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Sub Pop label
The Green Door
Viewer Mail
Dr. Andrew Barclay
Out and About
Reviews - Rush "Presto"
Entertainment - "Driving Miss Daisy"
Date: January 24, 1990
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What's new and exciting? Just this entertainment-packed ~w:.rl~U
24 January 1990
·Vol. I
MSU's alternative
truly independent
What's shak in·:
Dr. Sex awaits your questions...
- • What's Op ...
• Out & About. ..
• Scratch Dog Boy ...
• Let us Entertainment you ...
• Biting Provoc returns ...
Alternative label making waves Jack Endino might then be called
the house producer. Pavitt said
Endino is very important to what
they're going for as a labef.
uR-1 Music Correspondent
"The sludgefest continues with
Nirvana on Sub pop!•
Lately, more often than not, DJ's
attribute songs not only to the band,
but when it comes to Sub Pop, they •
also attribute the label.
Sub Pop the label and Sub Pop
the bands have risen to new heights in
the college music scene over the last
. . ...
. .
.. · · ···-···-··
... . . ..
. . .. .. . . :,: -: -:-: -: -
... ·· · ·· ·· · ·
:-: -:.:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-
·· ····· · ···,· .. . ...
. . ;,:-: -:-:-
.. ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·. ..
.. ..
. ........... .........
. . . . . . ::/\}}}}~~>>~~/~:
. .
.. .. ·-· -:·:-:-:-: -:-:-: -:-:-:-:-:-: . . . . .. . . . ..
. . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . .. . .·.·.·.·.·.· . . ·.· .... ·.· .. . ... .
Bruce Pavitt, co-founder of the
label, said that a lot of Sub Pop's
records compliment each other much
like 4AD or Sun. •
"If people enjoy Mudhoney,· said
Pavitt, "they might also enjoy Tad or
Nirvana or the Afghan Wigs for that
Many people have come to the
conclusion that all Sub Pop bands
sound the same. Of course the same
thing has been said of Sun Records,
4AD, and Motown.
'When you're working from a
our host, TIM PERFITT
strong regional base; said Pavitt, "you
have to consider the fact that these
musicians are going to be very familiar
with 8ach others' work. There's a
rapid exchange of ideas there.
'We're tryin' to find bands that
have a unique style but that work well
with the other groups, and as such, I
think there is a self-perceived movement
of sorts."
Sub Pop follows classic labels like
Sun in other ways too. They have both
a house studio and a house art
·1 think he is the best producer in
the Northwest," said Pavitt of Endino.
· "I think he's one of the best producers
for rock'n'roll in the country, and that's
why we use him."
Sub Pop is also a very regionally
based label. Pavitt said that working
with bands from the Seattle area is a
top priority.
"Our main objective is to work in a
very close-knit way with local musicians,"
said Pavitt. "I'd rather be able
to go over to a musician's house and
See POP, p.1
Open up to Lansing's
The Green Door
BEHIND BARS is a new feature
· of the uR-1 that strives to introduce
folks to the bars of Lansing. Our barnone
correspondent Tim Parfitt will
regularly check in with his report card
for the lesser-known and more unique
bands of the adjoining Lansing area.
In his first installment, Parfitt looks
blearily at the Green Door.
Wednesday night. 10 p.m.
No homework, but even if I did
have some I wouldn't feel like doing it.
The Muse Brothers had just
It was midnight, and Rick's wasn't
worth the three bucks - especially on
Greek night.
Oh, God no, destined to the
barren wasteland of The Riv.
Thinking that there must be an
alternative, something besides just
sitting and drinking then avoiding the
cops on the way home .
The Green Door tempted us with
live music and no cover
· Only later did we realize that they
also had table shuffleboard .
Toys played thejams for the
crowd of about 8, including two people
that looked old enough to be my
. parents.
• •
And they were necking in the next
But there was beer! The $4. 75 for
a pitcher made it harsh, but Labatts
made it worth it.
Toys made for an interesting
show. The band blew through Tina
Turner songs, as well as a Sade
cover. Slick, very slick.
The also did a cover of Soul Man,
complete with synthesized horns; It
was fun if you kept a sense of humor
about it.
Two guys in the back were
obviously having more fun (and more
beer) than we were, being that they
were shouting requests to the band in
the middle of songs.
The sign on the wall said they play
every Wednesday thru Sunday, and
from how they sounded, they must
have been doing it for a while.
The Green Door is not a place to
go if you already have something ·
better to do. But if your date that is
open to new experiences, or you're
bored on a weeknight, try it out.
It really can be fun .
And if it isn't, shuffleboard is every
~~r~rayal sh~~Jd drive F!~!l!J2~Q.10 ~~bffiQ~9eg~rh.
Dr1v1ng Miss Daisy Driving Miss Daisy is the story of characters have a Cocoon sense of chemistry that is created between
..... Directed by Bruce Beresford
~ Written by Alfred Uhry
uR-1 Cinema Correspondent
It's time for us young 'uns to learn
a few things from the old folk.
Those old folks are Jesaica
Tandy (Cocoon), Morgan
Freeman (Lean on Me) and, believe
it or not, Dan Aykroyd (Dr. Detroit),
the stars of Driving Miss Daisy, the
film adaptation of Alfred Uhry's
Pulitzer-winning play.
"But I don't want to go see a
movie about old people!•
Wise up, Junior. Michael J. Fox is
all well and fine. But, if you really
want to know a thing or two about
life, you have to tum to your elders. ·
Just ask your Grandma
(Junior goes off to ask his
Elvis ate mucus the most, but
he never left snot for me! Right,
Flavor Flav? That's right you
snivelling readers, the ole Provoc
is ready to unload on an undeserving
public (with some help
this week from a far-sighted
Provoc tan at 427 E. Akers, who
wins a year's subscription).
Anyway, enough with the unpleasantries,
and feast your colon
on these •••
In the world of sports and football
and important developments, word
has it Bud Light has been using
steroids and is now Bud Heavy.
a 72-year-old Jewish widow (Tandy)
and her chauffeur, Hoke (Freeman),
a black widower in his 60s. At first, ·
Miss Daisy resents Hoke, believing
him to represent her inability to drive
(old age and accidents has led the
insurance company to label her a
very high risk). A very persistent
Hoke tries to break down her
resentment, and over the 25 years
the film spans, builds their relationship
into one of friendship and
respect. _
The action takes place in the
South concurrent to a time or tunnoil
and great advance in regards to
racial attitudes. Prejudices concerning
both blacks and Jews are
examined with honesty and sensitivity
as Miss Daisy and Hoke's
friendship lead each to feel the
others' pain when confronted with
bigotry. The film handles issues of
· magic but, at the same time, the film
shows that they are as wlnerable
as anyone else.
Morgan Freeman already has won
the coveted Obie for his onstage
portrayal of Hoke Colburn. With this
film, It could very will be time for him
to win an Oscar. He has made
Hoke into a most memorable
character, full of wannth, sensitivity
and humor. Fonner Easy Reader of
The Electric Company, Freeman
has proven his acting skills in such
films as Lean on Me, Clean and
Sober and Street Sman. With
Driving Miss Daisy, he may at least
be properly rewarded for. his work in
At the age of 80, Jessica Tandy
shines in the role of Miss Daisy,
displaying all of the life and energy
that most people show at 20. Ths
fim makes It easy to see why she is
herself and Freeman is perfect.
Tandy, too, should be a strong
Oscar contender.
Dan Aykroyd pops in now and
again as Miss Daisy's son Boolie:
Aykroyd's screen present is huge;
this, unfortunately, is because he
has become quite fat. His acting is
stiff and lifeless. Look for a GOOD
supporting performance from
Esther (Good Times) Rolle playing
the part of Miss Daisy's maid.
The fact that Driving Miss Daisy
originally was written for the stage in
no way hinders the film. On the
contrary, after seeing the film, it's
hard to imagine how it ever could
have been a play. The material
lends itself to the vehicle of film
perfectly, while the film does the
material justice. And in the end, we
get a charming, entertaining film
(and a good bunch of wisdom). ·
Pleasant I'm ·not, so eat snot
Ben Johnson is training them.
You know where my diaper
money is going.
FLASH: O ye of little savvy ... hate
to be the bearer of bad news, but
these cutesy little vinyl boots (an
industry supported by the fathers of
millions of Greek clones around the
globe) just don't cut it. Boots should ·
be worn but not seen; those things
have been blinding people for miles
Same goes for those oversized
mens' shitkicker boots. Real men
don't need boots; they've got their
masculinity io keep them wann
(read that in the Playboy my older
brother stashes behind the toilet
paper - you know, the one that
crackles when you open it).
Hey, being closer to the ground
than t~e rest of you, I notice these
. Speaking of football and real men
(real big men that is), I'm hoping
George takes the money and rolls to
the Jets.
In fact, with all the criminals in the
New Jersey-New York area, Geo
should be able to field a great team.
With good behavior, they should
get out by the third quarter, brudder.
Ifs good to see that The State
News, MSU's Kinda-Notso-Golly, gee,
Don't-Hassle-Us Wimper has advocated
a thorough search for an athletic
director after already saying Georgie
should get the job.
Nice to see that they stood up to
make a stand.
Then stepped back.
Then fell on their face.
And of those others hangin' tough,
I can't wait 'til my favorite band, The
New Kida on the Block, to reveal to
their adoring pre-pubescent public that
they got their song title not from their
way of living, but from a particularly
tenacious snot.
Predictions for the 90s (from our
green Akers contributor):
Tuition will be increased yet again
so John Di can have an all-over tan
and sand in his brandy snifter.
The Bush family dog becomes
preggers, is afraid to tell George and
Barbara so has an abortion paid for by
Medicaid. It shows up on the OVal
Office Medicaid bill.
Controversy erupts.
Jon Bon-jovi splits seams on
stage, nothing shows.
Intense depression after crowd
erupts in iaaghter.
Michigan State becomes technological
university, livestock put out to ·
pasture, no more liberal arts students
Proletarian LCC students take
over the Capitol for 24 hours. Red
scare hurdles us back into Cold War. .
U-M hash bash violently surpressed
by invasion force of U.S.
Marines. President Bush stated that
such tactics were necessary to
prevent the further spread of the Drug
Yes, some jems from the Provoc's
North Campus alter ego. Now change .
your diapers and get out of my crib.
Or I'll be forced to make you eat
some more sand ...
2· university Reporter-Intelligencer 24 January, 1990
From POP, p.1
watch a video and talk about the
But Sub Pop differs from other
labels in a much bigger way than the
music can show. They're trying to take
. the best of the independent labels and
combine it with the best of the major
"I think a lot of 'indie' labels shun
anything that has to do with corporate
strategies," said Pavitt. "On the other
hand, I think corporations are too
large and bureaucratic to keep up with
what's going on on the streets."
Pavitt is also a journalist, and
started a fanzine called Sub Pop. This
is where the record label come from.
"After putting out a number of
fanzines," said Pavitt, "it just gets to
the point where you wanna release
music. So we started putting out some
cassettes and it just kinda left from
:: : .£)1o:rt1 n·U'r:·ott1 .. nu:.:.
.·•••••.•.· • ::·:·:·m~~I:I~~~~ 1~•t• .•J••::~•• .. :•rn•:•:•:~· ::·:·:::·
·. ... . ..... . .. . . ........... .
:: :: :: :: :: :+::: ::::R:~::Q:-~;rn:: :::::::::::::: :::::::::
Call for DAVID at
Experienced Hairstylist
Personal Attention
Patrician's Hair Fashion
East Lansing
NO pay ...
NO trnuel ...
NO benefits!
BUT you can
chicks and
as a (lll00r;;i0
ad eHec! .
Call our
Street offices
351-4899! !
2767 e. Grand River
24 January, 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer • 7
Rush makes
magic with Presto
For Instance, the first sounds on the
first track, "Show Don't Ten·, a primitive
percussion solo, remind the
listener of "Mystic Rhythms· off the
Power Windows album from 1985.
However, much has been changed on
this album in contrast to past efforts.
Rush albums normally serve to
showcase the lyrics and superb
percussion work of outstanding ·
drummer Neil Peart, and the unique
voice of bassist Gaddy Lee, while
guitarist Alex Llfeson's excellent
Students Against.Driving Drunk
and The Residence Hal Is
Present A
18 and over with college l.D.
Energize Your Wednesday Nights
With Dancing and Fun!
This Week:
Big Chief- Ann Arbor
(Sub-Pop Records recording artists)
- ~i°:"("1~~1
I·1'1P1~ .I -
~- 19"FM
guitar work goes largely unappreciated.
This Is what makes Presto outstanding;
Lifeson is at the top of his
game, pounding out solid licks
throughout the album, but especially
on "Superconductor" and some great
acoustic work on the title track, as well
as playing an active backup to L4;le's
Peart's role in Presto has been
reduced from his other efforts. His
best work on this album can be found
on •Scars• and "Show Don't Ten·. His
lyrics, however, are as good as any
previous albums, possibly better.
"The Pass·, which tells of a loner who
contemplates suicide, a •martyr
withqut a cause·. demonstrates the
magical ability of Peart to weave
words and touch the listener: "No hero
in your tragedy/ No daring in your
escape/ Nothing noble In your fate/
Christ what have you done?•
Geddy Lee, above all the others,
drives this album. His renditions of
Peart's lyrics are fantastic, and the
keyboard work is good, but the bass
line is what sets this effort apart from
Lee's other accomplishments. This is
one of the most complex and exciting
bass lines to be recorded in recent
years. This Is particularly evident on
Thurs.Jan.25 ... Madcat Ruth and
Catfish Keith
Fri.-Sat., Jan. 26-27: Souvenir
Tues. Jan.30: .Mike Ridlev
Stallion Burger Special
Stallion burger w/ fries(halflb.
ground.beef w/ bacoo, swiss, cheddar,
onion, lcuuce, and tomato)
Draft and Shot 'O' Schnapps
Thurs. and Sat.('til 10 p.m:)
Onlv $2.99!
101 E. Grand River Ave.
LONDON: Study programs such as Art, Humanities, Social Science, Mass Madia, English Literature, History,
Interior Design and Architecture, Political Science, Fiim Studies, Criminal Justice Journalism Medical
"Scars·. Lee's bass moves the
song, which proves to be one of
the most danceable tunes the
band has ever recorded. Lee
raises his performance up a
notch, and the group takes full
advantage of the improvement
in Presto.
Some of these alterations in
the "Rush formula• could be due
to two changes in production
personnel on Presto. This is the
band's first album under a new
contract with Atlantic Records,
the first change. The band also
hired another producer for this
album. Rupert Hine produces
and adds some minor backup to
Lee's vocals on Presto. Note:
Look for a "Greatest Hits•
release this year to fulfill the old
contract with PolyGram.
If you are a Rush fan, go get
this album - you will not be
disappointed .. All the familiar .
elements of classic Rush are
there: the great lyrics, Geddy
Lee's trademark vocals, and
superior music. If you have
never really been enchanted by
Rush, listen to this album, let
Presto cast its spell on you.
- Brian Marshall
Eat Cheap
•All U Can Eat Coneys
$1.99 Tuesdays noon-9
*Mexican Plate Special $2.00
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All Week Until 9pm
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L Expires 2.1%'4/'to .J
-----.<\---~~ -. -
Ethics, Packaging. Speech and Audiology, Theatre, Nursing and Natural Science' '
SWEDEN: Management, Social Science and Packaging .
SWITZERLAND and FRANCE: Hotel, Restaurant and lnstttutlonal Management and Natural Science
ISRAEL: ·Archaeology, Hebrew and Histoiy of Religion
GERMANY: Mechanical Engineering
IT Al Y: Social Science, Archaeology and Social Work
BELGIUM: lnterna!lonal Relations
CANADA: Social Science
CARIBBEAN: Sociology, International Relations
For Information about Spring Term, Summer Term or Academic Year programs and scholarships,
please send coupon or contact:
108 International Center, Michigan State University,
Eut Llnslng, Michigan 41124-1035 Phone: (517) 353-8920
I -.-.-'
ZU ABB01T aar llegw'1
i:::::-----~~~----~------------~~~-~-----~~- - ~
• • the
24 January, 1990
Precious few words ·of wisdom on issues we
believe can be simpfy and expediently resolved:
@@@ [f ~@ !FJ@ [f~ @@~
~©wo@u u[f@©~@ oIT TJ & Z£@ [f@@o]®ITTJ ~
®~IJ @(W[jg

(]JJ D~ O u[f@@ ~ @ D ITT] [p)@ rru@mm@ ~
®~IJ @(W[jg
get our drift, folks?
· ·: ·.. ·· ..-.- . 1:1::•::::1:1:::::11:tl.:~1•::1'4ioli~~~§ii~¥:1:1:1m.~1F119:1~~t,:n1~1:1:1i:~:r.:c;:f.!!r:: :!• •: · .. ::: ... ;.; .. ; .... _. • ::::;:.: :-: .. : : . · · · ·
············· .· -- ••••·.:··••-·••••·-·::::·:.····:•:•.····· ·_ :·.•-••·-·:::::.::.#·P:#p.μ§~##:•~~fl!tl'fe.f.'ft9.T$m.mr... ..... :• .. ·~;~;~1~·~~.·~r- ··· .-_ . ·: ··· ·.• ·
... •.: . <· ·m·~---.~ lli~kt .. ::: :· :. t>• >>: •.: •. •••..•.:u :u. :A~~~PA~m~1~:~~~#:/U.HY. .. ·: :. ............... ·.-.:..:.:.• >•.. ·~ ~#m#..1. ~#.'rt ..: : / ........ ••. :.. ..• :.•
:'.::::::::: ::::::::::::::: :::.:-::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::: .. . . . .. :·:·:·:·:-;<<·:-:-:-:.:-:-:-:-:-:- ::::::::::::::::::::::::: . . .·.· .· .·.·.·.·.·.· .·.·.·. ·.·.·.·.·.·.·. ·. ·.· .. ·:-::::::::::::::::::::::::.: .... · . '. . . . : : : : ; > :·:·: ·:·:·:·:·-·: :::.'." .. .. ' . . . . .. ...................... ... .
. . . . • . . . . : : : . . . . . . . . : : •:: .... : ::::: : : : :• :: : •:• : .... : : : : : . . . : ::: : : : . :• .·: .>.··Y"·.:'.' i: i_•.t<. :. / . . ... : : . . . . . ... : ........ : .. : ::: .. : : .. . . . . . . . . : : : : . . . .:. . .
•·••-•.•·M·~:¥~~iil~~ 1i;i;~;;,•·-•.•·-•--••·•-·-•-•·-.•·-· ~~;~r=~~~i 11~,l~?~r:t1~~~~ ·.·.·.·.·.. .·.·.·.·.·.·. ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.· .·. ·.·.·.·.· ... ·.·.·.·.·.-.·.-.·.·.·.·.·.·.-.·.·.·.-.· ·.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:::.:.:,:.:.:.:,:.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:.: ... ·.·.· ... ·.·.·.·.·.· ... ·.·.·.·.·.·:·:-;.:.-.:-:·.·.·.·.·.·.· .. .-......... ·.·. ·. ·.·.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .· ··.:_:_:_:_:_: ..... ·.·.·.·. •••-:-: ·.: :: •..·: : r~~ #Rm i~_:_ptj~1!#~~~ :~#!~1:¥:!##~.::~i:~;~i~~~#~,:·~tf:#: :~1:::f:~~r9!.;:••~9.:·:~~~:::~?~•:i~#• !t-:v.ir9tj~.·~9 •-·~~r!:·/:: ::: :· ::: :
6• university Reporter-Intelligencer 24 January, 1990
@G@@®®@@®®~~@@· GG~@®~®®®®
Dig this section, cats and kit- 28: Uptown Band A
tens! Send usaAything_you 29:Rh~hm~nd Blues ,&ANN ARBORA DETR 0 IT
thing we should let folks 30. Capitol City Band ---.--------- ·-----------•
know about, including house 31
: Toys Blind Pig St. Andrew's Hall
parties! Send your notices to Landshark 24 Jan: Catfish Keith, Peter Madcat 26 Jan: Too ~uch FUn Party
our 26-27 Jan: souvenir Ruth and CJ Ch~enier 27: 9-lnch nails
Gunson Street offices. 27
= Mitch Ryder
Another free service of the Rick's American Cafe
24 Jan: The Generators
only paper that cares -. the 25: sun Messengers
IYl mi 0 0 ! 26: The Huntunes
. 27: Jerry Sprague A.E L 28: The Scor All AST ANSING' 39:DanEar1
30: Ted White Band
24 Jan: Big Chief
30: New Music Night
31 : The Hold, The Sinatras
BoarsHead Theater
24-26 Jan: Lion in Winter
29: MacBeth reading
30: Lion in Winter
Connxtions Comedy Club
24-27 Jan: Mike Irwin
30-31: Basil
Wharton Center
24 Jan: Julliard String Quartet .
25: Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
26: Renaud Chamber Orchestra
27: MSU Symphony Orcehstra
30: Kodo: Heartbeat Drummers of
31: Faculty Recital
Hill Auditorium
27 Jan: 13th Ann Arbor folk Fest
;,Jf~ fl M~?
Let Us Help You Out-Come To:
Gary's Campos
Hair Salon
$9.00 Uni-sex hair styling
351 -6511. 549 E, Grand River
(next to Confection Connection)
M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-2pm
Royal Oak Music Theater
1 Feb: Najee and Hiroshima
Moby Dick's
26 Jan: Southside Denny and the
27: Progressive Blues Band
Lili's 21
26 Jan: Cuppa Joe
27: Frank's Sox
Pullum's Place
26 Jan: The Decadence Reggae Band
2 Feb: The Ark Band
26 Jan: Otis Clay
27: The Kinsey Report
24 Jan: Black Onyx
25: Leslie West of Mountian
26: Heaven's Wish
27: Diving for Pearls with .special
guest Heaven's Wish
·.·. ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.· .·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.··.·.·.··.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·,·.· .
• •••••••••••• ·.:· : : . .. _: . :
.. . .
. .. · .... · .·. . •.. -:-:- :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- :-:·:-:-:-: .:::-:-:-:;.j.;.·.·. ..: . ...... :.
:u:::i::H:::::zmi>?-C!~:'r~: :~9:1:::
:u-: uex"f;>./erloenee ·
1 1111111111~~~·
tll~I-~ 11!~11~
;;: :rf1:1s::::1-s:::< <·>>>>>>:.: -:.: -:-:-:.:-: -:-: .. i11:::e::::::Y:::::\:e:: :::::::x.::::::/:J:::.::J::::::::
:11::::i1:i::i:::j:i:::~~~::i<2r~:i ~~::i
4· university Reporter-Intelligencer 24 January, 1990
Names & Faceless
I want to see an article comparing
East Lansing's {or MSU's) two most
famous faces to the student population.
One would be the bearded dude
who rides his bike around collecting
cans; the other would be President
DiBiogio (Hell, I can't even spell his
name!). ·
If a vote was taken, I bet the
bearded guy is seen more often!
Eric Signs
Education Senior
Oh yeah? Take this!
Hey! Why don't you guys lighten
up? Perhaps I'm misinformed, but
did you guys to go MSU just to
graduate and turn around to stab
your alma mater in the back? I think
your paper is counterproductive and
condescending to the average.
What makes you guys the voice of
authority? Maybe MSU and The
State News aren't the most flawless
organizations in the nation, but at
least they're trying to be positive
influences in the community, which
is a hell of a lot more than you guys
could ever conceive of.
I mean, who wants to read a
paper that specifically insults people
and the school they go to {i.e., Geek
of the Week, the Provocateur). I
honestly think it's great students are
offered an alternative voice in the
MSU community, but I wish you
guys wouldn't abuse the power of
having your own newspaper.
-D. L. Lewis
Yeah? Well we don't like the way
you sleep with the family poodle
when you go home for vacation -
when your folks haven't locked you
out, that is •
. Anyway, keep reading, fart-biter.
I had a dream ....
The words you will read below
aren't true, but it's a dream I imagined
the other day.
I was a student at Harvard University
and was elected vice president
of a newly formed group called
Black Unity. Our group wanted to
bring a radical speaker to Harvard.
We picked Bruce Jack~on. Bruce
Jackson was educated in a mysterious
secret African university. He
refused to tell us the location
because he teared the white man
would destroy it.
Bruce was born in America when
the race problem was at Its highest
peak. Jane, Bruce's mother, gave
him to an African king the same day
he began to talk so he could be
educated. After he finished his
schooling, he came back to America
to wake up the masses of black
people who are mentally dead.
Bruce planned to help black people
will his oratory skills; he had a voice
harder than Hitler, more profound
than King and more shocking than
Farrakhan and Malcolm X put
together. His voice was like magic
medicine. He could talk to any drug
addict, dope pusher, drunkard or
any criminal for just one minute and
have them on the right path. Bruce
also could debate with top white
scholars and whip them all with his
When Bruce came to colleges to
give his lectures, he would always
get questions about the mysterious
African school. He talked very little
about the school but would reveal
some astounding secrets about the
school. He said Martin Luther King
used to sneak out of the U.S. to go
to the school. Bruce said the only
reason King could talk so well was
because of the African school.
Bruce also said., "And sometim~ he
didn't even have to go to Africa to
learn. The University would secretly
deliver him aUdio and video tapes of -
professors lecturing.•
When Bruce came to our university,
he talked about some of the
information black people lacked. He
.. . . ..
· - :-:-:-:<:~::: :: :- : .·.·.·.·. ·.· .. .
told us that the black race was the
first race made by God. One
student jumped up and said that his
statement was a lie. Bruce told the
young man to go read the Mendelian
law of genetics. ,
Bruce also told us that white
people will have to be black by the
year 2000 because of the ozone
layer going down and the sun
h~ing the earth. White people will
have to get melanin shots that will
defend them against the sun rays so
when they induce themselves with
melanin, it will change their white
skin to skin of color.
.·.·.·.·.· .·.·.·. ·.·.·.·
.·. ·. ·.·.·.·
·.·. ·.·. ·. ·.·
:-:- :-:-:-:-:
By the end of all the lectures
Bruce gave, he had awoken all the
mentally dead black people and had
them all in school or working. There
wasn't one black person committing
any crimes. Bruce had inspired
many black people to become
doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen,
and so forth. And to top it off,
Bruce had such an effect on white
people that he made them leave us
- Andre Austin
Vice president of AS ONE
·Geek of the Week
Boo hoo. Sniff, sniff, sniff. We feel sorry for you Yer Dishonor Marion Berry~ b~
not sorry enough that you can· escape our Geek o' the Week wrath!
Yes, you led the war against drugs.
Unfortunately, it was by example and you assumed a how:to role.
For shame.
In fact, you may have exchanged your brand of rock to make little rocks - out of
big ones that is. Yes, we hope to see yoll number one again, but only in a line-up.
Well, federal agents may have rained on your parade, but we feel more sorry for
those trying to make a good life in the nation's capitol.
You snowed on their parade.
See you in the showers, Marion.
(nice name, fella)
24 January, 1990 university Reporter-lntelligencer5
Just say no
to blind
I have been so gratified with
reader response to these columns;
people have been coming up to me
right and left to mention an earlier
column and to ask me questions
about my attitude.
"You seem so political; one
young woman said. 'Why are you so
down on Reagan and Bush?"
Another reader noticed that I do
not have a lot of good things to say
about the government in general
and wondered why I am not more
"Our government is trying to make
life better for us all," he said, along
with a bunch of crap about how
people like me have nothing good to
say about anything are obstructionist
liberals who delight in tearing
things down but never have suggestions
about how to make things
Well, number one: How about
writing some of these questions
down and sending them to the ole
Doc? People who have sat through
several courses with me notice that
if people don't ask questions to fill
the question-and-answer period, I
will talk to fill that space; often,
people don't like what the space is
filled with. Get my drift?
Which brings _me, appropriately
enough, to number two: When you
have studied sex for as long as I
have, you will realize that sex and
politics are intimately related. Our
government wants to reach into your
car, your life and your bedroom to
tell what to do and what not to do, I
guess I would not mind that tendency
so much if the people who
were doing it were normal human
beings, but they are n9t. MOst of
the lawmakers want to crontrol you
and mme but are not interested in
applying the same rules to themselves.
Think about some of the major
issues discussed on campus these
days: Abortion, restricting womens'
choices; drugs, restricting
everyone's choices; gay rights,
restricting sex-object choice. Rape
and violence against women shows
how far the men who run this state
and the country are willing to go in
order to intimidate and control more
than half of the population. The only
reason college-age men don1 stand
up against rape is that this violent
act gives insecure men a feeling of
having power over somBOne, even
if it is a frightened woman or anything
smaller and weaker than
If the government or the power
structure of America were interested
in suppressing rape, there would be
no rape. We may think Iran Is a ·
· stone-age culture, but I beg to point
out that women are not raped in_
Iran, at least not by non-government
people. Rape is common here both
in its literal and figurative sense.
What does that imply about the
mentality of our culture?
Now when you start talking about
mentality, you are getting to the crux
of the issue: paranoia People are
so afraid these days that the fear is
obstructing sexual responsiveness.
Fear is like running water; it cuts a
channel through the mind and the
The Good(?) Dr.
lower it runs, the deeper it cuts.
Couple that generalized fear with
the Mentality of No and we reach an
almost total paralysis of the ability to
gratify ourselves sexually.
What is the Mentality of No? It's
Nancy Reagan's ~Just Say No·
campaign, which had to be one of
the most simplistic bullshit ideas
ever perpetrated on the American
public. Ifs the fear that AIDS is everywhere
and we have to be careful
who we touch, how we touch and
what we are touched with. It is the
control freaks restricting womens'
choices in order to be sure that
sexual indescretions will b0 punished.
These are the same people who
always say they hate the idea of
abortion being used as a form of
birth control but, on the other hand, ·
oppose teaching public school kids
how to use birth control. "It will lead
to greater promiscuity," they say.
Wake up, people! There is no
greater promiscuity than eighth
graders using Saran Wrap in place
of rubbers. Kids are not going to
stop having sex because they don't
know enough to be afraid, and often
sex is the only feel-good, loving
place in their life with over-Control-
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . I•the.uR.l'so!n~~-fl lLGJIJ!J~!(lf..·. . . . ._. _____ .· -.··.·-·----·-·---- ___ ________ ____ ______ __ ___ __ at ourGunson Stteefoffiees&
ling parents.
The idea that any country or
government can control the moral
choices of its people has been
shown to be fallacious over and
over again. Prohibition never
worked to reduce alcohol consumption;
it only made money for the
Capones or the Mafia and, not at all
coincidentially, the G-Men. ·
Of course, the police love what's
going on today because it means
they can get more and more money
at the expense of supporting human
programs. If you don't believe me,
just write to Jamie Blanchard and
ask how it is that we are spending
more money on corrections than we
are on social.services or mental
health. All over the country, it's the
same: Put people in jail, don't try to
deal with problems created by our
government, whose members think
they are better than you or I.
If you lied, cheated and stole as
much as this government, what
would be done to you? I can assure
you, you would be in jail today (a lot
· like Jim Bakker) or going to jail
(Leona Helmsley or Zsa-Zsa), not
going off to Japan to receive a $2
million bribe for all the good things
you did for their auto industry.
Can you give a party and have .
200 friends over to share a keg?
They can at the Governor's Mansion.
If "Just Say No" is such a
good idea. why doesn't the government
say no to alcohol at White
House parties? Why are we paying
a subsidy to tobacco growers in
Virginia and busting pot growers in
Oregon? Big government made up
what little mind it has that taking
politically dangerous, psychoactive
drugs is bad for you - so you're
going to jail.
Don't get me wrong; I really am
glad we have become more conscious
of not driving drunk because
_the damage alcohol does on the
road and to families is hard to
minimize. What frosts my mug is
the stupidity and anti-humaneness
of the control freaks who are
(naturally) in control right now. All
the recent uproar about drugs has
done is raise the price of mindaltering
substances while promoting
the two most dangerous drugs,
tobacco and alcohol.
over-control ruins everyone's life
because it reduces human contact.
What does it mean when you can get
. more years in jail for having anal
intercourse with your lover than for
fucking a cow? Think about it. Then
write me a letter. Better yet, write
Jamie a letter and send a copy to me.
the Provoc is on p. 8
this week.
He started acting real
funny and unpure
after sharing a page
with Dr. Sex, so ...
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