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Entertainment - Going Public, Dagwood's
Date: February 28, 1990
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Transcript: 28 February 1990
Vol. I
MSU's alternative
and truly
independent voice
hits Dagwood's
and it was good. p. 8
oDon't forget the Provoc ...
oGet yer butt Out & About ...
oGet boned by Dog Boy ...
o Extreme excellence ....
p. 7
~ "§ ~ In this and next week's issue we will look at more than 23 establishments, evaluating them on a
~ 1;5 E a> variety of criteria ranging from dress to atmosphere to Greek factor (that being the amo_unt of our fraternal
..... _ en 0 a. and sororital chums turning out at the bars. 10 is a lot of 'em and 1 is just the right amount). E ~ ~ ~ g Our goal is to give you our opinion ·- and let us stress that it is just that; the opinion of one of our
g ~ ~ -g a. correspondents who frequents the gig they are reviewing - on your favorites and some joints you may
a>-: -o rn ~ never have heard of or heard whispers of but weren't sure what they would be like.
~ a> c -~ :5 GET OUT AND SEE THE WORLD, KIDDIES! .o..c rn rn rn en t a> Let this and the subsequent issue be your guide. Keep them on hand ~or future reference (or in case
~ 1!1) you get a puppy). . , . :~Jl J~) •,.t. : 1
. :· ·
A 00 .· ~ f• ; • *' ·.... . .. "'° ..
"'me~~~a·s ~- i>tft~ <•········ ·
Cover: none
Entertainment: usually
alternative rock jams on the stereo
Theme: decor is sailing boat
accessories, including a full sail
draped from the ceiling
Best Night: Friday buffet from 4-8
pm, but it gets crowded. A good
place to start the night any night,
meeting friends then moving out
on the town
Age Requirement: 21
Greek Quotient : 6
Location: on MAC, across from
the Riviera Cafe
Chow: decent menu, afways free
Best Specials: Blue Marlin
specials, but you must be a
member of the Blue Marlin Club to
get them. Drink specials
everynight, but a bit pricey
Crowd: casual, with some people
playing backgammon, chess,
"break the ice" or talking· and eating
Dress: casual leaning toward
Friendly Factor: easy to meet
folks if you're bold enough
Diversions: a breathalizer, pool
table and a condom machine in the
The Straight Poop: a night out to
America's Cup is enjoyable. It is
not the wasteland of the Riv, but
irs also not a place to dance or
throw up on your neighbor.
The Cup is a great place to go with
a group of friends to have a good
time and play with the army men .
that come with the -ci)mbat fuice.
Cover: none
Entertainment: jukebox
Theme: layed-back, hip pizza joint
Best Night: Saturday. $2.50-
pitchers of Bud Lt. or Labatt's
w/pizza order
Age Requirement: none
Greek Quotient: 2~3
Location: 213 Ann St. (across
from Pinball Pete's on Albert)
Chow: full menu, specializing in
pizza, sandwiches, pasta
~- ·:: •·
Best Specials: Lunch special:
slice pizza, small salad and soft
drink for a few bucks
Crowd: laid-back, mellow liberals
Dress: anything goes
Friendly Factor: high
Diversions: wide-screen
television, CD-jukebox
The Straight Poop: The sign
reads: "Please wait to be seated."
And that's about the only formal
thing about Bilbos: - -
If you want to eat good, homemade
sandwiches or mouthwatering
pizza with the most
wholesome ingredients to be
found in a college pizza joint, go to
Bilbos. You'll be more than
satisfied with the food, but may
have to run about 1 O miles, do 100
sit-ups and ride your bike for a day
to burn off all the calories
consumed at this spot
Bilbos is best known for its food.
However, the local restaurant also
has a full -stocked bar installed
right up front. While the kitchen
crew works to satisfy your
tastebuds, the bartenders .brew up
some drink specials that'll satisfy
both your thirst and budget.
With $1 .50 Bloody Mary specials
on Sunday, or $1.50 Cuervo shots
on Friday, Bilbos' bar is a must if
you stop in for a bite to eat. And if
you're not hungry, stop in anyway.
Get a drink, watch a sports event
on the wide-screen TV and check
out the crowd. You never know
who you might bump into. Maybe
Coach Perles, I hear he likes pizza
Cover: $2-$3
Entertainment: dancing, dj's, ·
bands on Wednesdays
Theme: a unique party place
Best Night: Tuesday (new music
night), Wednesday (radioactive
wed.) and Friday happy hour
Age Requirement: 19
Greek Quotient: 3-5
Location: below America's Cup
Chow: none
Best Specials: Friday happy
hour drinks and drafts dirt-cheap
Crowd: mix of Lansing and EL
people, lots of dancers
Dress: whatever turns you onflashy
Friendly Factor: pretty friendly
2 • university Reporter-Intelligencer 28 February 1990
crowd, good place to meet
opposite sex ·
Diversions: basketball, tvs, pool
. The Straight Poop: the best
place in town Tuesday nights for
new music and dancing. The djs
are generally hip and play your
requests, but you may have to wait
up to half an hour for drinks during
Friday's happy hour madhouse.
The decor is unusual, but pretty
comfortable - especially if you get
a booth. it's a good place to watch
people and relax or dance and get
funky if you're so inclined.
Cover: none
Entertainment: none
Theme: mexican restaurant
Best Night: Margaritaville on
Age Requirement: none, 21 for
Greek Quotient: doesn't apply
Location: In Okemos, on Marsh
Road across from Meridian Mall
Chow: mexican food, not bad but
pricey for the quality
Best Specials: cheap margaritas
and huge drafts during
Margariaville, with free nachos
thrown in
Crowd: yuppies and families
Dress: whatever you like
Friendly Factor: high during
Margaritaville when folks are
getting bombed
Diversions: food and tvs
The Straight Poop: the food isn't
bad and isn't cheap, but if you're
looking to get away from EL for a
weeknight, Margaritaville is the
While the lounge fills up quickly
with hordes of yuppies and others
looking to quench a healthy thirst,
you can usually find a table and a
tall, 20-oz. draft of Labatt's for just
over a buck if you're willing to
come early or wait. The food isn't
too bad, but.the price can limit your
appetite. Taco salad gets decent
reviews, but if you're going for the
brews and Margaritas it might be a
fG) ~~} t{':J ~;>]f£3 8::,,t;;7 f!J (l~)\4~5) (~f'(il1
,, ~;: '89 QI.ff~ JOO Ji~.f ~,,'~-I
.;\ .... / $'91 tfte ON-elM,US ·:_;::/' : .. · .,
'llesfdeHCe H•lls ft'lekrflops
M•ke liviNJ fi\ORe attraetite
good idea to lay off anything you
don't want to wash out of your
duds later.
drinks, the Landshark has room.
With Tuesday's $2.25 Milwaukee's
Best (Worst) pitcher special, or
Thursdats $1 .50 pitcher special,
~ fT@){/i} lhfilf})~rtiJ!/l]IJI) beginning at 4 p.m. with 25-cent-
. hourly-increases, I'm sure there is 11 ®. [Ji) @] @ [fo @} IJ Jk something your budget can afford.
Cover:$2, Tuesday, Friday &
Entertainment: Live
entertainment Tuesday, Friday &
Saturday. Featuring jazz, blues
and brass ensembles. ·
Theme: laid-back, atmosphere
for people who enjoy chasing
down beers and downing shots of
just about anything.
Best Night: Friday. Start the night
with the Happy Hour buffet. Drink
$2.75 pitchers or $1.50-bottles of
Labbat's Blue or Labatt's Lt. all
night and sit back, kick up your feet
and listen .to the sounds of live
Age Requirement: 21-and-over
after 9 p.m.
Greek Quotient: 9-10.
Location: 101 E. Grand River Ave
(corner of Abbott and Grand River)
Chow: Burgers, _fries, bar shrimp,
sandwiches, etc ...
Best Specials: Friday Happy
Hour Buffet, $2-all-you-can-eat.
Serves hot buffalo wings, pizza
pockets, hot dogs, sumbarine
sandwiches, chips ... everything
but the kitchen sink. $4.50-mug-oshrimp.
$7.25 Sharkbowls.
Crowd: middle to upper class
Dress: preppy, Greek.
Friendly Factor: high (with
alcohol contributing to this figure)
Diversions: pool tables, TV
screens, video games.
The Straight Poop: Sorry young
ones, but that's the golden rule at
the Landshark - 21 and over after
9 pm at East Lansing's
underground, drinkingentertainment-
eating joint.
For those fortunate to have valid
ide'ntification showing they are 21
years old, the Landshark is a
definite spot you won't want to
miss. But that depends on the
mood you're in, the crowd you're
looking for, and most importantly ...
the drink specials your wallet can
The Landshark offers its clientele a
casual, laid-back atmosphere
where people can feel comfortable
resting their elbows on tables,
spilling beer on themselves while
chugging it down and killing a shot
with a friend. In fact, the infamous
SHARKBOWL - an alcoholic,
punch potent enough to put
permanent grins on the faces of
four-was made for thosewho
are looking to get loaded and have
fun doing it.
If you're pinching pennies but still
are interested in having a few
. .. : !.HC:.'Jl)~)~r)iy§t:~ift.t .. .. .. .
11111r11 .. ::•:>•:::::•::::: •:si-f~35i~~f:/}' '
•::-• :: ::-:? ::tt.e.ij:i B~I~( . . . .
····•.:.:•:•::.:::·;r:~?ti.lg:9rtisf \·••·• ••••:·:::::::·:::
:::::::::•••:::•:•:R'.ai¢bel ~&::::•••
... >· •~l.C~~#~t~v~fiaitit: .·. ·. · ·
· · · · :::t~~t:Eidck <:::: : > · · ·
....... :::::::/::::=:::::::::::\:/::::::: ... ·.·.-: .. ·.·.·.-.-:-:-.:::::::)~}'./
::><:> tt:PQmrtμQ.U!:l.t:. ·.·.·.·.·.· .. ·.-· .. ·
· ·-··-··-··.·-·.·-.·.·.·..·...· .·.·.·. ·.·.·.·.·.·
. ...
. . :::::::::::::;::::{:}~:}}}~:}:: ...... .
. .. ..... ..
.·.·.·.·.·. . .. . ... -.·.·.·.·.·-·
: . :•?::+::::::::::::::::;:://:t>>>+::tu·.·.·· :-:-: -:-:·.·. .... ·· ·· ·· ···:: :.
·:.·:.-.·.·.·..:::::::::::::::.:-:-:-::.: ... ·.·.· ........ ···::·· · ... . ... ·.·.·.·
3 • university Reporter-Intelligencer 28 February 1990
Drink specials are a daily thing
And the crowd . '..
Greeks galore, at least ThursdaySaturday.
Depending on how
much of "Hey guys, I just downed
my 30th shot," or "Oh Muffy, I love
your sweater! Can I borow it?" you
can handle, you might find a-nightin-
the~life- of- a- Greek exciting (or
maybe amusing?) But if Greeks
are Geeks in your book, you might
want to think twice about entering
this bar. Unless of course you
ignore them, which is what
everyone does anyway, right?
And one last word about the
Landshark: Give it a shot ... and
then have one.
- IJbE!litJ C!r¥>®MG
Cover: none
Entertainment: jukebox with a
range of Johnny cash to Guns N
Theme: no gimmick or motif -
thars the beauty of it
Best Night: any night after a
horrible exam when the big mug of
beer hits the spot
Age Requirement: none
Greek Quotient: 1; the place is
blue collar, it would clash with their
Location: next to Denny's on
Grand River Ave.
Chow: potato chips and pretzels
by the small bag
Best Specials: as everyone
already knows, the huge 20-oz.
mug of beer for 2.5 bucks
Crowd: blue collar and basically
Dress: as you normally would . .
dressing up is a mistake
Friendly Factor: the people are
friendly, so it's relatively easy to
meet people. if you want to find
someone to go home and sleep
with, go to Sensation's.
Diversions: pinball machines and
a pool table
The Straig.h..t Poop: Paul
JH..I u~YGJRV~ We Have Burgers, Fries.& Gyros
A.~ . 11 ! Late Night Snackers Munch Away
From 7:00pm On!
HAPPY HOUR 3-8 Eyeryday!All Day Sunday!Taco Bar 4-6 Fri.
Join the Famous Blue Marlin Club Today!
EAT IT RAW Oysters_
Fridays 5-9 pm Shrimp
Crab Legs
. '7
World Famous Happy Hour• 25~Drtnks.aru1 Drafts
Tuesday ->NEW PROGRESSIVE MUSIC ($1.50 Quarts
'O' Beer)
Wednesday->Ltve 11.ustc ($1.50 Bottled Beer Special)
Thursday ->BOYS NIGHT OUT ($2.00 Liter Mugs
· 'O' Beer)
Friday ->4-Hour TGIF (4-8: 25~ Drinks and.Drafts)
Saturday ->Surprise Party ( $1.25 Longneck Special)
220 MA.C.'
East Lansing, Michigan
Revere's is one of those places
th.at is great to go to if you're in the
right mood. Go there with one or
two friends around 5 pm weekdays
and hang out with real people.
It's refreshing.
And if it's not, the huge mug of
beer will be.
r¥> ~IT~
© 0 ~®aa@w 0 @
Cover: varies; none-$2
Entertainment: live music
Theme: trendy
Best Night: happy hour Friday
Age Requirement: 21 after 4 pm
Greek Quotient: 10+
Location: Abbot Road, across
from Bank One
Chow: snacks and limited menu
Best Specials: happy hour
Crowd: very, very, very trendy
and greek ·
Dress: ditto
Friendly Factor: wear Polo and
bring rubbers; don't use your real
name or wear corduroy hats you
might want to have the next day
Diversions: pool
The Straight Poop: P.T.
O'Malley's is a place where,
according to their menu cover,
features old time rock an roll. They
o1(a ,i/J fl A1etUJ .?
Let Us Help You Out-Come To:
Gary's Campus
Hair Salon
$9.00 Uni-sex hair styling
351 -6511 549 E. Grand River
(next to Confection Connection)
M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-2pm
ho.st live entertainment, usually on
Tuesdays through Saturdays. For
all of Jerry's kids, there are 0.35
drafts and Jerry Sprague on
Wednesdays. However, if you are
not into a sorority sing along, then.
there are shirmp and buffalo wings
from 3 to 9 p.m. on Fridays, for a
mere two dollar cover charge. If
wings aren't your bag, they also
have a full burger menu. P.T.'s
runs drink specials Monday
through Friday, and you have to be
21 to get in after four.
It doesn't sound like too bad of a
place right? Well, if you have
never been there before and are
thinking about trying it, here are a
couple suggestions: first, dress
accordingly, this place rates a 1 O+
on the g(r)eek scale, and if you
don't have something Polo on,
they have stick on horses at the
door. Second, it's a good idea to
go with a bunch of people, that
way there will be someone to talk
to who might not care about the
last time you were in Europe, or
the last time you had jetted off to
New York to go shopping.
If you feel like going out with a
bunch of people, getting a big
booth, maybe shooting some pool,
and taking advantage of some
pretty good drink specials, then
P.T.'s might be a good place to try.
It is possible to have a good time
there - at least that's what I've
Cover: none
Entertainment: Tuesday: Blues
Party; Wednesday: Yikes Goodly;
Thursday: Born Naked
Theme: nostalgic, Roaring
332-6006 • 213 Ann Street, East Lansing, MI p••······················ : Ohe Free Litre : ,
: of Pop :
I W / This· Coupon • Exp. 3/28/90 I ·-----------------------·
4. university Reporter-Intelligencer 28 February 1990
Twenties decor, very comfortable
atmosphere, excellent service
Best Night: every night has
something to offer, depending on
what you're looking for.
Age Requirement: none
Greek Quotient: 1-2 (negligible)
Location: 225 Ann St., across
from Pinball Pete's
Chow: full menu, seafood
especially good
Best Specials: one of the widest
selections of imported beers and
wines in town
Crowd: very cool crowd; small
groups of people comfortably
chatting ·
Dress: casual to a little dressy
Friendly Factor: not a pick-up
bar by any means, but it's not
impossible to approach someone
Diversions: a good variety of
tasteful music played over the PA
The Straight Poop: What I really
think is great about Small Planet is
how versatile it is; you can have an
affordable lunch between classes
with a friend or an elegant candlelit
dinner with that special someone.
You cari come with a group and
take in some blues or get bombed
at the bar together.
Whatever your interests, Small
Planet can offer you a relaxing
evening away from the cliques and
the garishness of many other East
Lansing nightspots. I hope you try
it if you haven't already, because
it's one of my favorite places in
Cover: none
Entertainment: live dancing by
the staff, dj, occasionally bands will
gig in the adjoining Hannah
Theme: fifties nostaglic
Best Night: ?
Age Requirement: none
Greek Quotient: 5
Location: Hagadorn Road, just
down the street from Hubbard
Chow: full me~l,J, pricey
Best Specials~ thick milkshakes
Crowd: older, hip-type yuppies
and their kids
Dress: jeans and a sweater or
polo shirt
Friendly Factor: not to tough to
meet people on the dance floor,
real tough if you've got a burger in
your face in a booth
Diversions: music, dancing,
occasional bands, staff dance
The Straight Poop: this is not a
totally bad place, but the food is
too expensive for the quality and
the beer ain't cheap.
It has a certain sentimental
attraction for the older set and a
curiousity draw for us young welps
When the patio is open it adds a
whole new dimension to an
otherwise older yuppie-dominated
joint. I could do without the staff
dance routines, however, they
were a little more palatable than
the patty melt I ordered.
Cover: none
Entertainment: live jazz
Saturdays; trivia Tuesdays;
occasional poetry readings
Theme: cozy, traditional decor
Best Night: Tuesday night trivia is
a riot, Saturday night jazz is
Age Requirement: none
Greek Quotient: 2-3
Location: 1227 E. Grand River
Chow: Full menu
Best Specials: happy hour 4-7
Crowd: mixture of college
students _and older folks
Dress: casual
Friendly Factor: not a place to
pick anyone up at
Diversions: two tvs, house music
played on CD played over PA
The Straight Poop: My
impression of the Varsity is that it is
a restaurant first and a bar second.
So while it might not be the best
place to go if you want to swing on
the chandeliers or hook up with a
passing gal or guy - that shit is a
real drag anyway -you can forget
about it and relax. Round up a
group and hang at the Varsity,
'cause you won't reget it.
lrs particularly fun in the warmer
part of the year, when you can sit
out on the patio with a pitcher, a
sandwich, and a friend and watch
the sun set over beautiful East
Lansing. The folks at the Varsity
have created a very comfortable
atmosphere with good food and
drink, and should be commended
for the entertainment they've been
adding in recent months.
Complete hair care
and nail services ><
e1ie ~@@ra ~an ?Jo.
Mon. & Fri 9-7
Tue., Wed., Thur. 9-9
Sat. 9-S
$10.00 Off Acrylic Nails
$7 .00 Off Perm, Color, Relaxer (Reg. $41 up)
3040 Lake Lanstng Rd.
East Lansing, Mt 48823
in Carriage Hills
$2.00 Off Any Student Haircut CR• ;$
~JLL - u-M ~-i:>t1t.tl fi,X-.
wi (I f'At 'croct "-"t>~ t.y.
~A-LL )>l-f-fi)
I- (>vppy.
£v"'k bci'1; ~~! k
f>k twJ; t"""' h<.cf-;
bro~ &~cf..· i ·
t~t)~~{ y f>Arf- btQ.,/( ·
CrA-lt 3>1-ffff>.
Fri. & Sat., Mar.2&3:
Tue., Mar. 6:
The Fabulous Regulars
Sunday Special
- Stallion Burger
... ·. w/ Fries
<(half lb~ ground beef w/
• •\ pa con:· sWiss, cheddar,
> ortiotl, Ibttuce, and .·
.•.•. ·.. .•.: .. ·.•. •. •..'.·..;• .•.·•. . ••••.·.· .·.•.·. •. .•. .·.•.•.·..•.,·.•. ..•. •·.•.• . .••. .•. ..·• .'•
.•. .• ·n 2.~·•.•r ... ·.'.a.·~t)· ... · · .• ·•. >• .
. 1: .•.•.••.•. :.:········:.:.•.•.·.•.•.:.:,·.,. ::: . : ·. <>:·.· • :·· and ·/ .. x /:>i<
1 l~l\ll,~ili~i'.
101 E. Grand River Ave.
Home of The
Shark Bowl!
Barclay I ; ;;;; I
dialogue a key
to ending rape
didn't go for it too well and I didn't do it Rape is a violent act directed at
very well. We stepped on each other the image of one who removed our
a lot. But, over time, I learned to lead masculinity; it is an act of revenge on
better, they learned to follow better, someone no longer present. "I was
and I hardly think about it any more. raped by my date and it still hurts,"
Learning about sex is a lot like my reads a sign in the stairwell of Baker
experience with dancing: You step on Hall. Was she raped or did she
each other a lot at first and then, once participate in a sexual act where only
you have learned more about dance one partner enjoyed the sex?
steps, you do a whole lot better A woman invites a male friend to
together. Unlike dancing, though, sex accomppany her to the library. They
takes place within a woman's body study together. When they return to
and, if something goes wrong in the the dorm, he asks to ride up on the
process, the mental shit winds up on elevator to protect her. When she
the woman. opens the door to her room and
I have to admit there are some remarks that her roommate appears to
men who like dumping their shit on a be out, he knocks her to the floor and
woman and walking away because has sex with her. Is this rape?
they feel absolved of responsibility - A guy has been dating a girl for
those are the guys who say they will some time and they enjoy romantic
call but never do. And I also have to things like taking long walks together,
admit there are insensitive assholes holding hands, or rubbing noses.
who think that they deserve to be let Occasionally they share kisses. On a
into a woman's body without a founda- study date in her apartment, they
tion in intimacy being established. If a begin kissing and when she suggests
It is interesting how my life woman says she doesn't want to have they get back to studying, he tears off
appears to work in cycles. Within the sex, men stop. Back off. Talk about her panties and they have sex. Is that
past week, I have had conversations your feelings to find out what went rape?
with four women about rape. What wrong with your perceptions and One night at a party, you have too
bothered me the most about these communication in the relationship so much to drink and you fall asleep on
talks was how they saw rap.a as an you don't make the mistake again. t.he floor. When you wake up, you are
exclusive male bastion. "MEN," they It is in the critical area of how men lying on the coats in the bedroom, and
said, "are so messed up, you go learn to be masculine or feminine that a guy you know (not your date) is
around attacking women weaker than the seeds of rape are sown. Our having sex with you. Were you
you." But no one ever asks what culture demands that men assume raped?
causes us to act this way. No one gender roles which are not based on You have been going together for
explores how our culture differs from our biology. Men, remember, all the several months and the relationship
those where men are not taught to times your grandmother, a teacher, or has progressed beyond hand-holding
rape, because men do not have an someone else's mother made you sit and lip-locking. Some heavy petting
innate desire to rape, it has to be still? Made you feel shitty about what has gone on and one night, when you
learned. Where and when is it a mess you were? Humiliated you are alone in your apartment, you start
learned? over things you couldn't do anything to take her panties off and she asks
If you walked into a room where about because you were a boy? This you to stop. You keep going until
people were dancing, it is easy to see is "normal" demasculinization leading finally, her protests stop and she
how a naive observer might conclude to social compliance. Rapists feel appears to enjoy herself. Did you
that the movements were being rage and hatred for those who remove rape her?
CAUSED by men because we have to parts of us we enjoy. (Men often get After an evening of drinking, you
lead. This was a big problem for me confused and accuse women of stop off at his place to pick up some
in seventh grade. The girls were "castrating" us when we are only tapes for the party you are going to.
bigger than I was and I had a hell of a being asked to behave in a more You drift out of your alcohol-induced
sex on the couch. Did he rape you?
The two of you are really hot for
each other. You have done everything
which includes mutual oral sex
and some mild bondage. One crazy
night where you are going around for
the third time, you realize he's having
rough anal sex with you and it hurts.
The next day, you charge him with
rape because you didn't want to do it
and he hurt you. What's the call?
Somewhere in these scenarios we
cross a line from rape, to acquaintance
-rape, to date rape; where is it?
Rape is a violent act perpetrated by
demasculinized males who are trying
to get back at the women who did it to
them in childhood. Acquaintance rape
is committed by a man playing a game
of having sex any time he chooses,
regardless of his partner's wishes. It
is balanced by women who make a .
game of leading men on, then denying'
them. Date rape is a grey behavior
which often results from poor communication
among couples who are
learning about courtship. Sometimes
a woman is being raped, sometimes a
man is being (figuaratively) raped,
sometimes it is an act of rough
intercourse and not rape at all.
Rather than sticking men with
complete responsibility for being
rapists or, alternatively, making
women completely responsible for
controlling sex, maybe it is about time
we began looking at the ways we
avoid communicating our sexual likes
and dislikes. Maybe if members of .
both sexes shared equal adult responsibility
for how sex is working out, we
would not have the degree of pain and
discomfort illustrated by the sign in
Baker Hall. I assume a woman wrote
it only because women seem more
aware of their suffering. He has no
idea of why he did what he did, but
he's tiurting too. Raising consciousness
means ending this shit.
. time pushing them are>und. They feminine manner.) euphoria to discover you are having ro;;:--============================================================================
Ii! ill ;; ; ; !~1 ,11 ,~;~ !! ,; 111 !!'~;;; !!!!! !I
It's another hump day and I actually feel kind of
good. How 'bout the rest of you toe cheese chewers?
I hope you are snivelling in a pool of your own mucus
right about now.
Gosh, just thinking about that makes me feel
good about myself/
Well, enough of this pleasant banter-I don't get
all the Hydrox I can eat just to chat with the likes of
youse ••• so Jet's have at it ••
the ole P.r~voc speaks the. gospel
. . There ~re a lot. of stupid things m the world that .,. As my older brother will attest to, that's like taking all
irritate me ... in case yo~ have_n't guessed. . the sugar out of my Cap'n Crunch - why bother eating it?
Oh, I forgot who Im talking to, I better spell it out: L- Or, as the gentle reader of these diatribes might
0 -T-S 0-F S-T. U-F-F G-E-T-S M-E P-1-S-S-E-D 0 -F-F. relate to, it's like taking the little chewed-up pieces of hay
Oh, that's right, you probably can't spell if you're and grass and bile and gastric acid and junk out of horse
wasting your time reading this crap. shit - why would you clowns bother eating it?
But for those of you with a patient and intelligent
friend, here's another one for the list: The American
What kind of snotbags watch that fabricated barf? Is
there anyone with an IQ of over 8 out there in the audience?
And what about the athletes; have these guys ever
had a real job or a real life?
Or did they just break their lease at Cedar Village to
take a shot at stardom?
Speaking of Cedar Village, it's kind of sad to see the
anti-Cedar Fest ordinance overturned. In spite of all the
scumlovers out there in the streets providing us with proof
of a missing link, it was a good time (providing you didn't
ride your bike to the festivities).
As my good buddy Universi-D used to say: "It's nice
to see everyone out there acting like little Provocs.·
And what makes a better transition into this next item
than the Cedar Village-total bonehead-lotsabeer connection?
What is it with this new trend in •non-alcoholic" beers
And what's with all the question marks this week?!
Poor Ivana Trump.
She put up with The Donald and now she's going to
have to put up with a multi-million dollar settlement.
Hey, man, no amount of money is enough to have to
co-habitate with a guy having an affair with his ego.
A modern-day Ziggy Stardust?
No, just a creep.
Was it just me or did Diana Ross have more costume
changes than key changes in her "grand" concert at the
Breslin Center (note the lack of "Student Events")?
It certainly wasn't a student event, what with all the
codgers there.
Wonder if they'll show up at graduation, too?
I'd like a car if they do ... on second thought, where _
would I park the darm thing.
If you bite a wintergreen lifesaver in the dark and it
makes a spark, than you're too darm old to do something
aboutitanyway. (Prune-thang.) -
28 Feb: Kitchenhead and the
laughing Hyenas
7 March: The Generals and
The Front
ir~ ~@@llb h@11
Wed-Saturday: Toys
Sunday: Uptown Band
,M onday: Blue Avenue Delegates
Tuesday: Capitol City Blues
[;}@~11800@@<§1 ~@@1}@11
now - March 3: Painting
Wliil@~@liil 28 Feb.-March l: Mitzi
Gaynor in Anything Goes
28 Feb.: Freeman and the
l March: Souvenir
3: The Huntunes
4: Jerry Sprague
5: Skar
6: Sam I Am
'ii'lii1@ 'ii'@llil !P@l!llllb<§l !fB©lc§IU@
2 March: Peter Ostroushko
Blind Pig
~l#l Feb.: .DlY!fte@
'ii'llil@ Airlk
l March: Peter Ostrouchko
2: Sotavento
3: Alain Lamontag -
4: Homegrown Women's Music
6: Tommy Sands
'ii'Dil@ 00@~@11~~
l March: Dump Truck and Anne
___ .._ __ ..B_e_ D_a_v is . =" '1/~~
:::· .. :·:g!t}l:g:::.:2:·§::::::
!:].'!\'.:.:.:f:(:"9::gf:f ·.·:::
1\11 y:·: .. :.::::: ... :: ... :·::.if '(i'f ./<·:.:·
•••••••••••11~r«~ ::.:.n.:lf!m:~:@:r-:::·:
~>:t Th@d@ll
l March: West Side Story
now-March 11: Pierre Du Boyle
l!.allDIJll 2 March: Sugarcubes
Don't be fooled; there's more
to do In detroit If you look ...
Otl IN 1 I KNltlrJ I SHOU&.0 ltftlll KEPT
TRUTN I~ 1'11.D,~R ~n.rv-
THl 'rUT"IRIC-.R C.Olnlll'T
28 February 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer• 7
Boston rockers Extremely good
Boston has always been a
hotbed of rock music, as well as a
launching pad for several bands.
Aerosmith, Boston, and The
Cars all have Beantown roots.
Now, another band from Boston
hopes to make a splash in the
music world. They are Extreme,
and their self-titled album scores
as one of the most impressive
debuts of the late 80's, ranking
with Tracy Chapman and Liying
Colour's Vivid.
Extreme has been the secret
of the- Boston nightclub scene for
the past few years. In 1989, the
quartet signed a contract with
A&M Records, thus the album,
and the obvious comparisons to
the aforementioned bands, especially
This album comes right at the
listener in the first track, "Little.
Girls". The song moves at a nice
pace, and features some fine
guitar work by Nuno Bettencourt.
Bettencourt and vocalist Gary
Cherone write all the music and
lyrics, which could explain why the
drummer, Paul Geary, is not given
much of an opportunity to exhibit
creativity. Or the band could just
Signals". Badger's bass line
steals "Flesh and Blood" and then
Bettencc>urt's solo snags it right
back - it's fantastic.
Cherone's voice is reminiscent
of Steve Tyler's (of Aerosmith). It
twangs along among the higher
notes, and has the capacity to be
strong and forceful, but at times it
can be soothing and melodic.
.----------------- be saving something for the next
The album's content is as
varied as one could hope to get
from any band classified as heavy
metal. The songs range .from the
frolicking "Wind Me Up" and "Little
Girls" to the sensitive "Rock A Bye
Bye" and "Watching, Waiting", to
the accusing "Kid Ego" and the
anti-establishment "Smoke SigSpring
Break nals".
In Sun Or Snow
With Shades E.Q.
Conditioning Hair Gloss
Call For
David Zumberg
Patrician Hair Fashion
309 MAC
Bop While You Shop
At Too Hot Records
Wednesday Only :
10% Student Discount
Your Twelve-Inch
In Acid House, Imports,
and Alternative Music.
, · .Lower Level Campus Town :Mall
album. Instead, this metal band
prefers to utilize the vocal talents
of all four members, leading to
some great harmonies, an uncharacteristic
feature among metal
Bettencourt has many moments
of brilliance scattered
throughout the album, as doe~
bassist Pat Badger. Most notably
are "little Girls", "Teacher's Pet"
(Sort of like Van Halen's "Hot for
Teacher'' come true), and "Smoke
Extreme does not yet have the
sheer energy of some of its more
experienced contemporaries such
as Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Bon
Jovi, Van Halen, and The Cult.
However, this album shows that
with a little more work in the studio
and on the road, they will be one
of the premier pop/metal bands in
a~ W©!lll lh1@!IDir @©m@~lfi1~[J'j}~ W©M cdl~~ll ~ir!ID~ !ID
@lh1©\Y/®~ fID[J'j}@l @~!IDIF~ !h1®!ID\YJ~[J'j}~ W©!lll If' ©lf'rn~©!IDO cdl~ If'~ ~[J'j}
~[J'j} ©!llllf' cdl~lf'@©~~@[J'j} ~
©!IDOO ~~ .ll 0·~H~®® ©Ir ~~~0 ©©m3ll ~© 0®~ !lll@ [k([J'j}©\VA!J rn
W@!l1J\vJ@ ~@~ fID lf'@\YJ~@\VA!J ~@I]' !l1J®ccc
For Reservations
(Located CbrlU!r of Grove & Linda, IU!QT
Dooley's) -----------.. -, ,
$2.00 OtT
1 Your Next Hot Tub Rental :
I .(with Coupon) I .
I Exp. March 25,1990 I •
L Limit One Discount Per Visit .I . ----------- Gceote1 Lansing 1
Best Hot Tub Experience
Featuring 3 Indoor 6
4 Outdoor Private Tuba
• Giff Certmcotes
6 Porty Rotes Avallable
•Tanning BOolhs I
Tanning Acceleraton
Eat Cheap
All U Can Eat Coneys
$1.99 Tuesdays noon-9 r ~u;-O: ;d Ge;-:;;~ ~l;:F; 1
1 Free 1
: Chili Cheese Fries :
I Sunday 3-9p.m. I
L with couoon. Dine-in only. 1
____ liilili. ______ _.
WE DELIVER 332-2381
·>>:·:-:·:-:-:-:-:-: -:-:.:-;.: -:.:-:-: -:-: -:-:-:-:·:·:·:-:-:·:·:-:-:-:-:·:·
·••F:r.9m••F.>:~FOWn\:p/·~···.·..·.·· .•. ·.·.·•·•·•·• .............. . ....... ... .
<. ·•••••••••••••:t:lil<~:IE•:•:::::•:::::•::::•::::••: ..................•....... . < •tAMi?~l/mf 9if@@@kt ..
• /~Y:LWW:~hc@~6'.tl.N:<: .::. -· ..
••••• wa~re$$• ®?••••••·•••·•··••••••·•••·•••·•••••••••••·•••••••••• ·•··· ··:.:•:·::•:•::•:•::y~~~•Jb~~··i$:•~.~~w.•:•.•:::•::·•·::·:·:•:•:. ••:•:•
<\: •• t)~im::~•gajt%#@ri.tf~fu~\ .. H
· · · •con~$~~)if:.Wi;):t®.1es::tit :> >•• · ·
@)~~@~;•:P.~@j~~••tEi94.l~f:~•w~() •••·•• ¢.?-ll~tj•!():~a.cfl:•~w~r:·w•@rn~~•••••
•••••·•·•:••••••·Attaf::(:i~t;1d.@i:ttw@~ <>t•••••••
::•·•.w@~:M11.ti~:aj1Ci•WM ~h@1(i ·:·::
:•<•P.~~:tl@~• ~ntj•~~19g•if'l~~·~M:•:•:•••:•••
:•·•:•#~til~Mi<:t)~··~~· it W:i3.:$Wn~•t():••
:•·••••haad•ba&fo:Mao:u::•·•••••••••••••·•••••••••·••• .: .• .: · fQfo%~t~.%~ M~t>ii~ 9®. ··
·••.•:• ~®kfu•W~~ ri9t:it i~.@n.t•~t:••• •••••••••
·)···~ •w·~P:~~:~~~':. ~I·~~· ··t~·: ·r-·u~.t~: .~~ (~)~¢l:•g~~!t~· ·t·~·:·-
:: #.M.~rt~~~~t~ ~Q~m~:•r~~rry~:::: •:
•.•••• ()@:()f tMJ~®:9QP~.~~•EEM•••••• ••• •••••••••••
:w:a . v~·••••·••••••·•··•·•······ •••·•••····•••••••··••••••·••••••···•••••·•· >~: >>> ~:>>:: ::: ::: :::::::::: .. ·>>:.:-:.:-:.:.:-:-:<·>> .. ·
••bftfok:~ii.lfr#:9f f:r¥#1Cl.ol~•••ANP~•••• ·•
·•wiitfiiP:i#~f!:.tiif th~•$P.!ffi.ta.1•· .. • !3ilf~i~;~~-~*····
•:·i ~~~~o:::~~Wi#~~iF~ >::
·•···•iniroducas• raadars•fo •the ••:•:•:•:•:•:••
.••.... ~isht$~~~· &~!S~·~ti-fo .C>y,t.~.·.••··
• • i~"~~c:f·bYY:9u as~i;;~ )(.@.t1; $cf:: : · ·
: : W.:~tp~ t~f ~lfu . t~' Ml?~· ... .... .. .
:: : :: :: are~~~: ;::• •:••••·. . .. . ·.·.·.·.·.· ...·. ·. ·'·. ·c .. ·. ·.·. ·.·cc. ·.
• .• ·: :: : : : : :[ ! ::•: 11:1 !I :1:1:
or is it
Hell with
it and
Rich Fossier Does his
best Colin Quinn as
Rick Morrison Cuts a
mean riff:
.uR-1 photo/
Trip the light fantastic with Going Public
uR-1 music correspondent
To begin with, you can't overlook
the fact that Going Public is what one
might call a Chick Band - there were
so many women there it looked like a
hairspray convention.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing,
though, because the band pulls in
quite a crowd of men and women alike
who all have a great time on the
dance floor. And even.the band
members frolick through the crowd
between sets.
And eventhough the Hanna
Ballroom has a different kind of
atmosphere than many college
students are used to (it makes one
like being at a formal dance or wedding
reception), it was able to hold the
kind of crowd the Going Public draws.
However, a bar like Rick's, where
the band can be seen regularly,
provides the atmosphere Going
Public's style is made for.
But enough of the setting, let's get
down to the music ...
It was good! The band showed a
flair for the rare before reverting to the
Opening with classic but not so
well known songs - like tunes by The
Replacements and The call -
Going Public showed their diversity.
But when their playlist went mainstream,
it was kind of disappointing.
BEven at these times, however, they
played good dance tunes that packed
the dance floor.
Their renditions of more wellknown
dance songs earned thumbs
up, for the most part. New Order's
"How Does if Feel?" was most outstanding,
as were their R.E.M. covers.
As a matter of fact, with their talent for
R.E.M. covers, the band could do a
RE.Mania show.
Going Public's guest singer,
known only as "Some Chick" (no one
would give her name), had a very
appealing voice, and her version of
"Masquerade" would even put a smile
on Terri Nunn's (from Berlin) face. ·
A suggestion: The guys might
want to consider putting her on the
permanent roster and giving her a
name . .
Another suggestion: Don't attempt
to sing Fine Young cannibals. And
Rap???? One more rip, guys: some
of the U2 songs came off a bit stale,
but keep trying.
On the original music front,
"Love's Calling" was impressive, and if
it is any indication of their own work,
we wouldn't mind hearing more.
The audience reaction was mostly
positive to all their songs. And in a
·non-scientific bathroom p.oll, the
bimbo response was: "They're
But Going Public is more than a
Chick Band; They proved to be most
entertaining and the show was well
worth the price of admission.
Hey Blondie, don't miss Dagwood's
Statistics ... yuk.
It may be Wednesday, but I want
to go out.
Hopping into the "Behind Bars
Tirade Mobile," I notice that the gas
gauge is not on E.
It's below it.
Shit. Five bucks for a pitcher and
no money for gas.
I knew someone who knew
someone who went there once, but he
was an ass, so he probably just said
that to impress his friends. So I was
apprehensive, being that the place
that looked like somewhere where
Hunter S. Thomson would go to get
major story lines.
Going, I noticed no Hell's Angels,
but they've got a bar, a roomful of
tables, no pool tables, a juke box, two
T. V.'s, both showing the basketball
game. Lots of NBA crap on the wall,
restrooms the size of closets, trophies
all over and - not to be overlooked -
great burgers and chilli at low prices.
Ah, but this was no bowling alley
(though probably the same crowd).
Creaky booths, pitchers that were
$4.50 (Bud), and cheap food (under
$3 for most of the stuff on the menu).
No bands, no cover, cheap food.
I like it.
The waitress was rude - rude as
. see PERFITI, p. 7
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