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The Hannibals
Just Say No
Out and About
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Entertainment- Timbuk 3
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Volume I
MSU's alternative
Just Say No rejects
E.L. bar scene.. p. 3
@-T/Je Provoc gets off... p. 7
@ Sniff around Dog Boy... p. 8
@ Classff leds ••• p.8
@ Out & about ••• p.9
@ Reviews ... p.10
East Lansing gets Hannibalized
uR-1 MJSlc Corrnpondent
\t's a little after 7:30 p.m on Oct.
29 and the MSU Auditorium is rumbling
with applause as local quartet
the Hannibals. exit stage left to make
room for an onslaught of •ciassic• rock
acts that includes the Byrd•, Rare
Earth and headliners Leon Russell
and Edgar Winter.
The hundreds of bell-bottomed,
classic rock-heads who sit making this
noise shake their heads In disbelief at
the seemingly Impossible. It can't be
true, but it is! Four guys, none of them
within even ten years of middle age
have just.rocked the house.
Backstage the bewilderment
continues. Late-late-sorta-great Leon
Russell turns to his equally 111-
groomed co-star, Edgar Winter, who ·
stands nearby In a drunken swoon
plucking the notes to "Frankenstein•
and says, •Shit , man, I can't believe it I
These young turds can play. AlrlghUEdgar
perks up, "Yeah, I think I
caught these cats opening for Herman•
Hermb, or was it Hendrix?
Yeah man.they're not half bad.·
Is this the starry-eyed dream of
one of the Hannlbels? No.
Is It a premonition or a
prediction?. Well, no not exactly, (it's
not ev~n that good of a lead In). But If
you're like me and you've seen the
Hannlbals In the last few months or so
you probably will agree that they're
just good enough for it to go down
something like that
Because the Hannibals are In fact
going to open b' the over-the-hlllgangs
mentioned above. Just see the
ridiculously-styled 60's handbHls
plastered all over town b' details.
Not only that , they are going to
appear at Rick'• on Friday.
And that's not all.
Today or tomorrow, the group
plans to relef.ise their brand new tape
of brand spanktn• new material. Yes,
Hannlbals fans and faithful, this Is
your week. Christmas In Odober.
So how did this all come to pass?
How, for Instance, did the Hannlbels
wrangle their way Into such a big and
unlikely gig and just how do they feel
about the chance to rub elbows with
Edgar and Leori?
a.rta Johnston, lead aooner
and rhythm guitarist explains, 'Well, It
was kind of strange actuaJly. This guy
comes over to me and Matt, our
drummer at Rick's and says he's
promoting this show and that he wants
us to play It. I guess he'd heard us
and liked us. For the first week after
that, It didn't .look like it was really
going to happen, we were all pretty
skeptical: But It Is.·
Dave a.rtatle, the Hannibals ,
eccentric and ftamboyant bassist,
adds, •rm still skeptical about playing
It. Who knows if we'll get to meet any
of the other bands. H we do happen to
uR-1 phc>t<>mARBRA CHEIMAN
m~et Edgar and Leon we'll probably
get along with 'em. OUr hair Is almost
as long as theirs.•
It seems that just a few days ago
the Hannlbals enjoyed their first
anniversary. Knowing these guys to
have a great deal of affection for each
other, I Inquired how they might have
celebrated the occassion.
"Me, Chris, our other guitarist, and
2 •Reporter-Intelligencer 25 October, 1989
Matt ail went to different cities,· says
Johnston. ·1 think Dave stayed home
and watched T. V. •
these fellas. They're serious about
their music but are still In It f.or the
fun of it.
Warms your heart, doesn't It?
All kidding aside, though it's
obvious these guys are dose friends
and the strength of this relationship
shows up In the music, which by the
way has gotten consistently better
and better.
As Dave says, ·vou can expect
the same madcap zaniness from us.· PR[SENT
With their first, self-titled tape, the
Hannibals captured their attempt to
come together as a group and create
their own sound. Originally not
intended for general release, it sold
surprisingly well (it sold out.). It also
generated some radio play on
WDBM with the cut 'Wandering.Eye.·
The new tape, called "Hammer of
Rain,· seems a natural progression
from the first effort. One can immediately
tell the m·usic is more comple)C
and that the Hannibals are con-
. sciously pushing themselves into
new territory.
•This one is more refined and
focused than the first, which was
more eclectic,· suggests Chris. "It
shows where we are now. The songs
flow better together. More continuity. -
Will there be a song on this one
to match the popularity of 'Wander- .
ingEye?" ·
"I think the first song on the tape,
•little heads· will,· Chris said. "Right
now my favorite song is •A Wish for
Distance.• it's really got a good feel
to it:
Yes, kids, like the famous
general they take their moniker from,
the Hannlbals move.fast and furious.
A new tape, a gig at Rick's and an
·opening slot at the Auditorium all
within the space of a few days. But
all this upward mobility hasn't spoiled
... talkin~ T
Bunches. Over and Out!•
"Christ, I didn't know Shirley
Madaine· had a price on her bubbly ·
Mr. T shoved his M-16 under my
"Look, fool, if hippies are comin'
back, then so's Black Power!•
He powered over tables and
chairs, scattering terrified customers
like ninepins as he went, and ventured
outside where a~ black
helicopter awaited him. Mr. Tturned
around and hurled a shiny object
throught the broken windows as the
chopper ascended.
I picked up a quartz crystal
marked: "To Shirley ... From Mr. T
With Love:
.·.·.· .·.· .. ·. ·.·.·.··.·· ····· ... ... . . .. ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·. ·.· .... ·.· . . . .
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·rhe future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"
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OCTOBtR 31, 1989
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the University Reporter-Intelligencer
Page Three
The Second Front Pa e
Just because EL bars Say
No to these guys doesn't
mean you should, too
UR-I MJalcC011npondent
Just Say No ... what a bunch of
horny, drunk dangerous ex-kids ·
wearing black and cutting their hair
short and. being all scary like ...
They doni scare me, and they
don't want to scare you.away, so
what's your hangup?,JSN has been
doing loud performance art 1or nearly
two years now, what have you been
doing? They have a reputation as
darkslders, and no bar In East Lansing
has the guts to touch them. So why do
they draw hundreds of people to the
house shows they gig at? Because,
aca>rdlng to JSN guitarist Steve ·
Miier, "SOmethlng might happen!·
•No matter how lame people are,
they always like danger,• guitarist
Tom Poller explained. 1t's like a car
acddent. You may get to see
someone's brain hanging out:
Five childhood friends who met in
974 trowbridge
(by Shop-Rite)
prison and finally achieved a llfelOng
dream of being in a band together?
Believe what you want, but It is true
that the band consists of Miller and
Potter on guitars, Ken Knott on
vocals, bassist Ilk• Achlenburg and
· drummer R•ndY "'Get off my 1anct•
Their mouths are too filthy for
B'Zar, and they're too loud for Rick'•.
•House shows are definitely more
dangerous,· said .Knott. 1 guess that's
why we do more of them around
Indeed, JSN have ample opportunity
to see the world. The band has
numerous out-of:..town gigs under-their
belts (and God knows what else) plus
an agency In Cinclnnattl is booking
and East Coast 1hing• for early
December. But JSN get their best
reaction at home, and are looking
fOfW&f'd to their Oct. 31 performance
at Fan.lk (with Chew Toy from
. Chicago). Check for filers They
copy special
(8112z 11)
promise to play scary music . .
JSN took a bold step this year and
released a 12-inch EP on their own
. Go Ahead label, the dandy "Girls Say
Yes To Boys Who Say No· and It
continues to sell well and get local
1 was drunk (during recording)
and haveni llst'"1ed to It since,· Potter
said, defending his product.
Knott listened to In once.
1 liked It when I heard It,• he said.
Hulskens added, Tm not really
Interested In that type of music:
But straight man Miller holds up
his band's quality, and derisively
attacks the East Lansing music scene.
1 think the bars here think It's not
worth the hassle,• he said. "They
Top Dog
Coney &
-.,......, _ __._, ____ - ,
I SPECIAL! all you can eat I
conegs I
only · $1 ~ 9 9
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. I
Any Service :
I With This C0upoon I
and hypocrisy
It seems to be the same old,
tired sk>ry-another weekend
and another editorial about
proper eonduct on the mean
streets of East Lansing. .
This time, however, it is the
rollers who got carried away.
We refer to the appearance
of stc>rmtroopers on Spartan
Street, clearing off the boulevard
in full riot gear and with
batons of considerable length
· and density.
Almost denser than the
head of the person in charge;
you know, the person who
ordered a show of force to clear
a relatively peaceful - if
packed - party.
This hostile presence created
an atmosphere of invading
mercenaries clearing conquered
ground rather than an
. air of peace officers keeping
just that-the peace. While we were disgusted·
Good common sense, the with the horrible show of viok.
ind we know ELPD Chief lence. in Cedar. Village Oct. 14,
Thomas Hendricks and City we are almost equally disgusted
Manager Tom Dority possess, with police over-reation this
would. have sent officers in weekend. · .
regular uniform in to disperse The magnitude of the pothe
crowd. Instead we have to lic8's response_ reportedly as
ask who made the decision to many as 12-14 police cruisers
send in shock troops and then ·on Gunson Street - might
be thankful no stories about have been justified on Oct. 14:
rioting .were created by the The Gunson and Spartan Street
unnecessary show of force. parties were no different than
Also interesting - but not hundreds of similar gatherings
surprising -we must note that that happen here every year,
once again hypocrisy reins at yet usually merit only one ·or
The State News. two cars and a verbal warning.
The editorial board of the The police are barking up
paper -John Secor, editor-in- the wrong tree. The near-riot in
f - ·- · -·-· : i .
.1 -· :
chief; Bob Helbig, opinion Cedar Village has been blown
editor. and Staff Represent&- out of proportion by the media editorial board comes to mind.
tive Peg West - declared that and the police:· Lers recognize Two of the board's menithe
hosts of two house parties · it for what it was-a spontane- bers, Mr. Se.cor and Mr. Helbig,
sholJd be charged with felonies ous, however moronic - event have been associated in the
after the local and imported that likely will not repeat itself. . past with an informal organizamuscle
deemed them "blind Speaking of 1moroniC:, the tion called Thunderfuck Propigs.
and conducted raids. hypocrisy of The State News' ductlons - ~ose sole pur-
-·-·· I
. l
- ··--· , . .
/ \ __.L _\_ --··' -· ... -· ....
iJL£t1sc- f/€ll' -~·- !
A.Ill .
(fl/PAtJ6£fflJ .---T~-
i - ~ff:l1€f
t._~--..,--'771" -·- i- ·
··-- ··-· _t,........ ____.J . i· --;- t ...- i .. 1 i I - · .. l
- ~· ..., . . .
uR-1 artwortpose was to host large keg
These parties were often
advertised throughout East
Lansing and campus, with one
See adjoining page ...
5 ctober, 1989 · Reporter-lntelli encer •
... From previous ease
flyer boasting of "Plenty
Such stupid behavior -
"dim MSU students ... serving
·alcohol without a license,• and
"advertising the beer-busts"-·
is exactly what Thunderfuck
Produetions did.
We have to ask what
these two gentlemen were
thinking when they condemned
their fellow students
for crimes they themselves
Perhaps they will turn
themselves in, making a
citizen's felony arrest for
heinous crimes that slipped
through the system's cracks?
We hope so. Damn hooli:.
gans! ·
Ouch! Criticism ...
You're damn capable and you know It.
All you have to do Is reserve your
smart-alecky bullshit foryourGunson
Street parties, and start viewing this
paper more professionally, and .you'll
have something you can be extremely
proud of.
A few suggestions:
1) Go to the journalism department
and recruit someone as an
advisor. I know It seems stodgy and
horribly safe, but it can only help.
Naturally, all decisi9ns should ultimately
be made by your editorial staff, ·
but.professional Input is a valuable
-asset. -
2) Expand the reviews section to
include MSU performing arts, local
films (mainstream and otherwise),
books, etc. This is already proving to
be one of your best areas. People like
Dave Weier really know their stuff,
and there are more out there like him.
However, some of them are associ- ·
atedwith TheStateNews, WDBM,
7) The front page photo of the
mother at the abortion rally was great.
Thre are plenty of budding photo- _
journalists around. Recruit some of
them and start printing more photos of
things other than your own faces.
I hope that you're going to take
this letter as constructive criticism. I
hope you're not going to merely laugh
a smug, post-pubescent laugh and
skewer me in the next issue.
I have a lot of respect for you and
your efforts In creating the μR-1. But it
would be~ enormous shame if you
failed to reach your potential success~
Please stop being asinine and become
professional and responsible.
You are capable of much betterthan
Advertising and English m.ajor
and other groups that the uR-1 ls Goolsby get ff.I
irresponsibly alienating with childish S 0 •
little barbs and cheap shots. Wake up, uR-1: JOA Gone Bad?
grow up, and start using your r:e- What publication has: Prosources.
abortion editorials, an inordinate
When the uR-/first surfaced, I 3) Do you ~it? Typos galore! amount.of space devoted to special
was ecstatic. There is an obvious Read, re-read, and re-read. causes_such as homosexuality and
market on campus for an alternative 4) Space your: advertising out minorities, anti-tuition hike editorials,
newspaper, and I welcomed the evenly throughout the paper. Sure, excessively lengthy and boring Lash
chance to read another student everyone wants to be on the first L.arrowe rantings forever in the
publicatlon. When I saw the names page,.but the resulting clutter makes same unfunny style that was old 1 O
of the people behind the newspaper, . everyone's ads ineffective. years ago, and a general left-wing
I was even more pleased. Having 5) Editorials can be the most outlook? The State News, right!! No,
worked In The State News classified powerful aspect of any publication. Mr. no, no, stupid! Its a completely
office for over two years, I was · Elrick, if you're going to write an artide tot~ly different alternate other paper
familiar with names like Elrick, about DiBiaggio's Endless Travels, dig called the uR-1!
Stearns, Baldas, (Hunter S. Th- up some facts and produce something Let's see, that's u-RJ for the
ompson?), etc. These are people of value. Good journalism is· hard . University-Rep/icald8riical, right?
who are somewhat tamillarwitha ~~.It is not paying asmart-alecky OrUnchalged-Remamlndistinprofessionaljournalisticformat,
and visit to Cowles House like the class guishable? Is it the Unrsad-Redunare
capable of producing a quality clown, and then filling half a page with. . dantl"elevant? Us-Requires - .
prodoct. · mindless garbage. Don't publish Individuality? Unheard-of Reproduclmaginemydisappointment
pieces that haven't been worked on lion Infringement? the Unorigiona/-
when I perused the pages and for more than twenty minutes; they're Repelitive lmpersonatot'? Usdiscovered
what is essentially a very easy. to spot. It's a sure way to emba- Reporters Imitate? U-Reprint It? Of
second-rate, amateur effort. rass yourself and insult your readers. course not, It's the Universky-
Wake up you fools! Don't you 6) Obscenities are useful tools In Reporterlntellengencer. Well, how
realize the potential that your paper our language, and words like iuck· about SC>me intelligent reporting
has? You have an opportunity to do · aoo "shit• can sometimes add the then. -
some real hardcore journalism, and proper emphasis or paint a picture. How about just one or the other.
yot/re filling your pages with cheap But there is no place for terms like How about some really alternative
shots and inside jokes, which may •mucus -breath• and •piss up a rope• stories that we can't find in that
be entertaining to the old dique at in a credible newspaper. You may be other paper,"like about the system-
The State News but means nothing - ~ntertaining yourselves, but exhibiting atic denial of free speech for (generto
the other 40,000 students here at a grade-school vocabulary and/or ally) conservative papers and con-
MSU. OQ yourself and the rest of us sense ~f humor is hardly going to · servatives on cam puses across the
a big favor- wipe off the smug attract readers or potential advertis- , country. Instead of an entire front
sarcastic grins and get to work. Start ers. Grow up and start using language page devoted to worthless USA
producingapublicationofvalue. responsibly._ . . Today-likecrap("MSU,1J..M, Whos
how about a story 0n the striking
down of U-M's blatant and knowingly
unconstitutional denial of free
speech in the name of-antl-discrimi- ·
natory- regulations.
1 O out of 1 O readers say: •The uRI
doesn't even have enough pages
to line my ant farm - let alone my
lizard's cage. Keep your ants happy,
let them read more interesting
material like the local phone book.·
Frankly, I admire you for having
the balls to start this thing, but
Jesus, don't kid/flatter yourselvesthis
is no alternative, It's more of the
same views in a less formal format.
(One of those JOA deals?) Right
now you're just the Wednesday
supplement to The State News.
~Scott Goolsby
P.S. In dosing I would like to say
something I've wanted to say for a
long time: Larrowe, you're an
asshole. Why don't you take yourself
and your tired old Galbraithian
depression-era fart-like ideas and
quit hanging around here like the
worthless old fart that you are, now
that you're through teaching those
iootough for minorities. bullshit
politicized •economics· courses of
ours. Thank ou.
-;t:1-J o,.., cJ,sC! ../',,.. 'f"ur
{'tJJ? r/€.J? t'l J/I c.-e... '
r- _ · No. 17), (where was the pie chart?)
-----------------~-----------------------------, i[}={](g)f ~~[Q)~~ . . - :
I · I
.I I
1I It's a neat-o reader response card! II
II So are we headed In the right track? , II
Please let us know, send this card to our offices at 142 Gunson St. with any criticisms, comments or suggestions or other I
-: things you believe will enhance our ability to serve the llSU community. Remember, this is your paper, too. · :
I ·I.
IL - . II
• e-por er- nte ligencer 2
City of the diS!f?~_ntments soakedslreetsandbuming bulwedsappointedlhem.
· · · · So much ink was spilled on ·. symbols of man's lineage back The big story was no longer
this town in the last week that to the ape? MSU Students Run Wild After
most of us had to pull out the · How 'bout$ little consis- Homecoming Disappoinbnent,
galoshes. · tency fol~? but East Lansing Watches and·
Yes, we were The Town Instead, East Lansing Police · Waits-for No1hing.
That Could Explode Right Capt R~d Mwray said Who could have guessed?
Before Yow V~ Eyes. Cedar Village residents-were · I mean, we gave· them the
Drama. Action. Great foot- ·taking hot pizza and apple cider lousy weather that Cedar Fest
age! ·. out to police who had sealed has thrived on; we lost the
So, when this weekend the neighborhood off from non- crucial game that could have
rolled around and we media Cedar Village autos. kept us in the h~t for the Big ·
vultures tucked our bibS into C)Ur Instead, the Cap'n said Ten title and Rose Bowt; and
~llars (all the while drool bead- ~Village residenls opened we sprawled all over town with
Some things you can count 1ng up and cascading down the their laundry rooms to warm nothing to do but wait in line
~"'.but East Lansing apparenUy troi:its of ou- polyester shirts) we police rnanni~ barricades. with lhe plastic faces at
1sn tone of them. · waited for the masses to be . Instead, City Manager Tom Dooley's.
After a weekend of wilding in revolting. Dority said Sl.llday that he . The media had an appetite
the confines of lovely Cedar But even though the WDIV didn't hear of one arrest in for destruction and East Lan-
Village (oh, by the way, who . Detroit satellite dish was poised Cedar Village. sing was looking juicier as the
read the colt.nm t> youse guys at the Jiffy Lube, we news So much for The City We . day went on.
making the death threats any- h~wks e.nded μp going home ~uld Run On One (With a Big · Yum!
way?), the media showed up in d1sappotnted to the max, dude Ptcture). But there was nothing. .
force, waiting for thOse caμght and dudettes. So many people had No violence, no damage, no
looking lustfully at fences or What happened to the counted on East Lansing to be story, no consistency.
bicycles or mopeds to be loonies? . consistent and come through Damn. ·
frisked or maced by the im- Where were the blood-: with the big display of stupidity A nice cracked skull would
we have invited them to expect, have made our weekend.
President Ronnie's posse rides again
1-«J0..(123) 456-7891. .
•Ronnie? Ronnie, are you listen- most powerful,job In the world. Not
Ing to me?" Nancy bellowed ·88 she everyone gets to be the president,
folded her copy of ttie Sunday New after ~I. Wouldni all of that tarnish the
York Times Want Ads section and im~e of .the offl~ I once held?
sipped her prune juice. · . Bes~, I kind of like what I'm
. Ifs October in SQuthem California, doing now .. ·
and America's favorite first family is Nancy rolled her eyes, turned off
discussing what to do with the rest of the Geraldo show and shot a menacthelr
llves, now that they have no one Ing look ov~ to her poolde.
else's to ruin anymoce. · ~t you're doing noW? What,
'What? Uh, yes, Mommy, of are you k~lng me? I don't call .
course I was listening to you • replied horseback riding three times a day,
Mr. Reagan, eating his crun~ Berries . dally telephone calls to Sportsphone
and glancing through his favorite and an ~lonal tennis match with
Sunday morning reading-Tiger Bobby Riggs exactly history making.
Beat: "But did you see this latest . Nope. You sh~ld do something
article on Soott Balo? Well, that young constructive With yoursel!, Ron. Get
DaVid . man is a -real inspiration. If only Ron bac~ out there and stir things up .•
St Jr. could ~ve turned oUt that way.· . . Sure, tK>Jl, my life hes ~ed earns •Ronnie, Shut up and listen to mel down a bit. But don't you thmk a
There's an advertisement in here that former president should be able to
I think you_ might be qualified far. 1 . . slow down after his term in office -
think It's about time for you to dive ~pecially since I served two consecu-
Wanted: Experl6nced actor for beck Into tbe mainstream again. You ~::erms and was the oldest. presfcommeteials
aimed at a foreign know, hit the speaking engagement - •elected. .
matlttuSt about him. Must have ability to . a guest spot on Married With Chil- It ~mght cause a real uproar around
gain confldencsof foreign . . dren. • the country' .a former president acting
Also must b8avaJlabls1or C:::::'BfS. "Gee, I don't know, Nance. 1 In commercals. And what about all_ of
speaking 9n1JB1J6rt191'1. Call toll frse, mean, I was the president. That's the f~=~~:~~1:;~';
-. Geek of the Week
at me hawking f0relgn wares?"
·1 thought you believed In the free
enterprise system, Ron. You know,
survival of the fi_ttest, every man for
himself (and his wife).
•And Ronnie, It's not like nobody
else does It. look at Tip O'Neil, for
Instance. That old coot sold himself to
Quality Inn, and he spends more time
In Boston sports bars than Ted·
Danson. The llst goes on. Honeybunch,
I just want what's best for
Ronald paused for a minute,
ripped out the Kun Cameron poster
inside the magazine and thought
about what Nancy was proposing.
And thought.
And thought.
Two Weeks L,ater •• ~
•So don't forget. Sony walkmen
are the chosen audio equipment for
the real cowboy of the 1990's. Just
ask US, Ronald Reagan and the
Buyalot Posse.• .
"Okay, that's a wrap. ThSnks, Mr.
President. Hey by the way, Mr.
·President. What was It made you ·
decide to come out of retirement?"
. "Well, ya know Chucky. The devil
Sorry Sparty, but your $7,000 price tag failed tO buy you acceptance - only Geek 0 •
- the Week dishonors. .
We loved ...ang you at Hormcomlng almost u much • we enjoyed -Ing those
nlmrodl ring that stupid bell all afternoon. The alu.mnl were ao proud!
We ana, however, pleauc:I to know that If you were to ull yourself at your retail
price - . assuming no depreciation-you could attend_ USU tor orw year. .
Then again, you could peddle your ugly a• elsewhere, ustng the $ for a. bus ticket.
Bon voyage. ·
5 ctober, 1989 Re orter- lntellli encer. 7
Where's Ollie
when we
need him?
Everybody's sayln' these days
your typical college kid don't know
nothin'. Ljke when the Civil War was
fought, or whether we was on the side
of the Germans or the Russians in
That sure ain't my experience.
Seems like every time I go Into a bar
- for a quiet drink some smartalek who's
majorin' in history or international
relations comes over, insists on
carryin' on a conversation to
straighten me out on somethin'.
Like the other day. I'm sittin' over
in a comer, mindin' my own business
this young squirt plunks hisself down '
beside me.
'What do you think about the way
Bush handled the coup in Panama,
Lash?" he leers. ·1 know you're a fan
of his.· .
•He could of acted more forcefully,
sure; I says loyally. ·it it'd been me,
I'd have passed the word to our boys
down there to grab Noriega when the
rebels had him, take him out into the
jungle and feed him to the alligators
OK? '
•But don't forget, sonny,· 1 adds.
•The president's new at the game.
Give him a little more experience, he'll
· be handling problems like this Noriega ·
thing just as effectively as other
presidents've handled upstarts who ·
got too big for their britches:
"Aren't you aware there's a
Presidential order on the books that
makes it a crime for a U.S. citizen to
assassinate the head of a foreign
nation, Lash?" he howls.
•Sounds like an order a wimp like
Jimmy Carter prob'ly issued,· 1 jeers.
... "He was always bleating about human
·Actually. It was Jerry Ford,· he
tells me. •You wouldn't call him a
wimp, would you? I heard. he played
football at U-M withoUt a helmet.
Carter strengthened it, and Reagan
extended it.
·isn't It about time you jingoists .
realized that our policy of overthrowing
governments we don't like has
been a colossal failure,· he asks.
'We've put people in power who're
worse than the on~ we've thrown out,
and we've got enemie5 all over the
world as a result. Especially in Latin
America.· .
"Hold it right there, junior!· I barks.
"You make unpatriotie charges like
that , you better have facts to back
'emupt• ·
•Let's start with Iran; he says
calmly. •1n the early 1950s, the Iranian
people elected a prime minister
named Mossadegh, OK? One of his
campaign promises was he'd get the
Soviets out of Northern Iran, which he
did when he got into office.
•But then; he goes on, "Mossadegh
nationalized Iran's oil, which
meant companies like Exxon and
. Mobil stood to lose big profits. So tfW
CIA decided he was Communist and
engineered a coup tf:tat overthrew him
and put the Shah back on the throne.·
"You'll hafta admit, Waldo,· 1 says
u~ctuously, ihe Shah was a good
fnend of the U.S., right? One of the
staunchest anti-Communists inthe
free world, too.·
•Yeah, and a brutal tyrant while he
was at it,· he says grimly. •So the
Iranian people threw him out, and we
got_the Ayatollah in-his place! Can you
believe the CIA used to point to
overthrowing Mossadegh as one of
theirbiggest successes, Lash?"
-OK, that's one example,· 1 says
testily. "Got any morer
·rve got a ton of 'em; he answers.
•Tue year after I ran, the CIA
did the same thing in Guatemala•
•Guatemala ain'tno oil-producing
country; I says sharply. •yolJ aren't
gonna blame the oil cartel for whatever
it is you claim the CIA done in
Guatemala, areyour
·~ ·oh, it wasn't oil in Guatemala,•
he says. •it was the banana plantations
the Chiquita banana folks own
down there. In 1950, the president of
Guatemala set out to buy up their
landholdings, OK? He was going to
pay for them with 25-yeer, Interestbearing
bonds and distribute the land
to the peasants.·
"That's the policy we're pushing in
El Salvador; I says. •Peasants who
own land don't buy Communism:
•Right,· he says. •But United Fruit
- they'rp the people who own Chiquita
bananas-had undervalued their
properties to keep their taxes down.
So when they were told they were
going to get paid what they's always
said their land was worth, they
branded the president of Guatemala a
commie, Lash!
"The CIA got the message, moved
In and overthrew him, put in a series
of generals whose human rights
records were so bad Carter cut off aid
to Guatemala Reagan restored it, of
•tn the real world, sonny,• I says,
ihere's times you gotta play hardball
If you're gonna keep the Ruskies in
their place.·
"That's how Nixon justified overthrowing
the government of President
Allende of Chile, wasn't it'r he sneers.
•Nixon didn't like All~nde's socialist
policies, so he called him a Communist,
blocked international loans Chile
desperately needed, and told the CIA:
'Make their economy scream.'
. "The CIA got that message, too,
didn't they? They sabotaged Chile's
economy and staged a coup in which
Allende was murdered. The country's
been ruled ever since by a ruthless
general, Lash!
•There's a lot more examples I
could tell you if I had time; he says.
•uke the CIA's bungled attempts to
assassinate Castro after the Bay of
Pigs fiasco, mining Nicaragua's
harbors, their part In the murder of
Patric Lum umba In the Congo, the
overthrow of President Jagan in
Guyana, propping up repressive
regimes all over Central America.·
•That explains why them rebels·
down there in Panama said We don't
want our actions tainted by American
help,' when they turned down our off er
of military assistance during the coup,
don't it'r I says thoughtfully. .
•1t looks like Bush done the right
thing when he decided military interventions
do more harm than good,
E. L.: Home to most, but it never meant nuthini to me
························· lllli!l!llll!l!illli•11l~lll"llllllll!!ll!!l!llllllll ·································
Bonjour, enco,., .uClcetw-01-
raw-.gg•! Dnpit• your pie• and
thrHts, tM Provoc I• back In tM
uddle{dlapM?} for anot,,.,W.of
tel/Ing It Ilk• It •hould IN~ In
othM word•, the way I want It to I»!
If you',. OIN of thON 9llDlcMS that
l»llw• In good,.,., INd no
turtl'#lr. If you'r• lik• everyone I
know, buckle up,..:caus. l'#lr• we
go .••
Great game last Saturday, eh?
George •He's not heavy, he's my
brudder, brudder- Perles once again
wore a different jacket and once again
forsook the successful air game for
the anemic running game.
. At least this time he showed a
sense of humor, having Tico Duckett
fake that horrible dive in the middle of
the pile that cost them the Miami
That little jaunt around the end
was just what the Provoc ordered.
Tlco, you're alright. .
Just get areal name, OK fellah?
Wasn't It nice to have the
stormtroopers roaming the streets of
East Lansing last weekend? What
was the deal with all the club work on
Spartan Street; are these guys
somehow sexually repressed or what!
Police should resist the desire to ·
use phalic force neXt year.
Assuming there's anything left of
East Lansing. I mean, hell~we .could ·
either be a pile of ash or a state
trooper parking/commuter lot by 1990.
Speaking of pimples - as In
pimples-on-the-ass - let's hope East
Lansing's leadership decides not to
prosecute all those scofflaws who
threw parties last weekend in lieu of
the Cedar Village quarrantine.
Can you imagine all those little
Provocateurs/ef!terpreneurs in jail!
There ain't enough spray paint for
everyone . .
Hey, let's hear it for.the alumni
who made their way to MSU for
homecoming! ·
Sadly enough, we're going to look
like those burned-out stiff~ someday;
all haggard and ·happy to return to the
site of our toll and· turmoil.
At least It got them off the couch
fora spell.
State Rep. Neleon Saun.dera (DDet.)
was caught last week driving
drunk. ·
State Rep. Dennis "100 for the
road" Dutko (0-Warren) recently
resigned because he couldn't serve
his constituents for the cell he rented
from an anti-drunk driving judge.
State Sen. Basil Brown (DHigh
land Park) resigned after he was
nailed selling coke to a stool-pidgeon
prostitute. ·
State Sen. John Kelly (D-Det.)
was nailed a couple years ago for
trying to outrun a state trooper - later
claiming the sparsely-marked car
looked like It was stalking him.
No wonder these guys don't know
nuthln' about our tuition or other
problems-they're too busy with their
·Shit, let's find these guys something
to do other than make little ones
out of big ones.
BETIY: Get well soon. dammit.
. Otherwise. you're getting coal in
your stocking this December.
LEN TAI: It's great to have you back in
East Lansing. So when do I get to visit
you in Hawaii?!
SUNTANA SUN BED. excellent
condition. $2.000. Call Northwind Hair
Styles at: 336-8100. Ask for Donna.
campus pet supply headquarters.
Corner of MAC and Albert. 337-0841.
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applications for energetic
individuals willing to work hard with
and for fun people! Evening and
night positions. Serious applicants
hometown high school over the
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or call Student Admissions
Commtttee at 353-7857.
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bsgain, fdka. W. will accept dueifieda i"t many categories, i"tcbing: f*eonala, WM'9ds, lost .,.d
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142 Gunaon, no latw lh.,. 5 p.m. WediNday to appear i"t the fdlowing week'• ecition. Ada should be
legibly printed on lned-plper, prer.ably a 3-by-5 i"tdac card. Ada ahculd be reuonlble in length and the
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East Lansing
Classic Alms
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Tues.-Thurs. 9 p.m. $7; Fri. and Sat.
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appearing: Rickie Beechum & Eric
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MSU Fairchild Theater-New
Nov. 1-4: Load0d Down with
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Nov. 27: B-52's
Nov. 12: Michael Hedges. 8 p.m.
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Oct. 25: Rock Aid In Lansing
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101 E. Grand River Ave.
Home of the SHARK BOWL!
1• n
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Nov. 10-12, 17-18: Noises Off.
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Ann Arbor
Iba Apartment
Oct. 26: Lunar Octet ·
Oct. 27: George Bedard and the
Oct. 28-29: The Whiptones
The Ark
Oct. 26: Roy Book Binder
Oct. 27: Laketown Busters
Oct. 28: James Keelaghan ·
Oct. 31 : The Oyster Band ·
Bird of Paradise
Oct. 27-28: The Cat's Meow,
featuring Gail Baker; Suzanne
Lane ·
Oct. 29: David Swain and George
Bedard, brunch; Andy Dahlke
Oct. 30: Big Band Night, with Bird
of Paradise Orchestra
Oct. 31 : Bili Heid
Blind Pig
Oct. 25: Idyll Roomers
Oct. 26: Iodine Raincoats
Oct. 27-28: Frank Allison and the
OddSox _
Oct. 30: Bad Oskar
Oct. 31 : King £?avid
Club Htidllbtrg
.Oct. 25: Mot Triffid with Bleed
. or write us:
142 GunS(>n St.
East Lansing, MI
Oct. 26: Juice with Mt Planet
Oct. 27: The Opossums with
Jugglers and Thieves
Oct. 28: Shock Therapy
P1Qer'1 Lpunge
Oct. 25-26: The Sun Messengers
Oct. 27: The Jim King Group, with
Koke McKesson
Oct. 28: Eltherl0rche5tra
Oct. 25: Preservation Halll Jazz
Band, $16 (313) 763-TKTS •
Oct. 29: Youssou. N'Dour, $16.50
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Oct. 27-28: Jeanne and the
Oct. 30: bop (harvey)
Oct. 31 : The Difference
SJ. Andrew'• Hall
Oct. 27: Front Line Assembly
Oct. 31 Clutch Cargo's Annual
Halloween Bash with Tanjent
Image, Deathmen
Nov. 3: Alien Sex Fiend
Nov. 5: SoundGarden
Nov. 11 : 7 Seconds
Nov. 16 The Pixies
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. '
1 o. Reporter-Intelligencer 0 25 October, 1989
Sound(Rock)Garden blooms -
SoundGllrden, Loudsrthsn Love,
(A&M, 1989)
Take equal parts Led Zeppelin
and 70s Saibblllh bombast, crossed
with 80s influences like the Descendenta
and whaddaya get? A helluva
group, that's what.
Though they've gone from underground
gods to media darlings
(MTV-Poatmodefn, Headbangers
Bal, Rolling Stone, SPIN, A&M's
developing .-tists MriH etc.) in
just a little less than two years,
SoundGarden live up to the hype.
While vocalist Chris Cornelrs ·
voice is more than a little reminiscent
of Robert Plant's, and Kim
Thaylrs guitar leads sound almost
familiar, their combination along with
rhythmists Hiro Yamamoto (bass),
and Matt.Cameron(drums) prove
to be more potent than anything in
recent memory.
At. first glance, the titles to their
songs seem almost too corny
(•Gun,· -Get on the Snake,· ·Power
Trip• et al.) to be t~en seriously,.
but the first~ makes quick work
of that and any other predispostions
the audience might have. •ugly
Truth• (the first track) finds Cornell
wailing: •(the) Truth don1 look too
good on you , the Truth don1 look
too good 0n you .. : with more
intensity (reed also: believability)
than King Dumb Cum could ever
hope for. "Big Dumb Sex; on the
other hand, Is destined to become
an un-radioed party song (like Black
Rag's 'Wasted•) with it's repeated
chorus of :"I - know what to do -
I'm gonna fuck fuck fuck fuck you -
fuck you .. :.
Ifs hard to believe that all it takes
is a few off-hand references to such
a great band to bring them to the
public's attention (good ol' boy W.
Axl RoM helped publicize these
guys and get them signed to A&M.).
After last year's Uhra-Mega O.K.
(on SST records) I figured them to
be relegated to the ranks of Indies
for most of their career (like Dag
Nasty, Husker Du, Misfits and
millions of other bands) but thankfully,
they won't have to suffer the
agony of waiting and waiting to be
So get it, hear it, live it, experience
it , blast It, love it, just don't ignore it
- like you might any other independent
release. Oh, yeah, maybe
you oughta check out their work on
SST, and 4AD records too - and
dig that Seattle Psychadellia
Also features 1n69nse and
body ollls.
10% Student Discount
Woo., Oct.18,:1989 .
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8-8 Mon-Fri 8-4 Sat
25 October, 1989 . Reporter - Intelligencer • 11
From YES, p. 3
Truerwords have never been
might as well have us play, because spoken. At least not by a member of
we'd dniw people In, and drinking 1 Just Say No. (!)" lk ,waJ wJIJi:
people, too.""
lP Il@lIB IB fiJ.I\ f2 @l
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For just a few
hours a week
the experience
Become auRI
ad exec!
Call 351-
4899 for details.
Just Say No
For_ Reservations
Call The
(located corner of ·
Grove and Linden
near Dooleys)
I $3.00 OFF I
I Your Next Hot Tub Rental I
: (With Coupon) :
I Exp.Nov. 15,1989 I
I (Limit 1 discount per visit) I L ___________ _J
Also Wed. Special
'fwo lPeople $15/hr.
Re ular Price $20
0< -·
gz -t
:E: .
(The folowing is an exeqi from 118
r.paming novel, Go Clll lbt by 8ollnd
Htll, a basicaly fictiona#zed aa:omt of a
week on 118 roa:J will Emt Lmsing rode
, can remen1>er riding in the van
once wi1h Just Say No on their way to God
knOws where, Tom was 'going ruls
1tTowlng ~out the window and Steve
wm at coked 14> and ready to klH somebody
and Ken was Oivlng wi1h one hand
ll'ld yelling at everyboctf to stlJt 1he fud<
14> and Mke was asleep and Randy was
so dn.nk with ttis big ol' srrile on tis Jl.ISS
singing a litde song to himself and I was
sitting there thiridng I gQt to go to the
bathroom and I know they won't stop even
If I ask and they P'~ wolAdn't rrind If I
pssed right il the cab or they just wolAdn't
notice rut I got off all right and just kept
slamrrin' down as rnaiy beers as I could
(on account of I had paid for them all and
they were going fast) and wlshilg they
had a joint for me so I cotJd feel real
paranoid that they were driving 90 .MLES
Then I remenmed about1he
Governor tied 14> in 1he bade of the van
and I had to laJgh. What a blntt of aazf
Can you remember
your 1st day of
college? They can.
It's a day they will
never forget!
Come see this
shot on campus
::I" ___. l:P
TAD NYLAND. 2. r-- :J corn
oct. 27 - 9: 15 p.rri.
wilson hall aud.
oct 28 - 9: 15 p.m.:.----.1
con rad hall aud. ~ ~ ~
~ R 0 n,
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Timbuk 3 defies classification by BILL FRISCHLING
uR-1 M.lalc Conupondent
Most of today's bands fall within a
set standard of musical styles established
by their listeners. For Instance,
a band like Iron Malden would be
called Heavy Metal, or Depeche Mode
would fall under New Wave.
Ws not that easy with Tlmbuk 3.
Tlmbuk 3, otherwise known as
husband and wife team Pat and
Barbara K. MacDonald, have had their
music called everything from country
to hillbilly to funky dance music to just
plain old rock. The trouble with
actually calling Timbuk 3's music one
style Is a result of their unique mix of
, instruments. On the opening track of
Edge of Allegiance, .. National Holiday•,
a country and west em harmonica
is mixed with a funky bass and a
clever drum rhythm to aeate a very
creative and very different Americana
"I don't ever classify [our music],·
Barbara said in a phone Interview. "It's
just original music ... We're just songwriters
and musicians and rhythm is a
real Important element pn our
music] ... It's kind of all of those styles
and none of those at the same time.·
The background of the MacDonald's
may have something to do
with their unique music style. They
met iii 1978 in Madison, Wis. when
Barbara, a native of San Antonio,
Tex., was establishing a residence to
go to school. Pat, originally from
Green Bay, was playing a regional folk
circuit. Barbara formed, then left, her
own band to join up with The Essentials,
a rocked-up R&B band that Pat
had formed. The band dissolved in
1984, but Pat and Barbara stayed together.
After playing dates around Wis:..
consin, the two came up With the
ears, and It feels real natural. I enjoy
the songs that we sing and I feel they
communicate well with the audience
that comes to hear It. It's exciting.~
Along with being Innovative with
their music, Tlmbuk3 also developed
a new way of recording their music.
They created a way of recording
separate tracks individually on DA Ts
(Digital Audio Tapes) at their home
studio, which could later be mixed in a
conventional recording studio.
The reason?
"We wanted to work at home,
Instead of having to live in Los Angeles
or New York and be away from
our family,· Barbara said. "The actual
time spent In a large digital studio is
greatly reduced."
One common misconception
about a touring band is that It's all fun
and no work. The reality of a tour is
that free time is heavily burdened with
interviews, scheduled appearances,
L.:P=o=p=1=n=no=v=at==or=a::::;P:=at==a=n:::d:::B::a:::rba:::::;ra~K~. ~Mac~D~on;;;.;a~ld:-:----------:----:-"" and lots of practice, which can be both
fun and ted.ious at the same time.
concept of recording rhythm tracks Rice· talks about a man's pride being However, Barbara had a different view
from a drum machine to play back on tested because he has to live on the of what she enjoyed the most in her
a tape deck, eliminating the need for a streets. "National Holiday"discusses musical career.
percussionist. After a trial run of their issues of modem America; "So let's all "It was opening for Bob Dylan.·
·music in New York, the two moved to sing the national anthem/Free she said. "It was a lot of fun. There's
Austin, Tex., and Timbuk 3 was born. theHostages, pay the ransom·" been other things too, but I think that
. They played local clubs in Austin Barbara attributes their current was the one thing I thought of as beuntil
their break came along. They success to their belief in their music. ing really exciting.·
played a set on MTV's The Cutting "We've always felt really strong As for advice to would-be music
Edge, anew music show, which and positive about our music; she stars, Barbara offered these words:
helped land them a contract with IRS said. "It's kind of like a life-long "You better believe in yourselves and
records In 1985. Their hit single from endeavor. The results have never you better practice and be the best
their first album, "The Future's So been our goal. The music has always that you can be. And hang in there,
Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades,· earned been our goal. We're happy to just because if you do practice, if you do
them a 1986 Grammy nomination for continue writirig and recording and love the music and you do believe in
Best New Artist. performing these songs that we come yourself, just don't let anyone else
One thing many critics have up with. • stop you:
pointed out about Timbuk 3's music is One thing that Timbuk 3 enjoys Timbuk 3 will be performing live in
· their lyrics, which Pat writes. Edge of about their music is their live perfor- the MSU Union Ballroom on Oct. 31.
Allegiance, the third and most recent mances. -BRIAN MARSHALLandJEANalbum
of Timbuk 3, touches on some "It feels real comfortable to me,· ETTE HURT contribut«I to thi•
social issues of our time. "Dirty Dirty Barbara said. "I've been doing this 14 article
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Maclaine fool; Mr. T muttered.
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my neck. . Mr. T furrowed hi~ eyebrows, but
The Bunches staff poured cupful didn't interrupt.
after free cupful for the heavyset black "The astrology charts leftover from
man, who growled, "Thanks, fool!" 'Hair' are rotting and nobody prefers
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crystals! Who'd ever pick up some rename it 'New Age' and charge
delicious fox ... over a piece of quartzr higher for It!"
"My God, what brings you to "Don't talk to me sideways, boy, or
rundown East Lansing, Mr. Tr you got two knuckle sandwiches to ·
"T.S. Turner to you, chump! B. S . go!" .
School of Hard Knocks!. Mr. T flexed his tire tread biceps,
. Ralph · 1 swallowed. . while the Bunches patrons dove under
.. ... ......: ·... .. · ··. H .b t k. "Sorry Mr. Turner. Don't bother theirtables.
j .~. *'~ el U z I with the State News, anyway ... Oh, "It's simple, my friend. All those
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His oversized ammo belt, black ·1 don't understand t,his New Age Ties,' bu·t It's athnods seh t·iret -dyMe dc t · •
beret and designer camouflage gear J'ive, sucker. Why call it funny if them c-lownhs'uI its... h that 1 eyk a Naemwe s
gave him away. tt might have been his ' fools only want a quick buck? Why Apogp 1P· ' osTohp Y·r e p·gmeao ness f ort he
T-shirt, too, poking underneath his can't they be direct, like T.S. Turner? I ec km. gs1.· ey '
fatigues: NINJA SHMI NJA. .. ¥ 0 U "Look, let's say you're a podunk. Pu 1ng.
"Your A-T earn mission got canceled
two years ago!"
"Our mission's never over!" Mr.
rs meathOQk fists rattled his table,
knocked me to the floor, and shattered
· all the windows.
"I'll pay the bill, fool,· he snarled to
the pale manager, •so sit down till
your momma calls ya!" Where's this
Maclaine chick hang in' out?!
"She's a guest lecturer at Wharton
next year .. :
Mr. T whipped out his pager
marked "KICK ASS.• He barked, "A-
. Team, come in A-Team! Hannibal... It's
time for some Maclaine huntin'. We're
hangin' them Deadhead fools by their
zebratails ! Send the chopper to
SeeT,p. 2
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