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Medical Care for underprivileged lags
Viewer Mail
Dr. Andrew Barclay
Reviews - Grammys, "Roger and Me"
Entertainment - Pickle Brown Betty
Date: January 31, 1990
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Gherkins! Get yer gherkins!... p. 8 ·
31 January 1990
Vol. I
MSU's alternative
truly independent
What's shak 1 n':
Fire awayl
Dr. Sex fields your questions...
p. 5
•What's Op ...
•Scratch Dog Boy ...
•Review ...
• Let us Entertainment you._..
• Biting Provoc returns ...
p. 7
p. 7
p. 6-8
Poor service?
Medical care for underprivileged lags
uR-1 Special Correspondent
Does society's upper class receive
better medical treatment than the middle
Even if you have insurance . does your
economic standing in general make a
difference in what kind of medical treatment
you will receive?
Possibly yes. according to some re searchers
medical · experts.
Having medical
insurance does not
always insure that
person wiH receive -
the best and most
·extensive medical
treatment available
for a major iHness.
such as cancer.
Sometimes. because
of a patient's ·1ack
of financial ability
to make long-term
medical payments.
a doctor wiJl alter
) "We (the United
States) have always
had a two-JeveJ
health care system,
but it's becoming more and more acCJte
than in the past." said Dr. Tom Tomlinson.
an associate professor in the Center for
Ethics and Humanities in MSU's Life
Sciences department.
The ability to pay - or the perceived
ability to pay - does have an impact on
the form of treatment patients receive.
Tomlinson · said. In a hospital emergency
room. fOr example. "it is not uncommon
for patients' who can't show adequate
insurance to be transported to ... another
emergency room." he said.
However. the time spent traveling to
another hospital may be the ·extra time
needed to save the ,patient.
An article published in the New Eng land
journal of Medicine titled. "Social
and Economic Factors in the Choice of
Lung Cancer Treatment" indicated patients
were treated more extensively if
they · had private medical insurance
rather than Medicare. This non-medical
variable seemed to affect the amount and
type of treatment a patient would receive,
the study stated.
E. R. Greenberg, author of the study.
said cancer patients with private medical
· chances that the treatment wiU cure the
patient against the cost of the treatment
both to the patient and the hospital.
This pressure to save money foJJows the
doctor to the bedside and puts them in an
uncomfortable position. Tomlinson said.
"On the one hand. they are obligated by
, their traditional ethics to be concerned
only with the welfare of the patient.· . he
said. "But. on the other hand. (they are)
under pressure to control costs ... becom ing
agents of the hospital or social policy
that is trying to
contain health care
"The physician
who regularly produces
lots of costs is
going to come under
scrutiny by the
hospital." he said.
But Denny Lar son.
a publfc relations
for Blue Cross and
Blue Shield of
Michigan. said he
thinks "the twoleve
l health care
system probably
went on somewhat
uR-1 illustration/BUNKY CORRIGAN .with the (insur ance)
programs in
the past... but now we have reimburse ment
on diagnosis" to make things more
insurance were more likely to be treated
with possibly curative surgery. Among
those who did not have surgery. people ·
with private insurance were more likely ·
to receive radiation. chemotherapy and
other cancer treatments.
Greenberg's study dealt with lung
cancer because the goal of the treatment
generally is just to lengthen the patient's
Jife in absence of a cure. Surgery and
radiation therapy each entail prolonged
hospital treatment and considerable
expense; these factors may discourage
their use by patients who lack adequate
medical insurance. the study indicated.
The physician. then. must w:eigh the
The question of cost creates an ethically
moral conflict for physicians.
Tomlinson maintained.
"Unfortunately, sometimes that pres sure
produces decisions that go against
the patient's best interest." he said.
While caught in this ethical dilemma.
some doctors try to get aiore money for
their patients by reporting false diagnoses
or by misrepresenting the condition
or treatment. Tomlinson said.
See POOR· CARE, p. 2
·~. 111a1t11t1t11-•~1awr.•1•1-11
That's Skary!
Pickled Brown Betty brings their unique sound to EL.
uR-1 Music Correspondent
It's your worst mother-induced
nightmare. It's that eyer-familiar
unpopular childhood dessert, with a
malignant twist.
It's Pickle Brown Betty -
dessert gone bad.
'We're not going to change the
name; said guitarist Bill Zoyes. "It's
supposed to grow on you, sort of like
athlete's foot:
With three practices and one
show under their belts, Pickle Brown
Betty is not yet a household word.
Having been together only two weeks.this
pickle is really still only a gherkin.
Pickle Brown Betty, which consists
of Zoyes, vocalist/mover Scott
. Russell, bassist Sean Shadomy,
brassman Bill "Mr .Horns" Turner,
percussionist Steve Tomsik and
drummer Jacques Duskin, has
already stirred-up quite a following,
after only their first show at Zolton
House Jan. 20.
And they owe it all to the unifying,
Greetings, salutations and
·general ill-will to you, ya conformist
snotrags. If last week's Per/es
decision didn't pull your lntenstines
into shit-knotting balls, we've
got a few of our own digestive aids.
So pull out the umbrella and cover
that dandruff-ridden bald head of
yours, becauu the Provoc's back
to rain on your pa~e •.•
Thoughts collected while scouring
Pinball Pete's floor for stray
quarters and peeks up passing
· aw9-lnsplring and all-encompassing
word that skanks through their veins:
"Ska, it's what it's all about,• said
Russell. 'We want to take it back to
its roots, to· just skanking, and have
some fun with that."
As the only ska band in East
Lansing (to their knowledge), Pickle
Brown Betty hopes to bring together
the separate band/groupie factions
that seem to have become the rule in
this town.
"Ska is basically about unity; like
·especially black and white unity; said
.Tomsik. "It doesn't matter who you
are - anybody can like our music:
"Race isn't a matter; adds
Shadomy. ·on the East Coast (at s~
mod shows), you've got black skinheads,
white skinheads, you've got
black mods and white mods, rudies,
all different types, not beating each
other up but bas'ically skanking and
having a good time:
A good time, afterall, is what it's
all about.
"If it stops being fun,· said Zoyes.
'We'll stop.·
With tastes running from Box car
Wiiiy and George Clinton to the Red
Hot-.chilll Peppers, Shinehead, '.. .
AshbOne, and current East Coast
mod/ska bands like the Now, Pickle
Brown Betty puts on a show that's
sure to please the whole family. Their
current set indudes some originals
and such covers as Clinton's "Get Off
Your Ass and Jam; and Ozzy
uR-1 photo/BETH CARTER
Osbourne's "Crazy Train,· sounding
like it was meant to be sak all along.
They've even gone so far as to dig the
Skatalites "Freedom Sounds" from
Come and s·erve yourself up a
piping hot slice of Pickle Brown Betty
this weekend at 418 M.A.C.
But please, be prepared to dance.
Week in, week out - I have to shout!
skirts •••
Either video games are getting
easier, or you genetic defective bozos
playing them are getting more stupid.
In my video heyday, we blew
space aliens into cosmic bits and
squished the green guts out of
Frogger on Grand River's electronic
twih. Nowadays, the big thing is to
save the Princess.
Let the slut Princess save herself!
Hasn't Nintendo heard of Women's
Lib? I expect blood, guts and gore for
my hard-earned quarter!
Better yet, maybe the Board of
Trustees can save her. They seem to
be MSU's resident experts on blood, .
guts and gore.
According to my idol and rumored
father George Carlin, there are 15
million yards of cattle farts yearly (they
know by figuring the amount of feed
they're given).
How much is the National Fart .
Reader getting paid to tabulate the
flim-flam-fllllttts of livestock? Does
MSU have its own Lifestock Fart
Reader? Is George Perlas his boss?
Better yet, brudder, Is George Perlas
included in the stats? (One too many
brewskis in the locker room with
Blake, perhaps).
I guess the life expectancy of a
mechanical fart reader couldn't be
much longer than the time MSU IDEA
lasted. And how does it read those
Silent but Deadly bombs·that overwhelm
you during a lecture?
Inquiring minds want to know.
And another thing: You know that
corner where you drive into Cedar
Village off Bogue Street? Haven't you
wondered how long it'd be till someone
pulling out got hit? You can't see
to pull out, or so says my personal
chauffer. Not to mention that the line
of sight is always blocked by a gumchewing
blonde pulling pebbles out of
her ~ shoes, or a phlegm-hawking,
honest-to-God evolutionary throwback.
As for me, I can't even see over
the damn dashboard.
Speaking of cars - Greek letters
and symbols on the rear window are,
as far as I'm concerned, an open
invitation that says, "Run me off the
road!" At least, that seems to be the
loose translation.
<·>: ·:·:· >: ·:·: -:- :.: -:.: .. .... :>~<<<:>)< ..... . ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.· .·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·. . . ... . ·.·.·.·.· .·.·.·.·.· ·.·.· ·.·.<·:
····~·· ::::::::::mw111:va4~::i:c
2· university Reporter-Intelligencer 31 January, 1990
From POOR CARE, p. 1
·And." Tomlinson added.
"that's not a good thing."
About 37 million people in
the U.S. today are without
health insurance. Beyond
that. millions more with insur ance
falsely believe the business
or economic side of their
troubles already have been
settled in case they become
seriously ill.
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31 Januaq(, 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer• 7
Roger B!Jd Me
Roger and Me
"'W Directed by Michael Moore
~ Written by MlchMI Moore
uR-1 Cinema Correspondent
Roger and Me is a b"ing satire on
American society. Michael Moore,
director and producer of this "celebration
of human tragedy; pulls no
punches. No one is spared in this
merciless lampooning of a world in
which the rich get richer and the poor
become destitute.
Moore's rage against a com passionless,
self-serving society is given
vent in this semi-documentary on th~
closing of the General Motors factory
in Flint, which resulted in the loss of
more than 30,000 jobs.
The film is narrated by Moore,
letting us follow his search through a
series of exclusive dubs and "martini
lunches" for the general manager of .
GM, Roger Smith, in an attempt to
discuss the plant's dosing. Along the
way, we are introduced to a kaleidoscope
of characters.
Moore Is by no means championing
the workers. RatheF, he perceives
the injustice of the system but relentlessly
shows no pity for its victims,
who accept the plant's closing as a
"fait accompli" and get on with the task
of surviving.
The corporate world, represented
by Tom Kay, rationalizes GM's
decision to close the fadories by
maintaining that big business does not
have an obligation to its workers.
Ironically, the same big business ethic
that destituted so many workers is
touted as the solution to Flint's
problems. Get up and do something,
Anita Bryant advocates from her safe,
affluent world.
The film Is full of real people.
Moore has strung together interviewswith
hundreds of people who tell the
story of Flint in their own words.
Through careful editing, Moore has
allowed these people to damn themselves
in this satirical masterpiece.
. Moore's satire has all the subtle
manner of a sledgehammer. He
interviews the Michigan beauty queen,
who - against a backdrop of
boarded-up shops and unemployed
loiterers - flippantly dismisses the
problems of the city and asks the
people to root for her In the national
beauty pageant. _ ·
Moore also speaks with an ex-GM .
worker who now has become a prison
guard. The guard protests loudly,
over the background noise of prisoners
threatening to kill each other, how
much better his new job is.
In his anger and Impotence against
what is occurring around him, Moore
strips these survivors of any dignity
with a black humor.
Moore does not overtly condemn,
but rather allows his carefully constructed
picture to speak for Itself.
Scene after scene of appalling poverty
and fabulous wealth are juxtaposed
against each other. To the strains of
'Wouldn't It be Nice· and "I'm So
Lucky," we view the harsh reality of a
Although it is obvious Moore has
carefully edited his reality, often doing
an injustice to his subjects, the
audience can only share his outrage
as millions of dollars are spent on
making the town a tourist attraction,
while the unemployed are reduced to
selling their blood to the local blood
The cinematography of Roger and
Me is amateurish, but don't be
distracted by the jerky camera swings
and out-of-focus shots. They serve to
heighten the humor and contribute to
the general picture of a desperate
man driven to extremes to tell his
story. Some of the scenes of wealth
are filtered, providing a fantasy effect
that contrasts with the sharply focused
pictures of poverty. ·
Moore presents a completely
unvarnished picture to the world.
Moore's search for Roger ends at a
Christmas party in Detroit when,
against the background of Roger's
message of charity and kindness, we
see a black family being evicted from
their Flint home.
Roger and Me is an ironic look at
cor'porate America. Moore is the selfappointed
Hunter S. Thompson of the
screen. Like Thompson, he features
in his own work and makes vituperative
attacks on society. Moore rips
away the veil shrouding the myth of
the American success story and
shows the underbelly of big business.
He bludgeons the audience with a
reality that you can only laugh at
because it is all too real.
What he says may be true, but his
excess must lose him credibility in a
country that needs to believe in the
corporate system and with people who
have built their business ethic on
success and survival of the fittest.
... ... ·..: .. /<:/:::: ........
~ gfl&~ ,7~~
t~tt;~~\'.~: ..·.. .
. : : : .... ~ ....... : ... : : ... : ........ ... ........ ....
:}/·:;.:· . .. · ... · ·~e~ ·' ~'ie .
. . ~'l>,\~.. ~,~'6,,. " ~~\
~'~ ... ~~~ ~50~'1. A\
~~"': x~\LI'\~"' ... ;
.. . ~tJ.~ .... ~e ~.. . .... "
e .
Thanks, I
By George!
Happy New Year, George Perlas. And for that fT!atter, Bon anniversaire for the
·next ten years.
You got everything you wanted: Athletic Director, MSU Football, More Money,
assurance that you can draw NFL offers whenever you want, More Money (eventually),
and confidence knowing that yoLJ will have the Trustees in the palm of·your -
hand for the rest of your natural life.
But this time I think someone's gotten wise to your disgusting power grabbing
tactics. Like the states of Michigan, New York, and the entire NCAA community -
blemishing the reputation of MSU forever. Congrats.
Anybody who was coming to this university for a good education and career
experience (Not Student Rate Season Tic!power play has reduced MSU from a fine research institution to a stereotyped
tobacco chewing, know-your-priorities bunch of hicks who hold football in higher
regard than a valued degree.
Well, Mr. Perlas, you'll never have to worry where your next loud tan sports coat
is coming from -'- it's on the losers that totally ignored the deafening screams
emanating from Cowles House, and the pearly whites of President John DiBiaggio.
Yes, those Trustees who decided the sad fate of our university in a closed
meeting, allowing no opinions outside theirs to be voiced. We're sure they can ·
estimate our feelings, right? What, you don't like the fact that your college's image
has been tarnished by a group of people that graduated twenty years ago? Who
needs education? Not the Trustees, they just want to insure that they'll be able to
walk the sidelines with pride as we 1) Rout Northwestern or 2) Lose another "tough
game·. _
· So tefl us Mr. Perlas, how did all this terrible information get out? Who's does your
·PR, Union Carbide or Exxon?
Out, Out, Out
It's all said and done, so rather than
repeat the numerous and highly justified
crit icisms of the five MSU
trustees who catapulted George
Perlas into the A.O. slot and MSU
into a national laughingstock, we
have only one thing to say:
Recall those trustees, and
recall them NOW.
The issue isn't whether George
can handle the A.O. position,
because we all know his staff will
run the office while he basks in thE;)
glory of "I Told You So: The issue
here is that students, faculty and
alumni asked the Board to hear their
voice and, in essence, were told to
take the proverbial long walk off a
short green and white plank.
It's that simple. Call recall coordinator
Dennis Martell and volunteer
to take the petitions door to door.
Scratch your name on one as you
leave the Main Library or Union.
But most of all, let those five
bozos know you've had it by yanking
them off their golden thrones and
dumping them on their asses where
they belong.
1 L0'1E '{OU
"lf...\1S W1LlMAKE
24 January, 1990
•- •• •••·•••• _<: · ·· · •. :I-tie urfivers.ity·F{tiporter:1:nl'el1lsien:cer-::· ·: ::-: ......·.. :::.::. : .
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-::::::::::: -::::::::: ::: .. -.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·. ·.·.·· ... ;· ,· .· .· .· .··
•••• <•<< <•<• ·- ·.· •:•·M]X filrifk ...... .. . .·.· .... . .
··········••·· ·······:··········
.. ..
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :-:.:.:-:-: -:-:-:-:-:- :-:-: :- :- .. . .. . . . . . ffi~hasih9 eClitof..
••••·•••• $~#.P.b#.#~~·-·~~itt••·· ..
'.{{:>:<<< ~::: ~: ~:;: ~: ~: ~::::: ~ <: >:: :: : : : : :::: : :::: : : ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::->: : : : : : : : : : : : :
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6• university Reporter-Intelligencer 31 January, 1990
these bookend honors have lost their
luster by being awarded to either the
year's pop darlings or any of the
warmed-over stars of yesteryear.
jewel tarnished
the nominees are ... Prince, Bonnie the Block as combatants. I didn't
Raitte, Don Henley, The Fine catch the title of the award but I think it
Young Cannibals and The was the "20 Million Girls Stain Their
Travelling Wilbury's. Pants Award".
Is this an award for the best Unfortunately we have more of
album or is it the"Most Million Made for the same to contend with at this years
Last year was the final straw for
many people when Jethro Tull took
Best Heavy Metal honors over
Dave Metallica. There was also some good
Weier old-fashioned tittering and guffawing at
------------- a clean-shaven Sinead O'Connor.
a Multi-National Conglomerate Award"? Grammy's. I often wonder how the
None of those bands had THE Best public can condone this musical mis-
Album. trial, how much can they take? Then 1
. How about the Best New Artist remember this is the same public that I ; ; ; ! tl•••••••••••• I ~~:;~!~~~::~:~:!",~: ~ Award? We have Milli Vanilli, the embraced Cabbage Patch Dolls and
Indigo Girls and Soul II Soul as the Coca-Cola sportsware.
nominees. If last week's American · I think 1~·11 watch the 1990 Mother-
Music Awards are any indication, it'll be Daughter Beauty Pageant instead.
gram·o phone n. - a
Gram ·my n. - a gold-plated
booby prize.
Can we expect an improvement a Nasty Vanilla taste that's left in our
this year? No sir'ee Bob, not in a year mouths (they had won at least two Peter Gabrlel - Passion • too
high-lit by new releases and re-union Amy's before 1 dozed off). 'O controversial (Last Temptation
tours by the Dinosaurs of Rock. While Soul II Soul deserves the Q) of Christ).
Who would have ever th.ought to award, they just aren't pretty enough to ~ >. Bongwater - Double Bummer •
Spark the Klieg lights and shine see a year with the Bee Gees touring win. 0 .s:;, too independent.
the sequins, it's time for the music at the same time as the big Tone- At the American awards, the Silli .Q 3:: Marty Wiison-Piper - Rhyme•
industry's crown jewel, the Grammy'sl Loc/Milli-Vanilli show? Guess we Milli's won over Living Colour and Qi too many strings (12).
Actually it's more like the Rose Bowl, just have to suck it up, and "Blame it on the Traveling Wilpury's for Best New > -g Bob Mould _ Workbook • too
some second rate players vying for the Rain". Artist. And which one of the Wilbury's is O O melodic.
past-tense prestige. Ya know, to look at the Grammy's new anyway, ol' Roy Boy certainly isn't,
The much vaunted Grammy is one would think that it has been quite a he's as dead as their future plans. G>- I Mlracle Legion - Me & Mr. Ray
supposed to be the record industry's sad year for music. The American Awards even had .C • too silly (and who's Ray?)
highest honor in various catagories of Take for instance the top a catagory with the Milli's, Bon Jovi O 0 Baby Ford - Fordfrax • too
outstanding achievement. Recently category, Best Album of 1989, .... and (DUDElll), and TheWorst Kids on _ Q) much acieed!
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4• university Reporter-Intelligencer " 31 January, 1990
Austin II
Most of the things Martin L King
has done· for Black people were
wrong. It's a crime to teach Black
people to be nonviolent with those
who are violent with us. As a Black
man I can't see myself standing by
passively watching Black woman and
children being brutalize by vicious four
legged and two legged dogs. Some
people have the assumption to think
that it's violent to defend yourself.
One of the first laws of self preservation
is self defence. A dog will defend
itself when attacked.
Martin L King also messed up
Black businesses by having Black
people integrate into White Businesses.
When Black people were
allowed to go t<;> White stores we
stopped patronizing Black stores; I
would like to make it clear to Black
people that they can sing all they want
but you will never have freedom by
singing. You will never get freedom
by sin-ging 'We shall overcome· and
"Keep hope alive·. You will get
, freedom when you start loving and
depending on yourselves. God gives
Black people freedom every year, but
we fail to take freedom by spending
our 240 billion dollars we earn every
year to someone who looks nothing
like us. If every Black person contributed
a certain amount of money to a
Black national bank we could send our
own children to colleges. But no we
don't want to do that, we want to beg
the White man for reparations. We
can make our own reparations.
Large numbers of students
assume that to be radical :s to have
marches a~ sit-ins. That's not how I
see radicalism. Radicalism to me is a
deviation from the norm. Seven out of
ten Blacks fail to graduate. If Black 1
people want to be radical then graduate
because that's not the norm.
Peace be unto you,
Andre Austin
The statistics provided by
Mr. Austin cannot be verified by the
Bar Barclay!
To the Editors,
I was extremely offended by the
Andrew Barclay column which
appeared in the January 17,1990
issue of the UR-I. I was also amazed
that, given the outrageous and
obvious deeply sexist images and
language used in that article, and the
UR-l's daim to be a politically aware
and responsible paper, that it was
printed at all.
... ::::\:~/:\(~/? · .. ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.<<·.·.· .. . . ·.· ·.<<:-:::::::::::://.~//:;:;:;:;:;:::::::: .... BIR-II 11111111,I
Consider the following:
Barclay's championing the usage
of pornography when he describes his
need for PIAYboy's "filthy rag· to "get
ofr in the iime-honored male Wa.y· of .
perusing pornographic materials and
the'misogynistic fantasies they inspire
whlJ.e masturbating, and, after presenting
a rambling and incoherent "argument"
about the •anti-human, imperialist"
policies of the U.S. govt., he
.·.·.· .·.·.·.· . . ·.·.· . . ·. :-.· -:-· :- :- -:-·.:- :- :-:-.. :-:-: -:-:-:.:.:. ••:r-1:::::::::: .·
.. . . ·-:-· -: -: :-. .:.:-:-:-: :-:-: :-:-:-:- . ·.·.·.·. ·~· .. ... .
. . ..
... .. . .... . . . .. . . ... .
. . . .
::::::. ·:: !
leaves us all to ponder his "insights•
while he ducks out io the Velvet
Fingers [a porn shop in doWntown
Lansing which specializes in a plethora
of misogynistic sleaze] to pick up .·.· ·:-:-:-:-:·: ··-·- :-·-:·: -: -·-·-:-:-:
·.· .·.·. ·:.·.· .·.·. ·.·.·.·. :,. ·.·.· ·
a couple of new [read: nastier, more
explicit] magazines to replace my [too
"soft1 copy of PIAYboy. • .. . .
.; .·._.· :.;-:-:-: -:-: -:
.. · .· . . ·. ·.·.·.· .·.· .
I also found this statement extremely
offensive: Barclay's admission
that he's "made a career out of
watching John Holmes [a former porn
"star] needing the 'help of four extra
hands to hold his huge dong stiff
enough to shove into some Panamanian
chick who had recently been
getting it on with a donkey.·
..... .. . .... .... .... . .. .... . . . .. .. . . . .. . .... . .. · ·· · · ·· ·······.· ·. ·.·. ·.·.·.·.-.·.·.·.·.· · ...
Pornography is, to borrow and use
more accurately two of Barclay's own
terms, both anti-human and imperialis.
tic: it sanctions male-supremacy and
.domination while it simultaneously
authorizes the depiction of women as
objects to be used and discarded.
Pornography is a crime against
humanity, a crime which takes its toll
on the bodies and spirits of millions of
women worldwide; it must be stopped.
Barclay's attitude shows considerable ·
ignorance and irresponsibility regarding
the causes and effects of pornography,
and it is just the kind of ignorance
which allows, and indeed,
perpetuates the continued usage of
pornography and its disastrous
Surely the UR-I can find better
and more responsible articles than
this to print; and I urge you to discontinue
Barclay's column. There are
innumerable writers in the area who
could present in your pages wellwritten,
well-thought out, and politically
responsible articles on a variety
of important and relevant topics; I urge
you to seek them out.
- Elizabeth A. Gibson
Lansing resident
Geek of the Week
We always liked Wilbur the horse, but unfortunately this Wilbur (Kathy) is
something of a jackass - thereby garnering Geek o' the Week dishonors.
It was her swing vote that gave Georgie the ~ge in a close rise to the top
(you know, like scum on a bacteria-full pond) last week.
Her failure to take a bold stand cost MSU its dignity and reputation.
Sure, she wasn't alone, but we usually count on her for wise-decisions.
This time she copped out, accepting what was thinly-veiled as a compromise.
Hey, we gots another compromise - give us a year to decide if we like
what's happened to our school; if we do, we'll pay tuition. If not, sayonara
Sound good?
Now that's a compromise we can live with!
31 January, 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer• 5
Barclay II !!!!!!!!!!!i!!l@!I!!!!!! ! I
Doc takes a
Q: I didn't have a chance to read
your column from a few weeks ago,
but a friend mentioned you were angry
at Ronald and Nancy Reagan for ·
interfering in your sex life (?) and you
said Bush's invasion of Panama not
only ruined yo1,1r Christmas but also
was trashing your relationship with
your wife. Isn't this going a little far to
' blame someone for what essentially
are your own problems? My boyfriend
and I live together and our sex life
doesn't seem to be suffering from
racism or sexism. How can you
blame your sexual hang-ups on Bush
or former President Reagan's ethics?
What does government have to do
with anyone's sex life?
A: I'm glad you asked that question
because sometimes I forget
everyone in-the world hasn't taken my
courses. My column did link presidential
ethics and my anxiety-ridden,
trashed-out sexuality, but it has to be
seen in the context of how the crap
this society feeds men about ourselves
has ruined our ability to be
either human beings or, not so
incidentally, good lo'!'ers.
First of all, studies have shown
that living together or b9ing in love
has nothing to do with later success in
marriage. Being a lover is more ·fun
· than· being a souse because bonds
between lovers are highly sexually
Barclay's Fjrst Law: If you are in a
relationship that feels wonderful, violin
are playing, and you're walking on air
- someone is lying to you. You are
describing a sexual fantasy rather
than a real relationship be'cause
"screwed up· is what makes a relationship
real. So here you are, living
in your sexual fantasy while your livein's
living in his. In my terminology,
nothing er.asses over from your life to
his, neither of you is touching the
other. When a fantasy gets outside
·:·:·:-:-:-:-:-: -:-:-:-:-:·:·::::::::;:::::::::::::::::;:::::·>-: >: ·>:-:-:-:-:.:-:·:-:-:- :-:- :- :-:-:·:·:· .·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·-: .. ·:-:.;. :.;-·.·.·.
your mind like this, I call it illusion.
In the animal world we can find a
number of species where males and
females bond for life. (Lorenz suggested
this occurs in species where
males and females are of the same
physical size and thus could kill each
other during sexual arousal.) _P.enguin
-bonding rituals resemble human ·
rituals: When the male has found a
female he wants to bond with, he
roots around on the shoreline until he
finds an attractive object, often a
small, but perfect, stone. He picks it
· up in his bill, carries it over to his
intended mate, and places it between ,
her little feet. If the female accepts
him, she picks it up and walks around
the nesting area with the male following
her until she finds the perfect spot
They build their nest over the stone,
soon· it Is filled with eggs, and they live
·happily ever after (of course, they're
Penguins). This is bonding in the ,
animal kingdom and I feel that -until a
male brings a perfect little stone to
····················•·••··••••••••••··••·•·• • ... :·:- :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:·:.:-:-: -: ·:<-::
.. ·.·.·-: -:.:-:-:-:-: -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .·.·-:-: -: -:-: -: -:-:-:- ·-:-:-:-:-:
other (male) politicians oppose your
right to make decisions about your life
and your body. They're trying to force
·their values on you, regardless what
you believe, -because they believe
they are better than yo1;1. How much
does government get into ~
When you find a non-sexist,
liberated male who is willing to give
you a small, but perfect, stone and
you decide to bond with him, your
· ~ marriage will be a primary institution of
a racist, sexist society. It will contain
all the shit-elements of the larger
~ ' society. If a woman cannot earn a
Combat Infantry Badge, how equal
are you going to be in your marriage?
'' • Do you think being second rate is
you and places it between your feet,
you cannot become bonded. Forget
Consequently, when he says, "I
love you,· ask him how much. If he is
like most guys, he will hold his arms
'way apart and say "This much: (If he
points to his crotch and says, "This
much,· drop him right there, start
packing, and move in with your best
girl friend - don't even ask why.) Say:
"No! I mean how much: Five dollars,
fifty dollars, 250 dollars?" I predict he
will say you can't compare love and
money, but pay no attention: "J::law mu.m do you love me?" My guess is,
he will reach into his pocket, pull out
some change and hand it to you.
Count it. That is EXACTLY what you
are worth to him. ·That's real, that's
Talking about sexism being
foisted off on innocent people: Are you
pregnant, what then? Consider the
complex issues involved, keeping in
mind that George Bush and many
:-: -:::::<::: ::::::::::::::::::::.::·:-·-· .
going to affect your sex life or, putting
it another way, are you going to feel
like making love with the person who
is oppressing you?
We cannot sscape from marriage
as a primary institution. This means
all the society's problems will be
reflected in your married life. Until we
pressure the hypocrites running this
society to clean up their act, the
divorce rate will continue to soar and
an extraordinary number of people will
be unhappy in '(heir primary relationship.
. Newsflash for guys from the World
of Science: Recent research has
shown that the increase in multiple
orgasmic frequency reported by
members of the movement for
Women's ljberation was due to
masturbation techniques. Followed in
a s~set of cases by a change in
focus during coitus. Do you think
liberated men might follow a similar
pattem? Multiple ''vaginal· orgasms
for "Liberated Men·? I call that
serious "Hands-on· approach, folks,
get my drift?
Sex appears
weekly in the
· 'uR-1 - your
family problem
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