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Scooble snack
Fetchln' Bones earns
· a biscuit... p. 10-11
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Experts: Black on Black crime a fact of life
uR-1 Correspondent
Students attending a recently
held forum in the McDonel Hall Kiva
may not have come away with a new
understanding of. the problems of
crime in the black community.
But the forum, sponsored by the
Black Cauct.ises of Holmes and
McDonel Hall last Thursday night,
exposed many people to differing
opinions - opinions they might not
have heard before.
The discussion was titled ·slack
on Black Crime: Are We Our Own
Worst Enemy?• A panel of six was
smoothly moderated by Shaul
Turner, who hosts a show on minorities
at WLNS-TV in Lansing.
The six personalities from the
Lansing area were Lansing District
Court Judge Jack Davis; MSU
criminal justice Professor Zolton
Ferency; Greg Kelly, State Department
of Corrections officer in Lansing;
Milton Austin, one of the driving
forces behind the Lansing 4-H ·
Program; Cleveland Henry, .who
wortu; with the Community Coalition
of Lansing and Ernestine McMullen,
the woman behind the Southland ·
Center for Drug Abuse in Lansing.
· Though the panel was brought
together to discuss black-on-black
crime, the discussion often turned
towards the plight of the black
community, and how to bring power
and unity ,to that society.
Judge Davis said there is
obviously a problem with black crime
when 20 percent of his jurisdiction is
black, but 60 to 65 percent of his
cases involve black defendants·.
Davis also said, ·sy and large,
the Statement we are our own worst
enemy is probably correct.•
Ferency said he feels that there
is more black crime than white
because a higher percentage of
blacks live in •high crime areas.•
He said high crime areas are
created when certain circumstances
- poverty, poor health care, bad
schools, lack of employment, and
poor famHy relations - combine in a
•stack crime goes with the
territory,· Ferency said.
Kelly said blacks do have a
problem with Crif'!le in our community.
He went on to blame the widespread
use and addiction to crack for
much of that crime. He said crack
pits people against each other, either
for money, for drugs, or while under
the influence of the drug.
Austin said people are products
of their environment, and that they
. must find themselves within that
He also stated that •Now, you
have an opportunity to think. Once
you're in the work wortd - you're
set in what you think, and it's almost
impossible to change.•
Austin said he thinks that the
.growth in black-on-black crime could
also be attributed to the fact that
black communities have changed.
He explained that in his youth, if
a man insulted a woman, not only
would the woman slap him, but
anybody who heard the remarks
would rush to her defense.
-rhere's a higher tolerance for
that today I• he staled.
Henry reinforced the argument
made by Ferency that crime Is
~re you -are.• Henry often spoke
See EXPERTS, p. 2 Experts discuss the problem d Black on Black crime at a recent forumln the
McDonel Kiva uR-1 photos/BRIAN KACH
2 • Re orter-lntelli encer 15 November, 1989
From EXPERTS, p. 1
of "the gates· between the Inner-city
ghettos and the middle class. He
mentioned that education and community
•networking• were two of the only
ways to survive and pass through the
Turner next posed this questions
to the panelists: •Do you feel today's
society is conducive to progress by
In response, Austin responded,
•Society is ready to deal with minorities.
Minorities are accepted by the
upper and middle class.•
However, he mentioned that this
acceptance Is due to the economic
values of those classes, not their
views on minorities.
Ferency disagreed, saying, "The
conditions blacks endure are suffered
because of life In a racist, even
supremacist society.•
He cited Northern Sri Lanka and
Northern Ireland as other examples of
supremacist societies where similar
conditions are tolerated.
Turner then posed the question:
'Whose fault is all this crime? Is It ours
(the black community's)? Why?"
Judge Davis said there are more
blacks in jail because there are more
things that were against the law for
black people.
•For instance, H a white boy drives
without a license In Lansing, he only
gets a warning. When there's a black
driving that car with no license, he
goes to jail.
'When whites take mopeds and
couches and bum them, the police
department. says, 'Boys will be boys,' "
Davis said. "'But when a few blacks
fight over a girl, they call it a riot.•
Ferency said the United States
was divided into two societies: The
affluent society, which is essentially
white, and the poverty stricken -
society, which is composed largely of
~ laws are designed for the
large affluent group,· Ferency said,
•but they feel the impoverished don't
belong. So why are the minorities
judged by the whites' rules?"
McMullen said every time the
black community is poised to •nse", a
new obstacle arises, and that these
obstacles and those who cause them
are to blame.
Questions posed by the audience
rarely dealt with the problem of black·
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on black crime, but with the problems
with black society as a whole.
One of the larger points dealt with
the lack of Investment by blacks into
their own community.
Judge Davis explained, •tt•s not
that we don't have the money, we just
don't think about how we use it.•
The group, as a whole, observed
that blacks seem to invest most of
their money in goods produced by the
white society that suppresses them.
Drugs and gold chains were mentioned
often as examples of this
Henry said many are too weak to
get threugh "the gates· and to success,
and that they just become more
obstacles. ,
•Hurt for them, but don't get
caught up in others' problems so
much that you impede your own
progress,• Henry said.
Ferency cited the breakdown of
social controls as a reason for the
black community's •decline" since the
late-1960's. He noted that controls
such as the family, church; and
schools have had smaller influences
Students listen to the panel " experts. uR-1 photo/BRIAN KACH
on the behavior of black communities. oul"Selves, • he said.
•Now we substitute the law for It can happen for you - you can
sophomore, left the Klva with a new
feeling about the issues discussed.
these lost social controls,· he ex- do it. If anybody tries to slow you
plained. down, he is your enemy,• Henry said.
When asked what was the one
thought he left the discussion with, he
responded, ·education. Everyone has
to be educated about everyone else.
Until we have that understanding
about each other, It's going to be
tough." .
McMullen posed this bit of advice Kelly stre~d the Importance of
for the 50 students on hand. three qualities: Self pride, the ability to
~ worst thing .we can do to communicate, and the ability to
ourselves Is do nothing," McMullen network within the community.
said. "When you let your spirit die, you , Ferency explained his position,
might as well be dead yourseH. • saying, 'White society must change.
Austin agreed, saying, •Above all, They are coming to the realization that
you have to believe that you can do they can't warehouse minC?ritY's
Henry offered a closing statement.
.-When I look around me tonight,·
he said, •1 reaHze that all of you are
whatever you have to do to succeed.· problems anymore.• the solutions.•
-We are now in a stage where we One audience member, Lamar
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Page Three
The Second Front Pa e
A Bear of a summer
uR-1 Correspondent
For most college students, the
term "summer job• brings thoughts of
offices, fast-food restaurants, malls
and the occassional amusement park
or summer camp.
But Nancy Hawtof's summer jobs
have had her seeing stars - the
Hollywc)od variety.
Hawtof, an English writing senior,
spent the last two summers working in
the pu~licity departments of two major
movie studios. In 1988, she worked as
an intern at United Artists, and in 1989
she moved to Tri-Star.
At UA, Hawtof worked on several
movies at once, while her major
responsibilities were with the film The
Bear, which opened nationwide on
It may seem like quite a stretch for
a student f ro.m Michigan to find a job
with a studio in California, but Hawtof
said it wasn't that difficult.
"I wanted to write scripts, So I
called story departments In various
entertainment corporations and asked
if they had internships,· Hawtof
explained. •Basically, I called up and
they took me. I had to call a few times,
but it wasn't difficult. You just have to
be a little bit aggressive.•
Hawtof's persistence and aggressiveness
paid off, and she got an
internship UA: Unfortunately, she
reached California to begin her 11-
week internship just as the Writer's
Guild went on strike. Luckily for
Hawtof, the company found her a
place in the publicity department.
She went to work managing the
break department, which she assures
us has nothing to do with coffee cups
and ashtrays. Rather, it was her job to
gather any information In newspapers,
magazines, etc .. that involved a UA
production or any associated personalities
such as actors or directors. She
made sure everyone knew what was
going on with all aspects of the
movies . .
While at UA, Hawtoff worked on
films such as Rainmah, ChHd's Play,
Pumpkinhead, Roadhouse and
Betrayed ..
One of the perks of her job:
attending the Betrayed premiere, also
attended by stars like Howard Hessman,
.Judd Nelson and Raquel Welch.
Altho!JQh she enjoyed her job at .
UA, Hawtof decided to make a change
this year.
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Nancy Hawtof bears.am
"I didn't want to go back to United
Artists because I wanted to try a
different company, meet more people .
and make more connections; she
Hawtof contacted a woman at TriStar
who she had met previously. The
woman needed an assistant, and
Hawtof fit the bill.
Altho!JQh her job lasted only five
weeks, it was more concentrated than
the work Hawtof had done at UA. Her
work centered almost exclusively on
The Bear.
The Bear is a French film that
chronicles the relationship between an
orphaned bear cub and a wounded
male Kodiak. There is almost no
dialogue - the movie focuses on the
bear's-eye view of the world. It
smashed records in Europe, where it
was released earlier, and is now .-·----1-1,--:-, I Get . · . ·I
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523 E. Grand River Ave.
uR-1 photo/STEPHANIE MILmo
taking the United States by storm,
· earning rave reviews.
Because of. the film's success in
Europe, Hawtof's position was very
"The woman that I worked under
was in charge of publicizing the movie
now that it was coming to Ameriea, •
Hawtof said.
'. Her responsibilities included
setting up scr.senings of the movie for
critics; contacting magazines, radio
· and television stations; choosing stills,
slides and other art for magazines and
assembling press kits and trailers
which.are seen as previews at movie
theatres nationwide.
The movie has such a wide
audience. appeal that Hawtof found
herself contacting magazines ranging
from Family Circle to Sports Illustrated
to GO . .
"The movie is geared toward anny
group of peopl~. • HaWJof said. "It's not
a children's film or an adult film - it's
for everyone.·
Although the movie does focus on
animals, Hawtof said it is no! a typical
animal movie.
"It's not a Disney film, it's not a
documentary. It's an adventure, it's a
love story, it's a comedy, it's a thriller.
~·s magnificient. •
· Hawtof said there was no part of
her job that she didn't like. She
especially enjoyed hearing positive
feedback from P&ople who had seen
the movie. After putting in all that hard
work, Hawtof found positive reviews
inre really rewarding.
She said she also learned something
about herself from these jobs.
·1 think I'm not capable right now
of writing a script. I hope to someday,
but for now, publicity Is the perfect
setting for .me to make contacts and
learn something. about the business.·
Verdict on judicial elections: Contemptuous
Last week's contest to ·fill the
newly-created 54-B District Judge
seat did more than place David
Jordon in a position he has sought for
years; It confirmed ~mething that we
have .asserted for years - judges
should not be elected.
The 54-B race between Mr.
Jordon and barrister James Heos was
a textbook example of why our judges
should be appointed by the governor
and approved by the state Senate,
rather than subject to election-time
whims of the st>metimes fickle and
oftentimes short-sighted voting public.
That is not to say that we do not
have confidence in the democratic
process; rather, we vehemently assert
that voting for public officials is the
most precious and crucial element of
the American system and a cornerstone
of our society - one we would
never advocate forsaking or tampering
with. .
Yet, judicial contests are a ho"rse
(or in this case, horse's ass) of
another color.
Seldom Is there much of a mean.:
ingful track record to distinguish
candidates. Judging future judges on
a few prior cases is short-sighted and
hardly indicative of overall future
performance. While endorsements are
an aid to voters, rarely do bar organi-:
zations deem a candidate unfit for
office. Their ratings are often favorable
to most candidates, and only
confirm that a total bum has not been
placed-on the ballot. In a nutshell, ·
lawyers look after their own.
Moreover, and unfortunately in
this case, contestants try to stake out
unique ground through campaign
promises. We find it abhorrent that a
judge would make promises on issues
sure to come before him. In this
· country, and presumably in this town,
cases are judged on their particular
And while we see the rhyme and
reason behind expressing a hardline,
anti-crime stance, It is almost inconceivable
that a candidate for the
bench would run on a soft-on-crime
To assume the ridicul?us and use
it in making a point, a soft-on-crime
judicial candidate would surely find
himself with campaign bills, leftover
garish yard signs and a gavel-less
future on the Wednesday following the
first Tuesday of November.
Now to the specifics of this
campaign, for, unfortunately, it is not
necessary to use a hypothetical
argument to prove our case.
Obviously, ml.ich coin turned over
in this race, as Heos and Jordon signs
filled East Lansing lawns and fliers
littered our homes. While we do not
believe either of the candidates would
have proven themselves succeptible
to bribery, a judge who has assumed
his place behind the bench only after
great personal expense may find a
~~m~M~c®0 ~
t::J:!:I:~~~~ ~d
bribe an attractive offer. Also, this
leaves the •poor" lawyer, or poor-client
lawyer (usually a public defender) at a
marked disadvantage when considering
or mounting a judicial campaign.
There was also a considerable
amount of mud-slinging and hired-gun
politics in this district judge race. At
the end, Heos was found desperately
seeking Lava soap and gallons of
water to get the mud off his hands
while Jordon's associate Mark
Grebner made a campaign-eve push
to quell talk that Mr. Jordon's $400+
payment to him for consulting services
effected the political consultant's '
endorsement in his latest guide to the
Shame on you Mr. Heos, and
we're not buying Mr. Grebner.
You surely did not perform with
the dignity we would expect of one
seeking the title of -Your Honor• Mr.
Heos, and Mr. Grebner, you should
have refused what you call a nominal
fee or skipped an endorsement in that
particular race. At least you could ·
have been up front in your candidates
guide, which many of us see as an
excellent resource and honestly
reliable aid at election time.
Again, we must reprimand Mr.
Heos. It has come to our attention that
in your door-to-door canvassing, you
brought Judge Houk with you to talk to
potential supporters. The pandora's
box this opens frighte!1S us - no, it
terrifies us.
Such alliances put judges in a
position where their rulings could be
questioned should a lower-court ruling
by an allied judge come before them
for review. While this might not
happen with the judge~ in their current
positions, an ambitious judge could
later find himself In a new, higher
position owing a favor to a judge
directly beneath him. Let's face It,
. judges are not the grandfatherly men
we see on television; they hate to be
reversed as much as the rest of us.
There are many other questions
and issues we could discuss, but we
feel these are reasons enough to put
the power of selecting judges in the
hands of a higher and more scrutinizing
authority, subject to the review of a
body of other elected officials. Perhaps
judicial appointments made by
the governor would make our state
Senate V«>rk a little harder In reviewing
appointments. In a recent example,
Commerce Director Larry L.
Meyer's appointment was met with
hardly a pertinent question or thorough
examination by our senators.
But that's another story altogether.
In this case, we believe a change
is in order. We have no further witnesses
and no more arguments to
make on the matter.
Court adjourned.
uR-1 artwork/ERIK GOODELL
... .. ..... ·:: : : .:::... .. · .: :the university Reporter~lnte_ll ige.nce..r·:"-_::_:: ::::··.:::: ::-·:- ·• ::::-:-:: ::.:· .·· ...
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. .. . ., ............. .
15 November, 1989 Reporter-Intelligencer • 5
Provoc's long-lost relative
shows up for a jawin'
Why the Provoc be the only one
blowing off anonymous steam in your
Why can't the university's fabulous
ground crew wait for a decent
hour before picking up leaves, sawing
defenseless trees, or mowing lawns
right outside our windows? (Especially
on Friday mornings when our headaches
could kill a lesser being). If
we're paying an outrageous amount to
attend classes, being clubbed by overzealous
goon •John Laws· and getting
suckered on parking tickets and MIP
by DPS (which can't even find somebody
to answer their phone most of
the time), don't we deserve a good
night's sleep?
Why can't inbred fools on bikes
stay off the street at night white they're
wearing dark clothing? The sidewalks
are there for.a reason, pal; why don't
you try 'em sometime? You might like
'em? .
Why can't lame asses who take it
upon themselves ro graffltize various
rest room walls make up something
original? I'm getting sick of of the
Lesbians are Cool/Lesbians are
Satanic arguments, the •1adies please
remain seated for entire performance·
type stuff.
Why can't the Insidious over-40
crowd leave us innocent, naivecollege
girls alone at local watering
holes and f Ind someone their own age
to play with? Or at least find a good
brand of breath mint...
Why can't The State News coma
up with some decent headlines for
their profound articles? The best was:
"Camien in English; still tragic.•
Well, thanks for this little op. Oh,
yeah, one more thing. Does WDBM
have any tune by Siouxsie and the
Banshees besides "Cities in Dust?•
Just asking ...
Your Friend, _
MaryJane Sunshine
Privatize MSU !
reader viewpoint
As an employee of MSU from
1955 t~ 1957 and a student on and off
from 1958 to 1984 I have observed
the discombulation of ·a once· viable
university into an institution of 5,215
contiguous acres impose a load upon
the State of Michigan and United
States of America that is untenable to
those two debt-ridden entities.
It's time to privatize public universities
100 percent. And since I know
more about MSU than any other entity
of higher education - including
Oregon, where I received my B.S.,
and UCLA where I received my M.S.
- and its staggering assets (i.e., the
Ingham County Land above mentioned)
and Its staggering deficiencies
(i.e., attempting to support three
medical schools with their built-in high
costs - vet, human medicine, osteopathic).
How to do it?
Make the legal owners of MSU,
the duly-elected Board of Trustees, an
offer they cannot refuse:
First, MSU stripped to its core is a
non-prof it, Mchigan corporation albeit
its shares must belong to the State of
Michigan. (In 1973 I was an officerdireetor-
shareholder of a for-profit
Michigan corporation that was jointly
sued by the University of Michigan;
Wayne State University and MSU in a
civil action instigated by the Attorney
General of the State of Mchi~n so I
have insight into the legal entities
lurking behind those -megauniversities.
Second, an offer they cannot
refuse? Yes.
A. I would advocate to the Board
of Trustees they leave the Federal
Land Grant status through voluntary
resignation (Kansas State University
did it with no harm done).
B. Offer the State of Mchigan a
total buyout of all invested improvement
monies (i.e., buildings, landscaping,
fixtures, furniture and land, etc.) at
the currently appraised value (yes, a
costly appraisal by at least one
certified appraiser is needed).
C. Based on that figure Issue the
state a bond for the aggregate amount
bearing the going interest rate for
hight grade bonds on the day of
closing. This isn't as unheard of as It
seems as the Univeislty of Pittsburgh
went from a non-profit, private Pennsylvania
corporation to a non-profit,
public Pennsylvania corporation In the
space of a day). So reversing the
trend, MSU ~uld be a Pitt In reverse.
Third, literally condominimize the
assets of the new, not-for-profit, noshare
corporation borrowing a page
from the book of the late William
Zeckendorf, a legendary New Yoi'X
real estate developer who pioneered
the separation of a single building into
three basic components.(l.e., the land,
the improvement or the building and
the air rights ... so synergistically
what was one value becomes three
separate legal entities). The basic
corporation, say Spartan University,
would retain the land momentarily
while it sold off the obvious money
makers, such as Olin Health Center,
the preschool, Kellogg Center's 191
rentable hotel rooms, the power
plants, the laundry, the food stores,
the auditorium, Fairchild Theatre and
Spartan Stadium, etc ... ).
A basic axiom of real estate is that
no one knows what a real property
(i.e., the Union) Is worth until it's sold.
But as a simplification of this, my alma
mater, Oreg0n, has a faculty qlub
(circa 1962) that rented upstairs
rooms to single and visiting faculty
and had a public parlor for the faculty
to congregate downstairs. I would tum
Cowles House Into an on.:campus
faculty club with lunches and dinners
for the faculty like UCLA's on-campus
faculty clut:> and buy the new Spartan
University president a house In a
walk-to-campus range in the family
neighborhoods surrounding MSU.
So zippo, the newly formed faculty
club for both non-tenure and tenured
faculty with the public rooms open to
. all of them free of charge with the
private upstairs rooms going for a
nominal $20 per night paying the
mortgage Spartan University would
. extend a~ the then going Interest rate
at the then appraised value of the
Fourth, the greatest Intrinsic asset
MSU has, In my opinion, Is the hydraheaded
Forest Akers; twin 18-hole
golf course of which one could be
reserved for nominal-fee usage for all
students, faculty, staff and retirees
general public of the new university
corpofe!,tion's sale-off to a non-profit
cooperative at say $1 a member. The
other 18 could become a private ·
country club corporation for progit and
sell memberships at say $1.5 million
apiece, on Installments, to those
wishing the best country club in the
wor1d complete with a wholly-owned
jetportlheliport/V•tol port to the adjoining
unimproved farm land . .
So we reach the nitty-gritty
bottom-line: How much are the bonds
issued to the State of Michigan? A
ballpark guestimate would be $1 to
$2.5 billion. (I stress that literally no
one knows what real estate is worth
until it's sold). And how much would
Spartan University (only a suggested
name) yield from its triple sell-off of
land, improvement and air rights at the
optimum realistic price in hopefully a
high-wind economy, (another strictly
personal guestimate), between $3
billion (i.e. $100,000 an acre for the
land or about $500 million, $1 billion
or thereabouts for all the improve- •
ments, $3 billion from 2,000 country
club memberships at contract face
value to be accrued as income over
30 years without Interest) and $6
billion (a high-velocity reading on
Kellogg Center's 191 rentable rooms,
say, could bring $400,000 per room or
about $38 million from that one,
relatively minor asset alone) bringing
the newly-formed university a new
endowment of between $500 mfflion
and $2.5 billion yielding conservatively
$50 million upwards in revenue
bringing within reach a private university
education at the same priee
(about $44 per credit hour) as a public
education for all (state residents and
non-residents) and with no registration
fees, no credit loan minimums, etc._ .
!r ---------------------------------------, [}={] ~1( ~~ [Q)~ ~ . ! Bynowyoukoowour
I It's a neat-o reader response card! 1 letter policy (or can find
I out by calling our Gunson
So are we headed In the rig~t track? . · I Street offices), so we, the
1 Please let us kno~, send this card to our offices at 142 Gunson St. with ,any criticisms, com· : editors, feel compelted to
I ments or suggestions or other things you believe will enhance our ability to serve the MSU 1 warn you:
I community. Remember, this is your paper, too. · I WE WILL PRINT EVERY
I There will be no more for-
I our-eyes-only letters; we
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6 • Reporter-Intelligencer . 15 November, 1989
Swain helps us learn by his mistake
Thanks, Monty; you've
taught us a valuable lesson.
You see, Swain screwed the
His careless use of an
expression deem-ed objectionable
by most open-minded people put
several inches of Hush Puppy
down his throat, and while he isn't
the first to let a stupid remark get
him in trouble, he is the most
recent. And he surely won't.be the
But we get ahead of
The scenario: Swain, an
accounting 202 prof who is
wrapping up his televised Monday
class (which has an enrollment of
several hundred) tells the attentive
students he will not be dismissing
them eaFly because (and we
paraphrase) he doesn't want 'to
Jew them out of their. tuition
Immediately, Swain realized
he was chewing on a sizeable
piece of shoe leather, and before
someone could administer the
Heimlich, he changed his
statement to "Gyp," and aptly told
the class he said a stupid thing.
Without a doubt, a major
To keep to the original point,
however, I guess we can overlook
the fact that "Gyp" could be
construed as offensive to Gypsies
(and therefore no better than
"Jewing" or "Japping" students out
of a few precious moments of
accounting), and cut to the chase
- some people still feel that it is
OK to be insensitive or derogatory
towards certain ethnic, religious,
racial, or cultural groups.
And that stinks.
From published reports it
sounds as if Swain truly slipped
and meant no harm, falling back
on an expression learned in a less
enlightehed period of American
history. He has apologized, been
talked to, and, we assume, been
reprimanded. But that doesn't
erase the fact that others use such
terms without out a second
Far too often in our society,
even the most forward-thinking or
"liberal" people hide their
prejudices deep within them~elves
- only to inadvertently reveal their
true hang-ups at a time when they
feel secure or have allowed their
guard to slip.
It seems the synapses are
too fast to stop our true selves
from coming ou~ sometimes. And
while this is embarrassing and can
put us on the firing line Swain
found himself on, it is a time to
learn and grow. ,A time to deal with
something we need to eradicate
and eradicate without delay.
Facts being facts, everyone
is prejudiced in some way.
Ever laugh at an off-color
Ever imitate the stereotypic
way a black person talks?
Ever scream at a "lady
Guess what pal, you're
But there is hope. How we
deal with our prejudices is what
prevents everyone from being a
bigot or racist. That does not
mean, however, being more
cautious about slipping or shoving
the hate deeper.inside.
Dealing with prejudice is the
only known cure, and oftentimes
shows us how unreasonable or
stupid we are with our hang-ups
and snide remarks.
Ignoring or justifying
ourselves only worsens the
problem. And far too often, .people.
are willing to let us slide.
Monty Swain did screw the
But he did us all a favor and
reminded us that we are all prone
to expose our prejudices and that
the best solution to to face the
music and purge ourselves of
these evils.
And while we can't thank him
for this lesson, we can learn by his
mistake and thereby make the
world a little better.
erlin Wall not a terrible thing to waste
1 Not East Berlin. Not West The f?etroit Free Press. symbolic elimination of the wall is a
Where were you when they
breeched the wall?
It's a question many people
will be asking themselves 20 years
from now after last weekend's
startling developments in Berlin,
Berlin. reported this weekend_.that nine far step from a final peace
Just Berlin. out of 1 O East Germans using their between East and West. The wall
For thirty years the Berlin exit visas and entering the West may no longer serve any practical
wall has stood as a symbol of a city returned to the East. purpose, but American nukes
divided. A people and country It just goes to show, if you remain pointed at Moscow,
divided. love somebody, set them free. Prague, Budapest and Warsaw.
A world divided. But despite the significance, The same holds true for
But a whirlwind of events the excitement, the utter euphoria Russian arms aimed directly at
over the last two months has surrounding last weekend's Paris, London, Washington and
brought the wall crashing down events, the metamorphosed Amsterdam.
into a pile of rubble, a heap of political situation is not set in stone. The wall served its purpose.
stones signifying th~ ma~nitude of It may not last. It kept people from traveling freely
t~e c~anges. ~cc~rnng with It is, no doubt, a very to visit family and friends. That
dizzying rap1d1ty in Eastern unstable situation and one that purpose apparently has failed the
Europe. must be dealt with with the utmost desired end that the leaders who
Years ago, Soviet kingpin vision and caution. The possibility stood behind it intended.
Nikita Kr~schev justified the . of unification has been raised. This The only purpose for
construction of the ~all QY saymg would indelibly alter not only the · advanced thermonuclear weapons
"th.e b!.ood was running out of our geographic face of Europe but the is destruction, death, pain and
veins. . . world's economic and political fear.
It kept right on '.unning structure like nothing ever before. Who cares what the. experts
say. There can't be any sane
purpose behind them ..
anyway, Nick. Will NATO be scrubbed?
It's dramatically ironic that . What about the Warsaw Pact? It's
now "!e can look back and say that a concept most people never
opening the wall perhaps has done thought they would be considering
m~r~ to ~~ve Ea~t Germany than 20 years or even three weeks ago. ·
bu1ld1ng 1t 1n the first place. The bottom line is that the
Geek of the Week
Let's hope they await the
same fate as The Wall.
It's seen its last day. Knock _
on wood.
Sorry Ed McMahon, but we didn't win the mllllon clams llke you promised - apparently you're hoarding It for when your
wife gets that divorce settlement. And, for your avarice, you've eamed geek o' the week honors.
Yes, for years you've laughed at unfunny jokes, fondled future stars, and teased us with promises of wealth.
In short, you stink In a huge way, fatso.
Best of luck with the dog food commerlcals, chum. Guess you'll need the money worse than us afterall, what with the
alimony and support and lawyer fees and court ·costs and prostitution fees.
Oh, watch those Clydesdale pies!
15 November, 1989 · · . Re orter-ln 1 • •
· flalph
Caped crusader
enters Bush's fray
(We found tfJls unsert letter
among PresJdert Bush's personal
effects folowing his May Day '99
assassination by an aggrieved grandson
of Democratic Presidential loser
Mike Dukalds.
(The man •. all allegedly "homeless,
homosexual, needle-sharing, flagburning
invalid friend of Wilie Horton·
by Republican spokesmen, stabbed
Mr. Bush with a sJNOrdcane disguised
as an American flag. He currently
shares a room with notorious Presidential
stalker John Hinckley, Jr.
(We offer this letter In a public
service spirit, noting It was written. on
Sept. 5, 1989 ... the night Mr. Bush
unveiled his controversial drog plan to
Well, well, well. If
it isn't you again,
herringbone head.
That's OK, though; if
I failed to offend
sufficiently last -
Office of ·the President
While Hou•, 1600 Pennaylv•
nia Ave.
W•hlngton, D.C. 20006
Dear Caped Crusader,
Now that you're finished playing
yourself In that wonderful movie
starring Mr. Nicholson-the CIA says
that creep Keaton's been hitting on
teenagers on the Sunset Strip with
Rob Lowe, best keep him in line - it's
time you thought about public service.
You could help me with my two
biggest headaches: the drug war, and
the Contras.
This letter should ease your
shyness. Hell, you don't get letters
from the President every dayl And
relax, I could care less if Lloyd
Bentsen were under that mask.
let's level with each other, man to
bat. I'm rewriting my drug speech
tonight, polishing my maKeup, nagged
by one thought. My "drug war" is a
joke, just like Ronnie's, only I don't
even have Mr. T batting for me.
Colombian enforcement;s like
Ronnie's memory - nonexistent.
Coast Guard patrols won't get back
their funding cuts (unless the Commander
allows me access to his foxy
wife). Prisons are only car washes for
criminals; think how Catwoman, Joker,
Penguin and Riddler kept you so
overworked. Our educational system's
gone to hell because Ron and I like
lilly-white private schools too much to ·
care. That means a lot of Willie
Horton's produced, the same kind I
week, this week
promises to get your
cockles raised higher
than the state's new
sales tax-but that
failed, too, didn't it?
Speaking of that
horrible mistake the voters
made in rejecting the sales
tax increase proposals -
which would have
improved the K-12 syst~m
and a lot of the crappy
lunches I have to choke
down - the ·Provoc must
say he's had enough of
poor kindergarten
Hell, if I could just get
a decent nap and some
real clean school undies
I'd have a lot sweeter
disposition now, wouldn't
bashed Dukakis with last fall.
·ear prefixies drive you nuts, don't
they?) I could really use your expertise
In this area. Let's put dead-bolt
locks, bars and surveillance robots
complete with jars for families to p~
in (when they surrender their samples,
voluntarily, of course).
Since you helped Warden °
Creighton design the Gotham State
Pen's maximum-security section~ and
the Batcave, I think your expertise in
this area is necessary and appropriate.
I figure my home-into-prison
conver8ion wouldn't cost more than
the $50 million I'm giving each state to
build several hundred of them.
Fourth, and last - once we've
kicked Colombian ass, let's kick
. Cuban and Nicaraguan ass, too. Why
should the Commies get off the hook?
We can split up the Cuban baseball
Now, as your sidekick would say,
"Holy state of emergency, Mr. Bushl
Where do I come in?" l'H ~ke you an
offer you can't refuse, Caped Crusader.
You decide If I'm real or not.
Whether you cut Robin In or not, that's
strictly up to you. But I need a rabbit
out of a hat, or else my prospects in
1992 are screwed. And even Commissioner
Gordon in Gotham City wiU
probably wonder if you're up to snuff,
so we're on the same side, right?
· teams between us once we repossess
both countries. Wrth your international
connections, funneling money to our
Cof1!ra friends should prove a cinch.
Ronnie and I got into such trouble
over this, I don't want any slip-ups like
last time.
First, I want to declare martial law
for the entire United States. You can
appear.with me at my next anti-drug
speech to show your support. Nobody
would mistrust Batman, right? Then I
can scrap the Bill of Rights, and you
can help my Secret Servicemen stripsearch
those liberal weenies who give
me so many headaches! I'd like to see
Dukakis' nuts between your Batfingers.
Second, I'm choosing you and an
elite squad of anti-drug ninjas to lead
a Colombian invasion. We'll repossess
Colombia, kick those cigarchomping
narco-barons off their 111-
gotten estates and turn them into 'War
On Drugs" theme parks. As a concession,
I'll give you any third of Colombian
territory you want, and you can
turn President Barco's residence into
a Batcave model - for your next flick,
of course.
Third, let's convert every American
home into a jail cell, which can be
used any time Dear Hubby is arrested
and Bat-strip-searched. (All those
I? Right, froghead!
I went to one of those
rallies in Lansing· last
Saturday. Besides having
to miss the latter half of my
cartoon agenda, I got
drenched to my little stillforming
Some said the water
was God's tears.
I think he was just
pissed off.
That brings the ole
Provoc to a serious note
for a moment, folks .... you
Thought I was getting
soft for a while didn't you,
you squeebish crawdads.
If anybody on my team was
foolish enough to blab everything to
Sam Donaldson, your intimidation
skills would prove wonderful. After a
guy in a bat suit visits them, their lips
would be sealed, right?
You've handled the Joker, so you
can ha~le any psycho on my staff,
and that includes Lee Atwater. I'm
confident America's drug war would
rest well in Batman's hands.
· And you don't have to contribute
to my campaign in '92, or even sit next
to Dan Quayle. I only need the PR
p~h that your biographical movie ·
packs. The rest is up to you. By the
way, check into Mike Dukakis, would
you? That little wimp gave me the
most hideous stare when I addr9ssed
the Governor's Convention - like
Manson, on acid. We'll have him in a
labor camp soon, but break into his
house and see what you can find.
Do you think Superman's available
to deal with the Iranians? Just
kidding, Caped Crusader, we'll deal
with 'em in good time. In the meantime,
think carefully over my offer, and
God Bless.
Regards, George.
Fact is, the only soft
spot is between my cranial
plates. I just hate it when
people make those let-mesharpen-
my-pencil jokes.
Here's a special steamer
to all you purveyors of filth -
that's right - my loyal fans. To
answer all of your questions:
1. No, I don't find Sally
Perles attractive.
2. Yes, I am engaged. To
Keishia Knight-Pulliam (from
The Cosby Show, dork.)
3. Yes, she is better in
the playpen than Lisa Bonet.
4. To Mary Jane
Sunshine, my maiden-inwaiting.
Keep waiting. You
don't have what it takes to
change my diapers, babe.
LIFE IS a series of choices. decisions.
choices. and decisions. So leave me alone.
willya? - Wylie.
Life is a shit sandwich., 'and the more
bread you have the Jess you taste the shit.
SHFlL Y AND JENNY - I wasn't
hallucinating (although I can't remember
your real names). You do have twins on
this campus. Brian (alias Raj from
.. What's Happeningj and I look forward
.to another chance meeting on our wall
across from the Riv. Hata Luego.
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Nov. 18: Gone Dog, with the Need
(from Flint and featuring former
members of Dissonance.
BoarsHead Theater
Nov. 16 - Dec. 1 O; Lion In Winter,
Center For The Arts. 8 p.m. Call 484-
7805. .
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reading). 484-7805.
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Call 484-9191
Kreg Art Mueeum
Nov. 19: Pashami Dancers
perform traditional African dances. 3
p.m. Call 353-9834.
The Lansing Center
Nov. 17: A Taste of House
featuring Sybil. 9 p.m.$8 in advance.
The Landabark
Nov. 17 & 18: Souvenir.
Nov. 21: The Hold.
Nov. 24 & 25: Splnaker.
~!Ml !Ml c.\~ lj ~
Blind Pig
Nov. 15: The Jazz Butcher.
Nov. 16: Map of the Wortd.
Nov. 17 & 18: Tracy Lee and the
Reach an
market by
Nov. 21 : Young Fresh Fellows.
Nov. 22: Eek-a-Mouse.
Nov. 17: Sepulturaa
Dec. 12: Nuclear Assault
C.J. Barrymore'•
Nov. 15: The Tubes
Nov. 29: Mark Farner
Hill Auditorium • using an Nov. 17: Squeeze w/ Katrina & the
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Nov. 18: Ebony Fashion Show.
Nov. 19: Warren Miier Ski Film
Detroit Institute of Arts
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exxhibit continues until Nov. 19.
CALL 351-4885
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Nov. 17: The Judds.
Nov. 25: 10,000 Maniacs.
Nov. 26 & 30: B-52's.
Nov. 29: Jean Luc Ponty.
MSU Fairchild Theater
Nov. 15-18: Noises Off, by MSU
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Nov. 30: Just Kidding presents
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The Front, and Tflird Estate. 7:30 p.m.
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Nov. 27:. the B-52's. ·
Odeon Theatre
Nov. 15 & 16: The Second
Animation Celebration The Movie,
featuring Bill Plympton's newest film,
"25 Ways to Quit Smoking.•
Rick'• American Cafe
Nov. 15: Water 4 the Pool.
Nov. 16: Sea Cruisers.
Nov. 17: Trinidad Tripoli.
Nov. 18:The Hannibals.
Nov. 19: Jerry Sprague.
Nov. 20: Skor.
Riverwa• Theatre
Nov. 15-19: My Three Angels,
based on 1955 Humphrey Bo~rt
movie, 'We Are No Angels.• Call 483-
Nov. 15: Ann-b9e-Davis, with The
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Nov. 18: Les Grands Ballets
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Nov. 18: Ebony Reflections 1989,
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Stage. 8 p.m.
Nov. 20, 21 and 22: Cats Call
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Nov. 22: Red Hot Chili Peppers
M@lestic Theatre Center:
Nov. 16: Bo Dlddley
Royal Oak Music Theater
Nov. 18: Canadian jazz group
Yuzeb, and Larry Coryell.
Nov. 21: Billy Squier.
St. Andrew'• Hall
Nov. 15 & 16 The Pixies w/ The
Nov. 17: Buzzcocks w/ Grievance
Nov. 18: Lies, Cheaters, and
Nov. 21: King Diamond.
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'' f' •ft I 1
1 O • Reporter-Intelligencer 15 November, 1989
Soundgarden delivers the· goods
. DETROIT -At most rock shows, you get
shoved around a lot, sweat buckets, see some
silly hairdos, and - If you're lucky - rock out
At most rock shows you don't get all these
things plus the frenzied spectacle of half-naked
band members throwing their bodies around
and simulating male fornication with a roadie.
But then, most shows aren't Soundg•den,
folks. ·
Sunday night's show at St. Andrew'• Hal
proved to be much more than great rock. The
al-ages show filled the house, encouraging
some really creative stage-diving. I've been In
some swell hLman meat grlrlders before, but
this was really exceptional. None of that stupid
sissy feet-first stuff, but plenty of jack-knives,
back-flips and a few Nestea plunge-style dives.
Ann Arbor's Big Chief opened, putting on a
hard~cklng although sadly short 20-minute
set. Lead vocalist Barry Hensler, truly largerthan-
llfe, loomed above the audience like
Meatloaf, Mama ea.. and J•i• JopHn all
rolled into one lovin' load. What more oould
anyone possibly ask for?
Soundgarden hit the stage with "Ugly
Truth,• from their new album Loudsr Than
Love. Lead vocalist Chris Cornell added
rhythm guitar on stage to many of the tracks
from the new album, Including "Gun• and "Get
On The Snake.•
Midway through their set, Cornell launched
Into a macho and rather self-indulgent rock
medley of •American Woman/Corrie Together.·
At this point, the stewing audience slowed
down considerably.
Sorry guys, guess the covers Just don't cut
G©C)IlER! .. . .. .
•~~ ~i~lf~ ;g_;;,r••·· •.
:201 :: : }: ....... ....... •···.. ..
:~:J:>.:/X~il9r:~~~·~ ....... .
Also features Incense and
body oills._
For Reservations
Call The
(located corner of
Grove and Linden
near Dooleys) ~~/:
Nov .17& 18 .... Souvenir ' /
Nov .21.. .. The Hold
Nov .24&25 .... Spinaker
Sunday Special
Stallion burger w/fries (half lb.
ground beef w/bacon,swi~. cheddar,
onion, lettuce, and tomato)
draft and shot 'o' schnapps
ONLY $2.99
('til 10 p.m.)
Shot 'n' beer $1.50 all night
r.--~--------, .f:?i
l $3.00 OFF l '--{;.~
.1 . . I );<:1
'I Your Next Hot Tub Rental I .le«· ii -. -· I tl~Y,
(With Coupon)
· ~~,-/-
1 Exp.Nov. 15,1989 I )/
IL (_Li_mi_t 1_ d_isc_ou_nt_ pe_r v isit) I _.:_~_J
Also . Wed. Special
Two People . $15/hr.
Re ular Price $20
Rising stars .
· sighted at EL
Sones gig
Last Tuesday the crowd at
Rick'• Amertc.n Cafe was ·
treated to a fine performance
by a band that could be next on
the road to superstar status.
Although· this· road Is surely
long and certai"IY rocky,
Capitol Reex>rd recording
' artists Fetchln' Bones have
already begun their trek.
The Bones' one hour and
fifteen minute performance was
well 'M>rth the $4 cover, as was
proved by the well-receiving
listeners. The band's up-beat
music had many dancing
through the entire set.
Althought their individual
musicianship was nothing extraordinary,
Fetchin' Bones
worked wen together. The
. music Is nothing really new.
However, the selection of
several ~ifferent pop-music
styles was rather unique. One .
moment they played songs
with fast, thrash-like speed.
The next, they would fly into
more radio-worthy tunes.-The
band's North Carolinian roots.
See BONES, p. 11
11 • Reporter-Intelligencer 1 s November 1989
A quick look at the
E.L. ci•n ema scene
for Madge's sake
uR·I Cinema Critic · ·
··Arghh. There's Second Sight
with the guy fror:n Night court. John
Larroquete and the foreign guy from
Perfect Strangers; I say hesitantly.
. ·aa1ky1• she cries. •Let's go.•
So there I am, with my girlfriend •Awe Madge, that's gonna be out
Madge, watching a littlf:t television. I'm on video In a month. Let's see what
trying to make the moves. The situ- . else there is.•
ation looks good and I heaci for first. So I pick up the touch tone and
Madge pushes my puckered face get on the horn to Meridian West
away. I lunge toward her again. She's theatres. I fall to mention An Innocent -
too strong for me. I'm pushed away Man with Tom Selleck playing the part
again. of a jail bird. Madge is a firm believer
•Awe shucks Madge, what's the that he was cheated out of an Oscar
problem?• for his performance in Magnum P.I..
·~ wanna go to a movie.• she The Fabulous Ba.Jeer Boys is
squeals. supposed to be really good,• I say
After one last desparation lunge, enthusiastically.
I'm calling theatres. First, I call the •isn't the1'8 any thing with Patrick
Meridian 6 theatres. Swayze?• she bellows.
"Okay Madge, here's the deal. "Geez, Madge, there is but he
We've al1'8ady seen When Harry Met plays a hillbilly.•
Sally ... and Parenthood. How about "Oh please, let's go see itl What's
Sea of Love?• I ask. it called?•
·1 already seen it with my Uncle •1t•s called Next of Kin... but
Shirley: there's got to be a f'T19Vie that you
I go through some others. •com- would rather see.·
muniorn· ·1 don't think so,• she sings.
'What's that?• •usten, !hey've also got Staying
•1t•s got Christopher Together,• I counter. •it's a serious
Waiken ... something about aliens.· one but It stars Stockard Channing
"Grossi· my honey says. and I know she's your favorite.•
"Phantom of the Opera?• "Oh, I'll never forget her as Rizzo
•t don't like scary movies ... yuckl• in Grease,· she says with tears in her
"Okay then sweetie-pie,· 1 ex- eyes, •but Still, I'd. rather see the
claim, •how about Dad? It's got that Patrick SWayze movie.·
guy from Cheers that you like.• •Before we settle on one movie, ·
. ·1s it a serious one?• she belts out. shouldn't we try some other theatres
"Kind of, but it's got..: besides the ones in the mall?• I plead.
•rm not in the mood to think "That's stupid. Why see a movie if
serious right now: she interrupts. you ~'t go to the mall?•
~ only other movie is Gross What logic. How could I ever
Anatomy,· I respond. But it's to no argue with such a clever girl. H it's
avail. Patrick SWayze she wants ... then it's
•tt you wama see that blood and Patrick SWayze she'll get.
guts crap, you can go by yoursett.• Halfway to the mall, I glance over
•Maaaadge, It's a corned ... • at Madge. An Ideal I stop the car.
•rm serious.· "Get out1• 1 exclaim happily.
So I call the Meridian East the- As I drive into the darkness alone
atres. "How abol1 Black Rain with I feel a sense of pride. How great it ~
Michael Douglas? It's supposed to that we Americans can see. any movie
be pretty exciting.• we want providing that it's playing
- "That's one that you should see nearby and we have the green. I can
with your •guy• friends,• declares the see whatever movie I want. Madge
Insightful Madge. can see the movie see wants to see.
'Well, there's Shocker, but I know And you can 6ee whatever you want
that you don't wart to see that.• to see. Even a dirty movie.
·rd have nightmares.• she whine$. · Oh, to be f 1'881
CallforD.AVJD at
Experienced Hairstylist
Personal Attention
Patrician's Hair Fashion
East Lensing
!Italian aodas:
:/ Y/t:t:l>lJI::><>:>:t::<<::<:<:tft:ti:>~t\:<::y:::
. . ' . .
.· . .·. ·.· ..•~~ ~~~;;;;;;;;:;;;;;:;;;:;;:;:;:::;:::;::;:;:::::;;;:::::::;::::::===:.1
. . mlnirnJ ·~~0t::in a~in: 8at8$ and eventual st.K:Ca8a; ·.·. . ·:: .· .. .. . : .·. .
.· .. ·.·.·.·. ·.· .·.·. ·.· ... -:- .-.-: - ' ... · . .... :·.·.·.· .·.·.·.·.·. . .. ." .. . :.: -: -:-:-:.:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-::.:::-:;.:-: -: -:-:-::: >.·.·.·.·-:-:-:.:-·-·· · :t :> :>4i~A.~.:~.~&>:iii< >:.Y >:: :+ :: : <>< ::: ·: ·:. ::' .·.·.:::: ... :• •• .. .
::::::::::::::::::::::::: .. .. :.:::-:-:-:-:·:-:::·:-::::::::.::~:;:/>> ... . ..
:- :-:- :-:.:-:.:-:.:-: -:-:-:-::::::::::::::- . . .. . .. ·.·.· . . . . . . . . . ..... :-:-:-:::-:-:-:-::::::::·:·.· . . . . . .. ... . .... ·
. . . . . ... . .... :":":":":"::::::::::::::-:-:
... · -~· ......
. .. .. . ....... .... :-:;:-:-·:·
. . . . ·..;.:-:<·
. . ...
. . .. :-:-:::::::::::::::::: ....
.·.·.·-: .·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·
:.::::::::::::::: -:-::::::::. :·:·:· :: ::::: ....... ~
.·.··:-:-:.:-:-:-:.: .. <:<>:::;: :::::::::::·.. ... ... . > ·.·.·.·.·.·.· ·· ·· ····.·.·.·.·.·.· ... ::::::::<:::::::::::;::::
:::::::::::::::::::)::::(:::::::::::::::: ... >>?Ht:?: ::::::::::::::: :::::.: . ·· · ·
.·.;-:.:.:.:-:-·· .....
·~· C':':':"..~:' :.' .:.". :".>'~">.':>".".>''. "'·.."·.."·'..·'.·: ~·~.,·...·,..·..·,..·..,·..,·,..·,..·..;·...·,...,..:.;.:.; ::.;.:..:.:.:.;.:. :;::;::;::;::;·.:·:.;·:.·:.::::::;-::;:::.·J::- ·-::·-·:-:·:·-::·.-.-.·:.·.·:. ..... . ::::::::::::::::<.::::·:·:··:·..... ..
.·.:.: -:·:·:<·:<·::::
·.-.:-:-:.·.· ·.· .
Eat Cheap
All U Can Eat Coneys
$1.99 Tuesdays noon-9
All U Can Eat Tacos
$1.99 Wednesdays noon-9
Mexican Plate Special $2.00
2 Tamale..s, Beans&. Salad
All Week .Until 9 p.m.
Delivery 332-238~
- \)
.. ··-:-:.:-:-:-:.:-:.:.:- :.:-:-:.:-:-·· . ........· .·.·.·.·.·..· ..·..·. . . .
. . . . .·.·.·.·.. ·.. ·.. ·.. ·.. ·.. ··· .·.·.· ·. ·. ·.·.·.;.;.·.· .. . . .
... . .. . ..
if you see a business'
ad in the uR-1, tell 'em!
Let u_s help you out- Come to
$9.00 ~-sex hair styling
"A Cut Above Yet Priced Below"
351-6511 549 E. Grand River
(next to Confection Cormection)
M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-2pm
uR-1 Muaic Corre.pondent
The Plxiee have a very unique
sound, but they're just a regular band
playing stuff that they think is cool.
OriginaHy, they're from Bo6ton
and that's where they started out as a
local band. They opened up for
Throwing 11u .... who they'd never
even heard~ at the time, and that
was their first step.
•Gary Smith (Throwing Muses'
producer) was there the night we
opened for Throwing Muses,· said
Pixies bass player Kin Murphy.
~rowing Muses manager, Ken,
listened to it and he liked It. So he
sent the tape to 4AD and saKi 'lvo
(4AD Records owner tvo W•tt•
Ruuell), look at this band. They don't
have a manager, they don't have a
record company. Do you like this lvo?'
lvo liked It. So that demo tape became
our first album, and that's how
we got our manager:
Presently, the Pixies are signed
with the U.K. 's 4AO Records on a five
year/five album contract. Licensing
and distributing in the Unked States is
done through Elektra Records. Now
the Pixies are 1989's m.mber one
college band. But they aren't what
they seem to be.
"'We have really standard album
collections,· Murphy said. 1..ed
Zeppelin and The RoRing Stones,
and all the classic rock. I'm sure
they'\le influenced U6, but I don't know
how that shows in the mU6ic."
The Pixies jump from harsh,
intense songs like "Vamos· to goofy
songs like 9Tony's Theme· without
looking back. Their latest album,
Doolittle, is their most extreme example
~ this, with songs ranging from
"Gouge Away· to "La La Love You.·
·1 don't .know how we do It,·
Murphy said. We just do It. They're all
good songs, right? it just comes olA
like that. We don't say, 'OK, we'\le got
counter-balance that with fol.W nice
ones.' We don't do that at all . .
·usually ChMes (ak.a. Black
Francia, the lead singer) will come in
with a chord progression in a state of
done-ness and we just mess .around
with It and go, 'Oh, that sounds good,
do that again,' or 'Oh, that sounds Hke
shit, don't do that again,' and that's
what we do:·
It doesn't really matter how they
get the sound as long as the sound is
good, right? And plenty of people think
the sound is definitely good. There are
even local bands coming out now that
are trying to copy their sound.
·1 don't mind other bands trying to
sound like us,· Murphy said. "'We
sound cool, so there11 be other bands
that sound cool,· she joked.
The Pixies hope to release a new
record next year. But when asked W
the Pixies think they'll break into the
pop scene, Murphy said, ·1 can't
Imagine us being on the Blnboard Top
They also plan to do more touring,
which Includes tomorrow night's show
at St. Andrew's Han in Detroit.
And what's the coolest thing about
seeing the Pixies live?
·1 would go just to hear the
songs,• Murphy sald.
With SQngs like •Debaser;· ~e
Holiday Song.· and "Monkey Gone To
Heaven,· this is not a show to be
missed by any Pixies fans.
3 /3
' .
at B'Zar, Monday, Nov. 20th, 8 p.m.
featuring the Wally Pleasant Experience and two bands to
be announced. watch for bulletins posted throughout E.L.
• and campus for further details .
you must be 18 to attend, 21 to quaff. there is no age requirement for dClJlcing .••
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