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Reeking, Rotten, wRong
14 February 1990
Vol. I
MSU's alternative
and truly
·independent voice .
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Nazis reborn ·
as skinheads
·chinnl ·
, _Venyah
It happened last April.
President John DiBieggio called It fkubed: a
program thal was supposed to rebalance. retocus
. and redefine MSlls academic status as well as
enhance quality and diversity. What It actually
· did, however. was d&slruy three departments:
natural science. social science and humanities.
A strange way to improve an institulion"s quality.
I suppose one may wonder why anyone would
bring up this topic now. months alter the fact.
Well there is good reason. Bui tor now, allow me ·
to close this chapter and continue with my story.
Earlier this year, a survey was released that
showed thal many college graduales have major
gaps in their knowledge of history and literature.
The survey, released by the National Endownment
for the.f-lJmanilies, reponed that 42
percent of 696 gradUares polled could nol place
the Civil War In .the mrrect half century. and 24
percent thought that Columbus landed in the
Western Hemisphere after 1500.
A report. accompanying the survey, rec:onimended
thal colleges require 50 a>llege aedit
hours in the humanities and encouraged colleges
to re-examine and.relDrm the way they teach
Does any of this sound familiar?
The DBITOit Free Press ran the survey as a
front page story. In which DiBiaggio was quoted.
•tt•s tragic to realize that so many of our students
have such a limited knowledge of Western
culture,· Dibiaggio said. "The average college
See r-CUBED, p. 2
Early beginnings of racial oppression trace back
to Mesopotamia 4000 B.C., where the fair-skinned
Vedic peoples ambushed and subjugated the darkskinned
Dravidians of the Indus River Valley.
This immoral conquest has served as a precedent
for subsequent generations to follow. Blacks,
Jews, American Indians, Hispanics and Asians have
all been oppressed by the Ceucasian race. This
oppression hes taken the form of physical enslavement.
religious persecution, usurping of native
lands, racial segregation and murder.
Hate groups have formed within the last decade,
continuing the sick ideolQgy of racial genocide
perpetrated by the Vedics, Nazi Germany, and the
United States government in its treatment of Blacks ·
and American Indians. Minorities are now faced
with new racists. Youth who comm.it senseless acts
of violence In order to quell their intense self•
hatred. These are the skinheads of the White Aryan
ire skinhead movement is composed of
shaven-'headed, Caucasian youths who cling to the
ereed of white supremacy. More than 3,000 of
these racists function in the United States, organ-
. ized into gangs under the .command of white
supremacist leader, Tom Metzger. From his
operational base in catifomia, Metzger orders
skinheads to 'kill minorities; and they respond like
weR-trained dogs. · '
Recently, a black student was beaten to death
with a baseball bat by skinhead Kenneth Mieske,
alias "Ken Death• Mieske's unprovoked assault was
There is a real problem in America today.
Well, really there are a number of problems, but
right now I am c;oncemed with only one .
Most, if not all of us, have come to MSU for the
purpose of attaining a degree so that we may get a
job and earn an income. This in itself is a good and
necessary thing. People must work to contribute to
society and support themselves. And if that particu- .
lar field which you go into yields a high paying job,
good for you. This is something to be proud of.
There is nothing wrong with being "rich· if the wealth
is attained in a positive manner, and kept in perspective.
The problem is that sometimes people get
carried away, and will do anything for money. They
stop at nothing in their quest for wealth.
The sale of drugs is an excellent example. The
only reason drugs are so prevalent is because of
the staggering amount of money to be made selling
them. A drug dealer would rather sell drugs, no
matter what consequence it brings to the individual
or to society, than go to work or school. His sole
purpose is to make a fortune off the drugs.
Another example which displays American
· greed for wealth is this business of suing people.
This is the one that baffles me the most. People
sue anything and everything to fatten their wallets.
This .occurs everyday In our society.
One place it happens is with airlines. When an
airplane aashes due to a pilot error, and passengers
are killed, you can be sur~ there will be a
See GREED, p. 2
2 •university Reporter-Intelligencer 14 February 1990
From r-CUBED, p. 1
student reads less than five books a year outside
their discipline. Any powerful statement •.• has to
assist us.· (I will excuse the grammatical error in
the hope that It is not the result of inadequate
humanities education on DiBiagglo's part).
This seems to be a quote that shows our
· school's deep devotion to a rich humanities
education. This seems to be a quote that says,
•at MSU, we understand the fruits of a comprehensve
liberal arts education. This quote seems
many things. What It Is, however, is hypocritical.
As our president says that he is outraged with
the results of this survey , he has made his
contribution to them. If he honestly sees the
humanities as being so important, why did he
suport the dissultion of their home?
Though many students were probably more
than happy to. hear about the suggested dissolution
of the departments, they can't escape those
departments' importance. MSU is not a trade
school. It is a university. A student's goal while
within Its walls should not be to learn a skill, but
to get an educalton. An education means
learning, not just learning about engineering,
criminal justice or journlism, but learning about
history, literature and the world. I suppose it may
sound a bit idealistic or foolish, (or both, sometimes
it seems hard to separate the two). But it is -
While it is true that training for the workplace is
important, it should not be the foremost goal of a
university. I don't believe training is the foremost
goal of MSU. But the dissolution of departments
frightens me. And the hypocritical statement of
our chief administrator angers me.
What is the foremost goal of MSU?
I hope and believe it is to educate in the most
comlete way possible. If, however, my belief
proves unfounded and A-cubed is the shape.of
things to come at MSU, I hope we hear no more
from the administration abot the iragedy9 of our
students having a •limited knowledge of Western
culture.· For if the proof of the piJdding is in .the
eating, I am afraid all of us would leave the table
with a bitter taste in our mouths.
- Chinni I• • }oumalism student who also
wotlc• for tM Capita/ News S.tvlt». ·
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From SKINHEADS, p. 1
so barbaric that he fnictured the victim's skull front
through back and broke the baseball bat in two.
After the attack, the deranged murderer told police:
•All I could feel was confUsed and happy.•
Elderly black women, black schoolchildren,
Jewish womer:i, and an Iranian family supposedly
mistaken for Jews, have also been among those· .
slain by skinheads. In each of these murders, the
criminals attacked their isolated victims in groups of
three or more; similar to what Is done by wild dogs.
Rolling Stone observed this pattern in its 1988
· artide on skinheads. The article emphasized that
though skinheads attempt to Intimidate In groups,
they are not as brave when confronted alone; many
prove cowardly outside.the circle of their sick peers.
Still, skinheads are not confronted, nor are they
being held accountable for their crimes. Turning the
othercheekdoes not make a problem go away.
History has proven this to us, from the time of the
Dravidians through our a.irrent age.
In a small town like East Lansing, students can
easily hide from the real world by Immersing themselves
in schoolwork and social activity. Collegiate
security does not last forever, though. The majority
of this town's college students will enter the job
market after graduation. The same job market
where minorities are further oppressed by the racial
injustice of this ·society.
Improving the racial dimate of universities is
necessary. But It is also important for us to see
beyond the bookshelves of academia.in order to aid
minority brothers and sisters of the community.
We minority students have the power to determine
the future of this country. We can no longer
afford to passively accept the unjustified murder of
our brethren. As minorities, we are already disadvantaged
by a relative lack of population. There Is
no reason to further aipple ourselves with a lack of
action. Whenever a minority brother or sister Is
murdered, we lose a potential leader~ a potential
friend, a 'J>Otential partner In the fight for human
freedom. ·
The sixties are over; Martin Luther King, Malcolm
X, long gone. We must now fight our own fight
to possess the constitutional right of ihe pursuit of
happiness.· We must use our collective intelligence
t~ weaken the enemy, instead of asking his mercy.
We must strike back, with equal force, whenever
struck. We must remove the heel which grinds our
dreams of freedom Into nightmarish oppression - it
is a "dockmartln• heel. ·
The new racists are the skinheads.
- Venyah IB • uR-1 c;onnpondenf concerned
with BOC/al IN• and what CM be done to ·
erlidk:at• them.
From GREED, p. 1
. lawsuit. This makes no sense to me. What good
can the money do? Does it lessen the loss any?
Why punish the airline for an honest mistake?
Along these same lines is the growing problem
among obstetricians. An obstetrician makes an
- honest mistake (they do happen) and the baby Is
Injured or dies. The majority of the time, the doctor
will be sued. This has become so common that
many obstetricians have abandoned their pradices
because of skyrocketing insurance rates to cover
malpradice suits.
NOw don't think I'm an insensitive person. I'm
not. If the pilot or doctor willfully hurts others or are
grossly negligent, they should be punished. And by
no means am I saying all lawsuits are unjust. But.
honest-to-goodness mistakes do occur, and to use
these to inaease one's wealth is to me, sickening.
Probably the most noticeable exam pie of greed
Is In the sports world. Athletes' salaries are incredible.
Millions of dollars to throw a ball? However,
the athletes are only taking what others are willing
to give. But wheri an athlete •holds out• for two
million Instead of one and a half million, or charges
$15 bucki; for an autograph, It makes you wonder.
The whole problem of greed really hit me awhile
ago when I was watching television. Larry Holmes,
a former heavy-weight boxing champ was on a talk
show. He was asked if being smacked in the head
for 1 O years was worth it. He smiled and replied,
•rve got fourteen million dollars:.
Good for you, Larry. Doesn't the prestige of
having a title that such greats as Joe Louis and
Muhammad Ali had have any value?
Ifs this kind of attitude that's bad. The net
fortune justifies any..means of attaining it - and only
the money matters.
Now I know some of you Win think that I'm some
self-righteous hypocrite. I admit I like spending
money, and wouldn't mind having a lot. But the sole
purpose of my life Is not to be a multi-millionaire. I
realize that most people are not these Larry Holmes
type, (otherwise we'd all ·be selling drugs) but many
are. And while these people are out there, we can
expect to continue to see investors rip up land to
build condos, companies save money by dumping
wastes Into the water, and people suing each other
so that they can enjoy the •good life:
Oh, yeah, how's prison life Jim Bakker?
- Hall Ill a uR-1 literature co"espondent. He
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3 • univeristy Reporter-Intelligencer 14 February 1990
Cupid was stupid.
these folks meant.business
from uR-1 wire services
J . Geils once said ·1oves Stinks: bli they also wrote •No Anchovies Please: so we'll iQnore them and
look to the real world for confirmation that love does, indeed, emit an odor foul enough to make a strong man
man cry.
In one issue of a major metropolitan daily, there were the following items about love and the chasms it
• Carolyn Warmus, 26, originally of Franklin, filled her lover's wle so ful of holes that now they know
how many holes it takes to fiM the Albert Hall. Seems the peeved Warmus conronted her beau's better haH
with a silenced-pistol, thereby silencing any objedion to her tryst with mr. dead woman.
•Susan Farrell, 42, sledgehammered her husband to death to get his $400,000 life insurance policy.
Unfortunately, now all she's getting is life without parole.
• Larry Raymond Beedle, 46, of Troy, wanted to take his wife somewhere different - so he got her a
one-way ticket to the beyond. He sapped her, thereby zapping her, and the·m stashed her in a rented locker.
He figured it was OK, 'cause he didn1 hear her objed. ·
• A Memphis man who was upset his wife didni shed the blobs after giving birth to their child, hired
someone to knock her off. Happily, they are trying to patch up their differences - if he ever sees daylight
•And of the really ~pies comes Robert George O~rdonk, 40, who several times in October and
November assaulted a young woman. He's easy to find, though - a tattoo on his right arm reads: •BORN
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4 • univ~rsity Reporter-Intelligencer 14 February 1990
Looking for
love in th·e
wrong place:
East L~nsing
(Q): Dear Dr. Barclay,
I placed a personal ad years ago
in The State News and got about 20
responses, all very nice •regular" notout-
of-the-closet guys who were
mostly looking for sex. My uR-1 ad (in
the form of a rap poem because I
wanted to meet someone who was
unorthodox) paid off in that two
respondents were handsome, lively,
seemingly intelligent, black men. I
met with them both and had a great
time. I was very excited as I find black
gentlemen very attractive. ·
One man was very nervous,
certain my ad was a trap, and that I
was going to beat him up for being a
•queer.· I tried hard to comfort him
and let him know that I was sincere.
He went on to tell me of his Catholic
upbringing and how he hoped his gay
feelings would go away, or •grow out
of them• as he put It. I told him this
was not likely to happen. My point
was that a happy, well-adjusted
· person can be gay and that his friends
and family can be aware of his
gayness and still love him (as In my
case), He was reassured, so much so
he asked me to perform fellatio on
him, but he never cal_led me again.
Other respondents,, everi though I fek
we had achieved a good rapport,
called me and told me I wasni what
they were looking for.
I think.I am a handsome man. I
am mentally active as well as being a
lively and very loving person. I put my
best foot forward for the men I met but
got the bot nevertheless. I cani figure
out if they weren't ready for me or if
I'm just a creep. ·rm 26 now and .I
wonder why guys woni give me a
chance.. I have never had a long term
relationship and I am afraid I never
Doc, your columns on men
touched · me in particular. What do
you think is going on here? Do I have
a chance?
...:.... Lonely As Hell in E.L.
Dear Lonely,
Just a commercial message here
at the start - I am glad your ·message
in the uR-1 got a better response
for you than your Stale News personal
did. I know •my· people pay more
attention to this newspaper than they
do to the SN. Thanks for supporting
Your letter raised so many important
issues, I almost didn't know
where to begin but I think your remarks
to your perspective lover were
right on. While a few men are gay out
of choice, most report that they knew
they were "differenr as children.
Homosexual men do not outgrow their
· need for male partners any more than
heterosexual men outgrow their n9ed
forwomen. It is all part of our male
training In childhood and, as John
Money (perhaps the foremost researcher
on sex and gender In the
world) points out, male sex object
choice ~ation Is so fragile, we are
lucky when it. is men or women
because it could Just so easily be
cbidsens. Get m.y drift?
FQr those thinking abOut coming
out of the closet but are afraid, your
'point Is extremely well-taken. Most
families, especially these days, are far
more tolerant and understanding than
we give them credit for. Living In the
. closet creates a tremendous burden of
unnecessary guilt and dishonesty.
Well-adjusted gay men have greet
relationships with their friends and
families who love them and don't
consider their gayne5s a problem.
After all, if your are an honest human
being in your everyday life, who cares
what you do in your bedroom? (Except
for this authoritarian-state and
others seeking to regulate consenting
·sexual activity between adults without
any right to do so . . These are the
REAL assholes in.life.)
What is funny about your letter is
that it oould have been written by a
woman discussing her problems with
men and I hope the point is not lost on
you. You are the perfect example of
what today's man is supposed to be:
Sensitive, caring, open, well-balanced,
even somewhat sweet and naive. and
what does it get you? Not a damned
thing except pciin 8nd rejection. So
much for evolving the male role away
from a macho imperative because the
macho freaks walk all aver us then go
away leaving; us covered with footprints.
It is no fun unless on develops
a foot-fetish so we iike being tromped
on and fucked.-over. 1. don't recommend
this apprOech.
Actually, ii you have a problem. it
fall under the heading gender
d)tsphoria, which means you t:Jre a
gentle, sensitive man who has diffi-
. culty dealing with a lack of warmth,
Crappy Valentin,e's Day!·
the .. ~ ·:· :-;·:··
It'• v•ntlne'• Day, Md anothM
•xw• to g« mom so,,,.
dlladro ....
Su,., .,,. thlnlc• It'• .w.t, but
,,,. moon• with a concua/on
donn't dig Nfling,,,. on w«y
afftH:tion-telat«l holiday; ...,,,. ,,.
· alfect8 a Mad wound n•rytilM ,,.
,..,,._ to male• good with tM
Oh w•I, hav• a crappy OM, and
talc• thi• jolt, you lov..,,,ad dorlr.•-·
Speaking of hearts and other such
nonsense, wasni this day made to ·
celebrate some dude getting his head
loped off?·
Cani wait til Ted Bundy Day. To
observe proper electricity usage, of
Am I the only one who's noticed
this, or do hairdressers have the
ugliest hairstyles?
A few days ago, I hopped on my
Huffy. banana-seat. ·~ and
ventured into some of East Lansing"s
places to trim up the crappy. old bowlcut
my mother insists makes me look
"cute,· which I am.
But once I caught a glimpse of the
oversized-makeup queens with hair
that touched the ceiling, I nearly
barfed up my milk and Oreos I snuck
from the kitchen before leaving.
No way was I going to_le t one of
those Hair ExpressAk>Rics. frizzyhead
broads put a scissor to my hair.
Last time I saw hair Ilks theirs. I
was watching Bozo's Big Top.·
Speaking of Bozos. can you
believe ego-maniac Mike Tyson thinkS
he lost unfairly to James "Buster In
the Mouth. Chum• Douglas By the
way, since when did Tyson think?
camg. and the general aggressiveness
associated with masculinity.
Gender dysphoria is very oommon
among gay men 1or reasons which
should be obvious .to you but it is less
a personal problem than a more
general problem associated with living
in a hostle and uncaring country,
George Bush's "kinder and gentler"
(Ha!) America. where "Nice guys finish
Since the racist, facist atmosphere
around here isn't going to change ·
without a m8jor revolution in spirit, I
recommend not pressuring yourself to
find Mr. Wonderful. You are not over
the hill at 26, you are not 'even close.
Perhaps getting away from the
undergraduate sexual mentality would
help since adol~ minds are fixed
on physical pleasuring when you so
cleai1y desire a more long-term
relationship. T;y older guys because
they understand relationships so
much better and, if all else fails, don't
· ignore potential relationships with
women because there are lots of faghags
in E.L who enjoy the kind of
relationship you are de5cribing. As
you remove the pressure from yourself
and potential partners, I am sure
you will find exactly what you need.
Good Luck.
Here's a message to you big boys
and girls riding your big 1 O speeds
around campus •••
I just got my training wheels off
ai1d tried riding over to visit my big
brolher 81 his dorm, and ·some big, fat,
booger-brain auising on the way to
class at about ~illion-trillion-zillion
miles about knocked me over.
C"mon fellahs, leave the sidewalks .
and Walking trails for little guys like me
to get used to riding a two-wheeler.
Ever stop by at IM East to catch a
glimpse of the foxy college babes
working out in those sleazy, neon,
aerobic suits aeeping up their butts?
I W8l1t 81 the wrong time. Apparently.
a group of fatsos who had just
made 10 trips to Wendy's Super Bar
rolled in to bum off the cottage cheese
growing on the back of their thighs.
What a disappointment.
. 1_.'.
14 February 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer• 5
Happy 3 I /2.
Have a good Valentine's Day. ·
Big L.
To Stud Bowler,
Happy Valentines Day.
I wuvyou.
Love, Snugglebunny & the
Original New Originals.
Since we met at the Riv I've been
· in love with you. I can't get your
lovely whine out of my head I Be
· Love (naked and sweaty), The
Most Effeminate Man Alive.
P.S. Kisses in bunches. ooooh l
To Al.
Happy Valentines Day,
you beast y ou.
Hey you Cambeel'1 Chicts,
and you know who you are.
Happy Valentines Day.
Love E.T.
Center St. Clan, Batery,
Cambell Crew &
K•ppa Sl1ter1 - Thinking of
on this special day.
Love Always, Tracy.
D.A.H. L.,
figure it out.
Love. S.
Cambell Girlie•.
No. not youl
The other ones down the hall.
Happy Valentines Dayl
Love. Booger.
when you "sleep"
over. you bring a new meaning to
the word
slumber. Happy Valentines Day
hunl ·
Love. Todd.
Dear. Roommates -
since none of us have any men to
get smooth with
tonight. let's al go out and
L Dot T Dot.
Ti•. Happy Valentines Day.
Lots of love,
Mary •
here's to making your
life miserable these past
coupleyears. Happy
Valentines Day.
Love. your favorite.
To M.L .• the best muter:
How about we snuggle
on Valentines Day. You know
how much I love to cuddle with
you in bed at nigJlt.
Love. Tiffer.
Hey CRUNCHY'S Valentine,
. So ... are you a taken sou 1?
Or will you be mine?
Leah. .
Hey 1irl1 of 539.
Don't you think it's
time you got Jayed?
To my roomie,
·I'm so glad we were
together this year. I hope
you have a good Valentines Day -
even without your sweetie. ·
Love, your replacement-sweetie.
To Glenn and Skylar.
I love you beacoup.
Happy Valentines Day .
Karen. ·
To •Y little Boobly-dump-
Happy Valentines Day.
From. Sugar-Booger Britches.
Donna & Doug,
Wishing you a 1 ifetime
of Valentines Days. -
Congratulations and Best Wishes.
Nancy Lea. ·
I love you lots.
Happy Valentines Day I
Chuct - can't wait to
cruise the Atlantic & to do
some partying & soak
some rays I I wouldn't want to go
with anyone but you.
Love. j.A.M.
Grandma & Grandpa DeClercq,
Happy Valentines Day.
I love you very much.
Katie. '
You've given me so much of
I can't thank· you enough.
You will always be in my heart.
With. love. Christina.
To Cbip1,
you PARALYZE me ...
and I love it. Happy
Valentines Day honey.
Love, Annette.
To Karen .E. -
Happy Valentines Day from
your little Slster. Hope
everything's going well
in Texas. Hugs & Kisses.
To Shaton, ·
Happy Valentines Day ·
to a special friend.
Be true to your heart.
. Love, Annette.
To Katif),
Happy Valentines Day to the
best daughter in the whole
world. We love you and are very
proud or you.
Love, Mom & Dad .
To Glen -
Thanks for the drink. for many
years ... & for being a special
T.W • .
· Have a Groovy day.
You're the most ... Love, M.J.
. To C.B. (S).
Wishing you a Happy
Valentines Day to a true
friend that I adore ... and
can't wait to be in her
wedding to "you- know-who."
Every day is a
beautiful day when I
can see you smil.e.
Hap PY Valen tines Day.
I'm so glad you are my
friend - Always smile.
; I I•>
M.L. ElPrict,
I hope.an FTD flower
truck runs you over today.
· From a "real" journalist.
P .S. Did you hear George
Perles was appointed AD?
Happy Valentines Day.
I love you very much. ·
your littles issy.
You know I love ya ...
more than my luggage.
You figure it out. You're
the Republican.
Love. Teesa.
Annette & Sharon.
, Thanks for being such
good friends, especially
to my sister. You guys
are the greatest.
Love, Tresa.
To the men of Pikes &
Happy Valentines Day.
Love, The Ladies of Phi Mu.
Would you like to watch
the fish
migrate by the Red Cedar?
Love. Sweets.
To my dearest son
girls like Suzi don't come
any hotter.
.P.S. Send Bernie home.
::: ::::::::·:: ::: :: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::· :-:···: ·:·>:·: ·:·:···· ·.· .
l"ill. BAXI ER.
"'"' I
6It.university Reporter-Intelligencer 14 February 1990
•I•~• O•••U••T•• •an•d• •A••B•O••U••T•• ••
. now until 25 Feb: The Voice of the Prairie
14 Feb: The Zulu Groove and Mondo cane
Gl'N11'11 (g)oorr
14-17 Feb: Toys
18: Uptown Band
. 19: Blue Avenue Delegates
20: Capital City Band .
1611 '"*' lhlll rrlll
14 Feb: Sidestreets Four, featuring Dave
16-17: The Interiors
20:. The Wayouts
14 Feb: The Civilians
15: Souvenir .
16: The Huntunes
17: Going Public
19: The Hold
20: Third Estate
21: Phil Garber and Som Naked
~ llv illJ"Wll l)l( 'if'lhril II 1lrli II'
15-25 Feb: It's Only a Play
9Dllw25 Feb: Meatloaf
Wlhlll ll'ft@ll'll 14 Feb: Richard Leakey, slide lecture on the
African Elephant .
16-18: A Streetcar Named Desire
. the
~pecialist ...
'ii1MD £..et
14 Feb: David Bromberg and his Big Band;
7:30 pm and 10 pm
15: Bruce Sagan and Friends; 8 pm
16: Alison Krauss and Union Station - Bluegrass;
7:30 pm and 10 pm
17: Clarence Fountain and the Fave Blind Boys
from Alabama; 7:30 pm and 10 pm
· 18:. The Ethnic Connection; 2 pm. The Homegrown
Women's Music Series presents Jahra
Michelle and McKinney and Tapestry; 7 pm
20: Patrick Street; 7:30 pm and 10 pm
21: Nathan BeH and Susan Shore
16-17 Feb: Motor City Jazz Quartet
18: Session.Night .
19: 11-V-I .
20: Paul Keller-Cary Kocher Jazz Quartet
21-22: Ron Brooks Trio
~onm DD 11
14 Feb: Big Box of Nines
15:Ash Can Van Gogh
16: Frank Allison and the Odd Sox
17: Sun Messengers
19: Yesterday's Children
20: Big Chief
21: Terrence Simien and the Malet Playboys
~•1lrolllt Om. 1lD1111.111lfi1 d £rr1lc
Pierre DuBurro Masterprints
!Fox 'IT'ltil •1l•rr
15-18 Feb: Ann Marquerite
23: Stephanie Mills
~oral o&ll llllOJDllc Tha!l•rr
16-18 Feb: The The
SOQJlp lltD!l e lhril 11'11
23 Feb: Windsor Dukes with Junkyard Jones
24: Howling Diablos
811. £mlrr14 Feb: Beer On The Penguin
17: Polish Muslims
· 19: Pat Thomas from Africa
14 February 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer• 7
Holy foresight, Batman!
uR-1 Words of -Wisdom: Go see The The!
by Dave Weier
uR-1 music correspondent
Few pop lyricist's write with the
intensity of The The's Matt Johnson,
and this weekend, Detroit will get to
meet the man of melancholy during
their three-ni,ght gig at the Royal Qak
Music Theater. ·
Johnson writes with a fervor
similar to that of the late John Lennon.
His lyric's blend human drama
and world issue's with his own emotion
to create a aitical. commentary on
This intensity is fueled by the fact
that he writes all of the Instrument
parts and lyrics himself, which he
labours at for up to three years at a
crack between recording sessions.
Until the current album, Mind
Bomb, there wasn't even a band, just
Johnson and a few of his friends like
Slnead, Jool• Holland, Wire and Imagery. Or maybe multi-media
Foetu•. . madness like REM portray the con-
After The The's previous release, sclousness of the lyrics.
Infected, Johnson decided It was Nope, Its just the band (and a
finally time to consumate his relation- baCk-up woman vocalist/keyboardist),
ship with his audience, but he had their Instruments and as few lights as
needed band members that could they can get away with. Everyone
identify with his feelings and music. dressed In black, pays close attention
He recruited bassist J~• Eller, to their work and its flavor. The only
lnfscteddrummer David Palmer, and one who even moves Is Johnson, who
ex-Smith• guitarist Johnny U.r to often stalks the stage like a caged
carry the flag for The The. coyote.
Fans have waited since 1979, · This minimalistic approach Is very
through 4 albums (including Johnson's effective in drawing the audience Into
Burning Blue Sou~ to get a look at the the dark comers of Johnson's· mind.
master of dark emotions, only to be a The band sucks the emotion out of the ·
· little surprised at the show. audience for about two hours as they
On stage the group is every bit as play a healthy sampling from all of Its
deft ~h their Instruments as on vinyl, releases induding stirring renditions of
but at first, their show doesn't seem to "Giant; •Heartland. and -This is the
match the darkness of the music. Day:
One could expect some theatrical This weekend's show was origiexperimentation
like that of Skinny nally scheduled for November, but the ·
Puppy to help convey the music's suicide of Johnson's brother forced a
~ Students Against Driving Drunk · i
·and The Residence Halls ·
Eat Cheap
Ali U Can Eat Coneys
$1.99 Tuesdays noon~9
postponement. Since then Marr, Eller
and Palmer have been rehearsing and
writing songs under the moniker of ·
Hate, which may record in the future
as an alter ego of The The.
These recent events shouk:I lend ·
themselves to the intensity of the
show, so if you're going you'll no
doubt feel a cold chill as the curtain
opens and your soul is touched by
The The.
TM Royal Oak Misic Theater is
locat«l at 4th & Washington in
d(Jwntown Royal Oak. There are
shows on the 16,17 & 18th. The
first two shows are sold-out and
tickets from Nov. 3 are being .
honored on Friday while the rescheduled
Nov. 4 show tickets will
be acupted on Saturday night. Tix
for Sunday are $17.50.
Let Us Help You Out-Come To:
l'.lr.esent A
Jr _-~--~-----_-,
11 Buv One and Ciel a Scrnnd One ror I I I: _ . . Free . . . 1 j
'!' Ch1h C~e,~se Fnes :
Gary's Campus
Hair Salon
$9:00 Uni-sex hair styling
IIL- --wi-th c-Souunoaoany. _D-i.npe.-min. only. I1 ~ ----·--... \VE DELIVER 332-2381
18 and over with college LO.
E~ergize You.r. Wednesday Nights
With Dancing and Fun! ·
1rthf==sw=eet==:=T~h=e~Z~u~lu==G=r=oo==ve=· =;;;;;--~~~/

and Mondo Cane I '-------========--...:__JI
., ,, ' ·~
10% Special Sweetheart
(Valentine's Day Only)
East Lar:ising's Finest In
Alternative; Rap. Imports, .
New Age, and Dance
Lower Level, Campus Town Mall
Club House Coming Soon
351-651 I 549 E. Grand River
(next to Confection Connection)
M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-2pm
~- ·.
Wed.,Feb.14 .............. Sidestrcet Four
featuring Stemfield
Fri.&Sat.Feb.16& 17 ....... The Interiors
Tues.Feb.20 .................... The Wayouts
Sunday Special
Stallion burger w/ fries (halflb.
· ground beef w/ bacon, swiss,
· cheddar, onion, Ieuuce, and tomato)
Draft and Shot 'O' Schnapps
. Onlv $2.99!
101 E. Grand River Ave.
Home of the Sharkbowl!
' Entertain ment
uR-1 entertainment editor
American Bandstand comes to ,
East Lansing?
No, that wasn't Dick Clark. More
like dancer extraordinaire John
DiBiaggio cutting many r:ugs at B'Zar
last week.
The Gear, from Warren, played a
tight set Including most of the
songs off therr latest releMe. They
have played in the Detroit area for the
last ·two or three years; but they didn't
have what has beCome known as the
Detroit garage sound.
Their sound has a Replacements
tinge to it, especially the guitar - or
what there is of it. They are very
rhythm oriented with a very strong .
bass and drum sound.
One of the songs that stood out
was •1t•s My Tum to Cry: The whole
song was really intense with an
adrenaline heartbeat coming from
drummer Jeff Hunt.
'Walkin' By Your House· was a
pseudo-ballad with niCQtine flt induced
vocals from BQb labor and a .doom
and. gloom bass line from Tom Lynch.
"Loud, Hard and Fast9 was exactly
that with solos from each member of
the band. Zabors guitar solo was the
first time the guitar COl..!ld be heard at
all. The bass solo was excellent, with
av arr s croons
Lynch jumping around both. on the
bass and on the floor.
Hunt has the potential to~ a
great drummer, bUt It's hard to tell with
a spilt-second drum solo. But while he
was soloing, he was great! It just
should have been a longer solo.
They ended with "Get Twist9d: It
was the only song that had any of the
Detroit sound in It. Distortion was
ripping out of the bass and the guitar
- definitely a garage/grunge tune.
Anne Be Davl8, from Ann Arbor,
. started warming up and did a sound
"Can ya go with the •verb? I'm a
shitty singer,• said lead vocalist,
David Harris.
But he wasn't a bad sin"ger at all.
As a matter of fact, if Anne Be Davis
had a little more imagination and a
few more years under their belts,
they'd be really hot. There wasn't a
single song that didn't sound like
C?bssessive Andy_ Warhol's spirit manlfests
itself in the "City of the ·Arts"
by Dave Weier
uR-1 art correspondent
East Lansing lives up to Its -City of
the Arts• billing on Sunday when
Kresge Art Museum unveils a seledion
of portraits by artist Andy Warhol.
The portraits are currently touring
the state as a presentation of the
Detroit Institute of Arts' Statewide
Services Program and will be hung In
Kresge from Sunday until April 1.
· This selection of portraits emphasises
several facets of an artist that
has been as revered for his simplicity
in. produdion and statement of the
obvious, as he has been criticized for
Ardy Warhol was born to a poor
Immigrant family In Pittsburgh, and
throughout childhood and during a
early career in advertising, he was
bedazzled by the thought of beauty,
glamour, wealth and fame. He was
dissatisfied by his mediocrity, Truman
Capote once said, •Andy Warhol
wanted to be anyone but -Andy
These feeling's were a driving
force in the development of Warhol's
work ahd can be seen clearly in this
The exhibit covers Warhol's
obsessions with movie stars, politicos,
other artiSts aOd captains of industry.
The best examples of these obsessions
in thjs show are the portraits
Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn, 1967),
Elizabeth Taylor (Liz,1964), and
Jaqueline Kennedy (Jackie, 1964;
Jaqueline Kennedy 1,11 & Ill, ~965).
These portraits are not as shallow
as one man's fascinations, instead
they are reflective of society's views
on people in the national $potlight.
The Kennedy portraits were
constuded from news photos taken
the week following John F. Kennedy's
assasination and are intended as a
·commentary on the media, converting
JaCkie from JFK's wife to an icon of
America's grief.
. The media played a large part in
Warhol's career since he took most of
his images and ideas diredly from it.
It's a two-way street though .. Warhol
created media in the form of Interview
magazine and in his later years he
used his portraits to finance the
Warhol's portraits became quite a
status symbol among the rich and
famous, commanding five-figure
commissions, Warhol would snap a
Polaroid of his model~ then an assistant
would create a silkscreen image.
It was the assembly line process
that caused Warhol to come under fire
by many critics. Warhol was a
purveyor of mass-prodUdion, not an.
artist, said the accusations.
---· --------- -- - ----------
some major label band wrote it.
They played a really tight set, and
they had a solid sound, it just sounded
like someone (anyone?) else. Energy
was contagious with these guys; they
were jumping all over the place.
The ftrst song started and Harris
was eying the mic like it was a piece
of candy that he didn't know if he
should take. He took it and it was
The drummer, Sande Satoskar~
was no big deal, but he was solid.
Bass player, Ray Echlin, was slappin'
and poppin' like a MF while he was
warming up, but when the band
started playing, where was it? So
much for the rhythm section.
Lead guitarist, Julian Go, was just
. that. All he did was solo, and every
solo sounded like it was right off of the
Dinasaur Jr. Bug album.
In "Truman's Collection,· he went
for the feedback solo, and right when .
he was getting it going, he stopped. It
was the wimpiest version of a feedback
solo known to man!
Experience is most necessary in
music, and it's something that Anne
Be Davis needs some more of, but it
isn't too hard to see them on Restless
or Enigma in about two years. overall,
the attitude of the crowd was, "It's got
a good beat, you can dance to it:
To the contrary, Warhol's production
techniques were a commentary
on American industrialization and its
greed in wanting more of everything
(notice Warhol's style of repitition and
serialization in the Mao and Powell
If you still doubt Warhol's capabilities
as an artist after vjewing the
Kresge show. then remember
Warhol's own .words, "I never wanted
to be a painter. I wanted to be a tap
. . . . .. ..
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