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Transcript: DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE/the uR-1 takes a look at Farrakhan
21 February 1990
Vol. I
MSU's alternative
and truly
independef!t voice
What's shakin':
uR-1 examine·s _
Farrakflan speech
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p. 7-8
In the aftermath of Farrakhan
The history
bah.ind the man
uR-1 correspondent
He came, he spoke, he left.
However, many MSU students
who have been left In the wake of tl:le
events surrounding Sunday's speech
now find themselves wondering, 'Who
ls Louis Farrakhan?"
Louis Eugene Walcott was born In
the largely black region of Roxbury in
Boston. He learned the violin during
his younger days, and now coll~
rare violins. After a standout track
career in college, Walcott sang in
night clubs, where he was often billed
as "The Charmer:
He first ~ Involved with the
·Black Muslim movement In 1955. At
that time, Malcolm X was still in the
organiztion. Walcott then changed his
name to Louis X Walcott, then just
Louis X. In 1959, Louis ·x was named
"minister- by Elijah Muhammed,
founder and prophet of the Black
In 1964, Malcolm.X left the Black
Muslims, and Louis X was named to
take over the vacated mosques. After
this departure, Louis X denounced
Malcolm X, saying "such a man as
· Malcolm i~ worthy of death: ·
A year later, Malcolm X was .
assasainated. Louis X was given the
name "Farrakhan· by Elijah MuhammQd
in that same year.
In 1975, Elijah Muhammed
passed away·, leaving his position to
his son, W. Deen Muhammed. However,
many felt that Farrakhan was the
voice of the new regime. One publication
stated, "He'• a better orator
than the lateDr. Martin Luther King,
he sing• better than Marvin Gaye, ..•
· and he'• prettier than Muhammed
Ali... Soon thereafter, Farrakhan was
assigned to the Chicago headquarters
of the Black Muslims. .
However, it soon became evident ·
to Farrakhan that Deen Muhammed
See HISTORY, p. 2
Louis Farrakhan uR-1 photolBUNKY CORRIGAN
... :·::::~fMlKEVENYAH:: :: :>::: . '•• : =<::ti:M:$jtr~Mili~ififffiiijist~(~ L •.:•••:. '!·L1A··~·~I· ~~~~~J)c,'1~~::•••::·-• • =••=•=1.®:•~•~•~~·•w:~®~h~•s~@p::M•··
. . ·.:·:.:-:-:-:.:.:-: -: -: -:.:·:- :-:- ... .. . . .. .
~~~1*-fo/'W~Mri~¥ -~~%Ut.•· -~~~($eE:~¢i*,~ P.J:3/' : : H ..... ..... ... .
Gospel or gar~age:
Athletes speak
uR-1 managing editor
•Nobody carBS wheth9f you
graduate with a degr99, but put that
· ball in the hoop, niggerr
That was Muslim Leader Louis
Farrakhan's message to black college
athletes Sunday night at the MSU
Auditorium. ·
During his 31/2-hour speech,
Farrakhan tQld a crowd.Qt 4,000
people that university administrators
don't really care about black students'
education. He portrayed' universities
as racist institutions that use black
students' talents to beef upthe'bank
accounts of athletic departments.
Though. Farrakhan's message,
among severBI relayed during his
sold-out speech, brought the crowd
roaring to its feet in approval, some
MSU coaches and black athletes
believe the statement was out of line.
"I don't think (MSU) loo.ks at us as ·
just a four-year project,• said Taraisa
Wills, captain of the MSU women's
basketball team. "I don't see that at
all. (Athletic department heads) are
interested in our education. They help
us out. They take care of us:
Karen Langeland, head coach of
MSU women's basketball team,
agreed, saying Farrakhan's statement
•couldn't be farther from the truth.
"Obviously; I disagree with him,·
she said. "I know how much time we
sperld on academics.•
Langeland said the women's
basketball team, made up of 1 O black
and three white students, has study
periods for two hours every night,
Monday-Thursday. And when players
are struggling over a certain subject,
-she said tutors are assigned and
coun5eling is available.
"Obviously, he doesn't have all
the facts,· Langeland said. • I don't
know how he made that statement.•
MSU Assistant Baseball Coach
See·ATHLETES, p. 3
2 •university REPORTER-INTELLIGENCER . ~ -/. 21 February.1990
From HISTORY, p.1
did not intend to follow in his father's
footsteps. Deen Muhammed wished
to pursue a more orhtodox approach.
He planned to allow whites Into his
In 1978, Farrakhan left the Black
Muslims to form the Nation of Islam,
taking abouno,ooo of the 100,000
Black Muslim followers with him.
Soon he set up his own headquarters
in Chicago and many halls where
speakers would work to spread his ·
ideas. Afterwards, he hoped to
generate some revenue by selling
copies of the speeche6 to those in
attendance, much the way a Jerry
Falwell or a Jimmy Swaggart operates.
It is these speeches which often
provide much of the controversy which
surrounds Farrakhan. He is constantly
surrounded by the Fruit of
Islam, his security force. Often, his
entourage will reach forty, sometimes
even more.
. Some speakers, such as Stephen
Cokely, often use the forum to give his
messages of anti-Semitism and
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When he announced the Nation comment about the speaker's oontroof
Islam's black "self-help• project , versial beliefs. He refus8d, stating
Libya's Muammar Qaddafi gave a $5 that anything he said before the
million ·1oan· to Farrakhan. He has speech could be construed by Farram~
ny Muslim allies In the Middle East .khan as a warning on sensitive
• which he recruited .shortly after he material, thus limiting Farrakhan's
spllt from the Black Muslims. right to free speech. The LA. Times
This is not the end of the Farra- editorial page followed suit, promising
khan public relations nightmare. In not to print any comments about
1984, after Jesse Jackson called Jews Farrakhan's beliefs until he finished
"hymies· in an interview with Milton . his speech.
Coleman of the Washington Post, Others, however, see Farrakhan
Farrakhan publidy threatened Cole- as ihe most banned person this side
man during a speech. He was of South Africa.• Many feel they will
conslderec:i by many Democrats a . not be taken seriously if he speaks at.
reason not to vote for Jackson in the their fundion.
1984 Convention because Jackson However, he still has proven to be
became so closely affiliated with able to fill a house, as seen Sunday
Farrakhan. This was after the lnfa- night at MSU as well as in 1985, when
mous comment Farrakhan made he filled Madison Square Garden and
about Hitler, calling him a •great man•. made some of his mO&I scathing
Many others feared dealing with comments. He attacked then-mayor
Farrakhan because they knew it would Ed Koch for two thigns: He's Jewish,
alienate one major voting group no and He's homosexual. As one
matter what. One of these politicians reporter described it, -rhe first of
was Tom Bradley, the popular black which he has no control over, and the
mayor of Los Angeles. second he (Koch) squelingly denies.•
In 1985, Farrakhan was sched· The crowds at the usual Farrauled
to make a speech In LA., and khan speech are a mixture of those
many wanted Bradley to make a who are enraged by the cause, those
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who are·curious, and those who are
protesting. . .
Farrakhan seemingly let MSU off
easily In financial terms. He asked .
the ·u· for $5,000, while in 1988, he
asked the relatively small University of
the Dis~rid of Columbia (UDC) for
$17,700, which was reduced to
$15,200. This money came out of a
$60,000 fur)d for student events for
the entire term. He came under such
criticism for this that he began t~
charge less for appearances.
. ... ..
~11rs11ii~r1 ·-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:·:·:·:·:·:·:·::: .. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ·'.·:·:·:·:::::::::::::::::::::··
21 February 1990 ·. , university REPORTER-INTELLIGENCER• 3
From ATHLETES, p. 1
Dan O'Brien said he believes sports Is
the open door for some black students
who want to go to college but are financially
strapped. ·
"I think athletics gives blacks an
opportunity to go to college, In some ·
financial cases,· O'Brien said. "In our
sport, everyone is treated the same."
Wills said though she was not
able to attend Farrakhan!s speech on
·campus, she has heard ·him speak on
various television programs on other
occasions. The 22-year-old said she
does not agree with everything
Farrakhan preaches, but says she
admires his talent for uniting black
"I think Farrakhan Is a really, really
great man; she said. "He says very
stimulating words to try and make us
stand up and join hands and do more
for ourselves.
"I think he· gets a lot of bad
publicity because he's a man who
speaks his mind."
Farrakhan, long the center of controversy,
has been accused of being a
racist, a fascist and an anti-Semitic •
whose messages to blacks revolve
around Jew-bashing.
· But MSU football player Travis
Davis says Farrakhan Is everything
but racist.
"You can't condemn the man until
you hear the man,· said Davis, who
attended Farrakhan's speech with
about 1 O lootball players. "I don't
think he's a racist at all.
"He's iust a black man that wants
to let his black people know about
their heritage ... he just tells the truth."
oifr:W'l AM~?
Though Davis praised Farrakhan
for promoting black pride and unity,
he said he did not agree with the
speaker's comment that university
officials doh't care about black students'
education and use them only
to generate funds for the Athletic De-
. partment.
"I can't say the univetsity used
me; Davis said. "I don't think they
use blackstudents.· And in reference
to athletic department's concern over
athletes grades, Davis said coaches
and department heads value educa-
. tion. ·
· "Coach Perlas ... he's hard on
education,• Davis said. "Talk to any
of the footbaH players and they'll tell
you that.•
Davis said the university does·
push Its athletes to keep up with their
studies, but the ultimate responsibility
of earning a degree lies with the
"It's kind of up to the player to get
an education; said Davis, who currently
Is working on a master's
degree In counseling and ei;lucatlon
after earning his bachelor's in ATD
Merchandising Management in 1989.
· "In the real world, you need an
education,· he said.
And whether or not Michigan
State cares if black athletes get an
education or not doesn't matter to
"I'm gonna get mine anyway because
that's what I came here to do.·
One thing that does bother Davis
about MSU is his belief that he has
put more Into the university than he
has received. MSU has compen-
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and nail services
sated his football talents with
a free-ride for the past five
years. But Davis believes
ihat's not enough.·
"You think about all the money you
bring into the university and you see
none of it,· he said. "It kind of makes
you mad."
From SPEECH, p. 1
After an opening In which Farrakhan
acknowledged his detractors and
their constitutional rights to protest his
visit, he blasted the MSU administration
for placing a memoriam on funds
allocated for his speech.
"This Is a redst Institution; he
said. "How dare you tell blacks that
Farrakhan Is Irrelevant and doesn't
deserve a measly $10,000 to $12,000
honorarium when you bring speakers
that are totally irrelevant to the black
experience, but you use money from
(black students') fees to pay for
Farrakhan went on to speak oUt
on white oppression of blacks, ori drug
ab!Jse and on Jewish oppositiofl to his
But regardless of what Farrakhan
said, as of 11 :00 p.m. Sunday evening,
his visit to MSU became history.
The Issue facing the MSU community
now is: 'What impact will
Faffalchan's speech have on MSU and
its surrounding ar98S 'r
MSU ·senior Tony Jefferson
predicts Farrakhan's speech will have_
an uplifting effed on the black population
at MSU.
"Blacks will be hyped up for two
weeks ... but I don't know If it will last;
Jefferson said. Whether MSU will be
considered a promoter of humanitarianism
or race hatred for funding
Farrakhan's visit depends on peoples'
geographic location as well as ethnic
background, Jefferson said.
"Known racist towns Ilka Fowlerville
and Howen· will view Farrakhan's
visit to MSU as •a racist act,· Jefferson
said. But "Detroit and ihe innercity"
will perceive the event as "enlightening;
he added.
MSU senior James Chubb, who
called Farrakhan's messages "positive;
said the,minister's speech may
have an Imped on the university's
admissions, Influencing college-bound
blacks to "perhaps choose MSU over
a black college.·
However, Chubb also believes
Farrakhan's discourse may have a
negative· impact on MSU's white
community. Farrakhan's speech, he
said, may "anger whites because they
don't like what he says.·
But MSU graduate student
Tewodros Akilile, says whites can no
_longer ignore issues concerning
. Calling Farrakhan's Invitation to
speak at MSU a "good political activity
for blacks; Akilile said: "It's time for
whites to hear about black concerns."
Anthony Spangler, a sophomore
at Lansing Community College,
believes Farrakhan's several messages
benefit all who liste.ned to his
speech. And those who will benefit the
most are blacks.
"Farrakhan's message is good for
blacks and other minorities,· Spangler
said. "He has good things to say, like
Malcolm X."
Farrakhan's visit to MSU was
made possible through a $5,000 fund
granted by MSU Provost David Scott's
office. The grant brewed much
controversy on campus, especially
among members of the Jewish
community who feel they are the
scapegoat of several of the minister's
messages. About 200 protesters
gathered outside the auditorium to
voice their opposition to Farrakhan's
visit and the university's funding of his
· As One adviser Ezra Hyland said ·
the group originally asked MSU for
$20,000 to fund Farrakhan's visit. The
student organization, thought they
w re assured at least $5,000, he said,
and therefore, put $500 down to
reserve the auditorium.
At that point, Ezra said 15 people
protested MSU funding Farrkhan, and
ihe Board of Trustees put a hold on
the whole $5,000, not just $500. •
Though As One was eventually
guaranteed the $5,000 to bring
Farrakhan to campus, the MSU Board
of Trustees has since declared that no
speaker will receive more than $1,000
•until criteria are established; he said.
The Board of Trustees recent
decision has left Hyland with one
"Do black, brown, yellow people
have the right to say who speaks to
them and foqhem ?"
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the university
21 February 1990
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::::::::::::::::::::::;::::: ·· -:-:-:::::::::: . . . . . . . ... :-:-:. .. . . .
· · · /t~9hhi9t:Jt c:f9V~()i;I<
. . :'U p~1§iNfA~ W.ri9N ..
F1ARR AKHAN·.demi-god or
1-' H. • dem~gogue?
Chuck D. calls himself "a follower
of Farrakhan; and counsels us that we
can't understand •until you've heard
the man:
Well, we've heard him.
To pass judgment on the Minister
Louis Farrakhan - former assistant to
Malcolm X Shabazz, disciple of Elijah
Muhammad and his successor as
leader of the Nation of Islam - after
hearing only one speech would be prematur:
e, unwise and unfair.
Mr. Farrakhan has many messages
that are delivered to many
audiences; he will tell the people to
drop their guns and needles and stop
killing each other; he will tell the
people to honor black women who
have spawned the human race and
brought us through times of turmoil
and darkness; he will tell the people to
· reject the drugs making them modemday
slaves; he will tell the peoRle that
the truth will set them free and set their
oppressors free.
Some of those messages were
delivered last Sunday and roused the
audience to levels of pride and
strength that all people should strive
for and hope to achieve for our mutual
peace, prosperity and well-being.
But Mr. Farrakhan has been
known to deliver other messages as
Messages denouncing religions
and races as inferior and oppressive.
Messages that take advantage of coming obstacles --- even obstacles as
sudden passibns rather than advocate devious and cunning as those Mr Farcalm
reasoning and purpose. Mes- rakhan claims exist - should be the
sages that overshadow his positive goal of all people5.
message for not only Afro-Americans, · There is no denying that Mr. Fari-abut
for all people. khan is a brilliant man, one Who knows
• Last Sunday, Mr. Farrakhan the perils facing blacks everyday, and
delivered a slow, humorous, thoughtful a man who knows the effect of his
speech that built to a resounding arid words.
powerful crescendo, rOcking the In this light, to blame those probauditorium
and invigorating the audi- lems on one group of people is too
ence. simple for a man of his brainpower.
It is in the fuel used to build to that Most of Sunday's audience didn't
crescendo, however, that one finds a swallow Mr. Farrakhan's message part
message to think about when consider- and parcel. And he could not have
Ing Mr. Farrakhan's words and his meant it to be taken in such a manner.
reputation as an anti-semite and Blaming Jews for the plight of
propagator or racial hatred. . ' blacks is simply used as a rallying
While there is some· merit to his point by Mr. Farrakhan. Without a
condemnation of whites for their doubt, it is wrong to tum people
subjugation, dehumanization, and re- against each other to accomplish any
programming of blacks throughout goal. Demagoguery is Inexcusable
history, his accusations that the Jews and Mr. Farrakhan must be found
have calculated shrewdly to take. guilty In spite of his brilliance and eioadvantage
of black ignorance is simply quence.
using an inaccurate and unfair gener- But one must hope that wiser
alization to create a common enemy words of his are used· to rally the
blacks can unite against. people trying to build a better tomor-
People are easier to fight than row.
Poverty. •Jews and blacks, if you begin a
But, as Mr. Farrakhan says, the · dialogue, start with honesty and be
days of Stepin Fetchit are over. Blacks truthful to each other: ·
are now able to control their own · Good advice, and advice Mr.
destiny without Master Cracker menac- Farrakhan should heed if a dialogue
Ing them with whip or chain. To place ~oes begin in spite of
blame on a group is natural. But over- his.demagoguery.
. ..
······~6.~·:'il#4:i.$.'ffii6.!t.#6~fl.· .'···
·•••·w~~~1f :'#ii?(#J~fftt/(IJ~~.··••··
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:· -:· -:· ·:·- :·- :·-.:·-.:· -:· -:· -:· -:· . •.•·.•. :.•.:.· ...1... h·.··.'·e···r··.·e····.•:•.:. :•.::.•.. .•. ·.:.: ·.••.•: •.. •>·•··•·:·•·•··• •·•
. . : : .. .. . :-:-:-:-:-:-: -:.:-:-:-:-:-:· :::.::::::::::::::::::::: ;:::::::::::;:::::::::::::-:.:.·
21 February 1990 university REPORTER-INTELLIGENCER • 5
Forget the
Franklin Mint,
the doc tias a
HUG·E. library
Dear Doc:
What was that misogy.nistlc sleaze
business all about a couple of weeks .
ago? The column was one of your
better ones -; I though you really
stuck it to the people who deserve It.
Where was she coming from?
- Bewildered
Dear Bewildered:
with erotic adult reading material.
Pornography depicts acts of violence
against women which I do not find at
all intriguing. One the ~her hand (ha
ha), pictures of relatively normal acts
done by consenting adults in the
bedroom are not only great tum-ans,
they are al5o artistic, and protected
under our constitutional rights. I have
always been a great lover of art, spent ·
hours pouring it. My art collection
may be the largest in Michigan outside
of some of my friends who live in
Misogynistic means having a
hatred for women and, if you have
read some of my early columns, you
would· know there is a certain degree
of truth in what she said. Jodi Foster,
Judge Stell, and the women running
East Lansing are not high on my list of
favorite people. Oh, by the way, did
you see that the Michigan Court of
Appeals struck down a part of the EL
ordinance governing Cedarfest? Yup!
They said you coldn't barricade Cedar
Village because you were afraid some
people MIGHT do something.
I don't dislike these women
because they are female, I dislike
them because they are trying to
oppress me and that is unAmerican.
You may not like the way I party and
you may not like the shit I read, but
don't go passing laws trying to keep
me from It because I have a basic
right (unalienable, I belive Thomas
Jefferson called it) to life, liberty, and
the happiness of pursuit. Get my
Dear Dr. Sex:
You're the only one I can tum to.
My boyfriend is a very'pessionate
person. He seems to get turned on
really easlly but I'm much more quiet
and take a longer time. When we
make love, I just start getting really
turned on when he loses interest and
turns away from me. I have two
questions: Why don't I get turned on
In time and why do I sometimes have
Intense pain in my side after we make
love? Is there anything .1 can do about
this pain because aspirin doesn't
work. Help! What's wrong with me?
- Dormitory,,..,._
Your second question is easier to
answer than the first. Both men an
women have similar responses to
arousal, blood rushes to the pelvis
and causes a swelling in the sexual
accessory structures. Many men
know the pain involved in Lover's Nuts
or Blue Balls all too well but most
women don't realize their ovaries also
swell, especially if you do not obtain
orgasmic releas~. The cure is simple:
masturbate after he goes home. It
releases the blood held in the pelvis
which reduces the swelling and the·
psin will go away. (Follow this up with
a visit to your family doctor just to
make sure there really is no physical
problem.) I would have to say,
though, there is nothing wr.ong with
you other than taking too much mental
· responsibility for how sex is going
without taking charge. Your sexual
response sounds pretty normal to me
as does your boyfriend's but· I think he
needs some gentle educating. Don't
wait to start foreplay until you are lying
next to each other, start at dinner or
even that afternoon. Flirt with each
other, stroke him or squeeze him
through his clothes but don't let him
get too close until you are good and
ready. You are leaving all the contfol
in his hands and he is not reading
your response very well.
Men do not necessarily come to
you knowing all about women's sexual
response although most of us talk like
we have done it all and know everything.
Don't believe it. Take a more
active part in controlling what he does.
Get him so-turned on, he can't stand it·
another minute and hold him off a few
minutes longer. Be sure when you
-are doing this,· you are squeezing the
head of his penis every now and then
because if you don't, he will be so
turned on he will orgasm as soon as
he enters you and we don't want that.
The squeeze should be farily strong
but not enough to hurt him. The trick
is to push some of the blood back into
the penile shaft and allow it to refiii the
Or let him have his first orgasm
fairly qucikly and then tum him on
again so you can have yours. Men
may have fairly quick orgasms at first
but our second ones always take
much longer and our third ones longer
yet. There is no reason why you both
can't have several orgasms duriflQ a
single sex act but this type of response
never "just happens: You
·have to get to know how to read each
other's sexual responses and the best
part is that it takes practice, practice,
practice. Musicians practice at least
two hours every day. Training sexual
responses takes at least as much
work, maybe more. Have fun!
It's like I always say: If you can't
take-the heat, get asbestos undies
playing "Cat Scratch Fever- at top.volume?
, Who's next, Eddie Albert and Bellone honoring
Pete Townsend for his work-on behalf of their
Of the Stale One, .has anybody noticed how
their editorial page is trying to sound like the Provoc
It's as if they kidnapped me and made me watch .
While we're talking rocking, how is It that The
Silver Dollar Saloon is "The Midwest's most 'famous
rock bar,· and no one knows where in God's green
Earth this dive is?
The Brady Bunch for 48 hours while listening to a
Bill Cosby concert tape. Yecch - it's a nightmare.
And what about Martha Quinn showing up as
Bobby's wife?! ·
'So the,.·• a new Ronald McDonald.
Don't mean nuthin' tom•, It'• the nm• 01-
kangaroo meat the Provoc was (is) raised on -
maybe that accounts for my hatred of you
phlegm-grabbing, fl•havln' toads?
But who cares what you think anyway.
Besidn, didn't tM MW JolctH worlc out
cool? How 'bout tM ..,,,_ old Provoc?
WeN, wait 'ti/ they gtlt a loMJ of m• (sorry,
Nicholson)-. TAKE THIS/ .
· What was the Legislature thinking when they
passed a resolution honoring rocker Ted Nugent?
What did they honor him for; killing Bambi,
Thumper, driving a huge truck, shooting things and
And why did Meatloaf cancel his date there - I
cried for days when I was told I wouldn't be hearing
"Bat Out of Hen· screeching out of the voc8I chords
of a man that let a trans~xual chop him up and tum
him tnto a feast (a big feast.).
Oh well, I guess it's another Saturday night, all
revved up and no place to go.
Speaking of no place to go .:__ or going no place
- The State News comes to mind.
I've laid off these venerable folk for.a couple
weeks, but I feel a flash coming over me.
Like: My good fiend from down the street, Bart
Simpson, and I had a good laugh when we read the
State "He's-Not-lndependent,-He's-My-Provosr
News over _the last two weeks. Twenty-nine corrections,
ouch! Since when did our favorite tanker (and
tankard) driver, Joseph Hazlewood, become copy
Whatever happened to Colin, dammit!
Here's a parting (cheap) shot: Has anyone seen
those great SN signs advertising their internship
They would prefer "intelligent,· hard working and
conscientious students.· Other than constituting a
major shift in policy, we hope they can stop either
firing people or letting them quit and muster enough
people to put out a paper this year for our increased
student "independent-voice,-fer-shure-man· tax.
I'm proud of ya, guys. Keep up the progress,
and soon you'll be able to get gymnastics scores
I shouldn't have done those last·few, I'm beginning
to feel my stomach go ...
But that's about It 'til next week, so be bad and
remember - I never met anyone I did not not like.
( 6 •university REP9RTER-INTELLIGENCER 21 February 1990
.I.~. O...U..T. ·a-n·d . .A..B.O..U..T.. .. -
.. EASTLANSING iA_ann arbor .... detroit
21 Feb: Cathasis and Bone
28: Kitchenhead aid the LauQiing Hyenas
Th• Gueon Door
21 -24Feb:Toys
25: Uptown Bend
26: Blue Aveo.Je'Delegates
27: Ccf)itol City Blues Bcnd
Th• LC1Jndahark
23-24 Feb: Sowenlr
27: Dot.ble Play
Th• SDll"'•r Dolc:11r Scsloon
25 Feb: Meatloaf
today Lntil 25 Feb: The Voice of the Prairie
WM!rio1111 Co1111br
-22 Feb: Michale Pe1ri.recorderwi1h ISolisti ltaliani
23: The Irish Rovers
23-24: A streetcar Nomad Desire
24: 50 Years of Harmony Annual Barbershop Quartet
25: Circle Spotlight Organ Recital
26: American Pictues-
27-March 1: Mitzi Gaynor in Anything Goes
21 Feb: PhllGcrberandBomNaked
22: Oroboros
24: The Toil aid Crossed Wire
26: The Voice
27: Phineas Gage
28: Freeman aid the Chasers
today Lntil 25 Feb: It's Only a Ploy
Th• T.n Pouncl flclClll@ CoSll•=h@"11•e
23 Feb: Jan Marra
lllld of IPcalGdllM
22-24 Feb: Ron Brooks Trio
FGJl Tlteabr
21 Feb: Allee Cooper
23 Feb: Stephaiie Mills
21 Feb: Terrence Simien and the Malet Polyboys
22: The Voice
TH Soup llltcMn
23 Feb: Windsor Dukes wifh JLnkyard Jones
23:0boros 24: HoWting Diablos .
24: lhe Difference
25: Tippre Irie ·
26: lhe Cut Haros
Q '"' - ... - • . .
St.~ .. w"•Hal
24 Feb: Royal Crescent Mob
Pierre DuBuro Master Prints e..:)/ :.: --~
:.....-:: ~ ... ;;.;::.:::.;.;.. ............. lilll .. ~
GEE, OOG 80Y ...
The Oydesdale by JONT
I "'4~~£ l"lANAQlRIAL
00Tl'[~. lf
DROO-L.- --
1 February 19~0 · . . un·iversity REPORTER-INTELL,IGENCER. .
Keep watching TV
"'W Transvision Vamp, Velveteen
~ MCA,1989
TV - as Transvislon vamp like to
be called for short - are a different
band. One part 60's art-pop, one part
primal post-punk energy, and one part
BO's street-smart savvy.
Wendy James leads this British
quartet on their second full-length
release. 1988's Pop Art had a touch
. of eccentricity, which was evidenced
on their remake of the dassic "Tell
That Girl To Shut up·. The alb!1m
never really took of.f sales-wise,
though it should've. They were
lumped in with all the other English
"girl groups" like The Primitives, The
Darling Buds, and Fuzzbox, among
others too numerous and obscure to
. But TV's approach is quite different
than most of the groups out there.
James, who handles most of the
writing along with the singing, isn't
afraid to speak her mind, and comes
off much more brash than we're used
to over here in the States.
On "Born To Be Sold· she sings,
~~II you uptight short-sighted, narrowm1nded
slaves of gold, I'm telling you I
don't need to be told ... baby, I was
born to be sold, born to be sold·. But
she's not talking about selling out. .
According to Miss James: "You're
either sold by others, or yeu promote
·~ Students Against Driving Drunk
and The Residence Halls ·
Present A
18 and over with college 1.0.
Energ.ize Your Wednesday Nights
With Dancing and fun!
This week: Catharsis
yourself, your work, an extension of
yourself, which is not selling out. But
if other's 'seH' you for their profit, then
that's exploitation: Yes, I suppose it
would be just that.
The title track, all 12 minutes of it
finds the band running through '
everything from psychadellic guitar
blowouts, to cocktail jazz, to rockabilly"
and punk. Like the rest of the album
Velveteen, the song "Velveteen·
shows a strong penchant for the
stylings of Lou Reed and the Velvet
Unde~ground, both in the guitars and
the lyrics. ,
. With the non-stop comparisons
between James and such illustrious
figures as Marilyn Monroe,
Madonna, Tracey Tracey (of the
Primitives) and even Lou Reed, it's
not suprising she's one of the most
Eat Cheap
All U Can Eat Coneys
$1.99 Tuesdays noon-9
_ outspoken entertainers in England.
Let's hope that songs like "Kiss Their
Sons·, "I Want Your Love·, "Pay the
Ghosts•, "Born To Be Sold· and the
colossal "Velveteen· will make (TV)
one of the most outspoken bands in
-JEFFRKE : : ... :::~arci:::a
·.: ~·llii:v·:::·.:el:•:•..•••::z.:~•.•, .. •.•::~: .. ••o···.·:··n·u::· · .. ~:· :::.:.. : ~ ~ ~: ~: ~: ~ ~: ~: ~ ~ ~: ~: ~ ~; ~:: ~ ~ i ~j. Ac;::
··· -: .. . ..... ·
r-------------, I Buy O. ne and Get a Second One For I
1 Free 1
: Chili Cheese Fries :
I Sunday 3-9p.m. i
L with couoon. Dine-in only. .J
W-E- D-E~LI-VE-R- 3-32--23-8-1
Fri&Sat, Feb.23&24 ... Souvenir
Tue, Feb.27 ... : ... · ..... Double Play
Sunday Special
Stallion burger w/ fries (halflb.
ground beef w/ bacon, swiss,
cheddar, onion, leuuce, and tomato)
Draft and .Shot 'O' Schnapps
. Tit lOPM
nl 2.99!
101 E. Grand River Ave.
Home of the Sharkbowl!
For Reservat,ions Call The
(Located corner of Grove & Linden. near
r-----Do-ole-y's)- ---,! I $2.00· Off , I
1 Your ~ext Hot Tub Rental 1
I (with Coupon) 11
I' . _Exp. Ma.rch 18,1990 1j
L ~'!!!t One !!•~o!!."!!~ 1i~ .JI <:r"eOTer Lansing·s
Best Hot Tub Experience
Featuring 3 Indoor 6
4 Outdoor Private Tubs
• Gitt Certificates
& Porty Rotes Available
• Tanning Booths &
Tanning Accelerators
The The fill Royal Oak with their uniqu·e sound
uR-1 music correspondent
Invading the Royal Qak Music Theater Friday,
The The gave fans a taste.of their unique brand of
musical darkness.
On the inside cover of the band's latest release,
Mind Bomb, songwriter Matt Johnson suggests,
"To obtain maximum pleasure and effect from this
album, please play VERY LOUD!, VERY LATE,
VERY ALONE. .. & with the lights turned VERY
LOW!", and the performance was successful at
bringing out this feeling. Though the sell-out crowd
precluded being "alone,· the intimate setting allowed
the band to pull the audience in to the depths of its
sensual, textured world.
The stage was sparsely lighted, sometimes
allowing Johrrson to hide among the shadows as he
sang his apocalyptic views of a world in conflict.
Johnson; who writes and composes all the
music, crouched into his hand-held microphone as .
he delivered his wide range of vocal emotion. His
voice, sometimes a whisper, and often a bellow,
. alWays resonated through the heavy, smoke-filled
He also occasionally picked up a guitar, but the
majority of the axework was handled by ex-Smiths
grinder, Johnny Marr. Marr has been described. as
a guitar anti~hero, and Friday ~ight he showed why.
He played his parts brilliantly and effortlessly,
without much bravado. Marr didn't move 'around
much and refrained form a lot of self-indulgent guitar·
work. This only left one wishing to see him display .
a little more of the talent he made apparent on such
numbers as "Good Morning Beautiful."
The The used to be a one-man band -
Johnson - but it now has three new permant
members in Marr, bassist James Eller, and
drummer David Palmer. For the show, they were
accompanied by a keyboardist and a female backup
When the singer Was used, which wasn't often,
. she shthe concert, however, she danced on a riser at the
rear of the stage in a ridiculous looking, skin-tight
The keyboardist handled the variety of styles he
had to play deftly, but left some of the more complex
songs to pre-recorded arrangements.
The show opened with a booming explosion, as
Marr led the band in ferociously blowing out a
soulful harmonica solo. Johnson then appeared a
moment after the band took the stage.
The second tune, "Armageddon Days Are Hear
(Again),· brought the atmosphere of an ancient
cathedral, using a haunting background chant and
Johnson's deep and obcessive vocals. Spurning
the religious battling that produces so much hate
and death, Johnson exclaimed, "No, God will remind
us what we already know/That the human race.is
Life is Hell?
about to reap what it's sown:
Eller played a fuzzy bass that hummed through
the chairs of the hall. l:his contrasted Palmer's tight
and pounding durmming, which proved the simplest
rhythms often can be the best
The crowd was slowly drawn in throughout the
two-encore show. In the just under two hour show,
the crowd slowly rose and danced until they almost
, erupted during the blasting rendition of "Giant" in the
second encore.
The set included material that spanned The
The's career, but was deficient on a f0W.crowd
favorites. Missing from the lineup ·were such ·
standbys as "This is the Day; and "Perfect,• and
several songs from the new album, including "The
Beat(en) Generation; "Kingdom of Rain; and
"Gravitate To Me:
But the ·songs that were played effectively
displayed the power and intensity of Johnson's
work. His songs simulatneously are political,
spintual, and sensual, and the minimal stage play .
really helped get this across. In a moving performance
of "Beyond Love,· Johnson almost spoke:
"Take me beyond love ... Beyond the grasp of lusV
Beyond the need for trust/Beyond the gaze of the
sick and the lame/Beyond the stench of human
If this band comes around again, see them.
They'll entertain you, make you dance, and just
maybe, they'll make you think. ·
-Sure, but Groening's humor helps us enjoy it
by ST ACY LAMMERS · exact words, but you get the jist of ignorant anti-gay who rudely asks
uR-1 literary correspondent it.) As an added bonus (and at no them why they call themselves
Yep, it's true; that peevish Matt
-Groening dude is back with yet
another priceless gem to add to
his collecticm of literary delights.
Akbar and Jeff's Guide to Life
is the latest effort by the same guy
who gave us the Life in Hell series
of books (Childhood is Hell,
School is Hell, etc.) and the recently
popular T.V. series "The
H you thought his previous
stuff was off-the-wall, sarcastic,
and downright obnoxious, wait 'til
you sink your teeth into this baby!
Hosted by the be-fezzed, in- .
separable duo of Akbar and Jeff,
the Guide to Life is a potpourri of
strips, clips, and quips that are
sure to make you yell, "Holy comic
strips, Batman; this stuff is way
cool!" (Well •. maybe not in those,
extra cost), fans will enjoy cameo "gay." The two chaps politely .
appearances by <:>Id He//faves, . reply, "It's very simple. We call
like Binky, Bongo, and Sheba. ourselves gay because we are
Neat-o, dude! gay."
Now, about the material. And with that, they trot off on
Groening hilariously and master- .their merry way.
fully serves up such rib-ticklers as: Groening has a genuinely
"Dr. Akbar and Nurse Jeff's Lipo- unique ability to get down to.the
suction Hut," "n Moods ot Akbar meat and potatoes of a controverand
Jeff," "Slang of Tomorrow," sial topic, while·still doing so in
and "Hell on Ice." The names good taste and humor. He also
pretty much say it all, folks. has his own brand of wacky,
Sure, it's a comic book, but madcap humor that is consistent
there's more to it than oddball throughout his bo~.
humor. On the flip side, Groening If you (yeah, that's right; I said,
takes a lighter look at some cur- "YOU!") haven't experienced any
rent social issues, like homosexu- of Matt Groening's works, this one
ality, for example. (The topic is is highly r~commended. (They're
inescapable because the title available at most area bookcharacters
are both gay and are stores.)
frequently pictured in bed to- And as Matt Groening's "Slang of
gether.) In one instance, Akbar Tomorrow" says, "Have a chokey
and Jeff are appproached by an day; Lucko!"
. . . . . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
•. ~~ .~©w.~
.:.:.... .. ::•••~>:•<~'-~Ii::::~~·::::•
.: .. ...::: ?fA!~!/l~~: :::~~:~:::::•:
~!~l~f,ll l •·•·• •:•·::•INVOLV~.P.WITH••:·:
:·:.•::.•·::·•·'.:·:.:·:: ..... ·.·.·.·.·.·.·.· ·••:tHE·•·liR41 •:·•:·••
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