definitely
aren't fresh.
And while the album isn't
terrible, neither Is It anything for
Clash fans to write home about.
Tena Southsid9
Although the group Tena
has a name and a sound which
could've come straight from the
Lone Star State, the band actually
halls from Scotland. Their name
simply reflects one of the band's
primary Influences: Ry Cooder's .
soundtrack for the film Paris, T BXBS.
On their first album, ce
Southalde, the spotlight definitely is
centered on this quartet's two
principal members, vovalist
Shauleen Spit•rl and guitarist Ally
llcErlaine, and they definitely
Splterl's voice sounds remlnisclent
of Maria McKH, former lead
for Lone Justice, on several songs,
most notably -Turill Has Gone.· But
Splterl's seems much more confident
and controlled.
McErlalne is an original,
whether he's playing slide on the
album-ending "Future Is Promises,·
or revving It up for the heaviersounding
"fight The Feeling:
" Despite being almost secondary
to these two talents, this
album's songs are also surprisingly
strong. The best of the batch is ·1
Don't Want A Lover,• the first single.
However, each of the LPs other
songs Is almost as good.
All in all, Texas impresses as
much as any new band of 1989.
Their sound is amazing by nature
and consistent, especially considering
that this is their first effort. And in
the future, more is certain to be
seen of them, and of their two
talented leaders.
- . -
I Entertainment
Wayouts: . too m~ continue to play way too
fast and way too loud for 811, especlflly
third world countries and any
A groovy-sound 'Sensation' others who haven't heard the Word. Unllkethevery hip Lime Giants
manager, muslcaflclonadoJamle
Depola, ~said of Wednesday's
show, "like, like, like (while hitting the
back of her palm for emphasis), I
could not get over the hugeness of the
guitar, man, but the bass Is pretty
rockin', and of course we all know
about the drummer.•
uR-1 r.tiaic Corraspondenl
The fabulous Wayouta hold onto
the crown of oooldom, even as they
rise to new heights.
About five feet high on_ stage at
Sensations last Wednesday, that isbabum,
'What's really the wlerdest about
playing Sensations Is the feeling of
looking out Into the audience, and
because everyone's on the dance
fk>or, all you see Is empty chairs and
• all these little heads bobbing up and
down In front of you: says drummer
The Steve. -
· Truly, the Ideal backdrop for the
group Is crowded together In a pool of
grunglness, with lots of stinky bopsters
tripping the dark fantastic. No
matter. When a trio has the sound so
many have searched for, ihe British
Invasion on 70 cups of oottee, ·any
place could kinda, sorta In a way be
Lime Giant lead singer
Mark Demming croons
-to a houaefull of
partygoera at a Gunaon
Street bash Saturday
- night.
- r:_-..
the London Palladium, where bassist ·
Eric Apczynskl would like to roCk. But
the moody maverick also says he
prefers to play In a basement alone,
where no one can hear him.
Alas, so many might feel so lost If
this was allowed, though. Like Dan
Cogswell, MSU landscape architect
- junior, who expressed his deeprooted ·
love for the group.
Tm glm the Wayouts are playing,
· Cogswell says. -
So even if guitarist Jim Diamond
expresses a yearning to give the
whole thing up and concentrate on
good clean living, fans are lucky the
tragedy In his life just Won't let him
And hopefully things are gonna
· happen with the trio well-deserving of
a Dick Clark special and much, much
more. With a new manager, Jim Potter
(a swell and aggressive fellow) the
cats will, If they don't anger the ~s
Playing In cooperation with 89 Fl
Imped Radio's .mlo-adlve-type
promotk>n Wedne&day nights at
Sensations, and s0on to be seen Od.
1 O and 20 at The L.andsh&rk, the boys
also will release a tape by Christmas
at latest.
Plenty of songs for your grandmothers,
Diamond says.
Locally, though, they continue to
please people like Luke Breken,
studio art senior, king of the hlpshake
~finely oiled machine, who says,
"These cats are highly original and
power-packed, not to mention glnchy. •
Sooo, put some notches on your
dance shoes, cuz the Wayouts love
you and you love them, too.
Ted White's ego ·overshadows -his talent
Preceding the Wayouta' performance
Wednesday was a warm-up
by Ted White and company.
While White obviously did not
benefit from the same aowd partisan- ·
ship the Wayouts enjoyed, his performance
still lacked. More or less,
White Is just too uptight. -
· He can play the guitar. But
when paired with the de rlgeur ripped
jeans, (they probably cost $80), song
selection and the feeling the audience
. gets of •rm bad, so watdl me so you
can tell your grandkids someday,•
White's song selection left a
lot to be desired, too. Too many slow
cover songs and not enough funky
originals. Hs best songs fealured
slap bass combined with a hardedged
guitar. The others sounded Hice
watered down Chlc11QOCOY81"S.
. - White wasni helped, either, , now-forgotten song by INXS. -
by several technical glitches during his Musically-Inclined concertgoset,
as he and his bass player broke ers stageslde predicted this comblnastrlngs
during the set. · tlOn of flash with little originality
. But engineering aside, coupled with his family ties, (his mom
White's stage presence and overall _ Is Aretha Franklin), will be enough to
choice of lnst~mentatlon (whY propel him to success on MTV (or at
electronic drums?) enticed most fans least Star Seardl with Ed McMahon.).
· to wait patiently for the headliner& The prediction here Is that
from Bedrock. White will follow the recent trend of
Forthe most part, White's 60's makeovers and hit it big with a
tremendous ego served to eclipse his - cover of Sly-and the Family Stone's
musicianship and the talent& of his "Thank You Falletlnme Be Mloe Elf.•
back-up band. And they were tal- One final note to the emcees
- ented. While White sat oftstage -from WDBM. It's understandable that
dragging a cigarette and repairing his you want to promote the station and
broken string, the Other members of the conoapt of r8dio-actlve Wednesthe
band (the drummer, sax player, day Is a good one (even though most
bass player and trumpet player) . people woutd opt tor a different
jammed with no voe:&! Interruption. venue), ~- tone ~down and save the
They actually took off, until White shades tor a sunny day.
came back onstage tor a cover of a . • David Stem'na
'DBM stands
for dumb.
Al•tar'na-tlva - n. 1. affording a
Well I guess If you put It that
simply, that's what WDBM does.
I suppose I should consider
myself lucky to be In a market that
affords a choice. Detroit doesn't, not
even New York does. But I must be an
Ingrate because I feel Irritated, not
Oh boy, flnlllly a radio station on
which I can listen to The Cure, The
Bunneyheads and the stylized moan-
_In g and groaning of MOrrissey. Sorry -
guys, you're falling pretty Short in
length and width (see Webster's under
Doni misunderstand, these guys
are fine, but th~y got their airplay
seven years ago on stations like _
WLBS. You might as well play The
Oh, I forgot 'DBM (Dumb?) is the
only place to hear bands like Nuclear
Crisis.and Circus of Power! Well my
skateboard must be broken, and I can
only pick my no5e to it for about 1 o
Please allow me to speak my
mind, 'cause I'm gonna anyway:
Let's start with programming; hello -
In there, anybody home? You've got a
load under your noses and you cani
even smell it.
I'm talking about the minimal
exposure local bands get. I don~tthink
you're very accessible to them, unless
of couse they're on staff there. Why
doesn't someone come up with a
feature format show for Midllgan
bands both new and _old? Gee Wally. I
Wouldn't it be great to hear The
Doe_ Boys back of a dusty old Stoog~
record? Or maybe the MCS back the
Lime Giants? As a favono me would
you have one of your mixmasters mix
Wally Pleasant with Alice Cooper.
· Wtckee, wickee, wickee.
We've heard some oommendable
long-format programming so far like
"Total chaos· and "Straightaway .•
We've also heard some slop like
"HourO' Slobber.·There's nothing
worse to study to on a Monday night
than nolze by guys who think Vivaldi Is
a brand of french tickler. This Is
programming forthe pre-pubescent.
See 'DBM, p. 10
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