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Date: January 17, 1990
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17 Ja~ua~y 1990
Vol. I.
MSU's alternative
truly independent
Funky Dr. Sex rides
again... p.5
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p.6 .,
Cosmic debate
U.S. spends $1 million atMSU while
, profs, experts ponder value ·of St.ar Wars.
uR-1 Science Correspoodent
Many months have passed since
~ Ronald Reagan left Washington, D.C.,
but at least one \dea his pollcy makers
set In motion rolls along - although
not as rapidly since the Glpper left
The Strategic Defense Initiative,
nicknamed "Star wars• when Reagan
introduced the concept In March 1983,
has had its budget trimmed recently.
That has led critics to breathe a sigh
of relief as they predict the program's
Regardless of funding, theSDI
d~bate has tapered considerably.
Two. years ago, SDI. research conducted
by the U.S. Air Force at the
National SuperconduC:tlng Cyclotron
Laboratory on MSU's campus caused
some protest.
Today, the debate attracts little
attention, although $4 billion of the
$300 billion Department of Defense
budget Is spent on this Issue.
, "The issue has fallen off the map,
so to speak," said Steven Koziak of
theCenter for Defense Information in
Washington, D.C. "The big issue are
ASATs-anti-satellite weaponry."
Still, MSU researchers receive
about $1 milli9n annually from the
U.S. Department of Defense, according
to the University's Office of
. Contracts and Grants. That's barely a
fraction of the defense budget, which
represents 25 percent of the total
"To my knowledge, no one in
physics at MSU is doing SDI research,"
said Michael Harrison, an
MSU physics professor. But even if a
scientist does study SDI, that right
should be respected, he added.
Scientists ultimately decide what
. areas they wish to pursue, but SDI,
like oth~r defense programs, lures
scientists to the research with large
funding prizes.
That's what mathematics Professor
Sheldon Axler of the Peace
Education Center in East Lansing
.... ,. .... y
DOD expenditures at MSU as
of Dec. 1 (by military branch)
' "This is a way of pumping money
Into high-technology research," Axler
said. "It's terribly inefficient.
'We have a huge diversion of
funds in this country. We're producing
things and throwing them down a
rathole instead of producing things
that are useful. It's a waste of resources
and of talent (and) one
reason why the U.S. is a declining
However, John Cantlon, vice
president for research and graduate
studies, said scientists must have the
freedom to pursue whatever area
interests them, especially at universi-
"Universities have to be places
where you c;an pursue ariy Ideas,"
Cantlon said. ""If they're crummy ·
Ideas, the best Idea In the world is to
publish the data so.we--can see, 'hey're
crummy Ideas. -
"If you can't cons.Ider Ideas openly
at universities, where do you?" .
$1 mil
7 April 1 Dec
Periodic breakdown of SDI
money spent at MSU ·
, Cantlon said many groups oppose
the many types of research conducted
at MSU, from animal rights activists
protesting the use of animals in
research to anti-abortion activists
protesting any consideration of the
use of fetal tissue in research to
·political groups opposed to research
funded by particular countries.
Harrison agreed.
"I think freedom ought to be
respected,'' he said.
In the event the public questioned
his scientific endeavors, Harrison said .
he would not stop. his research.
"My vision of the truth-would not
be affected, and I hope it would be the
- same for other scientlSts," he said.
cantlon said scientists are "their
own entrepreneurs" when they
experiment In their laboratories. But
that's the Ideal, not the reality, Harrison-
countered. /
"The prospect of support may ·
Influence research direction,• he said.
Axler said the source of funding
has a significant Impact on the area of
research. ·
'We have faculty on this campus
- and they're Interested in funding their
research," he said. "Getting grants Is
a very competitive thing. The existence
of these grants changes the
area of study - It changes wtfat
_people work In."
That some fields receive more
than adequate funding may not mean
It's good science, he aqded.
"Does (the field) have a lot of
money because it's good science?" he
questioned. "I'm worried It's not such a
coincidehce,after all."
And with somewhere between
one-third to one-half of American
scientists working on defense-related
research, Axler said science doas not
"This means the military is dictating
scientific research, in a certain
sense," he said. "I think that's very
bad for American science.''
Marvin Siegel, ar:i MSU electrical
engineering professor, has conducted
research for the Navy and knows
firsthand of the science v5. politics
issue as it pertains to funding.
Siegel helped the Navy medical
corps develop a "life detector," a
device that will detect heartbeats and
respiration from a distance. The
2 • universit Reporter-Intelligencer 17 January, 1990
device will help the medical corps
determine which soldiers on a battlefield
are worth risking lives to save.
"Typically, they only have 15 to 20
seconds to make d~lslons about the
serious injuries and save who can be
saved," Siegel explained.
But the device could possibly be
used as an offensive weapon; perhaps,
for instance, to locate snipers or
h.id den enemy guerilla in a battle · .
•There are costs and benefits
associated with all sorts of research,"
Siegel explained. ·vou have to weigh
the good vs. the bad. Our primary
thrust Is trying to save lives."
· Cantlon said applicaltons of basic
science, like the work Siegel did, do
not take place on university campuses.
He also said stopping research
in basic science because of its
possible Mure applications would be
foolhardy. · .
-Tue adaptation of (basic science)
for negative uses would very unlikely
be at research universities," Cantlon
said. -Tuat's done at weapons laboratories
(funded by the government).·
Cantlon cited U.S. Army plans to
redesign its assault rifle as an example
of l'iow basic scelnce may be
applied negatively, at least_ by some
•an that redesign, all sorts of basic
science will go into that," he said.
"Technologies can be used In multludinous
. It's unlikely any •Mad Scientists•
continue research at MSU, even
though common stereotype says
researchers do act a bit odd at times.
That's because Internal and
external groups of other scientists and
non-scientists carefully review proposals
for research, Cantlon said.
' Despite the criticism of SDI from
scientists - a voting majority of both
physicians and mathematicians have
declined to participate in research -
there are still supporters.
"When you really nail (scientists
critical of SDI) down, they agree the
technology will work," said Baker
Spring, a defense policy analyst at the
conservative Heritage Foundation. ·1
don't think there's any question SDI Is
feasible as a defense against ballistic
Spring said funding decreases do
not mean SDI is on its way out.
"The be-all and end-all of a
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program is not money," he said. "It's
the desire to deploy, and technology
Innovations that wlll decide (the
program's fate)."
The Soviets already have made
significant progress In SDI research
and the U.S. may be behind, he said.
-Tue Soviets have the world's only
ground-based ballistic missile defense
system," he said. "In ground-based,
they're ahead of us."
But SDI Is more than an issue for
"We wouldn't have the ST ART
agreement (an arms reduction treaty) .
without SDI," he said. "The negotiation
leverage·remains unchanged. I
think it's quite significant."
SDI will force arms reduction in
the long run, Spring said, because it
serves as an incentive for Soviet
militarists to be more cost-conscious.
•tt•n slow down the arms race- .
(because) It's Insurance for the
ST ART agreements," he said. •If one
side cheats - typically the SQvlet
Union - SDI serves as Insurance."
Spring said concerns over the
militarization of space are somewhat
ignorant. -
-Tue fact Is, space Is heavily
militarized now," he said.
But funding decreases do concern
him, he added. .
"I would pref er that it did not
decrease," he said. 'We should not
abandon future technology." -
The U.S. should be ready to begin
deploying SDI hardware by 1992,
according to the Strategic Defense
Initiative Organization, the Pentagon
group that oversees the program. But
funding cutbacks may delay that date,
perhaps as long as two to five years.
MSU scientists, like physics
Professor Harrison and Axler, do not
see ~D~~: ~~~~~ ~~~~ ...
Harrison said as the program once
touted as a 'Peace Shield' In advertisments.
"The technical difficultie·s are
. Axler echoed that view.
"Most scientists don't think it will
Italian Sod~s;
orzata, raspberry, mi;-:•,
grenadine, tamarlnr..
.; "-;-.._, -- ,-·- -, ~~_ ., _~<,
, I ~ •
Wt o· . -
Cnstellan l's
;;~f'6drond River M a r k e t
work," he said. "There's the scientific
question, and it!s got JO work the first
The scientists said worse effects
could be felt in the political arena
"Politically, there are serious
problems," Axler said. "It's destabilizing
and a big waste of money."
NO pay ...
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BUT you Cll~
chicks and
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'\ ad eHecl
Call OU·r
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35·1-48991 I
Reporter-Intelligencer· _
17 January, 1990
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Womyn speak!
To the Editor:
Hundreds of signs were posted
around campus concerning a curfew
for men. The signs called for a curfew
on all men on campus between 11 :00
p.m. and 6:00 am. and a banning of
groups of two or more males. You
may not have seen the signs because
they were powerful enough to be tom
down immediately. A group of women
took this action because men at this
university continue to rape and assault
At face value such an ordinance
may seem ridiculous. However, we
must consider the restrictions constantly
imposed on women because of
men's violence. AS women, we grow
up with restricted freedoms. Early on
we learn that it is not safe for us to go
out alone at night. We implicitly know
that if there is a man out at night we
may be in danger. Seeing him in the
company of other men exascerbates
that fear. We also learn that if we are
raped and assaulted it was because
we did not take proper precautions
and therefore it was our fault. These
are not idle fears; the truth is that 38%
of females will be sexually assaulted
by the time they are 18 years old.
women once every day on this· ·
campus. There is a 46% chance that
a woman will be a victim of completed
or attempted rape sometime in her
life. This is a crisis.
Acknowledging these truths, does
it really seem all that ridiculous to put
a curfew on men? Maybe this isn't the
answer, but we need to do something
immediately. The administration ·
created a task force to examine the -
comparatively minimal violence that
men perpetuate against each other
and property yet the greatest amount
of violence has women as its victims.
If the administration will not take this
crisis seriously, it is up to us. What
are you going to do ab~ut it!
-M.S.U. Womyn Against Violence
Lord no, Barclay!
Dear Editors,
I am writing in response to Dr.
Andrew Barclay's article "Male Encounters
are Normal·.
I am here to say, male sexual
encounters are not normal or natural.
Man is not equal to a dog in his sex .
drives. He is able to exercise self
control. Any dog t:an have sex at the
mercy of their hormones, but it takes a
real man to exercise '
Besides, you're speaking of
sexual acts as purely a source of
physical release. Sex.ual encounters .
encompass the total self: mind, body,
and soul. T>hat could explain why your
male patient felt guilty over his lias_on
with his male friend. His mind and
soul were in on the act, and told him
that what he had just done was wrong:
I'm not .anti-sex. Within the
boundaries of marriage it is a beautiful
way to express love, exhibit trust, an
dhave fun. It's like fire, kept within the
necessary boundaries it provides
, warmth, light, cooks food etc ... But
release those same flames from the
candle or hearth and they cause
destruction. ·
.... ·-:-: :.:-_-:- ..
.·.·.· .· .. ·.·.· .. ·.·.· .·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·
.: .: . '. : :. .. >::.:::::::::: .. ~: ~ . ;: ~::::::::::::::::: :-:-:-: ............: . : . : : .. .. . .· .· ..· .·.·.· :. . <<<<. .<.<.< ·:-:-:-.-:.: . . . . . . . . ·.·.-., ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :1 ...... .. . .. -:-·-:-·-:-: :-:-:-:-:-.-:.:-: -·.: .. ... ·.- .·.· .... ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·
. . -:-:-:;:-:-:-:-::::: .:::-:::::::::::::::::::::
.. . . . . ·.·.·.·.·.·.·. ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.
. . . . . . .. ... . .. . . .
. . . . ·.·. · . · .·.:.:- :- : ::- :- :-:-: .: -:-:~ . . . . . . . . . -:-:.:.:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:.. . . :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:- ..
. . . . . . . ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·-:-:.:-:.:.:-:-:.:-:.:·:. .. . ..... . ..... .
.. :::::::-::::::::::/:::=::::::::::::_.:-·-:-:-::-:·.·.·:-:-:-:-:-.·.·.· . . . . . . .
. .. .. . . ........ .
.-.-.:.: ...·. ·.·.·.·.:.:_:_:_:_ ... :.:.:.:.: ...:. -: :: :: .·:·:·>::::>>>~<:;:::::.:::·.-.-:.. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
·>:;:.:-:::::::::-:·:·:·:··:::·:···::;::::::-- · · · ··.·.·.-.::·:·:·::::-:-:-:.:::-:-:·:·:·:·.<<· · ·· ·.:.:.::::::::::::::::::::::··.·.·.·.·.· ·
:-:.:-:.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::._::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ··:-.:.:.:.: ... :_:_:.: ... ·. ·.·.:.:.:.: ...
. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. . . . .. .. .. . ....
.·.·.·.·.·.-.·.·.· .. ·.·. ..... .. ..... .. .... .. .. . . .·.· · .. .. . .. . . . . . ..... ·. ... . .· . .. ·.·.·. . . . . . . . ....... . . . . . . . .·.-.·.·.-.·.·.·
. · · ·.· ·.·.· .. -.:.:_::.:.:.::.:: .... :.: . ...... :.:.:_:_./:.::::::;::::::::::::: .. .
.·.·.·.·.·.· .. ·.-.·.·.·.
· · ·· ···· ··· ··
Mell can develop deep friendships
and express their love and admiration ·
for one another through healthy touch.
Look at Italian families, they express
themselves through men kissing men
or hugging e.ach other. -vet, you don't
see men needing to seek counseling
often that kind of touch has occured.
Think about it.
.·.·.·-:.-.:-:. :.-.:-.: .:-.:.:.-:.-·..-. .. ......
. . . . . .. . .. ·.·.·.·.·.· ·.-.-.·.-.·.·.-.· .·.-.·.·.·.·.·.· ·.·.·.·· · .. ::::<:>: ..... . ... . : :::. :: : :-:;:: : ;::~ :::::::::::::.::. ... :. . ///><<>t:>t<: ::::.::::: ..... ........
·.·.·.-.·.·.·.·.· ... :.- .:-:-·. . . . . . . . . . . . . : : . . . . . . . . . ·.·.-.- ................... ·.·.· .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ·.·.· ·.·.·.·.•.·.· .·.·.·.·.-'.. . ... ·.·.·.·.-.·.·.·.· ·.·.·.-. -.·.- .... ·.· :-:-: -:-:.: -: -:-: -:- :-:-·.;.·-:-:- . .... . ... . .
.. ........ .. .. . .... ....
. ..
-Leslie Yuzenas
Senior, Education
. .. ..... · ..... -. · . . . . . ... . ... .. :: :: :: :::~ ::: ::: :: :: :::::::::::: ·.· .·.·.·.· . .. . . .
.·.· .·.- :-:-:.:-:-:-:-:-::::--:-:-:-:-:-: •"· \:::::::::::::::::::::::- ·- ·.· .·.·.·. ·.· .- .-. ···· ··· :: :·· .. · · .· .. ·.1· . ::::: :::: . .-:·:::::: :::
... ·.:< :-:-:-:-:·:-.-:-:-:· .... . ... :-:-:-:·.·.·.·.-:-:-:-... ·.·.· ... · . . . . . . .... . . ..:. :.:.: _. ... :.: ... :.:.:.: .:.: .:.... ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ·>:-:·:-:-:.;.; .; -:- :-:-· .-
Geek of the Week·
Well, George, we've had som-~ fun with you In the past, but now It's time for.
your moment'ln the ecllpse ... that's right, you've earned our highest con-
. tempt with Geek o' the Week honors.
For your power play ruining MSU's already tarnished reputation, your
Inability to keep an eye on your players unless you're visiting them in the
pokey, and your disregard for the university you claim to love, we invite
you to eat some chain (and advise you to stop eating so many pizzas).
Instead of giving it to the other team, you've been letting us all have it with
a new version of "up the middle."
We'd love to see you go to the Jets, brudder.
If you go out there, we hope you find a nice home where you belong
- in Flushing. -
' Woosh, brudder!
Iiii i II ! !i !~;i!! ~! 11 !ii l!~\!ii!iii!i!ili !I
U.S.·, among
other things,
is growing soft
in the 90s .
As anyone who has ever taken
abnormal psych knows, anxiety or
other emotional problems ultimately
become attached to sexual responses
and, in my case, I get so testy that no
one wants to get close to me. Hence,
no sex; nada, zero, forget it! My
former response to a lack of bedroom
bouncing was lo repair to the bathroom
with a well-thumbed copy of
Playboy and "Work our my proble!'Tls
in a time-honored male way. But now
that Hef has taken to filling his for~
merly-filthy rag with artsy pictures of
his pregnant wife, I don't get it off in
the same carefree way that I used to. I
can't tell if he's getting old, I'm getting
old, or it's getting old, know what I
When unwanted thoughts, like .
these, break into my routine, it is
serious because the bathroom is tha
last bastion of my sex life. During this
previuos holiday season, instead of
nubile maidens prancing into my
office, ripping off their ski pants to
reveal crotchless underwear or
santa's female elves bending over to
look at me through their legs, all I
could imagine was Ronald and Nancy
Reagan in bed, calling each other
"mommy" and "Daddy• as he would
wave his withered pud in the general
direction of her upper thigh. Now
remember, I'm the guy who made a
career out of watching John Holmes
needing the help of four extra hands
to hold his huge dong stiff enough to
shove into some Panamanian chichk
who had recently been getting it on
with a donkey. But Ronald and Nancy
are yet another level of perversion,
one that is only exciting to those who
like their sex violent.
What bothers me is who is
running the country? The low-life,
anti-hurrian, imperialists who were
pulling the Strings while Ronnie did his
overly made up dance so well that
room-temperature IOs making up
Nixon's so-called silent majority went .
for it in a big way are still doing their
obscene number. This in spite of the
fact the Reagan administration was
tbe most corrupt, disgusting administration
in history. It figures he would
be the most popular president in
recent history but it's OK because
caring more about making a payment
on a BMW than presidential ethics is
truly American. ' _
Rememtrer that George Bush,
wimp-manique, was Reagan's VicePresident.
Vice-President in an
administration of turkeys who ran the
country while using the Russians and
Wars,aw Pact nations to cover their
corrupt profits. He watched the
stupidity in Grenada where we invaded
a sovreign nation to save a
bunch of third-rate MEDICAL STUDENTS
who were never in any real
danger because the Cubans could
have used them in Havana. Beautiful
American kids died along with 150
steel-drum bands and brown women
from the government. Hey, but at
least George is trying to stop the drug
~ ,. killing in the streets of Amerjca.
Mr. Sensitivity was furious when
he heard an American got kicked in
the balls by Panamanian MPs who
also threatened to rape an American
woman. If he was so upset about the
lbmm..of our American women being
raped, why cttdn't he send the army
into the streets of America? Or
maybe it was just the idea of brown
"" guys doing it to •our" women that
'"·''""'"""··;-- frosted his wick. ·
~ush is so manlike, you've got to
admire him - invading Panama in the
name of American women and a man
whose balls probably resemble
tapioca pudding. At least LBJ had the
chutzpah to invent a "Gulf of Tonkin
incidenr to justify sending the troops
to Vietnam. But heeere's Georgie and
the same idiots who brought us the
Vietnam War. They never give up, do
they? And here I had been hoping
they dropped dead a while ago but
they keep coming back, like herpes
and syphillis.
Are you mad as hell? Not going
to take it anymore? Fight back by
making up for all the sex George
Bush, his limp-cock advisors, and the
dead Americans in Panama aren't
. getting. We used Poppers. Have you
The Good(?) Dr. · ever done Poppers? Oh! Poppers,
you know, amyl nitrate. They come
and children, but, as George says, packaged in little cotton/glass ampu-
"You can't make an omlet without les like spirits of amonia. When I was
breaking a few eggs." , a kid, we felt an orgasm coming, we
The American people stopped the would quick pop one, snort it, and
war in Vietnam because we wanted to WHAM! Talk about the Earth moving.
live in a happier, less threatening Back in the 60's, this was our
country where mothers could go to "scorched-earth policy." we took
work without having to worry about drugs as a "Stalingrad defense:
son~ and daughters having their tits against a totf!.llY corrupt administration
and asses shot off. Did George l~arn poisoning our sou l and using our
anything from this lesson of history? bodies. If our minds were wasted,
Nope! Here's Idiotic DRUG WAR they were completely useless to the
crapola being used as a Justification to military.
invade Panama in order to depose the So you're into "Taking drugs?
gangster our own CIA put in com- Ooh, no, Nancy said to say, 'No'. No,
mand. thank you." Well, then, aren't we
I loved it. While the people of the lucky to have the example of events in 1
Iron Curtain nations were taking Eastern Europe. Hey, let's take to the
responsibility for their own destiny by streets again, shut all the bull-shit
seizing power from the corrupt war- down like we did in '68._ George, you
lords who replaced the Nazis, what dumb ass-hole, when that whithered
was Bush doing? He Invaded Pan- old crone was telling us to "Just say
ama during Christmas Break, Y(hat a no, .. she wasn;t talkirl'g about saying
Grinch. All over America, parents and "No" to.peace. And while you:a11 are
mates got to call an 800 number to talking about it, I'm going to duck out
find oUt if the. red, white, and blue- to the Velvet Fingers to pick up a
wrapped box being shipped to their couple of new magazines to replace
house was going to contain remains of my copy of Playboy
a son or a mate. Merry Christmas
. . . ..
···· ·· ··· · · ·.·. -.-.·.-.·.·.-. -. -.-. -.·.·.·.·.-.· .-.-.·.· .·.-.·.-.·.-.-.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·
. . . . ,,. . .. .. .
·.·.·.·.·.- .-.· .-.·.·.·. ···· · ·· ·
· ·· ·· · ··
. . . . . . :::::::::::::::::::;::::.:.:.·· ·
:·._ar1 n_g_.: :tne:;:.tio1 s~-: :~_: .-.b~:l leve::._:JSs;·. t;le::::·:c.an· --t.~ke. ·.Jt!:_.: ..... .
The Provoc is chilling
on p. 8 this week- '
check him out there! ·
(We had to keep the ,
young 'un away from
Dr. Sex ... he's still quite
Impressionable, y~u "'
6 ·university Reporter-Intelligencer 17 January, 1990
·ouT and 'ABOUT e e GD e e es CD ·e e ®@ e e·e s GD CD e e e .e e GD
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us anything you thing we should let
·folks know about, Including house
parties! Send your notices to our
Gunson Street offices.
Another free service of the only paper
that cares - the lYI 00"' ll 1 ·
B'Zar •
17 Jan: Radioactive Wednesday
24J•w1tto ·
Connxtlona Comedy Club
17-20 Jmn: Drew Carey
22·27 Jan: Mike Irwin
17·20 Jan: Toya
21 Jan: Uptown Band
22 Jan: Rhythm & Blues
23 Jan: Capitol City Band
The Landshark
17 Jan: The Arch
18-19 Jan: Chisel Brothers/Girl Thom
20 Jan: Mass Confusion
23: Fllbulou• Regulars
19 Jmn: Johnny Roblnaon
20 Jmn: Teller • Hall
17 Jmn: Sam I Am
18 Jan: Mick Furlo
19-Jmn: Going PubllC
20 Jan: The Toll
21 Jan: Jerry Sprague .
22 Jan: Turning Minnows Into Whaln
23 Jan: Dan Earl
24 Jan: The Generatora
Sliver Dollar Saloon-
17 ·21 J8": Trlax;
22 Jan: Diving for Pearls
23-24 Jan: To Be Announced
WORK ... 1 ~WEAR
Pullam'a Place
19 Jan: Harmony Hl~FI and Twelve Tribes Sound
LHra 21
19 Jmn: Johnny Allen and The Appeal
20 Jan: 3-0 lnvlalblea
MoRJr Dick's
19 JM: Rohen Nol Blue• llllaalon
20 Jmn: llte Rhythm Kings
SU Dy' a
. 17 Jan: Lucky Peterson
· 19 Jan: Shawn Phillipa
20 Jmn: SUapecta
18 Jan: Bigger Than Maas
19-20 Jan: Tremor Revue
St. Anthony's Hall
19Jan: 85
20 Jan: ALD, Heresy
26 Jan: Too M.lch Fun Pany
• • • '' ~. f •
, ecord: 09Capasaunis
regular airplay on
WDBM, bars, shows,
For Info, call
Angie at 351-
17 January, 1990 university Reporter-intelligencer· 7 .~
Born on the Fourth of July
Qli Dlrectedby011verStone
""' WrtttenbyRonKovlc
uR-1 Cinema Correspondent
Can Tom Cruise deliver without
playing sidekick to a Hollywood
legend? yan director Oliver
Stone deliver another Vietnam film
without giving us another Platoon?
Do we really need another Vietnam
These questions and more can .
be answered by Born on the
Fourth of July, the latest and
perhaps most important film of the
Vietnam genre.
30 Days of
tanning .
for $48!
Buy-one product
at regular
price and get
50 % off a second
product of
~qual or lesser
Acrylic nails:
Fullset $35
(reg. $45).
Paraffin hand
dip: $5
offer good through
Feb. 28, 1990.
~ ~i1- "' · ~
~ ~,
2767 E. Grand River
In the latt~r half of the 1980's,
America witnessed the resurgence
of the Vietnam War as a popular film
subject. The fil(TIS which seemed to
best define this resurgence were
Oliver Stone's Platoon and Stanley
Kubrick's Full MiJta/ Jaclcet In films
such as these, we were given a
glance into the everyday hell of the
Vietnam soldier and, hopefully, we
were better able to understand the
troubles of many Vietnam veterans.
But still, the definitive Vietnam Vet
of the BO's was Rambo. Needless to
say, the crossed signals of the BO's
could use a little straightening.
Born on the Founh of July Is Important
in that it concentrates on the
man and not the war to achieve a
greater understanding of the war's
Top Dog · Coney-Mexican
Call 3:,2-2381
Top Dog
Coney &
Now Serving Our
and Don't Forget About
Our Tuesday Special:
All U Can Eat Coneys $1.99
· Hot Dog $ .90
Coney Dog.chili ,onions and .
mustard $1.25
Kraut Dog, sauerkraut and
mustard $1.25
Com Dog, deep fried crispy $1.00
Fresh Cut French Fries $1.25
Chili Fries $1. 75
Cheese Fries $1 . 75
Chill and Cheese Fries $2.25
1/4 lb Hamburger $1.40
1 /4 lb Cheeseburger $1.60
Chili Cheeseburger $1.90
Onion Rings, extra wide $1.50
Chicken Sandwich $1. 75
Fish Sandwich $1. 75
Taco, meat, cheese.lettuce,
and tomatoe ~-75
Veggie Taco, beans.cheese,
· lettuce,tomatoe and onion $ . 75
Nachos $2.50
Nachos Deluxe, cheese, bean,
meat, sour cream and
jalepeno peppers $3.50
Burrito, beans and cheese $1.00
Burrito Grande $1.50
adilla 1.
effects. It is the true story of Ron
Kovlc, an All-American boy who
goes off to fight for his country only
to return paralyzed, hated and
confused. After a difficult contemplation
of his own patriotic values,
he rises to the role Qf anti-war hero,
the antithesis of his boyhood
dreams. ·
Stone expands the boundaries of .
the Vietnam film. We are forced ·
not only to question the Vietnam
War but all war. We are taken full
gauntlet from a pre-war "Gary
Cooper- sense of heroism, through
the realities of war and finally to an
almost full reversal of one man's
view of manhood.
. Perhaps; the most important
issue explored within the film deals
with this country's attitude toward
the returning vets. This is a .
theme that has rarely been
touched upon by the late BO's resurgence.
It is handled marvelously
in this film.
Films such as Jaclcnife and In
Country explored the problems of
Vietnam Vets as they exist to
date. These films answer the
question, 'Ylbill.are the·problemsr,
whereas Born on the
Fourth of July, with its early 70's
perspective, goes deeper to
explore the more pertinent question
of 'YlbX do the problems
As for the film as a cinematic
achievement, simply stated, this
film will go down as a classic.
One need only see the first 20
minutes to know this. It is
visually stunning. The acting is
fresh and precise. Tom Cruise
more than. proves himself In his
fantastic portrayal of Ron Kovic.
Born on the Founh of July is
first-rate Oliver Stone, first-rate
cinema, and more importantly a
first-rate experience.
Students Against Driving Drunk
-and The Residence Hans ·
Present A
18 and over with college l.D.
Energize Your Wednesday Nights
With Dancing and Fun!
Thiswee1<:The Front And
The Difference
- I
~----· ---
FAQ, .Radio Caroline rock radioactively
uR-1 Music Correspondent
Good news for progressive
music fans: Despite howling winds
and a hellish sub-arctic freeze, local
combos Radio Caroline and FAQ
managed to pull 1n a fairly good
sized crowd for the second installment
of Radioative Wednesday,
Jari. 10."
The new ·version of Radioactive
Wednesday (a joint venture of
SADO, B'Zar; WDBM and RHA) is
hoping to eatch on-after falling .
dismally at Sensations. So far it
looks like the event may thrive in a ·
new environment. A strong schedule
should draw' fans to what is fa.St
becoming East Lansing's best new
music venue, finally offering folks a
chance to hear ·the bands that can't
get the time of day at Rick's, which
had previously held a monopoly on
the EL music scene. Although
marginal headway has been made
by The Landshark, new music has
languished for far too !Ong. /
Leading the comeback last
week were local faves the Doe
Boys, raised anew under the sign of
Radio Caroline, ·who took the stage
first and with Rlckenbackers in
hand, and quickly proceeded to ,
. produce the polished pop sounds
that hBd made .the Does one of this
town's most popular bands. Old
fans will be happy to learn that
Radio Caro!lne does much of what
its former incarnation did, but
delivers It-with a little more punch
and variety thanks to the addition of
two new members, guitarlst-sing~r
Dave Richards and bassist Joe
Coyle. Their set ·consisted of an
hours' worth of old choice Doe Boys
tunes, some brand new stuff, and a
couple of covers (most outstanding
was a take on the Birds classic
Eight Mi/95 High). Though it
seemed a greater proportion of the
audience had come to see K-zoo
thrashers F AO., Radio Caroline
went down rather well and can next
be seen at Ricks on the 27th of this
month . .
The punkers anxious to r<>Q< out
with FAQ quickly took the dance
fk>or and cheered the band on as
they blitzkrleged through their. own
special brand of very loud, very fast
and very obnoxious rock _n'roli.
Together for over four years, FAQ.
·was making its debut club perform-
. ance In East Lansing and from all
accounts it seemed a success.
· Most of those standing close to
FAQ. showed their appreciation by
furiously shaking their heads to the
music, while a more energized
handful let go with spontaneous .
buns of slam dancing. Fortunately
no one wa5 hurt.
To. FAQ's credit they showed in
fleeting moments that they really
knew how to play, but unfortunately
judging from this performance, they
seem intent on waisting it.
Oh yes, both groups are· receiving
considerable airplay on WDBM, atid
will be .releasing recordings of their
own material sometim~ in the relatively
near Mure. · Stay tuned. for
details on both releases.
Jingle Bells, you all smell
Powerful to the max, Buffy.
Hey, what's this with The State
News Reader Representative?
Can't the guy find anything else to
th do.? Then again, he'll probably have . e his haoos busy with the four phone
calls a week the paper gets (three of I! !!' i![;!jjj~~;jj~j )! !!!!!!!!;; !;.,.'= ~~~~~~E~u·s .
$300,000-We-Get From-The-UnlverWelcome
back, drinkers of
pond scum and returners of rotten
X-mas gifts! They tried, but they
couldn't get the ole Provoc softened
up with all that holiday cheer
- wait a minute, what do you mean
enough with the holiday harrangue?
Why you johnnie-comescrooglles,
take this ...
While most of us got new Ninja
turtles and real working ray guns to
torture the cat with, guess what MSU ·
chasing tailback Blake "Fun, Fun, Fun
'til the Judge Took My Freedom Away~
Ezorgot? ·
·Give up?
electricity generated by one lightning
bolt could power a city the size of St.
Louis for one week, or all the hair
dryers in a sorority house for nearly
ten minutes.
sity-And-The-Real-Cheap-R~nt-T oo
Voice is spending 04r money in the
right places.
I mean, it is good to know, isn't it?
Well, ISN'T it?
Aw, hell with youse.
As a mean-spir~ed tyke (not Teke;
I've never had a girlfriend with an IQ
of 30 or below, a corduroy hat, or
puke in my bed), I find it incredible
that East Lansing residents old
~nough to drive aren't up In arms over
the big improvements planned by the
city council!
·Afterall, it Isn't as if the city needs
a new ordinance prohibiting parking
on part of our property, the wonderfully
generous and understanding
council already allows us to park on a
3x3 square foot area next to our
homes, between 1 and 1 :15 p.m., if
there is no snow, our car is brown
without any decals or racing stripes, '
the engine does not exceed 60 cubic
lnche5, and we don't engage in any
acts that would be deemed improper
by ·both the Roman Catholic and
Eastern- Orthodox church.
Seems reasonable.
Needless to say, in about a
decade (when I can drive) I plan to
parallel park on the nearest reproductive
organ of whichever city council
member I can catch cro5sing the
street too slow.
Assuming, of course, that they are
so equipped.
It's great now that Penn State has
joined the Big 1 o (which Is now the
Big 11 with the invisible one).
Sure, it opens all sorts of options
for those youngsters trying to buy
bOoze; with the invisible one they can
say they're Big 20 year olds, and' give
me my damn booze.
Now John Langeloh's felony case
for running a blind pig moves to circuit
You might say it got kicked
Maybe he should have punted,
and taken the misdemeanor plea
Feeling Provoc-ish? Send your
offerings (along with your State News Tax
Refund) to tlu! Provoc at the uR-1' s
Gunson Street offices. All submissions
will be subseqwmtly prinled or lost,
whichever comes first. Have at it!
.. ... . · .. ·.·.·.·.·.·. ·.·.·
·_:_:_:_:_·_·:·:·::·~:}/}}):\\}~::~:~{)::\:~:~::~::::::: .·:·:·:-:·:.:-:-:·:-:-:-: 1111
it.1111 . ..
.. .
.·.·.·.·. ·.·.·.·.·
. . ... . ... .
. . . :-:- :-:-: -:-:<:::: . . . :-: -:-: -:-:.: ·:-:·:-:-:-:-:- ·. . .·.·.·.·. :-: :
/vi@w$.::-r>.:o. :: rrtt.lvi~:,: :-:
•-:l:@inm:~nt::§~9ti,::::::::§9 : e1.1m:e:::~P: ~~~::::::
·:::. . :: J~m, · t.'19lrn~$.J·::.:: .::- . . . . . . . ··.· ·.- .'-.·. ·.·.·.· . .... . .............. :<<<<<<<·>:-: -:.:- :-:···
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