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U-M vs MSU, Who's No. 1
Coming Out Day
Out and About
Reviews - "In Country", Laughing Hyenas
Entertainment - Elvis Hitler, "Loaded Down With Calm: The Saga of Taft"
Date: October 11, 1989
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Elvis Hitler goose steps his way into your heart... P· 12
Volume I
MSU's alternative
and truly
independent .
In Countryshou/d be
exported... p. 11
9 Hell bent for scorn ••• p.7
@ Pamper Big Baby •.• p.9
G. Classffleds. .• , p.9
@. Out and about. .. P-8
@. Entertainment. .. p.12
Who's No.1? MSU, U-M claim superiority
uR-1 Correspondent
ANNARBOR-•Jfyoucan't .
get into college, go to ... •
Stop any student on th~ streets
of Ann Arbor, and they'll complete
the sentence for you.
"Michigan State,• they'll tell ya
Or to put It in iheir- terms, "MOO
'U' - home of the no,.status, nonintellectual,
farm boys with grade points ioo low
to get into the Ivy League school
of the Midwest. (U-M, of course.)
Sound a bit stereotypical?
Maybe. But stop a Spartan on
the streets of East Lansing and ask
their opinion of the University of
Michigan. You'll get an earful of
"Snobs .•. BMW-driving, rich
brats ... so concerned with maintaining
that 4.0 they have no social
lives ... throwbacks from the sixties
... radical liberals •. ;• and the list
goes on.
Rivalry between these two Big
Ten universities has always
existed. No one can deny that,
especiatly when It comes to sports . .
However, the rivalry extends
beyond aihletlcs. Who's better
than who depends on more than
just ~o goes to the Rose eow1.· .
So where do these stereotypes
come from?
. The university Reporter-Intelligencer
decided to tak8 a closer
look at the famlliarstereoty~ of
MSU and U-M students. The uR-1
visited Ann Arbor and surveyed
about 30 students from all walks of
U-M on how they r$ally feel about
MSU. The same study was conducted
in East Lansing with the
same number of students.
Ou8$tlons from the survey
. included: . .
•What is your opinion of MSU In
terms of educational excellence? of
•If you were offered a f~ee ride
to MSUJ\J-M, would you attend the
•In your opinion, what is the
biggest difference between U-M
In reviewing the surveys and
talking with several students on
both the MSU and U-M~puses,
the uR-1 found that both sides have
a different idea about what distinct
characteristic makes the two
schools so different.
For U-M students, the difference
is in the quality of education.
In the eyes of the MSU sJudents,
·it's all a matter of attitude.
1 think the attitude is whfil
makes the difference,· says Kat~y
Mehling, an MSU graduate student
who transferred to MSU this fall
from California State UniversityBakersfieid.
•(U.M students) put
themselves on a pedestal looking
down on other people. They all
have the same kind of -We're
betterthan you' attitude.
· Having done her undergraduate
work in California, Mehling compared
the MSU-U-M rivalry to the
clash between UCLA and USC. ·
She said the students of MSU, llke
those of UCLA, are •more down to
earth; unlike the -Snobbish ...
superiority complex• attitudes of
the Students from USC and U-M . ..
Having noticed these differences
between U-M and MSU,
Mehling said she knew where it
was that she wanted to pursue her
graduate work in public relations.
·1 was on the U-M campus for
• one day and everyone was so
~Id.· she said. 'Within one day,
there wa5 no·doubt in·my mind
· where I wanted to be.
•Here (at MSU), everybody has
a good balance of having a good
time and academics,· she said. ·
·~y can make It to their classes
and stlll have fun:
MSU communication junior
Oo~g Coats agrees.
"They chose to go there and
study ... and we chose to come .
here and haye fun and study,·
But U-M students believe that at
MSU, the students have too much
fun, and studying doesn't get done . .
"(MSU) is a good school ... but I
think it's generally thought of as a
party school as compared to U-M. •
said U-M student Scott Beckerman,
a 19-year-oid engineer major from
Livonia •1t•s a great place to go to
party, but I don't think I could go
through It every night: .
And.when it comes to the overall
quality of education, Beckerman
believes MSUdoesn't quite match
up to U-M's standards.
"(MSU) Is in a different class
from Michigan ... class 'B' as
oppo5ed to dass 'A.'
U-M freshman Erik Elie ~rees.
·1 -think (MSU) is more of a party
. "
school,• Elie said. "(U-M) is much
more respected in the nation and I
think you'll get a better education
(here). It has a higher standard of
curriculum than MSU. • ·
But U-M communication senior
Beverly Day does not want MSU
students to think that all U-M
students think alike.
·1 think It's very rare for a state
to have two very reputable universities,•
Day said .. •Michigan State
has some excellent departments
and vice versa It just depends on
what you're looking for in an education.
•Seriously speaking, I think that
in a lot of areas, Michigan State
University has proven itself to _be a
leader, •said Walter Harrison,
. executive director of university rela.
tions at U-M.
However, Harrison said he
However, Harrison said he
believes that overall, the University
of Michigan still surpasses
MSU in terms of academic
"I think that the University of
Michigan and Michigan State
compete nationally with the best
... it may be that we compete just
a tad higher,• Harrison said,
adding U-M has become the Ivy
league school of the Midwest.
However, it's comments like
Elie's and Beckerman's that stick
with MSU students and set them
off on tangents, despite the
compliments of Day and Harrison.
"They think they're so much
better than us,· said MSU sophomore
Jodi Hassen, who gets
annoyed at the saying, 'Oh, so
you weren't good enough to go to
U-M; when she tells people she is
"I think they're more stuck up
than we are:
And MSU sophomore Pam
Marko says she has her own
personal opinion of U-M students.
"They look like they're all
throwbacks from the sixties,·
Marko said. "They seem more
serious and everyone here seems
so layed back.·
MSU business management
sophomore Mark Melling says UM
students may study more, but
they're dueless as to what is
happening in the real world.
"They all have their heads
buried In their books instead Gf
looking out and seeing what's
happening in the world,· Melling
said. "I think I'd rather be a 3.0
and have fun instead of a 4.0 and
no social life.·
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Page Three
The Second Front Pa e
Coming Out Day offers a chance to express repressed feelings
uR-1 Correspondent
Today marks "Coming Out Day"
for MSU's gay and lesbian community,
a day in which many students will take
the first step toward being honest with
feelings many have Ignored or denied
for a llf etlme.
Phil Duran, co-president of the
campus Lesbian/Gay Council, said the
event Is Intended to help people feel
better about themselves and to
publicly express their sexual orientation.
It's a personal challenge.
'We're breaking the silence of the
stereotype," Duran said. •Everyone is
fearful, and we just want them to know
that we want to be their friend."
Duran said it's hard to tell just how
many people will •come out" today
since it is such an intensely personal
The trauma of the experience
depends on the environment a person
was brought up in, Duran said.
•If you were brought up In a
conservative environment where
people didn't talk a lot it can be
d\fticu1t,· Duran said. •Some people in
different living snuatlons like fratemities
or strange floors in dorms have a
hard time being open, too.
·vet it's easy for others," Duran
continued. -The council Is a place
where people can come and make
contact, and know it's a place where
they can be themselves."
The council has offices in Room
442 In the Union.
Anti-gay sentiment, which has
surfaced In past years at MSU In the
form of counter-demonstrations and
last year In the strangely coincidental
burning of a homosexual Holden Hall
resident's room, does not seem to
deter people from •coming out,• he
-The university said (the fire) was
a coincidence," Duran said. "From
that we chose not to look at it only as
a negative, but we used it as an opportunity
to establish a dialogue with
the administration. We're really
making progress.
·1 think what we have seen is that
incident tended to do is bring the
community together by strengthening
us, and making people angry."
Program coordinators will distribute
balloons and buttons to publicize
today's event.
Duran said it is important for
lesbians and gays to realize their true
feelings. The group sponsors rap
sessions throughout the year so people
can discuss feelings that otherwise
would be trapped inside of them.
"We wilt probably have a dance or
party that night, bes Id~ talking to oneto-
one with people, on an Individual
basis; Duran said.
"Coming Out Day" was inspired by
the gay rights march in Washington
D.C. In October of 1987. Over600,000
people attended that event, making it
the largest gay rights demonstration -
ever, and the largest march since the
famous civil rights march that conluded
with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s ·1
Have A Dream" speech.
•coming Out Day• has been celebrated
across the country annually for
the last three years. •
'We are always well received;
Duran said. "Now that we have managed
to open a positive dialogue with
the MSU faculty, it looks like this year
everything will go over more positively.·
The council sponsors a rap session
every Sunday night at 6:15 in the
Union's Purdue Other events during
the week lndude:
-Gay support groups Monday and
Tuesday nights at 7.
•A bisexual support group for
men and women Wednesday nights
The council, which will celebrate
its 20th anniversary at MSU this
April, has approximately 100 active
members. The council is an activity
branch of the ASMSU Funding
Board, and receives a portion of the
student government's $4.50 per term
student tax.
now what
you are
and act
from your full
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Founder of the Transcendental
Every \Vednesday
7:30p.m., TM Center
119 E. Grand River, Ste #8
(across from MSU Union)
351-7729 Transcendental Meditation 1s a service mark of the World Plan Exe<:ut1vc
Counc1l-Umted States a nonMprofit educat10nal organization
10 % Student Discount
408 E. Grand River Ave.
Mon-Fri Sam - 8pm
Walk-ins welcome
Appointments preferred
9 a.m. to noon, Sat. Oct. 14
WI/ ©WI/~ W!J(g]ffe. u ffe. fQl ~ffe. [LJ
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giving the Wolverines the
THRASHING of their lives,
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Hash browns,
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~ii~ ~. ®ll'©!Jil@I ~DW@ll' /AW@.
This legislation drives us crazy
Lawmakers going
wrong way on this
one-way street
A three-bill package now being
considered on the floor of the Michigan
House of Representatives would
prohibit most 16-and 17-year-old high
school dropouts from having a drivers
license. ,
Easily one of the most ludicrous
pieces of legislation we've ever heard
The bills, Introduced by Reps.
Gerald Law, Michael Nye and Phillip
Hoffman, are yet another example of
an issue the uR-1 loves to harp on -
personal freedom.
We don't need to have our noses
rubbed In the fact that the rising
dropout rate Is detrimental not only to
the individual but to society as well.
Obviously, it benefits a society to
have an educated populace- but at
what cost?
The price of personal freedoms,
especially for the financially strapped?
Phooey. State laws stipulate that:
A. You have to go to school until
you're 16, and... .,.,
B. When you tum 16, you can
legally drive.
What's it going to be, folks? Can
they or can't they?
Unfortunately many teenagers are
forced to drop out of school to get a
job at 16 or 1 Tbecause their family
endures eoooomic hardship.
As Rep. Nelson Saunders said
last week In an EduCatlon Committee
hearing on the subject, "If they drop
out there's the possibility they may
want to be engaged In legal employment
and that legal employment may
not be found near their home.•
Punishing dropouts by revoking or
wit holding their drivers license is not
going to coerce them to return to
school. A student dropping out may
not even have access to a car, so that
course of action may be worthless.
This legislative package is a
waste of valuable time for representatives
and senators who could instead
be focusing on legitimate proposals to
Improve this state's educational
Between drinking coffee and
dozing off In the newly-remodeled
state house. they might even find
some time left for thinking about how
to k~p tuition down or Improve the
faltering K-12system!
And besides being a detriment to
individual freedom, the new law would
be ineffective.
Although supporters cite West
Virginia statistics indicating that a
similar law was effective in reducing
the state's dropout rate by almost onethird,
we can't belive that the threat of
losing a license would be capable of
changing someene's mind over
something as important as dropping
out of school.
And who's to say it would work
here? This ain't West Virginia as ·
anyone who's heard the dialect could
tell you. And while Michigan Is largely
a rural state, it still is a more urbanized
state with mass transit systems
capable of transporting dropouts to
the inner-city jobs they usually forsake
school for.
lest we forget the lesson of the
~chool finance proposals, - a study
an lawmakers passing the buck to
voters to avoid getting the blame for
raising the state sales tax - observers
indicate lawmakers won't be
willing to put their necks on the line to
educate today's students. By putting
two prop<>sals on the ballot, they've
created an air of confusion that
ensures the defeat of both and leaves
us in the same pickle barrel we started
The people of this state might not
foot the bill on their own initiative. It's
time for the legislature to stop playing
political football and take some
decisive action.
ktion that would help students
stay In school to get their diploma
Action that would help, not hinder
financially-strapped Individuals.
Action that would make a difference.
Taking the driving privilege away
is not such an action. ·
Stones.offer no satisfaction
While we realize Ml_ck and the boys
are getting Into their old age (except
for Bill Wyman who's getting into
some young age at home) and need a
nest egg, we are disgusted that in the
course of gathering moss the British
quintet would gouge their fains in a
stadium tour at $35 a crack. THEN
they go and get a corporate spons~r
- Budsewer-to help foot the bill!
Some where along the way the fans
got screwed big-time.
The Stones could have kept ticket
prices down or skipped the Eric
Clapton/Steve Wlnwood-style sell-out
as a classy farewell to fans.
Instead they decided to line their silk
pockets once again.
What do they knead all that dough for,
Bail money for Jerry Hall?
11 ~ctmf'Jer, 1989 · '. 7 Re~mrter-lntelligericet • 5
Elrick on wrong FOX scent
Your paper is, like, awesome. But
hey, dude, in response to your "Gothic
rockers fulfill expectations at Fox
engagement• (27 Sept) article that
ragged on the FOX, you are magnificerftly
out of line. GET A CLUE: The
FOX has it's faults -A) It's commercial
and 8) It still plays Michael
Jackson - but it's the closest thing to
a progressive music station there is
for Metro-Detroit. Maybe the true
shitferbrains was the •cheering• author
sitting behind -Shltferbrains;· besides,
not everybody wants to be a conform-
!st-geek -from suburbia in white faces,
black leather •. :. BONUS!
-Concerned Jamee Madieon
That's right, we Vlad
Who the hell are you,
Dave Weier? Instead of
pissing and moaning
about how you don't like
WDBM, get a job. Great
technique. Get people to
listen to you (because If
you want It, it's obviously
Important for the work:t to
hear) by setting yourself
above them and alienating
everyone else. Sorry for
not having your taste. I
might as well off myself
now because I can never
be like you. You make me
The article next to
your column was tit.led
"Ted White's Ego
Overshadow's His Talent.·
I am surprised that his ego
can find space on the
same page as yours, or
that you would let it. That's
big of you to acknowledge
that the sports and news
people are competent.
They must be doing
As for the rest of the
uR-1. You must be very
proud of yourselves for
getting front page scoops
like abortions being
controversial or students
not liking tuition hikes.
What's next? Khadclafy is
a little odd? Perlas is
overweight? Or some
other real shocker.
Go out and find where
Johnnie D. ls vacatlOning
and see how much it costs
or some other abuse of
university funds and tell
people about it. Don't just
Keep cranking out the
papers every Wednesday,
- Vlad the Impaler
(Ed Note: Sounds like
we got some kind of love/
hate relationship here,
haven't we Vlad, you sly
dog. Thanks for the
suggestions? but now take
one from us. If you think
you're so bad (you do call
yourself the Impaler), why
not use your real name?
Otherwise, we have a date
set up with you and Sgt.
Macthe Meathead.)
uR-l's the same old shit
This Is an alternative to The State
NB'Mf? It's just the same old liberal
shit. Verydlsappointed.
I can't wait for a IHI alternate
-Scott Goolsby
Every day? No way/
Okay, Okay, you are on the right
track I I look forward to your paper
every Wednesday. I only wish it was a
daily. But, I'm sure you need all week
to get those excellent views out on
black and white (grey?). I read your
paper front and back, not like that
other paper! What's the name? I can't
place it. Oh well. I support Elricks's
view on abortion. Right on!!! lash
helps me sort through Bush's lies.
Keep up the Intelligencer!!
Watch your step, uR-1
The idea of starting a truly alternative
and Independent newspaper on
campus Is a great idea. However I
hope your paper won't fall into the
same category as that C?.ther campus
paper as being liberal or left-wing.
At the same time I'm not saying
your paper should be conservative or
right wing like say, the Dartmouth
Review.A good idea would be to have
an alternative newspaperthat would
take neither a left or right wing stance.
Present a wide variety of ideas and
opinions, a libertarian paper, per se.
Cover different stories other than ones
that the newspaper writes about every
day (l.E Abortion, racism on campus,
etc.) I'm by no means saying these
issues are unimportant, but there are
may stories out there that are left
uncovered. (I.e. White House prostitution
ring, election fixing, Ron Paul and
otherthlrd party candidates etc.)
Things I like about uR-1 are that
you encourage letters, your entertainment
page (especially Dave Weier's
•DBM Stand for Dumb• article), Geek
of the Week and your up-and-coming
-Out and About" section. Thanks for
your time, good luck and please
respond If you find the time.
-Jeff Hanert
From LASH, p.7
idea of getting a good general education
in my first two years so I could
specialize later and not be just
another technically-trained, semiliterate
nerd the rest of my life!· he
"MSU's been noted, nationwide,
for its general ed program," I says
•Yeah," he grumbles sourly.
•And your pals in the administration
have been gutting general ed ever
since I got up here. They've already
torpedoed humanities and nat sci,
lash! How long's it going to be
before A Tl's head Is on the chopping
block? On top of that, they stick
anywhere from 300 all the way to
600 of us in a big lecture hall and
have the gall to call that 'education'!"
"Hold it right there, Waldo!· I
barks. •You go making a charge like
that, you oughta ha\fe your facts
straight. It wasn't too long ago I read
a statement by the chairman of the
trustees where he said: 'Michigan
State has always been proud of the
ratio of professors to students on our
"Doesn't that tell you MSU's
interested In providing you attendees
with a quality education? What do
you have to say to that?"
"I'd say he's been so busy
helping the adminstration Ann Arborize
the 'U,' he answers, •he's out of
touch with what's going on in our
cl~rooms: r---------------------------------------------------,
It's a neat-o reader response card!
So are we headed In the right track?
Please let us know, send this card to our offices at 142 Gunson St. with any criticisms, comments or suggestions or other
things you believe will enhance our ability to serve the MSU community. Remember, this Is your paper, too.
·' ... ~ • • ~ • • • •. • • ' • • ' .• .. • ' ' I . t , i ! t ! ' • I J • • t • I
• '" • • ~ • 1 .t ~ I • • • • _) • I ! 1 • • ' •
. • .• ' ~ • • ' • • • ' I . ..
6 • Reporter-Intelligencer · 11 October 1989
Fumbled opportunity? No, loose ball lands in MSU end zone
Those were the days.·
. Grand days Indeed, In which a
Yes, back then I was a Michigan
True Blue.
Neat helmets.
~was a young and lmpr8ssionable
lad In my earty teens. .
Ahd Michigan was an old and
proven national powerhouse a century
old. . . .
. Trmltlon.
. Power. -
Brilliant players and big plays from
Bob Ufer: lnflamfng the eardrums.
Halftime: less than two minutes
· Somewhere In that sea of Maize
and Blue a young boy marvels: "It's
almost the half and Harten Huckleby
hasni fumbled yetr .
. Hand-off: off.the middle.
Huckleby: bait loose.
Fans: seeing blood.
Somewhere In that sea of Maize
and Blue the crowd:
•.. Jeered. ..
•.. Sciorned •••
... Hated •
m1naea nme m tnetr atma mater,
along With other~! traits.
What are yoo guy& up to th8re In
Ann Arbor?
Where do you want to go when
you gradμate?
'Where the beautiful people are1·
What do you want to do with your
What does this last meandering
have to do with a young, misguided
fan anct Michigan .football?
What else; a funky analogy .
Game: life.
young lad sat, glued to the TV. the option.
Hated a young boy seating
. directly to the right of another young
Field position: turning point.·
Final score~ MSU 1, U-M 0.
·-· .. ·,· "'-;•,
Adults and AltfiMS beer all around.
Michigan In the big game.
Un des and other older-type
.•.. Watching ...
... Waiting. .•
... Praying.
But, hand-off or pass: It never
mattered. ·
Minnesota or USC: It never
Big Ten title or Rose Bowl: It
never mattered.
Michigan would choke.
No exceptions.
Charles White fumbles on the
One! Touchdown? Arrrghl
Screams and disappointment all
around. .
Where was the Department of
Social Services to take me away from
my evil parents - the ones who
allowed me to grow up In this putrid
environment where a young Michigan
fan might not be encouraged to root
for the Maize and Blue, but was left
alone to rot his mind?
Just where the hell were the social
Just where the hell was the
understanding child psychologist?
Just where the hell was Muddy
Waters when I needed him? ·
I remember now, It was the u:.MMSU
gamel .
Michigan Stadh.m: packed • .
A young boy who moments before
had hexed the revered 1-1-i •.
A young boy who watched a5 his
friend was accused of a sin he himself
had committed.
A young boy who wasn't about to
fess up and began to see the Green
and White In a different light.
. Years: pass.
Choices: made.
Young lad: Michigan State.
Since coming to East Lansing the .
lad has; at times, questioned his
But a brief chat with any one of
egotistical Wolverines absolves all
doubt. Those fans learned narrow-
It's been said before, but bears
repeating: When all ls said and done,
Blue and Yellow make Green.
If you want to talk about waste, this is the place, tiolmes
,Let's talk about a university that
consistently raises tutilon.
Let's talk abOut wasted money.
Let's talk about MSU.
Two weeks ago, I went to the
Instructional Media Centerto rent a
35mm camera for a photojournalism
class this term.
The camera (actually In good
. condition) oost $21.80 to rent for the
But I only had $22.00 on me.
Realizing the financial straights ·
the university Is In, and being a
charitable sort of fellow, old moneybags
told the receptionist or clerk or ·
whatever to keep the $0.20 change.
What a Vanderbilt! What a
Rockefeller.I What a. .. Trump!
A week went by. .
Early one morning, I went to the
malbox to gamer the morning's
Reporter-Intelligencer hate mall, bills.
and assorted charge card advertisements.
But there was one envelope that
just didn't look right. It was white, on
MSU stationery and had two small
bumps protruding from the middle.
'What?" I stammer~. ·old I
. already default on another student
I quickly ripped open the envelope.
I couldn't believe what I saw.
No letter. No nuttln'. Just two
dimes taped to a small piece of
paper. The change from my Nlkkormat.
The "letter'"cOst the university
$0.25to mall.
What honesty!
What a wf!Ste.
Sure, I appreciate the gesture.
But students are out there getting
hassled over minUte amounts of short
term·loan money that was maybe a
week late, and they're sending back
dimes? ·
If every student gave the university
an extra $0.20 In change, It'd add
a whopping $8000 or more to the
coffers. Enough to buy the football
team a few more steak dinners or to
wash a few more university cars.
That's not even mentioning.the
. money spent on the envelope, tape
and labor.
That wou~ be enough to pay
for ..• my tultlofl for a year or two.
Yeah, that's It.
Next time, do mi a favor.
Keep the change.
• ..::-! · ~·": :-.- ·. :'·'====-==========================
Geek ot tne Week
Sorry Jim, you shifty bastard, but you've been ulected u the uA-l's G•k of th• Week. tt1s money-grubbing
opportunists Ilk• you that Inspired this spot - and to weeping, snlvellng, snot-eating cockroaches
Ilk• you' we dedicate this space. ·
Your testimony last week was an example to us all - doni do the crime If you ca'1't do th• time.
. · Apolog ... to Barella.
Heritage USA woni be the same wfthout you, bUt In your honor, we suggest 'they·cr .. t• a new-boy-ln-the-
Jolnt-tak ....... hower ride. Should be 901Mthlng llke bumper cars, If you know what I m .. n Jimbo. ·
Well, ft looks llke you're ftnally going to g9t n In the end (pardon us). AMEN!
. ,. . . . . .. . .. ~ ... . . . .... .. "' .~ . . . .. . . "
11 October, 1989 , Reporter- lntellligencer • 7
Ann Arborizing the 'U'
I'm pushing.my cart up to the
checkout at the supermarket, this
hungry-looking bagger's looking
longingly at the stuff I've got piled In
there: my usual delmonicos, South
African lobster tails, Polish hams,
jumbo shrimp and, now the U.S. and
the Russkies are pals, a dozen jars of ·
Black Sea caviar.
"Gee, Lash,· he say$ admiringly. ,
•You're sure livtng high on the hog
these days, now you're retired. The 'll
was really good to you, wasn't.it?
·1 hate to criticize; he adds, •but
· you really shouldn't park In the
handicapper$' space, even if you're
driving a Rolls.·
· •1t was the only space anywheres
nearthe door; I tells him huffily. •The
closest other spot was at least a
hundred feet away. ·Anyway, how
come you're working here for minimum
wage? You told me you come
from a middle-class family, right?"
"The 'U's been raising tuition
every year since I've been up here,·
he answers. •my family can't afford my
schooling anymore unless I work parttime
to pay for at least some of my
·1n fact;• he goes on, 1 may have
to drop out for a year, save every cent
I earn so I can come back and finish
up. I sure won't be eating what you've
got in that cart, either, Lash. It's gonna
be hamburger and day-old breacffor
me: .
•There's no free lunch, sonny,· 1
says unfeelingly. "Do you remember
what our new president told the board
of turkeys when they hired him? He
promised 'em he'.s _gonna make
Michigan State a world-class univer- dees.·
slty, OK? · ·1 can understand that,· he says.
•That costs big bucks,· 1 adds. "But does the 'U' have to raise tuition
"Where's the 'U' gonna get it? Blan- twice as much as the increase in the.
chard says he wants to be the educa- cost of living year after year? What's
tion governor, sure, but he's like the ·u· need all that money for, any-
Bush, he ain't com in' up with the coin, way?' . .
either, so if the 'U's gonna get the "Faculty salaries and equipment,· 1
cash, it's gotta come _from you atten- explains. •If the 'U's really going to
Where does all this crap come from!
lovely village? ·
· Gauche to the max, Muffy. them read to us the writing on the
. waH. Apparently, after being freed
Speaking of good breeding like from the family attic after all those
El nlno I• beck, l.nlng fly yet .
another gob of spit In your general
direction. He's got good aim, so If
you know what's good for you,
you'H play the 1950'• air dflfenH
gamll and duck and cover. Here'•
the first chunky tidbit-.
Number one on the Provoc's hit ·
list this week are the new awnings
outside of Espresso Royale, Rick's
American Cafe~ Beggar's Banquet.
Who chose those putrid oolors, and
where can we find him? What's this;
the Birmingham-ization of downtown
E.L? Will Tally Hall soon Invade our
, ,
they have in Birmingham, we were years, the Wolverines Weenies finally
sad to hear about the death of our found a sense of humor!
favorite horse since Mr. Ed, Secretar· Now if only they'd get their heads
lat But did it merit front page cover- out of those gearhead books and
age In every newspaper In the coun- rectal passages they'd see that MSU
try? oat-breath got more than his five really are a institution of highered
minute's of fame and all he ever did learning.
was run around on a dirt track some- 'Nuf said?
where! What a life.
•Secretariat leaves an innumer- Hey, you read the Lansing State
able amount of fillies and mares that Jouma/lat~ly? Great rag, er, ahem,
he sired after being put out to stud. paper. ·
Funeral ceremonies were dosed to Front page article says something
' the public and held at an Alpo factory to the eff ed of MSU valuing quality of
so.mewhere in East em Pennsylvania. education over quality of athletics.
We'll miss ya, Sec." The Provoc was glad to see this,
since it gives us a chance to blast
On the subjects of purpose, we some grape shot In the diredion of
can find no good one for the Univ er- Doug ""The Grinch Who Stole
ahy of Michigan student body- butSoccer"' °'"Jacob Marley 1 Esq."
we can find a good reason for them to We1Ner, John "I'm Late for My
be summarily forced to wear green- Aight" DiBiaggio, and George "Hey
and-white (or any) underwear for a. Sally-brudder, where'• my tan
year. jacket" Perle&.
A recent Michigan Daily piece • Seems they expect us to believe
(you figure out of what) captioned an that aapl The only parallel Is that
AP photo of students standing in line footbal tickets went up this year, as
at Student Bull Shit (your one-stop did tuition. ·
book price-rape center) saying MSU . Let's face it, when was the last
· students buying books might get out time a world-class professor offered
of line in time for classes, and subse-- big bucks and a contract extension to
quently asked 'Since when ci>uld MSUstay on at MSU? · · _
students read? or some such rot. If only George WHI, Eric Fromm
Well, after someone read this or a host of others been offered a
blasphemy to the P~. we had better gig In Green Bayl ·
make it into the big time, researchwtse,
It's gotta hire Itself some supersta~.
That means topdollar,OK? ·
Then, they gotta get 'em research
equipment and a light teaching load
so's they can spend their time In the
lab: '
'Where do we students come in,
lash?" he asks. •Are these superstars
going to teach, so students can
benefit from their being at State?"
•A big-time school don't ask
superstars to teach; I tells him. "Oh,
maybe a graduate seminar now and
then, Where a feW advanced grad
students get to listen to what the prof's
working on at the moment, sure.
•1 wouldn't plan on getting no
course from no superstar, though, if I
was you,· 1 says. "Their time's too
valuable to wa:ste it teaching undergraduates:
·rm beginning to think I've been
had by the'U', • he says ruefully as he
puts the groceries in the Rolls, taking
care not to scratch anything. ·1 was
admitted at Ann Arbor, too, but I came
here because Michigan State had the
reputation of being a user-friendly
school, where you could get courses
from real profs.
• "My older brother went to Michigan,
and he told me he hardly ever
saw a professor In all the time he was
an undergr~uate; he goes on. "The·
profs were too busy with their research
and their consulting. Practically
all his courses were taught by grad.
_ •The way they treat undergraduates
at Ann Arbors a scandal,· 1
murmurs piously.
"The way MSU's going, Lash;" he
yelps, •it'll be 'Ann Arbor West in a few
years! .
· "I came here because I liked the
See LASH, p. 5
Each week the uR-1 features a
section called "Out and Abour (look
at the top of the page If you doubt us,
In this section you, the valued
reader, wlll find a listing of local and
other happenings ranging from bands
playing in nightclubs to plays on and
off campus to art exhibits.
We will also strive to include
concert updates for venues in the
East Lansing, Detroit and Ann Arbor
But, as we are relatively unhlp in
some areas, please give us the
skinny on any other hoppln' places,
up-coming events, etc. ... Wewantto
include them in this fresh section,
So if you know of agroovin' joint,
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holmes. Contact our Gunson Street
offices (on a 3x5 card or neatly
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We talked about ours here in the first
Issue and got 200 people! last
week's .208 Bailey/laughing Hyenas
bash packed em In, too. But, hey,
don't tell us if you gots brew and how
much it wlll cost, 'cause we'll print it
and the uninvited John Law will show
Got it? Good. Let us have at it ...
Boars HttadTheatm
Oct. 12-14: Educating Rita $12-
$14 admission, depending on show
date. MSU students with ID can
purchase up to 2 $5 rush tickets.
Connxtions Comedy Ck.lb
Oct.11-14:T.C. Hatter.$7-$9
admission, depending on show date.
· Oct. Oct. 17-21: John Pinney
Oct. 24-28: John Rathbone.
Oct. 31-Nov. 4: Leo Dufour.
The Green Door
Oct.11-14:Toys. No cover.
Oct. 13: The Chisel Brothers,
with Girl Thometta $2.
Oct. 20: The Wayouts. $2.
The Silver Dollar Saloon
Oct. 11-15: Kruelteez. $3.
Wharton Center
Great Hall
Oct. 14: MSU Symphony Orchestra.
No admission.
Festlval Stage
Oct. 14 and 15, 20 and 21 :
Richard Ill. $7.
Pttroit lnatbutt of Adi
October: Ansel Adams exhibit
Detroit Hlatorical Mugum
Oct. 13 throught the end of the
year(open Wednesday through
Sunday): From Outpost to Industry:
Detroit the BBfly YflBIS, 1701-1901.
Voluntary donation.
Reach an
market by
using -an
"I wouldn't
line the
bottom of my
lizard's cage
with that
Advertise other paper!"
1• n
CALL 351-4885 Keep
Oct. 11 : Gordon Lightfoot. $20.
Oct. 14: George Benson and the
Yellow Jackets. $22.50.
$t. Andrew's Hall
Oct. 12: Jimmy Cliff. $14 .. 50 in
advance, $17 at the door.
Oct. 13: Picasso Trigger. $5.
Oct. 14: Butt hole Surfers. $11.50
in advance. $14 at the door.
Oct. 17: King Swamp.
Oct. 18: T exes
Oct. 20: Nancy Griffin
Oct. 25: Crazyhead •
Oct. 27: Front Line Assembly
Soup Kitchen
Oct. 13 and 14: Charles Wilson
Oct. 20: Sean Phillips
Oct. 21 : Blue Front Persuaderss
Bird of paracHu
Oct.13and14:Gail Barkerand
the Cat's Meow, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30
p.m. No cover.
Oct. 13and14: Patty O'Connor,
9:30 p.m. $5.
Blind Pig
Oct. 13 and 14: Otis Rush. $8.
Oct. 20: Traa¥f Lee and the
Leonan:ls. $4.
Oct. 21 : The Blasters. $1 O.
or write us:
142 Gunson St.
East Lansing, MI
HIP Auditorium
Oct.13and 14:AUveMind. $6.
Oct. 20 and 21: Ode of Toad
Hal. $4 and $6.
Oct. 13: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rick'• American Cafe (Jtw
other Ont. dudl)
Oct. 13 and 14: Duke Tumatoe.
Oct. 20 and 21: The Regular
u R-1
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TO UNCLE ART: You're one cool
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'79 LINCOLN Town Car. Collecta's
Series. A/C; AM/FM quactaphonic
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doors; power windows; power trunk
set of Michein whitewall tires. turbine
rims. Four door. Navy blue cream
puff with some rust. Accepting best
offer. Call 351-4899 a1d ask fa Mike.
'86Eurosportwagon. Excellent
condition; A/C; AM/FM quad sound;
PS/PB; new General XP 2CXX> high
preformancetires; slverwith maroon
interior (excellent condition). $4500
or best offer. Cal 351-4899 a 313-
331-7915 a1d ask fa Mike or Karen.
55 gallon aquarium with two jets. two
light spots and rocks. TwoAfrica1
cichilids. Price negotiable. Call Tom
at 332-8641.
available option. Rt..ns great. excel-
_FOR A LIMITED TIME ON-Y. h uR-1 wil be on.Mg daNihda lrM of charg91 What a to.i
bsg81"1, f~ka. We will 9CCept du.iieda in mcty ~. inducing: f*'eonllla, wwi-.da, io..t and
foc.nda, MMcea (IOUght or ott.r9d), roommatH or houq. Ada must be dllivsed to h uR-1 ofioM at
1 :i2 Gu!'son· no later ..... 5 p.m. w~ '° llpP9* in h laloM'9 ..... ~. Ada should be
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~ @@ [Q) a© l k\ [Q) (!J] w@ [ft) @cQl a[f t)
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~®® [Q)o©lk\ ®~lLll ©lk\ \YAY/O~lffi Ulffi@~
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MEDITATION could be for you. See
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Stay home from In Country
· Vietnam stunk.
Everything this film is
telling us we already
know. It would seem the
only person who doesn't
know Is the central character
of 1n Country: an
unnecessary film from
director Norman Jewison.
What we have here is
a plotless character sketch
that doesn't seem to know
which character to sketch.
Isn't it natural to assume
the film's majorfOaJS
would be placed on the
top-billed star, Bruce
Willis? After all, his smiling
face does grace the latest
Issue of Us magazine.
Perhaps In a very confused
way the film's main
group of MSU theatre students, led by
Jay O'berskl, a sophomore from Troy
who said the Idea came while writing a
song In high school with several
-Tue band (called the Clam
Diggers) was writing songs and one
we called Taft,• O'berskl said. 'We just
turned It Into a musical.·
O'berskl wrote the musical with
five of his friends, Including band
fOaJS Is on Willis.
· 1n Country• ls about
Samantha, a young girl
who becomes obsessed to
gain an understanding of
the Vietnam War upon
discovering a box of letters
written by her father, who
died In Vietnam shortly
before her birth. Willis
plays Samantha's uncle
and guatdian, Emmet
Smith. Emmet Is a chainsmoking,
unemployed and
very troubled Vietnam
veteran. His war-related
problems (heEEaches,
flashbacks and a rash
which may bethe result of
Agent Orange) serve to
fuel Samantha's quest for
understanding whereas
his disclosure of the
Vietnam experience
serves as a means of
members Curtis Eller and Steve
It's impossible to nail down a
theme In any element of the production,
be It costuming, music or dialogue.
Politic$ definitely Isn't one of
them, O'berski said.
•rm trying to be pretty apolitical,·
he said. •There's a lot of cut-throat
stuff going on.•
O'berskl described the rock-opera
aspect of the show, comparing It to
the usual .Mecl• Christ Sc.ptstar,
--------------, Rocky Honor Plctu,.Showand
For Reservations
Call The
(located corner of
Grove and Linden
near Dooleys)
! Coupon I
I $3.00 off your I
I next hot tub rental I
I with coupon I Exp. Nov.15, 1989 I
I l per visit I
L_. ______ J
ffi\D®@ \VM®©lo ~[9)®©~®0
ilw© lP®©!P)~® ® U®/!iuU'Q
Regular Price $20
Loadedfits those, and then again
It doesn't. The 17 musical numbers in
the play range in style from 50's rock
to ballads to the Velvet Underground
to George Clinton-style funk to a
tango dance Involving Taft and his
PhiHipine-lover, MarqultaDosHuevos.
The song, titled •Rendezvous With
Marquita,• 8nds with some sort of
passionate exchange involving jelly
donuts. No cops here.
. The costuming, conceived by
MSU student Mardi Hurbis, Is a cross
between clothes worn in 1908 and
1969. A minimalistic set Includes this
country's latest taboo-stomped on
American flags.
· 1 hope Jesse Helms writes us,"
The storyline portrays Taft as an
unwilffng participant In a campaign for
24 IEast Saginaw• East Lansing
lower level 241 Building
hair/nail care for women/
men, children
•beard/mustache trims
•foil highlighting
•spiral perms
•facial waxing
•complete nail care
•sculptured nails/nail tips
•silk nail wraps/repairs
•French manicures
•French braiding
8-8 Mon-Fri 8-4 Sat
Fr-* Zappa look-alike Bruce WUU. (shown herewith Emfty Lloyd),
UM In mother shoddy pertormmce In In Country
discoYery. someone from the Warner
So, although Wiiiis' Brothers publcity departcharacter
is Important, he ment must have said. ·1
acts as a support for wannasee block-buster
change within Samantha. super star In front of his
"Keep that word name.• 1t just doesn't work
•support' away from Willis,• here.
the presidency against the -vtllalnous
Democratic opponent, ·wunam
Jennings Bryan.
-He's more or less pushed along,
and while there's a lot of comedy, lt;s
a terrible thing,• O'berskl said. •He's
really naive. He doesn't want to be
president, but he's pushed by factors
out of his control.•
The play authors actually didn't
know much about Taft when they
Sagina Varghese will portray the sultry
Marquita She called the musical
"The people in it aren't the usual
type,-Varghesesaid. •Sometimes
people are really kind of nervous to try
something new. These guys are
willing to take more risks. It's experimental.
The black comedy pushes Taft
began writing a script. But as it turned through a dynamic transformation. He
out, their fictional account was becomes as hardened and cynical as
surprisingly acaJrate. For example, the people around him.
their script included a bitchy wife •He starts off so utterly naive and
named Helen - his real wife also was childish,• O'berskl said. "The ending Is
a crab, but was named Doris. very tragic.•
Their original script called for Taft Lolld«I Down With Clllm: The
making trips all over the piece as he Saga of Tait opens Nov. 1 at the New
tries to stay out of the White House. In Arena Theatre in thelfalrchild Auditoreality,
Taft played more golf than any rium. The musical continues through
other president (except maybe Gerald Nov. 4.
Ford). O'berski said the musical Is aimed
O'berskl wasn't entirely sure why at students and encourages all to
they were writing a Song about him In attend. Currently they are awaiting
the first place. funding from ASMSU's Funding
•1t was always an inside joke: he Board.
said. •An we really knew about him -Tuey would be madmen to tum
was that he weighed 350 lbs. and got us down,• he said. -There's nothing
stuck in the bathtub once. In writing a like this in fine arts going on around
muslcal, we tried to pick the most here.
absurd person we could.• -Tue whole show Is pretty bizarre
Taft is being played by MSU and accessible, but people aren't
student Richard Earles, a 135- going to wander out wondering what
pounder who will be beefed, or shall just happened,· he said. •Sorority and
we say, stuffed up for the production. fraternity people might even enjoy It,
. -- ,4 1'
~) .. -/J ~ ·~)\Iii'· ~
;~ ••A - '\"'
Every Monday ... 7 piece hrass
with "Sharks Wave"
Fri.,Oct. 13 ... The Chisel Brothers
Tucs.,Oct 17 ... Souvenir
Sund~y Special
Stallion burger w/fries (half lb.
ground beef w/b:1con,swiss, cheddar,
onion, lctLucc, and tomato)
draft or shot o' schnapps
ONLY $2.99
('ti! I 0 p.m.)
Shot 'n' beer $1.50 all mght
101 E. Grand River Ave.
Horne of the SHARK BOWL!
but it'll be weird enough for the
And that's an absurdity In itself.
·l·•/·•• .l ~~dietjf~~•·~·~ f~piu!Th'F of ' ·..
M.~~U.1f() ()1.J~ ~~:d()O: •... For
thep~$f·ip tl<:Ji!ga~e, ·
CALLUS·OI'••· 336"8100
·· .4¢a2 Horft)Wifid•.·11 October, 1989 Reporter - Intelligencer • 11
Laugh if you ~a-nt; Hyenas rock E.L. hard
uR-1 M.lsicCorrHpOndent
ACcordlng to some maroon named
Webster, a hyena Is a carnivorous
mammal living In Africa and Asia
whose cry resembles a laugh.
It's fitting, then, that the laughing
Hyenas, a raw, hard carnivorous rock
band from Ann Arbor, have a sound
resembling a mad cat drinking Drano.
Friday night brought these madmen
to East Lansing, where they
ripped-out eardrums in asaeamlng,
sweaty two-hour show on Bailey
Street with local-yokels Just Say No
lead vocalist John Brannon's "!just-
aoonlng made the cr<>vt'd
- thrash like a sweaty mass of spawning
salmon. ·
'We started out in 1985, • Brannon
said. "Orginally we're from Detroit, but
we moved to Ann Arbor because our
equipment kept getting stolen In
Detroit. We lived on Cass Ave., you
know, the gutter of Detroit."
The Laughing Hyenas are perhaps
one of the only bands around
influenced by plain-and-simple
Darwinian logic. -
'We're influenced by anyone that
can survive, man, that's about the
basic thing that we stand for, because
it 's so damn hard to keep going,•
Brannon said. 'We like bands like .
Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, and
John Lee Hooker, like a lot of the
ghetto blues bands. I'd rather listen to
shit like that than a lot of what's
happening today.·
John Brannon
And just what does Brannon think
Is going on nowadays?
'Well, I just don't think we really fit
in, we're just not 'today',· he said.
Following their Bailey Street gig
the Hyenas moved on to a Saturday
night show in Chicago with Killdozer
and the Didghs. ·
A tour of Europe is on deck. The
Hyenas will be playing in Germany,
Belgium, Amsterdam and Vienna
It's their first tour of Europe.
"Yeah, we're playing 21 shows in
24 days,• Brannon said. 'We're
•* •* •* •* *
,---~·--·--. --1
I Coupon l
J Two Small Pizzas I
i get I
1 Two "Free" I·
I ~ ® ©~o ~©~li [Q)[foUiJ[k\@ I
L---·-----· _______ ___j
uR-lphoto/BETH CARTER .
alented Rain a psychedelic treat
by BARBRA CHEIMAN musical talents with rock, blues, jazz,
uR-i M.lsic Correspondent funk and psychedelic Influences. This
ecdectic combination sets Electric
A bolt of musical fusion sparked Rain apart from other E~st Lansing
he audience with Electric Rain's bands.
ormance atthe Faruk Art Gallery •Talent makes us sound different
est Saturday. from the rest of the bands in town,"
The group blended diverse said bassist Dave Gantenbein. •Ha
-------------We're not your typical college band.
Also features incense
and body oils.
Free admission to one
event w/this card.
·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:···:·:·:·::-::::·:::·::::::::::::::::::::::::.:·:·::::::;.;:·:::·:·:::::;:::::::::~::::::::::::::::;:;:;:·:·:·:·:········ ..
Don't do Cure, Smiths and REM kind
And that amounts to commercial
suicide in this music-depraved town.
'We can't get Into Rick's because
e don't play REM!" said drummer
Eric Walker.
In other words, If you don't fit the
Rick's mold or are nonconformist in
he slightest respect, forget It. It's
about time for East Lansing's once
uttlng-edge live music outlet to sha
up and feature bands with talent.
Exclusively Only At Too Hot
M.C. Hammer (They Put Me In The Mix)
French Kiss, Sybil
M.C.Lyte, Big Daddy Kane
· Your only House, Alternative,
, Techno Connection
107.StudentDiscountWed .,Oct 11, 1989
The Only Record Store With
Live DJ's
541 E. Grand River, Lower Level of
Campus Town Mall 351-2HOT
. '
- >. • • • ~ ,_ l ' • • t I ' • \ ' 4 ' ' '
' • ' • • ' ' 0 0 • .. • ' • 0 ., o ' ' ' 0 o ~ 0 0 I .. . . " ... . .. . ,_ .............. .
. .
Elvis Hitler: the middle four letters Say it all
uR-1 MUsic Correspondents
FLINT - This Detroit-based band
doesn't flt the stereotype of Neo-Nazl
· skinheads In their music or their
attitudes. Elvis Hitler Is the bastard
son of a marriage between speed
metal and rockabilly.
· •speed is important; Elvis Hitler
said. "Speed represents the energy
and the urgency. I like to cut away the
fat and get down to the brass tacks.·
The energy of Elvis Hitler's music
shocked the audience at Flint's Hot
Rock Cafe on Wednesday, Od. 4.
They kicked It off with their traditional
opening song, -The Elvis Rl~ff
The rhythm section captured the
audience with their hypnotic beat. By
the end of the first song Elvis Hitler
rose to power and maintained It
throughout the 45 minute show.
The Hot Rock Cafe audience
consisted of about 50 swaying and
slam-dancing their.way on and around
the stage. Most of them seemed like
hardcore Elvis Hitler fans -dedicated·
. enough to come to a show in the
middle of the week. ·
•it's a Long Way From Berlin to
Memphis• exemplifies their first album ..
The drummer, Damian Lang of Allen
Park, delivers a hard-hitting beat and
bassist Warren Oaf ever follows suit
with his fingers screaming up and
down the neck of the bass.
Hitler's vocals lend to the southern,
rockabilly aspect of th~ song. As
for the guitars: they provide the ·
r~unchy garage sound thEU the band's
first record Is known for.
. The best song In the set was
"Ghouls.· John Dafeverof Livonia,
playing feedback guitar, adds to the
ominous sound that Is established on
their latest release, He/IJily. ·
'Helblly, on Restless Records, .
will be aVailable in stores this week.
lt's· a more oollaboratlve effort than
their last effort, Disgracelsnd; which
was raw.
"The thrash-rockabilly lyrics,· said
Hitler, •are still takin' jabs at society in
general, pokin' fun at stereotypical hillbillies:
"The album has a darker, mean
spirit,• John Oaf ever said. ·1rs gre>sS;.
. aggressive and violent. It represents
the band:
While their new album shows their
progress, their video for the song
"Showdown• ts typical of a hard-rock
•The video has a conceptual
western theme filled with girls, bikes
· and guns,• Elvis said. •tt was designed
for MTV:
·vou can't tell who's In there,
there's so many people,· drummer ·
Lang said. -The band plays a small
role. They show my nose, though.·
But what everyone wants to know
aboUt Elvis Hitler is this: How did they
get their name?
Hitler said the name is a· dichotomy,
representing love and hate.
Actually, southerners who thlnkthe
band is using Elvis'. name In vain
caused more eontroversy than using
Hitler as a surname.
But Warren Daf ever put It all in ·
perspective. . ·
Well ya know,· he said. "The
middle four letters spell shit:
Black comedy takes aim at chubby No. 27
That's the only way to describe
MSU's latest student-run produdion; a
culty, musical rock-opera called
LoadfHI Down .W'lth Calm: TINI Saga
Of Taft.
· The two-act show Is being produced
by a completely independent ·
student theatre group calling Itself the·
Rude Mechanical Underground. It's
introduced by Woodle Guthrie as A
documentary based on meticulous
research into the life of this country's
27th president and mostrotu·nd
leader, William Howard Taft.
·That they Introduce It as such is.
almost a5 absurd as the ooncept of a
musical about President Taft In the
first place.
The musical was written by a
cast members tango their way
through a rehearsal.
uR-1/Lewls Geyer II
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