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Date: February 7, 1990
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Transcript: Let freedom ring! BEHIND BARS releases you from E L ... p. 8
7 February 1990
Vol. I
MSU's alternative
truly independe. nt
~~~ What 'I Shakin':
Ask and he shall receive
Q & A with Dr. Sex... p.5
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p. 7-8
Sally' Perles stands· by her man
uR-1 Managing Editor
Sally Perlas has one certain phiosophy
she lives by.
"My basic philosophy is to judge a
arson for what they really are rather
han with what you think they might
· 0 1" she says. "Get to know a person
efore you really decide whether this
erson is a stereotypical this or a
tereotypical that.•
And with reference to her husband
eorge, who has been the center of
ontroversy and highly criticized since
eing appointed athletic director and _
ead football coach Jan. 24, Sally
ishes others would do the same.
During the past two weeks, Coach
erles has been called everything
rom money-hungry, to disloyal, to
"He is being judged by people who
on't know him; Sally said. "lnspite of
hat some people say, he does love
his university. He is very concerned
bout it ... and that's basically it:
Shortly before George was apointed
athletic diredor,·he was
pproached by the New York Jets, .
hich reports show offered him a $6
illion, five-year coaching contract.
Rumor had it that Coach. P erlas
turned around and issued the University
an ultimatum:
"Either appoint me athletic director,
or I'm leaving MSU to coach the Jets.•
"He never, never said that; Sally
said. "It's totally untrue.•
Jan. 24, in a 5-3 vote, the MSU
Board of Truste'ps appointed Geo_rge
athletic director in addtion to his duties
as head football coach, but with no
pay increase.
The Perlas couple was staying
"That tells you something ... he's not
money hungry," Sally said. "If he was
money hungry, he would not have
stayed at Michigan State. There's no
doubt about that. Believe me, my
llusband's intent is not for us."
Sally also uses the Green Bay
Packer incident to prove her husband
is not in the athletic business for the
In 1988, after the Spartan Rose
Bowl victory, George refused a $1.8
million contract with the Packers. She
said the big-bucks offer couldn't
compensate the lifestyle she and
George had grown accustomed to at
MSU. And that, she says, still holds
'We've traveled around so much ...
and we realize that we're Michigan
. people, and that we love Michigan.·
she said. 'We're not materialistic
people. .
'We're pretty much st'ay-at-home
people. We spend a lot of time at
home in front of the TV with our TV
trays, eating dinner and watching old
movies or something."
The appointment of George to
athletic director, however, has brewed
much controversy on the MSU campus.
Students, faculty and staff who
question the Board's procedure in ·
appointing George to the position, are
accusing board members of ignoring
the university's equal opportunity
policy. Students have protested, but
the board has no plans to reconsider
. its vote.
· "I'm liberal ... I understand people
expressing their opossition," said
Sally, adding George also understands
the public has a right to voice
its opinion and question things.
However, she does not understand
how people can question George's
loyalty to MSU. . ' ,
"He loves this university, l(ke (tf'le
students) love this university; that's
maybe why they're demonstrating;
she said. "But it's also why he wants
to feel he can be Ab and do some
things that he'd like tto get done at this
university .
-John Perlas, Sally and George's 26-
year-old son, says his dad had been
thinking about the position of athletic
director for a number of years:
"He wants to leave a legacy behind,
he said. "I don't see a problem with
"People don't understand that he
wants to influence other sports as
well. I don't think you could find a
better candidate no matter how far
you look."
John SGtid people at MSU don't
completely understand his father's
loyalty to the school because there
are some things they are unaware of.
"What people don't know about is
there have been other NFL teams·
aside from the Packers and Jets that
have appro~ched his father for
coaching opportunities. But that's
something ''you just don't go tell
people," he said.
He declined to name the other
professional teams but said at least
three had approached George, who
kept it to himself, during the past two
"He either knows everybody in the
NFL or they know him; John said.
See PERLES, p. 2
uR-1 photos/
"He is not money hungry. If ~e were mo~ey hungry, he would not be at
Michigan State. Believe me, his intent is not for us ... "
2 • university Reporter-Intelligencer 7 February, 1990
From PERLES, p. 1
As for the turmoil on campus, John
sai~: ·
"Everybody has a right to state their
opinion ... But I believe in my heart he
loves Michigan State ... I know he's
looking forward to following (current
Athletic Director) Doug Weaver's
footsteps. · ·
Sally said what got George the
position was his experience and
organizational skills, not his power.
"My husband Is not powerful; she
said. "Give me a break. Any power
people may feel he gets is from the
media. '
"It is not his power that got him AD.
He is probably one of the most highly
organized people you'll ever meet in
your life when it comes to his job.
"Believe me, he's never bitten off
anything he couldn't chew. If he goes
for something, it's because he knows
he can handle it."
And for the long term?
"I don't think he wants to coach
:::::·i?/8i~!9:f91:iii Ai: :·i: ~!Rk< : :
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O.i O:illi /
:: :::::: ::: '. . ;::::: :::::.z:::::1: 5-: :1 :::: ::::::: >:: : :: :: :: :
)) )))14.~*~f IP:lll §~'J~J~:~ IR :,.;:;: :::;:
d{ a,i/J ll A1e40?
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Gary's Campus
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M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-2pm
orzata, raspberry, mio:',
grenadine, tamarinr,.
Cnstellnn l's
557 E. r Ma r k e t
forever; Sally said. "And he still loves
athletics enough to want to be Involved
and to feel that he can do
something with the experience that
he's had.
"I think he feels that he has a lot to
$5 Off Any Service I
-(of value of $10 or more)
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Next To The Power
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Let's do the Time
Warp again!
Dennis Hopper wasn't there.
Neither was Keifer Sutherland.
Nor were there any cameras
filming a nosialgic look back at the
turbulent heyday of student activism.
Nope, it wa.s the slumbering
giant of a student ·body casting off
the bonds of apathy and crying out
that the Board of Crustees is
running amuck with our beloved
· institution.
Let there be protest, some
Let there be reconsideration,
others shouted.
Let there be a recall, still more
We looked around and our
te\\ow Spartans were up in arms
and angry.
And it was good.
Finally, the Admin Building
saw a throng of students who had
had enough and were ready to
kick and scream about the.way
things are run here.
No student input.
No thoughtful consideration.
No principles.
The students finally awoke and
said a "No" of their own.
NO MORE. - _
Yes, it was good to see MSU
saying: "We know what tim~ it is.
We know the score. We've had
enough and won't take it no more."
Hats off to the organizers and
even more to those who turned
out and really made the rallies and
presentations to the board a
classy, powerful statement.·
But we hope people don't
figure they've done enough.
There will be more issues
where students need the leadership
of our fellows in ASMSU and .
COGS to organize protests. ·we
hope those student leaders are
ready to take up·the gauntlet.
They certainly haven't been for
the past four years, when tuition
has risen, departments have been
razed, and classes ballocined.
But that was then, this is now.
With their new leadership, we
hope student organizations will
continue to help get the proles out
on the pavement and hollering.
The Perles Incident was just
one of many that should have
incited students to protest.
There will be more.
The question is, are we ready
to throw down when we have to,
and will student government lend
their valuable leadership and
We think so.
And it is good.
7 February, 1990
O\ti you 5AY---
, SPAf!\/ f"IJ,J P1xWf:
GOT 'E"~ !
C..1-4~ .
e c.0torJtL- COLO')
~K-S :rJ'!~1Df;.
• ~fb\N Fol2...
tt. DA\f
• Mt> so ~uo-1 ~0££ !
~LI.. fOO?. F~E. !
SM A LL ( t I 0 \) & H . \-o
lf@~@OOw @j[J'i)@[J'Ow~ '
the uR-1 would like to take this aworttmity to welcome Jellybeans to MSU.
It is a totally uncalled for, disgusting, ~atty. rude, nasty, irnmatlJ'e, hCV'mfU, and a real
· stinker.
We love it.
F111ally, we get a humor mag at MSU. Afterall, there's enough to ridicule here, and the
Provoc can't go It alone.
We especially liked their inaugural editorial.
Nice goin', chums!
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4 • university Reporter-Intelligencer 7 February, 1990
You don't say!
Your newspaper company could
likely take away the special priveleges
given to The State News (a
private company "independent• of
MSU) by filing a state or federal
court suit against MSU. MSU is
violating the equal protection clause
of the state and United States
constitutions. MSU administrators
and Trustees are giving •goodies"
(office space, fee collection services,
etc.).to The State News and
denying t~em to you.
If you have not asked for equal
"goodies," then ask. MSU will
almost certainly deny you the exad
equal treatment given to The State
News. In fact, the MSU administrators
will not even answer you. By
refusing to give equal treatment or
refusing to answer your request for
equality, MSU has made your case
ripe for court adion.
Hopefully, you will remain independent
by not accepting any
"goodies" from MSU. You would be.
better off if "goodies " are taken
away -from The State News.
You should find a local attorney
to.handle the court case after MSU ·
denies or fails to ~swer your
request for equality. Many attorneys
just starti.ng out would take the
case to promote their narne instead
of charging you fees.
Don't let MSU continue to discriminate
against you. MSU is
acting illegally.
A Citizen for an Independent
hmmm •••
We apologize
Dear Ms. Fordham:
Are you racist?
While reading our review of
Michael Moore's Roger and Me~ I
came to the conclusion that you
are. Three-quarters of a the way
~hrough your piece, you make a
point of noting that a family evided
from its Flint home is black.
Were those people evicted
because they are black? Were the
parents unable to earn money
because they are black? Did their
children spend Christmas away
from home because they are black?
Nowhere else in the story did you
mention any charader's color race.
"The film is full of real people," you
write. But you assume that "real
people" are white and that everyone
else will assume the names
have white skin.
Michael Moore "bludgeons the
audience with a reality that you can
only laugh at because it is ~II too
real," you write. And be aware:
your article bludgeor;is the audience
with a reality that is a1r100 real.
The reality is racism. But your
audience, Ms. Fordham, is not
Liz Krebs
P.S. To the UR-I:
If your paper truly has a policy of
'We discriminate against no one;
then you need to have copy edited
with that in mind. It's a stereotype
easily missed, but one at the
. foundation of racism.
yes, WB screwed the pooch
unfortunately, given today's
socklty the color of a person's
skin can·and often does affect
his plight. We deplore this. the
uR-1 regrets this error on the part
of our editors.
Andre rides again
This Is the story of a social
Three young men are lying in' a
hospital bed sick. The cause of .
their sickness can be cured in a
matter of minutes by purchasing
some medicine. The only problem
that Inhibits them from being_ cured
is the lack of money to buy the
medicine. The three men are all
related to each other, and they
have m'any friends and relatives -
that pay visits regularly. ·
One day, in the hospital, about 25
friends and relatives were shouting
and expressing their anger toward
the government for not helping the
three young men. A person in the
cro\W, named Faheem, came
forward and told the people he had
a plan to save the three young men
from death. James asked Faheem
if he was going to petition the
government or have a march and
sit-in. Faheem sald ·•no" because
he had a better plan. .
. James said there could be no
other way to save the three young.
men without the government's help.
James added that he did not care
to listen to anymore of Faheem's
foolish talk. Faheem stopped
James from leaving the .hospital
room and got in James' face and
asked him whether or not he
wanted to wait on the government
or save the three before they die.
James reluctantly told Faheem to
explain his plans.
Faheem told the 25 friends and
relatives in the hospital room that
individually, our money can't save
our three buddies. But collectively,
we can raise up enough funds to
save their lives without begging the
government for suport. Finally, .the
friends and relatives gathered up
their monies and the three brothers
were saved.
I believe what I described above
Is one of the enormous problems
Bla~k people face in America. We
Geek of the Week
have many problems that rieed
solutions. And if we apply the
concept of my example, we could
solve the dilemma We don't have
time to wait for someone to save us
because we are.dying.
Don't get me wrong on this one,
although it's still the government's
duty and responsibility to protect,
defend and take cafe of its citizens.
But if they do not do it, we will have
to. If you can take the concept of
·my example and connect It to the
morbid situation Black folks face,
then I think we can cure the sickness.
Peace, love and freedom.
Andre Austin,
Vice President of As One
. . . . . . . ......... ... .. . . . . . ... . ,
•11. . . .-1 ....· .·.·.. ·.. .1... .. .1. . . . ...&. . 1. . .. •· ..·
.·. ·.·.·.·.·.·.· .·.·.·.·.· ... . .. .
. . . . . . . . . . : : : : ::: :::::: :-:.;::·: .·.·.· ... .. :::. :::::::: . . 1111111 i
' ~--Ill
· :. : . <:.:: :o:I:::-::: :1·:·:·:1·:::-:::::_I, :I::-:-::
... .. ::::::::::~::::::·: . : . •. • : :; i ..
.. .
.<<· . . . . . . . . :- . .... . ... . lllil!li .. ... . .. . .. . . . . . .·.·.·.·.:-:->~<<<<<: ....
..... ·.·.·.·.·.· .· .·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.· .·.· .... .. .
-:· . . . . <·· ·lQ..n'.lU\Y?C/?·< :U:
. .. . . .. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :-:.:.:·>>>>>>>> . . .
It was bound to happen sooner or later; with either A-cubed or something else, but spending university cash to bring ·
a big-time racist to MSU captured you Geek o' the Week dishonors, Scottie.
Maybe you should get someone to beam you up, what with the heat coming your way.
We have nothing against the Nation ·of Islam or their right to be heard, but when you lay out a cool five grand for one
organization to bring a speaker to campus we hav,, only one thing to say (other than phooey) .••
Where can we get in on that mean green?
Oh yeah, nice accent, dude.
7 February, 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer • 5
l!;1!! ! ; !!!ti! ~; !!!! I
Keep those
er, arriving
Q. Dear Dr. Barclay,
You're probably going fo think this
is weird, but here goes. When I was
14, my uncle, who is six years older
than I, came to live with us and he and
I shared a room. A while after he·
moved in, he seduced me to let him
have anal sex with me and we continued
to do that two or three times a
week for the next year and a half until
he moved out~ -
Since then, I have never done
anything like that. I am now 21 and
living with a girl and we plan to get
married. Our sex life is great and
completely normal. Once in a while,
though, I find myself remembering my
uncle doing that to me,· sometimes
even when I'm making love· to my .
girlfriend. It feels like a physical ache
or something. Can you think of any
reason for this? And is there anything
I can do to get rid of the feeling and
maybe stop thinking about it?
It's no big deal but for obvious
reasons there's nobody else I can ask.
A. I know my answer flies in the
face of the,present-day, psychologically-
hip notion being seen as sexual "abuse" of a
child, but world-wide, sex between
boys is ·much more the norm than an
exception. The behavior you describe
is thus more •normal" than "abnormal"
among the human species. Males
- have extraordinarily wide-ranging
· sexual interests which encompass
many different behaviors, age-ranges,
and even species. Part of your
feelings stem from your manhood
which may be in conflid wit~ the
socializing you received In the American
culture of the ?O's and BO's.
What you call "remembering" is
adually a form of conditioning In
which your early relationship with your
uncle has been attached to sexual
arousal. These Conditioned Emotional
Responses (CERs) are evoked
by similarities in your state of arousal
when you get turned on, regardless of
who or what is providing the turn-on. I
could not tell from your letter, but if
you are bothered by these memories,
your "bother" is a problem, not the
memory itself. This might be discussed
with a psychologist. I am sure
you will reach the conclusion you are
a very lucky guy to have had your
sexual history which has provided a
few kinks .. It makes you a more
interesting sexual individual.
Any .memories or fantasies which
occur during love making are generally
considered normal unless they
interfere with arousal or orgasm. The
physical ache you refer to niay be
normal engorgement of your prostate
gland during pre-ejaculation or It may
burn. By engaging in a full range of
foreplay I think you will find that the
memories disappear and in later
years, you will remember the outrageous
,fun you had with your girlfriend
In college because she was a· lot more
fun than your uncle was.
Q. Dear Dr. Sex,
· My brother's girlfriend claims
'!I morning erections are caused by
The Good (?) Dr.
be that you have a certain amount of
sexual sensitivity attached to· the area
surrounding ~he anal sphinder.
Rathenhan trying to get rid of the
feeling, why not allow anal play to go
on during foreplay or intercourse,
especially if you like it?
Mild conflids provided by the
anempts of childhood socialization to
suppress human nature turn out to be
pleasurable when explored in adult
sex play. Rather than worrying about
."How normal is this?," turn all that
garbage left over from childhood into
monster turn-ons and super-orgasms '
with the woman you love.
Set aside a time where each can
ask the other to act out fantasies with
the understan<;ling you can stop if the
situation becomes uncomfortable.
Tell her you want her to be the nurse
and you the patient and have her take,
your temperature with a rectal thermomater.
When you shower together,
have her wash your .scrotum and anal
area gently with a soapy washcloth
being careful to use a mild, nondetergent
soap to avoid detergent
having to go to the bathroom. My
brother claims it's because of being
aroused. I think they are both full of
shit. I am neither aroused nor always
have to go to the bathroom when I
have a woody. Please enlighten us
on the cause of this A.M. disruption.
Waiting for relief in E.L.
A.Dear "Waiting,"
I tend to agree with you although
the literature on what I call the EMH
(Eany Morning Hard-On) tends to be
lacking. It seems very clear to me that
having a full bladder does not automatically
lead to ar:i eredion becuase
nature doesn't work that way-we don't
want .urine to leak out through the /
penis during sex because it is too acid
and would interfere with sperm ·
mobility. In fact, I am sure you have
had the experience of trying to hit the
toilet prior to or immediately after sex
and pissing half-way up the wall. (I
always felt it was anti-male for people
to have only toilets and not urinals in
their homes for just this reason.)
Some recent dream research has
shown men becoming erect during
dream cycles but the reason for this
tylpe of erection remains unclear. It is
suggestive, perhaps, of the EMH
being due to waking up out of our last
cycle of dreams rather than being
"turned on" or having a full bladder.
,I love questions .like this because
they illustrate what the hell it is being
a man: I have a lot of compassion for
my brothers who have problems
getting it up but think of how we have
to suffer in the morning trying to get it
. Dr. Sex is here to answer
your questions - whatever they
may be. Reach him st the uR-l's
Gunson St. offices; by mail or
drop them by yourself ... that is,
if you don't have any really
creepy disfunctions or STDs
that the dog could catch ...
Dr. Barciay appears weekly ir. -the uR-1 to answer ar.y questions you
may have. So ge-t scribbling, mor.sieur curicus. ·
No question is out of bcunds1 and the doc jus-t icves to get your letters.
IN FACT, you may sen.t those iet-ters to the uR-f at:
J 42 Gur.son St.,
East Lansing, Mf
Or drop them by ir. perscn ...
6 • university Reporter-Intelligencer 7 February, 1990
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7 Feb: The Difference
8: Water 4 the Pool
9: Jimmy Johnson, Chicago blues
l 0: Trinidad Tripoli
12: Turning Minnows into Whales
13: The o ·riglnal New Originals
14: The Civilians
i!JaJ lli)t§]~ 9-10 Feb.: Souvenir
13: Mike Ridley
14: Sidestreets Four, featuring Dave Sternfleld
$1li1il<~OO lr>D«lllrll©fi
8 Feb: Born Naked
Th@ @IT@@l7ll IQ> ©@IT
7-10 Feb.: Toys
11: Upto\vn Band
12: Blue Aver:iue Delegates
12: Capital City Band
~IT81Xl@aldi 'ii' lll!@alfi@!T
today-25 Feb.: The Voice of the Prairie
Wlhl· 7-8 Feb.: Chess
l 0: Wind Svrnphony and All-Star High
School Band
•ll~llVll MliR NAMI~
12: State of the University Address and
Awards Convocation
13: Earl Wild, piano
14: Richard Leakey, slide lecture on the
African elephant
detr,o!t a11d an11
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;,,.,,esui?1e t7e >Vi/eek . .,
7 February, 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer• 7
• ev1ews
. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . ' . . . ···~ · .. . ·.· .· ... · .·.· ·.· ... ·:·.· .
..•·.::• :•..1.: '.•:k·• ..•. :.·.·· . :.1~ •·. .>·s·.• ., · · · · · · : : •~• :1:l ~~~I >>>>><>~::::::::::::::.: :: :::>-:.: ..·... ·· · · 111111111,
:.1!r111.:.••11 ! / :,::.:: ·
Have no more dread, this is good stuff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : < < < <-: <-:: ::::::::::;:::::::::::::: :;: > > > ..... . .
.' ···:·:.·.::.· .•:. •:. .:. : . .:: .··· ·:·'·:····:.·'·:··.: .:· .: .:· :. ··:.·:·:. ··:.·:·.: ·:: .:• ·:::·::··::::·:::.;::·:::·:·.::;.:::.::·.:::·::.·:·;.:·:.:·::.:·:.:·.:·::.:·:.:·:.:·:.:·:.·::.:·:.:·.:·:.:·::.:·:.:·:.·::.:·:.:·.··:·.:·
Fool's Game
~ Group: MORDRED
~ Label: Noise International
Fool's Game is one of the most
impressive progressive speed metal
releases to date. The band's
name is MORDRED, and don't forget
It. Though they are intensively
original, the influences of many bands,
including Testament, can be heard.
Chuck Billy of Testament guests on
backing vocals, and some of the basslines
are reminiscent of Testament's.
One thing most thrash bands don't
Stallion Burger Special
Stallion burger w/ fries (half lb.
ground beef w/ bacon, swiss,
chedd:lr, onion, lettuce, and tomato).
Draft and Shot 'O' Schnapps
Thurs. and Sat. ('til 10 p.m.)
Only $2~99!
101 E. Grand River Ave.
Home of the SharkbowU
-.1000 "fl SIC TO SUTT A..,Y TIME Of DAY' l i
- I
usually Implement though, Is a base of
speed-metal and funk in combination ..
This is where Mordred strays away
and above the pack. While their
combination of guitars, bass, and
drums is intricate to say the'least, it is
much more appealing to the ear than
most of the heavy metal out there. On
the funkier side comes the remake of
Rick James' classic "Superfreak·,
complete with DJ Pause's scratching.
The vocals of S. Holderby also set
Mordred apart from a lot of other
independent-label bands, as they are
both intelligible and intelligent, not to
mention catchy. The combination of
:--······················ .. ·· : FREE ·:
.i NACHOS ~ . .
: Wa&fl ·-~=:. :n: ~r:r . ':"~'_,,~ ~. :
.• ..........b.:.pr.u. .: ..:J.: .19. .......... :•
and Don't Forget About
Our Tuesday Special:
All U Can Eat Coneys $1.99!
Hot Dog Menu
Coney Dog, chili·, onions.and
mustard $1.25
Kraut Dog, saurkraut and
mustard $1.25
Corn Dog, deep fried crispy $1.00
Fresh Cut French Fries $1.25
Chili Fries $1. 75
Cheese Fries $1 .75
Chili & Cheese Fries $2.25
1/4 lb. Hamburger $1-.40
1/4 lb. Cheeseburger $1.60
Chili Cheeseburger ~1.90
Onion Rings, extra wide $1.50
Chicken Sandwich $1. 75
Fish Sandwich $1. 75
Taco, meat, cheese, lettuce,
and tomato $ . 75
Veggie Taco, beans.cheese,
lettuce, tomato, and onion$ .75
Nachos $2.50
Nachos Deluxe, cheese.beans,
meat, sour cream, and
jalopeno peppers $3.50
Burrito, beans and cheese $1 .00
Burrito Grande, beef, beans,
cheese, onion, tomato, and
sour cream $1.50
Ouesadilla, cheese, onion, and
· hot sauce in a warn tortilla $1.00
WE DELIVER! Call 332-2381
these vocals; pounding drums, and
"crunching• (for lack of a better word)
licks are hard to forget. This combination,
together with a polished production,
reminds this ear of Riot, and their
'88 album Thunderstee/. '
Suffice it to say that Mordred will
be ttie talk of metal circles for sometime.
Songs like "The Artist,• "State of
Mind,· "Superfreak,._"Sever and
Splice; "Everyday's a Holiday; and
"Shatter- will propel them to the top of
the underground metal world, and
maybe further.
.>..<.;.>.>.>.".'·. . ........ .. .. .. :":::::: ·: ::· ::::•: ::.•.·:::.:::.:::.:::.: ::::.:.: :..-.::·...::...·:.:.:.:.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:::.::.::.:.::.::.·: ·. :..~ ~. .~ ~. .~ .~ .~. ~ .~ .~ ~. ~..: ~. .~ ~. .~ .~ ~ ~ ~ .~ ·~ .~ ·~ .~·: .~·:. ~:· .~·::.-::.-::.:·:.:·:. ·.·.·.··· :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>:::::::::::::>:
................... ...... :- .. :. :. : . >: <. > >:. >;. :~ ;.;.:.: ..... .
:-:.: : : : : : : : : : : : : : ~: ~: .. :::::::::::::: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~::::::::::; <:::: :: : : : : : : <: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~: ~
...... <<"·>>:<·:-:- ·.;.;.;.:-:"·>:<<·>:<<<·:- ·.-.· . . . .
~ Students Against Driving Drunk
and The Residence Halls
Present A
18 and over with college l.D . . .
Energize Your Wednesday Nights
With Dancing and Fun! ·
This Week: The Gear-Detroit
Anne Be Davis
. lfil
BEHIND BARS ... with your
Hello, Meester Bond.
Your mission: To seek out
scorn and disdain wherever it may
lie. To seek out rudeness and
premature curmudgeonness in the
irrepressible young. To come back
either with the Provoc alive or not
at all.
Goodbye, Meester Bond._..
So much for those no-account
they keep sending after me!
I Another trip into the unknown · .
Yes, back from another fo~y long, slender glasses. . . , for the 5 minutes while the specials
Into the bar noman's land of Lan- The place thought it was so hip, I lasted.
sing, your host TIM PERRTT felt like it wanted to be in Ann Arbor. The flyers on the table titilated us
staggeringly gives the second Ah, but the silver lining. The with bear wrestling coming in the next
Installment of BEHIND BARS, a bloody mary's. Finally, a bartender few weeks. And as the X-rated version
regular uR-1 feature designed to who understands that alcohol is not of "Me So Horny· made the dance
broaden your horizons as well as the main ingredient. Complete with a floor crowd up, some 30-year-old-plus
your options. pickle. And just two and a half bucks. woman came up to our table and told
And the DJ wasn't half bad. Too us to loosen up and st?rt dancing.
Biff! Bop!! Zapp!!! bad there was only about two people Yes, it was time to go home.
No, not another bad Batman
episode. This is the famous Tango's
Supperclub and Speakeasy that the
football players ~njoying going to ...
... and kicking the shit out of each
other at.
My curiosity was piqued.
I expected a Mac's Bar, but more
slightly respectable. What I didn't
expect was the Bill Knapps crowd, out
on a Saturday night.
And the decor ...
Art deco.
More straight lines than in geometry
class. Imagine, a place where
yuppies go to brag about their leather ·
driving gloves and how the three ·
bucks to get in was cheap compared
to the bars in New York they jetted to
the previous weekend.
OK, they did have draughts for a
buck, but they served them in trendy,
on the small dance floor.
There was only so much synthetic
atmosphere I could stand, so off we
went to Bootl.eggera. '
Ahh..... Yeah, the band ,LZ
Paige, was playing pop (Madonna
covers), but I didn't feel like I couldn't
put my elbows on the table.
Bootleggers is basically a big
room, with a large.stage at the front.
While Tango's had a small dance
floor with a few graduated greeks,
Bootleggers had a huge rug-cutting
· Oh yes, and three bucks to get in.
But the flashing light specials
made it worth it.
Almost like a K-mart at Christmas;
every 45 minutes or so they would
announce drink specials - fireballs,
kamikazies -and large, colored
flashing lights on he ceiling strobEid
Tango's Supperclub and Speakeasy,
111 W. Washtenaw Ave., is
locatfld in downtown Lansing,
adjacent to the Knapp's Office
Center and minutes from the
Bootlegger's, 591 o s. Pennsylvania
Ave., is .located deep into
Lairsing on Pennsylvania Ave. GJJt
off 96 and drive ti/ you see Highland
Appliance. Then keep your
eyes peeled for a joint on the right.
Bring your pick-up truck or camaro.
New mug shot, same cheap shots
That's the seventh one so far I've
- had to dispose of.
Talk about a hectic week!
Hey, remember that loss to U-M
last week or so?
Yeah, two points separated MSU
and U-M.
No. 1 : the women at MSU don't
have beards and smell pretty good.
No. 2: you can tell which are the
women at MSU.
We've picked on George "Love
This School, Brudder ... Nice employment
Opportunities!" Perles all year.
Now it's Jud's turn ...
For starters (no, not Steve Smith.
a man made her perform oral sex on
him five times against her will bit off
his goods when he made a bid for a
fifth go 'round.
Lucky for him, he had a good
crack head going and was able to take
his thangs to a hospital, wrapped in a
towel (no, not the hospital, dummy!
: His i!ems were wrapped).
The doc said he may as well hang
them from the rearview mirror, 'cause
there was nothing he could do to
reattach the McNuggets.
In jury selection, one of the jurors
"had to leave on accounta she thought
she'd get sick on hearing testimony
(not on the testimony, dummy. Probably
on·her neighbor). ·
More like Larry Polee), What's with the
do? Do you put mousse in it or
The woman with the incisors.is 27.
Sounds. like ... ·
And how do you comb t~at?
With a butter knife?!
A couple weeks ago I noticed a
little story on the wire that I should
share with you: · ·
- Seems a woman who alleged that
.... could it be .. .
If MSU is not such a collection of
- . _animals and party monsters, then why
did they fence us in?
The black fences along Grand
River on North Campus sure is
attractive, but I wish they'd saved the
bread for a scholarship when I get
ready to apply.:
Speaking of applications, isn't it
interesting how people a few weeks
ago were all to willing to apply DiB
with unfavorable adjectives and now
he's a hero?
Sure, I have my fun with him and
he's a swell guy - and now a hard ·
guy that I kinda dig in a mano-a-mano -
way - but he still looks like Grampa
Munster to me.
And he's old enough to be my
spunky mama's fatt:ier ...
... could it be ...
let's not get carried away, folks.
He ain't that cool.
Ready to sow the seeds -of
getting your nose punched in?
Send your Provoc offerings to the
uR-1 at our Gunson Street offices, cl
o: I Can Birch, Too.
We 'II see that the good 'uns get
in print. ·
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