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State News Walkout
Readers Write
Dr. Andrew Barclay
Reviews - "I Love You To Death"
Entertainment - Water 4 the Pool
Date: April 11, 1990
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Transcript: We are Byrne-ing up the local music scene... p. 8
11 April 1990
Vol. I
No. 20
oWhat's Op ..
What's shakin' :
Readers, editor address
rape column
letters and column ... p. 5
MSU's alternative
and truly
independent voice
ovour letters and comments .. .
o Dr. Sex fires away yet again. . . p.6
o Howl at Dog Boy... p. 6
oSteal linen from The Clydesdale... p. 7 .
ooutstanding entertainment... - p. 7-8
Walkout rocks · Sta·te News
Hamilton said she became opinion Without giving specifics, it
editor because it was "a golden continues: "In that three-week period,
opportunity to get women and minority John Secor has become
uR·I Issues correspondents
issues oh the opinion page." unapproachable, and in fact has
Allegations of sexual harassment But, she said, attitudes hampered threatened, harassed and attempted
at The State News grew late Monday, her performance ahd led her to quit. to intimidate the sources of these
while minority staff members who "The tone was so negative .toward complaints in order to prevent them
walked ·off the job debated a proposal womeri that I could not interpret from voicing and attempting to ·
by the paper's management designed (women and minority) views," Hamilton address these concerns."
to meet their demands for an said. "I found out I couldn't function · Secor, however, denies any such
increased minority role at the paper. there so I left." allegations. . ·
After a full Monday of meetings, Though denying the allegations, He said: "I have not had one report
discussions and conferences, strikers Secor said given the turbulent this year with sexual or racial
are "even more upset that John Secor atmosphere he was not surprised by harassment."
said.there are no problems at The ·the sexual harassment charges. He Secor said that if minorities are
State News," said Darius Peyton, said he wanted to straighten out the having problems· in the workplace they
spokesman for the strikers. paper's problems. can talk to him.
In addition to the charges of racial "I ciOn't want to see this continue," "I am an approachable person and
discrimination and harassment leveled he said. "Let's sit down and talk about they can come to me," he said.
at Secor Sunday, Peyton said striking it." But minority workers have opted
staff members were "infuriated" that to take their concerns to student
the editor was taking charges of sexual The Beginning leader Darius Peyton, who last May
harassment "casually." Alleging six months of being represented African-American
However, Secor said· sexual ignored, threatened and harassed, students staging an eighH:lay sit-in at
But Secor defended himseH,
saying: "I think I have a pretty good
record of putting minorities in editor's
. While at the helm of The State
News, Secor has appointed two
minorities to editor positions - photo
editor and copy chief.
So why all the controversy?
Minority staffers believe that
correcting the interrial problems
minorities face at The State News will
result in improved coverage of minority
issues, which benefits everyone on
campus, Peyton said.
"What (the minority staffers) are
trying to_ do is something long
overdue," Peyton said. "I think they're
very serious. They are putting their
jobs on the line.
"They feel that the change will
make it fair for everyone," he said.
"They're just making a fair campus
harrasment wasn't a problem at The State News minority staff members on the Administration Building.
State News. Sunday said they had enough and Photographer Kyndell Thompson Minority Leaders React
"I have never, ever, been walked off the job. - State News photo editor winter term Prominent minority leaders shared
confronted with one single case of That day, 10 of the 11 State News who participated .in the walk-out-said the feelings of the minority staffers
sexual harassment and that's just the minority staff members walked out in ' the group chose Peyton as its · who walked out of The State News in
way it is," he said. "There's no protest of alleged discriminatory hiring . spokesman because of his familiarity protest of alleged discriminatory
legitimacy to this at all." practices by management. These with representing minority concerns. processes by management in the
But Amy Hamilton, a former employees also presented Secor with "He's good at it," Thompson said. newsroom.
opinion and managing editor. at the a letter explaining their action and list "He's dealt with this stuff before." . Jeffr~y Robinson, president of
paper, disagreed, alleging that sexual of more than 20 demands designed to Raelyrin Vorce, State News · MSU's NAACP chapter, said The State
harassment exists at The State News deal with issues affecting minorities in minority representative, said Peyton is News is insensitive when covering
both "technically and physically." She the newsroom. The list begins by an "objective, uninvolved voice" minority issues.
would not give specifics. demanding the resignation of outside the newsroom who could Citing Muslim leader Louis
Sec:Or said there was no sexual Secor represent striker concerns. . Farrakhan's February visit to campus,
harassment at the paper, only a According to Peyton, concerns of he said one could see "insensitivity
"touchie-feelie" atmosphere in the The accompanying letter states: The State News minority staff include: jumping all over the pages" in the
newsroom that has gone on for years. "The feelings and opinions of the •bias coverage of minority issues; paper's coverage.
Later, he said: "I meant touchie- minority staff at the State News has •Secor's 1ses trip to Israel funded "Because the Hillel Jewish Center
feelie in a positive way ... We're very reached a point of alarming concern by a Jewish group; · sent the editor-in-chief to Israel ... a lot
close." over recent and consistent acts and •lack of photos featuring feel that he is biased or was biased (in
- Hamilton also said she quit the policies of sexual and racial minorities; covering ·Farrakhan,)" Robinson said.
paper because while opinion editor harassment, and intimidation by some •a lack of minority representation "(Secor) was returning the favor for a
she was not taken seriously by male ' members of the State News staff. . . on the editorial board; favor."
colleagues, despite her professional "Our frustratio'n and dismay has •a minority staff representative Seoor said while The State News'
experience. grown by the lack of effort, concern, position that carries no power; overall cov~rage of Farrakhan "wasn't
She said of Secor: " John and sensitivity displayed by the editor •minorities being bumped off satisfactory," he made a "conscious
constantly supported the views of in chief, John Secor." stories dealing with minority issues; effort" to remove his biases.
those men (on staff who discriminated According to the letter, Secor has ·and a lack of ethnic minorities in "I'm not going to deny that i have
against women)." been approached with "at least a editorial p0sitions. . . any biases," Secor said. "We all have
In response to Hamilton's charges, dozen reports of sexual and racial "(Minorities) cannot reach a~y of our biases and we can't let ourselves
Secor said: "That's not true at all. harassment" during the last three the editor positions," Peyton said. interject our biases into our news."
There were a lot of women who loved weeks, but has done nothing to , "No one can get past the position of But when covering minority
The State News." resolve the problems. minority staff representative." See WALKOUT, p. 2
.;r.11111nvtm1~mt1~1:xa1a.1;11;mmr=1~M'·'tiw11a.uoim.11114.ur.11m1.1;1gm __ . . . . . , - . - . '. . . ·, .. - . . . . . .. - - - - : . - - .
From WALKOUT, p.1
2· university Reporter-Intelligencer 11 April 1990
events on campus, Robinson believes
The State News prefers to focus on
· negative issues instead of the
"They're good on focusing in on
anything controversial relating to
minorities," Robinson said. "But when
it comes to anything positive (about
minorities), it's a 70-30 (against the
chance that) The State News will be
Chris Murray, former editor-in-chief
and current graduate advisor-for Focal
Point, MSU's minority newspaper, said
The State News does a "very poor job"
of covering minority issues. He
believes that the newspapers staff
members "don't particularly care about
what minorities think.
"They're basically a bunch of white
kids raised in suburbs who don't know
about different groups," Murray said.
"They're a bunch of narrow-minded
people who when they get behind
closed doors, they'll say anything."
Though SN Reader Rep. Bob
Helbig believes The State News does
a "good job" at covering minority
issues, he admits there is room for
"I don't ·think anybody could say
that The State News is a racist
newspaper," Helbig said. "But we
probably could do a better job (at
covering minority issues.
- "It's a learning process:
Minorities Want Secor Out
Biased reporting and unfair
treatment of minorities - these are
the pri.[Tlary accusations leveled at The
State News.
And minority staffers believe
Secor is to blame.
His resignation, they have said,
would solve the internal and external
problems of the paper. And others .
"(Secor) was in a position to
change things and he has not,"
Robinson said. "I'm not one for
second chances when it comes to
racial issues.
- "His track record isn't good ... He
hasn't satisfied his minoritiy staff,"
Robinson continued. "I feel he is a
force that has to go."
Victoria Lyles, president As One,
the student group responsible for
bringing Farrakhan to campus, agrees.
"The State News has been unfair
to its minority reporters," Lyles said. "I
think (minority staffers) are very fair in
asking for (Secor's) resignation."
Murray, recalling several incidents
in which African-American State News
reporters COfll>lained to him about
problems at work, said he supports the
demand for Secor's resignation.
"I really don't blame (thEi minority
staff) for walking out," Murray said. "I'm
glad they did it.
"(Secor's) the man in charge. So if
they're asking for his resignation, I'm in
full support."
But Secor says he's not leaving.
"They can demand all they want
but I'm not going to resign," Secor
said. "I have eight weeks left in what's
otherwise been a great year.
"This is an in-house incident and ·
will be treated as such."
What's Next
Peyton says he plans to take the
group's concerns to The State News
Board of Directors, which unanimously
voted to make Secor editor-in-chief
last spring.
Bill Cote, MSU professor of
journalism who serves on the State
News Board of Directors, said Monday
that the board had not yet heard from
Peyton nor received a list of the .
staffer's demands.
"We had not heard anything about
these problems before," Cote said. "It
.still seems very vague to me."
Cote , who briefly discussed the
walk-out with Secor on Monday, said
he does not believe Secor will resign.
Secor and the other editors, he
added, "have gone out of their way to
include minorities (on the staff.)"
State News General Manager
Allen Swartzell, who works across the
hall from Secor in the Student
Services Building, agrees.
"I think (Secor has) done a pretty
darn good job over there.," Swartzell
said. "He's gotten a lot more
He said he sees no reason for
Secor to resign.
But photographer Kyndell
Thompson believes his resignation
would do the paper some good.
- "I think (his resignation) will benefit
the paper because he's recently
gotten a lot of bad press," Thompson
A meeting with Secor, Peyton, ·
Swartzell, State News Staff
Representative. Todd Moshier and
·participants of the walk-out was
scheduled for Tuesday to discuss the
Late Monday, Peyton said it was
too early to tell what the meeting might
Thompson said she expects the
strikers' demands to be implemented
as soon as possible, but remains
"I expect to lose some demands,"
she said. "I'd like (Secor) to leave, but I
don't expect anything of people
because you don't know what you're
going to get."
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~ ( p-
~ 'Q \ -( 0~ IN CHIEF
-S'lA\'E ~
STA'TE Ne.N~ 5-rE~M ~LLe:R
II i
These are difficult times at Michigan
Stcqe University.
Undeniably, there are problems here,
and MSU has been forced to confront the
ugliness of racial discrimination. Now,
however, it appears that charges of just
that kind - and of sexual harrassment -
have been leveled at The State News, a
leading proponent of erfding such discrimination.
This is truly sad, but the chargas of
racial and sexual harrassment being
hurled at the paper's student managers,
namely editor-in~chief John Secor, make it
difficult to conclude anything but that the
interests of both the minority staff members
and the daily's minority readersh~
have been blatantly - perhaps deliberately
- squelched.
Sunday, a list d 21 demands, topped
by the resignation of Secor, were presented
to the editor. Accompanying those
demands was a letter citing a break down
in channels of communication between
staff members and the paper's heirarchy.
Minority staff members said they had
enough and walked off the job, hoping to
draw some of their white peers with them.
Their move was a bold one, and many
of the points they raise are valid and
worthy d consideration and implementation.
However, we are disturbed that, as
of press time, specific incidents leading to
the walkout are few and unconfirmed.
These incidents that so disturbed a
significant portion of the staff must be
made public. Without disclosure, the
walkout appears to be little than in-fighting
between State News factions.
We are also concerned that, at the
outset, partiC~nts in the walkout were
hesitant to have their names released.
We recognize, however, that thiS may be
the product of previous dealings with State
· News management - and if that isn't
evidence of intimidation, we'd like to know
what is.
But there is more here than a few
disgruntled employees;the issue of
minority hiring policy is by no means a new
one. In fact, many newspapers across the
country have some program for minority
recruitment and retention, as part of
affirmative action laws in their states. And ·
we must complement The State News for
the percentage of minority employees in
their editorial department -which ·
actually is greater than the overall percentage
of minority students at MSU.
But there's apparently a problem
What minorities at the paper seem to be
saying is that they want opportunities to
advance there, not to be a token or ·
statistic dragged out to say: "See, we are
helping our minority brother and sisters."
The point is that in most instances,
minorities who are hired often are tracked
into positions with little or no chance for
advancement. The number of minorities in
starting positions has improved of late, but
the number receiving promotions compared
with those of their white colleagues
shows woefully inequity. At The State
News , several editor positions now are
filled by white females. But no Afric;:anAmeriCan
or Hispanic or Asian student has
held an desk editor p0sition since at least
1987, probably since before that. And
although an African-American woman
recently served as photo editor, that
position has traditionally been decided by
the photo department and their nominee
chosen by editorial. It was her colleagues
who recognized her qualifications, not
There is yet another pitfall minorities
at the The State News are plunged into.
Minority students regularly are shuffled
onto the Minority/Women/Handicapper
beat as soon as they become full-time
staff members. While it's true that it's an
important beat and that sometimes
minorities request that beat, too often the
position is viewed as the obligatory turf of
non-white females.
And while minorities can bring sharper
awareness and sensitivity to such a beat,
minority talent should be tapped into for
added insight to all issues that confront a
newspaper, be it tuition increases, the cost
of living, or abortion. An individual's
~city for highly attuned observation
and .analysis is not limited to that with
which they are familiar. This campus and
this country are too racially and culturally
See OP, p. 5
11 April 1990
.. ..
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4· university Reporter-Intelligencer 11 April 1990
mi®ffl@®!lf0 fYll!llff ft®~ Barclay rape column wrong
I am writing to express my outrage
over the recent article written by Dr . .
Andrew Barclay, "Honest Dialogue a Key
to Ending Rape." There are many
different aspects of this article that
concern me.
First, and foremost, is the appalling
fact that Dr. Barclay never made a
distinction between sex and rape.
throughout the article he suggests that
"date rape is a grey behavior ... that
sometimes is an act of rough intercourse
and not rape at all." It is insane that
someone of his position, and supposed
expertise, can equate rape with sex
"Where only one partner enjoyed the sex.•
Acquaintance rape is not sex. Rape,
whether committed bya stranger or an
acquaintance, la an act of force, violences
and hatred.:.... not an act of loving
that has somehow gone wrong. To
suggest otherwise is unconscionable. It is
just this line of thinking, this refusal to take
responsibility for one's actions, that all01Ns
teh practice of rape to continue. To claim,
as Dr. Barclay so eloquently does, that "he
(the rapist) has no idea of why he did what
he did, but he's hurting too,• is ludicrous.
Certainly, men have more control over
their actions than this statement implies.
Men rape. Men are responsible for rape.
Men can stop rapel
Barclay's analysis of the cause of
rape is also sickening. While I will agree
with him that men do not have an innate
desire to rape, that rape is a learned
behavior, the manner in which Barclay
suggests this learning takes place is
atisolutely unfounded. "Men, remember all
the times your grandmother, a teacher, or
someone else's mother made you sit still?
Made you feel shitty ... humiliated you ...
(women are responsble) Rapists feel rage
and hatred for those who remove parts of
us (men) we enjoy." This is pure psychobabble.
What advantage does Barclay gain by
refusing to address this issue from a
vantage that takes into account the
inequities between men and women in this
society-a society that systematically
encourages men to incest, batter and
rape. Blaming the victim is an age-old
misogynist tool used to brainwash women
into taking responsibility for the abuse of
power and control that is not theirs. Come
on Barclay, do you really believe that if
women had such power.in this society,
then they would raise rapists? Ord~ it
simply serve some other purpose,
perpetuating a misogynist system, to
ignore the issue entirely?
I am demanding that Barclay's article
be discontined. I am aware that this
paper is funded entirely by advertisers.
Therefore, I am sending this letter to each .
advertiser and will "girl"cott their places of
business until something done to remedy
thissituation. '
- Dawn E.R. Kirby
Mathematic ;,inior
You are walking through the parking
lot at night when you observe someone
breaking into your car. You yell, "No ...
Stopl" but to no avail as you watch the
stranger speed you anguish over how this cou~
have happened to you.
Perhaps this incident is simply the
result of miscommunication. After all, you
did leave your expensive sports car out in
a parking lot in full view of others, as if you
were "askng for it" to be stolen. Even
though you did scream, "No,• the stranger
was obviously confused with the mixed
·messages he was receiving. It is really not
his fault that he is stealing your car. H you
did not want him to steal your car you
should not have been driving it around.
While most people would never buy
this line of reasoning when it comes to the
loss of their personal possessions, many
people will accept these very same
arguments when it comes to rape, as was
evident in the recent editorial by Andrew
Barclay. According to Barclay, rape is just
an unfortunate result of miscommunication
between men and women . . He proposes
that women stop blaming men for raping
them and begin engaging in "Honest
Dialogue" with their rapists. Perhaps the
car owner in the above scenario should
have chased down the person stealing the
car and engaged in more open dialogue.
Never mind that the thief is likely to use
violence to get what he wants; I am sure
that if the two would just communicate, if
the thief just understood that you really did
not want him to steal your car, the problem
could have been easily prevented.
Barclay's obvious victim-blarriing is
not only disgusting, but dangerous in that
it prevents others from seeing rape for
what it is. Rape is not sex, nor is it a
miscommunication about sex: Rape is an
act of violence against a woman's entire
being. Until this truth is recognized, we
will continue to live in a society where the
victim of an auto-theft is believed, supported,
and compensated, while the victim
of a rape is left to wonder what she did
- Barbara Schillo
Ecological Psychology grad
I am writing to express my outrage
regarding Andy Barclay's column, "Honest
Dialogue a Key to Ending Rape." Are you
really implying, Dr. Barclay, that rape is.
due to men's rage at their grandmother's
"demasculinizing" them by asking them to
sit still? Let me clear up for you just when
rape is rape, since you presented scenarios
in your coluf!1n which to you are
ambiguous. When a man "knocks her to
the floor and has sex with her,• that is
·rape. When he "tears off her panties,•
that is rape. When a man has sex with a
sleeping WOfTlan, that is rape. When she
asks him to stop and lie keeps going, that
is rape. You may be confused about
when an act is rape, but women are not.
We know when we have been violated and
we don't need your condescension to help
us figure it out. "Honest Dialogue" will nd
end rape because rape is not a matter of
miscommunication. Rape is a power trip
enacted by men who feel they have
access to women whenever they feel like
it. Men rape because they get away with
it. Men taking responsibility for their
actions (and not blaming their grandmothers)
will end rape. And let me just add that
if you wrote the particular scenarios you
did because they were acts in which you
have engaged, then, Dr. Barclay, you are
a rapist. And I recommend you get heFp
before you hurt any more women.
- Dr. C.M. Sullivan
Department of Psychology
Barclay - let's tum the tables for a
minute and put you in place of the women
you describe in each of your scenarios. 1)
You and a male friend go to the library.
Afterwards at your door, he knocks you
down and forces you to have sex. 2) You
, share a fond and affectionate relationship
with a man, he rips off your underwear and
forces sex on you. · 3) You wake up from a
drunken stupor and some guy is on top of
you, forcing himself into you. 4) You are
forming an intimate relationship with a
man; then, he forces you to have sex while
you protest, but he continues. 5) You
have an intense sexual relationship and
one night he forces you to perform Sexual
acts against your will and hurts you. It
amazes me that you do not understand in
in each of these instances you were
raped. When someone forces sex on
you against yow wishes, IT IS RAPE!
Furthermore, how about if after you were
violated a psychologist implies it was your
fault by asking: Were you "raped or did
(you) participate in a sexual act where only
one partner enjoyed the sex?" Once
again, you are victimized.
Barclay-your article is not only
purposefully inflamatory, totally unprofessional,
and not uniquely the work of a
supposed expert who obviously knows
nothing of what he speaks, but it is ·
dangerous. What you say is dangerous
because you condone date rape. Your
ascribed status as Professor allows many
students to look to your for advice and
listen to the garbage you wrote by saying
that they had a miscormlunication. I hope
you think about the danger of your words.
Let's have some real "Honest Dialogue"
about rape, not this crap about misinterpreted
communication in sex.· Let's also
be truthful and stop blaming women for
men's violent acts I
- Madeline WO..des
Psychology grad
Many women on campus are outraged
by Dr. Barclay's article about the
causes of rape. His analysis was simplistic,
naive, and absurd. The article
provides an excellent example of how
social problems are "psychologized" by
some psychologists. Dr. Barclay analyzed
rape in apsychologial vacuum, removing
the issue from its.broader, socio-political
Rape cannot be understood without
examining the power differential between
women and men in our society. Rape
occurs and is allowed to occur because
society grants men more powe'r than
women -economically, politically, and
socially. Rape and other forms of violence
against women can be most acx:urately
viewed as symptoms of the oppression of
Within his analysis of three categories
of rape (rape, acquaintance rape, and date
rape), Dr. Barclay either blamed women
for the violent act, or gave women and
men equal responsibility for it. While his
views on acquaintance and date rape
were extremely simple-minded and
absurd, I found his views on (stranger)
rape to be the most disturbing and
Dr. Barclay has served to further
perpetuate the myth that women are to
blame for rape. He has broadened the
categories of women to blame which
include not only the victim of the rape, but
also the rapist's "grandmother, ..• teacher,
or someone else's mother,• who demasculinized
him through socialization
processes. These women are accused of
removing "parts of us (men) we enjoy."
Rape, in Dr. Barclay's view, is merely •a
violent act perpetrated by demasculinized
males who are trying to get back at the
women who did it to them in childhood ••
This statement is so ludicrous it hardly
needs rebuttal. It reveals Dr. Barclay's
naivete about the role of larger sociopolitical
systems which influence the
behavior of individuals. h is true that rape
can be traoed to the socialization of men,
but the processes to examine are not how
our society encourages women to demasculinized
boys, but rather how our society
encourages the domination and oppression
of viiomen by men. Nearly from the
moment of birth, society teaches little boys
to be aggressive and domineering, while it
teaches little girls to be submissive. These
patterns of socialization help to maintain a
social structure in which men have more
power than women.
As a member of the newly formed
rape awareness group on campus
(recently given the official name,
A.W.A.R.E: Allied Women Against RapE),
I am very concerned that some readers
may have been influenced by Dr. Barclay's
article. The article represents precisely
the kind of ignorance that our group is
trying to address. I urge all readers to not
simply absorb the ideas put out by
"experts" on this issue, but to critically
examine the issue for themselves. One
does not need a PhD to understand the
dynamics of P<>wer and oppression.
- Susan Yeich
Ecological Psychology grad
Because we print all the letters
we receive in their entirety, it
was necessary to use a slightly
smaller type size in this week's
letters section. Normally, we
use 10 pt. Helvetica, this week
we used 9 pt. H you experienced
any difficulty reading
these letters, please contact us
for copies of the letters or computer
printouts of them. Back
copies of Dr. Andrew Barclay's
column are also available from
the uR-1 at our 142 Gunson
Street address.
We look forward to receiving
more qf your· letters. Please
keep in mind that letters should
be kept to about 250 words,
should include your name and
a phone number we can reach
you at, and should be typed, or
written neatly. We do not want
to receive unsigned letters -
we're not your pen pals. H you
feel strongly enough to write
us, let everyone know what
yol1ve got to say.
See you next week ...
11 April 1990 university Reporter-lntelli encer • 5
Barclay writes, readers write, ·
wlt!?.~m!~!JhO ka9ws who is right?
So why did we print this column
when no one really was all that hot
about it seeing the light of day? '
But there is something else I
believe, and that is that no matter how
bizarre, strange, or inflammatory
something is, people have a right to
say what's on their mind.
· Elrick
Freedom, peace, understanding,
truth, love, opportunity, fairness.
These are some olthe things I
believe in, and though it may be a only
partial list, I think it lays appropriate
groundwork for this week's column.
And let me preface what comes
next with two other convictions I hold:
Rape is wrong, and everyone has a
right to say what they believe.
Unfortunately, thos~ two beliefs
met head-on last term when our Dr.
Andrew Barclay, Dr. Sex to most
readers, grabbed hold of one of the
most sensitive issues of our time and
placed it under the weird light that
illuminates his examination tabl·e. A
table where a variety of issues are
examined and dissected.
And, as usual, when Barclay -
through that bizarre glow - looks at
his subject for the week, he sees it in a
way most - no, make that all -
people wouldn't see it.
That didn't sit well with a lot of
readers. Understandably so.
I won't t,.Y and tell you that some of .
my best friends and parents are
women. That should be obvious. And
without a doubt, I won't try to say that
rape is not that bad and something
that we should learn to live with.
I.don't think Barclay was saying
that either.
So where does that put me?
Really in a tricky sP<>t. because
after working with Barclay for over a
term and a hatt, I still don't know where
satire and his desire to create outrage
or be provocative ends and serious
commentary starts. And after listening
to the concerns voiced by our female
staff members and reading your
letters, I find it impossible to disagree
Points like Ms. Kirby's:
"Acquaintance rape is not sex. Rape,
whether committed by a stranger or an
acquaintance, Is an act of force,
violence and hatred - not an act
of loving that has somehow gone
wrong." .
or Ms. Schillo's parallel of car theft
and rape, constructed using Barclay's
reasoning: "Perhaps this incident is
simply the result of miscommunication.
After all, you did leave your expensive
sports car out in a parking lot in full
view of others, as if yoo were 'asking
tor it' to be stolen. Even though you
did scream, 'No,' the stranger was
obviously.confused with the mixed
messages he was receiving. It is really
not his fault that he is stealing your car.
If you did not want him to steal your car
you should not have been driving it
around." and her later declaration that:
"Rape is not sex, nor is it a
· miscommunication about sex: Rape
ls an act of violence against a
woman's entire being." .
or Dr. Sullivan's clear definition of
rape: "When a man 'knocks her to the ·
floor and has sex with her,' that Is
rape. When he 'tears off her
panties,' that Is rape. When a man
has sex with a sleeping woman, that
Is rape. When she asks him to stop
and he keeps going, that Is rape.
(Barciay) may be confused about
when an act is rape, but women are
. or Ms. Yeich's sound advice
urging "all readers to not simply absorb ·
the ideas put out by 'experts' on this
issue, but to critically examine the
issue for themselves. One does not
need a PhD to understand the
dynamics of power and oppression."
or Ms. Wordes' plain and simple:
"When someone forces sex on you
against your wishes, IT IS RAPE."
So; clearly rape is a sensitive
subject, and one clearly defined for a
vast majority of people. I share the
position of the women writing in on
what constitutes rape. I won't try to
speak for anyone else on what they
And people have a right to
I suspect that few people agree
with Barclay's column of a couple
weeks ago, but I hope we'll all agree
that he had a right to say what he said.
Not because it was right, but
because he wanted to say it.
Without freedom of speech, we
lose so many things. The right to
dissent, the right to protest, even the
right to sing a song someone may not
want to hear.
If Barclay isn't allowed to shoot his
mouth off in our paper, who can? And
if no one can, who will be there to print
your ·1etters that are serving a very
important purpose this week, namely
discussing the problem of rape and
tossing some hard thought out for
debate? We are the only paper I know
of in which you can write the whole
damn thing, if enough of you get
worked up. Already we've run an allcolumn
issue, comprised of columns
submitted by readers.
And f certainly invite anyone to
· write a column for us - our only criteria
is that submissions are interesting and
fairly well-written. Oh, you must give
us your name and a photograph
(preferably black and white).
Care to talk about rape? Gun
control? Abortion? The baseball
strike? Eating with your mouth open?
Go ahead, have at it. That's why
this paper started; to publish what you
can't find elsewhere. Barclay, the
Provocateur, what have you.
And now you, too, can be an
But to get back to our starting
point. I do believe that rape is a terrible
and heinous act that ruins lives and
has no redeeming value or aspect.
And I do believe that freedom of
speech is a precious gift we all should
exercise whenever possible.
· Because it was written, and if
nothing else, was interesting enough
to draw your attention and,
consequently, your letters.
I have a saying: Tolerate the
extreme to protect the routine.
As long as we are able to print
some of the mad reflections of Dr.
Barclay, we will be able to print stories
about town meetings and essays from
And, who knows what will happen
when someone will decide that there
is no redeeming value to what you
want to write about?
But until then, we'll be here.
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WE DELIVER 332-2381
From OP, p.3 nate, the fact that reporters choose a
source for representation brothers us
considerably. After all, when - and if -
these students resume work, won't th~y
have to call on him from time to time?
Perhaps Focal Point Editor T rabian
Shorters or his predecessor Chris Murray
- both African-Americans...:..._ would have
been more prudent.
giving all reporters a chance to prove
themselves before drawing conclusions
about their objectivity. Almost no one is
stupid enough to believe that all AfricanAmericans
are pro-Farrakhan or that all
Jews are pro-Israeli.
clearly cannot run an institution of truth.
dynamic to be deluded with the opinions of
a few.
And if it the paper is looking for
heightened awareness and sensitivity on
minority issues, let a rrinority member
assign the stories and edit the copy that
will bring that goal to fruition. Since editors
play a crucial role in a paper's coverage
and presentation of events and issues,
why cannot a minority member rise higher
than minority issues reporter?
And on the subject of beat reporting,
we also have a problem with the walkout
reporters in their choice of a spokesman.
That State News erfl>loyees went to
outspoken African-American student
leader Darius Peyton only confuses.the
issue even more. While charges of biased
coverage during recent campus visits by
the son a the late Elijah Muhammed and
Louis Farrakhan may be valid, and Secor's
staffing d8cisions for these events
apparently were misguided and unfortu-
But the bottom line is this: There is
trouble at The State News.
It is important for State News managers
to take the walkout reporters demands
seriously and to judge each one independently
and by its merits. There are qualified
. minorities, and they must be given editor
positions. Hiring drives should encourage
minority participation by younger students,
who will hopefully remain on staff to one
day become editor-in-chief. Reporters
should be allowed to cover stories that fall
under their beats regardless of their race
or sex, unless there is a blatant and
obvious indication that their coverage will
not be objective. That simply means
Finally, should John Secor resign?
If reports of racial and sexual harrassment
are substantiated, he should
· definitely step aside. If the walkout
reporters' charges are substantiated, we
fail to see how he will be able to effectively
manage the paper for the next eight
weeks. And though he says he knew
nothing of the problem, we wonder how he
could not have known what was going on
with a staff of only 60 people, many of
whom he is good friends with and almost
all of whom he interacts with socially.
It is in conceivable that in working
everyday with these people he could be
that out of touch with their concerns.
And if charges that he threatened
reporters who have approached him are
true -which he has denied - a liar
Richard Milhouse Nixon, whose book
ironically has recently grabbed headlines, .
learned that lesson over a decade ago.
The State News-or any other
agency-must have a credible head.
Remember, this is an important
campus institution.
A paper that levies a tax on students.
A paper that dozens of students
devote most of their week to in order to
enhance their journalistic capabilities.
A paper that 40,000 people read five
day$ a week to find out what's happening
in the world. •
Should one student be allowed to
tarnish these things?
We think not.
John S. Knight said it best: Get the
facts and print them. What remains now is
for the facts to come out so this mess can
be straightened out and the problems
That process must begin yesterday.
I'".!!? :+:if'\.i"!ht +1 )ll:l:[!l::tlil\llt\::\\l!l\lll!l:::l::::::::::l:i:::::::::::::.:i:::.:i:::::::::~[[:::\::::::[::_
Three's no
crowd - it's
just right
Dear Dr. Sex:
Here's my problem: My roommate
and I are good friends with a woman who
wants to have sex with both of us at once.
My roommate is really tu med on by the
idea, and I think it is a big turn-on myseH.
The trouble is that every time we are just
about to get down to business and start
taking off our clothes, I panic and have to
leave. This has happened three times.
I've tried getting a little drunk and a little
high but that hasn't helped. Every time I
just lose control and have to get out of
there. I really want to do this. I get hard as
a rock thinking about it, so why can't I go
through with it? Any suggestions?
Dear Matt:
This is a perfect example of how the
spirit may be willing but the flesh is subject
·to weakness, if you get my drift. You are
turned on in your (mental) fantasy of the
'9Vent but the true reality actually includes
all the turn-ons, tum-offs, and conflicts you
are feeling simultaneously. This combination
of feelings is so exciting, you are oiferamping
your body and it is blowing you out
of the situation before you pop a mental
You will be much better off if you drink
a bit more alcohol (to reduce super-ego
control) and avoid getting high. Part of
your problem is due to smoking Cannabis,
a substance which has been known to
induce paranoia and/or panic reactions
under the best of circumstances. Although
~and hash are reputed to be mild
tranquilizers, they can backfire in situatiosn
where you are unsure about what is
happening because all you will get is the
increase in anxiety or paranoia. Moreover,
grass has no known aphrodesiac effect.
You obviously do not need to feel more of
yourseH or your feelings at the point where
you are leaving the situation.
I also recommend doing a one-on-one
with the woman to get some idea of where
she is corring from as well as gaining
some knowledge of her sexual responses.
Have you thought of remaining in the room
while your roommate is humping her? You
might also try hiding in the closet and
watching them to get.turned-on enough to
push yourseH to the -point of no return.•
I would be remiss not to point out that
part of your body's uncontrollable reaction
is due to your early childhood experiences
with morals artd ethics. The best Part of
our sexually messed-up culture is that it
teaches little kids how dirty sex is when we
are little. Now, ten to twelve years later,
by even getting close to a threesome, you
are pushing the outer limits of your moral
structure. H youkeep on in the situation,
ride the explosive rush of feelings to their
climax, you will approach the maximum
physical experience a human being can
feel. No drug on earth can touch it.
By reducing the anxieties triggered
by the possibility of breaking your normative
code, as well as the anxiety of having
to perform in an unknown situation, you
will be able to reduce the pressures
pushing you away from the experience
while maintaining maximum excitement.
Additional information on breaking
norms and threesomes:
Once you discover how exciting it is to
break ingrained childhood inhibitions,
there is no end to the excitement you can
have. Whenever your sex-life gets boring,
break a norm; try inter-racial sex, esi:>ecially
if your family has always warned you
about bringing one of ihem• home. H you
are homophobic, try a same-sex partner
as an experiment. Watch out, though, for
previously-formed twosomes where you're
the outsider.
- For all the people who read Matt's
letter, my answer, and are excited about
going out to the bar to get picked up by a
couple looking for a third, WARN I.NG: this
type of sex can be unstable· an explosive.
Some men have fantasies about watching
their wife have sex with another woman,
some about watching her have sex with
another man. He may be OK with what's
going on, right up to the point where you're
climbing on and she is wrapping her legs
and arms around you or going down on
your or whatever.
H they're going to freak out, that's
exactly where they're going to do it. Then
they show up waving a gun and threatening
to shoot both of you. Barclay's First
law of Threesomes is: Never argue with
the person holding a gun-, grab you things
and split while he is figuring out (in that
same rush of feeling Matt reported)
whether they want to shQOt you, fuck her, ·
or what.
Dear Dr. Andrew Barclay:
Normally, I think your columns are a
hoot but.what you said about rape was so
stupid, I hadtowriteforaretraction. What
kind of idiocy is it to• Just Say 'No'," to a
rapist? You said that a woman need only
say "Stopl" to the man, and then he would
back off. That is bullshit. Men do not
back off, not until a woman hits them hard
enough to get their attention in a place that
really hurts, •if you get my drift.• Assuming
you know anthing about sex at _all, how
could you have beer. so simplistic about a
C01T4>licated problem?? Can we ever take
you seriously again?
Dear JUiie:
Anyone who knows me will tell you it
is always a mistake to take me seriously,
but I think you mis-read what I was saying
about acquaintance-rape. This behavior
stems from a group of men who are
"insensitive assholes who think they
deserve to be let into a woman's body
without a foundation in intimacy being established."
I said this to a group of men:
"H a woman says she doesn't want to have
sex, men, stop. Back off. Talk about your
feelings to find out what went wrong with
your perceptions and communication so
you do not make the rristake again.•
I stand by my observation that
acquaintance-rape and date-rape are
different form rape and should not be
called "rape,• because it only clouds the
issue. Rape is a violent action (not a
sexual act) perpetrated by psychopathic
males. Only a small percentage of the
male population is damaged enough by
being ignored in their infancy and demasculinized
in later childhood to use rape as
a weapon against women in general.
There will always be a small percentage of
violent males because we are talking
about a genetic or severe developmental
problem which occurs with a specific
frequency in the population. We cannot
do much about preventing this problem
through raising consciousiness.
However, we can do something about
errors or misperceptions.in communication
causing sexual acts where only one
partner enjoys the sex. Women need to
speak up immediately when they do not
like what is happening, not be silenced by
feelings of intimidation. Men need to be
more sensitive to their partner's feelings.
Both women AND men are injured by
these insensitivities. Raising consciousne~
increases the probability of creating
an honest dialogue within the couple;
thus, reducing the chances an unhappy
sexual act will. occur. Rape is not (exculsively)
men's fault, nor is it women's, but
we must share responsibility for communicating
our likes and dislikes equally. .
I'm looking forward to a future time when
90% of the women are not afraid to be out
at night on campus.
11 April 1990 university Reporter-lntelligencer,.-7
e us ·now:::: ::::: Reviews •Wh9t·¥o~m1•$6.M•
:'©@rt©i~©{attfie ',•• :.tikYi.61.ili:itmint
·~ll!fi!j~f P49•t
-1 Love You to Death a killer ~ of sorts
uR-1 cinema correspond8nt
/_Love You to Death bores me to death.
Surprised? Yeah, me too.
How could this film lose? It packs Kevin Kline,
Tracey Ullman, River Phoenix, and Keanu
Reeves Into what seems to be our escape from the
aftermath of the Oscar nominated re-releases.
Granted, I may have expected a hit - but not in the
This true story first introduces us to Joey
(Kline), an Italian Immigrant and Rosalee (Ullman),
his Yugoslavian wife. They are the stereotypes
from hell. Joey cheats on Rosalee. Who cares?
He's Italian! And Rosalee? Well, Eastern European
women are most happy when they are slaves
to their rude and unfaithful husbands.
Joey owns a pizzeria and an apartment building.
He continually finds mistresses in the pizzeria
and takes them to the apartment building to woo
them into a bedroom. Rosalee is oblivious to the
~~~f.~~~(gpgp~~:p~~i' ......... ...... ·.·.·.·.·.•.·.·.·.·.· ·.-.·:·:·.·.·.·.·.·.··.·
entire situation, until she finally catches him In the
act. Instead of confronting him, she tries to kill him.
Rosalee first seeks the help of her mother.
When their attempts are unsuccessful, she brings a
busboy from the pizzeria (Phoenix) in on the
scheme. In love with Rosalee, the busboy sees this
as his opportunity to entice Rosalee. He realizes
that he can't perform the act himself, but as a last
resort he calls on his friends, Harlen and Marlen.
A spark of hope for this film is Naclja (Joan
Plowright), Rosalee's overbearing mother, as well
as Harlen and Marlen (William Hurt and Reeves),
two drug-addicted space cadets ..
Plowright's acting is impeccable, even under the
· restraints of a poorly developed storyline. She brings
humor to her character through her lack of facial expressions
and her sassy one-liners.
"In America people kill each other left and right,
it li~e national pastime," she explains in her nearslavic
Reeves plays his usual disassociated airbrained
character with his typical flair, while his
dlcWi II MeM?
Let Us Help You Out-Come To
$9.00 Uni-sex Hair Styling
sk:lekick, Hurt, matches the performance. As Marlen
and Harlen, the pair steals their part of the show.
Their lack of comprehension completely overshadows
Phoenix's attempted awareness.
Phoenix, as a sixties-dad mystic, hides behind
his hippie image. His performance is not even comparable
to those of Uttle Nikita and Stand By Me:
His acting lacks its usual depth and his words don't
come from his heart. He tries to be cool, but In
reality he's only luke warm.
Ullman and Kline prove to be the low point of I
Love You To Death. Kline tries to relive A Fish
Called Wanda, whileUllman is just plain sappy . . Her
acceptance of domesticity and blindness to her
husband's infidelity is repulsing and, frankly, outdated.
Overall, the story was poorly written. Its circular
motion allows no one to grow or change. It's not
very funny, and its sexist undertones are annoying.
If not for the performances of Hurt, Plowright, and
Reeves, I Love You to Death would be a complete
Instead, it's just a bore.
"II e"1 ~ 'lfei P'liced ~"
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The florescent green, yellow, blue
and orange paint splotches splashed
on the walls made a fitting backdrop
for Water 4 the Poofs energetic
performance last week at Rick's·
American. Ca!e.
Both the wide range of cover
tunes and the irreverent stage
rompings brought visions of a spontaneous
wall-decorating jam session.
The band played almost entirely
covers, from XTC to Young MC.
Their musicianship, along with lead
singer Brian Stout's ability to imitate
the mannerisms and voices of the
bands they were covering, allowed
them to pull off most of their selections
with flying colors.
Stout Was backed by a thumping
rhythm section with drummer Don
Brown, and the band's most recent
addition, who prefers to be known just
as Mark, on bass. Guitarist Dean
Vanston slashed his way through a
variety of guitar styles in t.he three-set
performance that went until the bar
Brown said the band draws on
influences from "The Beatles to the
Pixies." This was certainly apparent,
though the song list leaned a little to
the Pixies' side.
And one could image a Public
Image Ltd. invasion of East Lansing
with Water 4 the Pool's superb cover
of •Disappointed: Stout's Lydon-like
wan was a near replica and the
instrumentation was equally accurate.
Some of the quartet's most
inspired playing had them in a Red
Hot Chili Pepper style frenzy, Stout
stalking stage ala Anthony Kiedls
and Mark popping out the bass lines
, with the ferocity (if not the slappiness)
of Flea.
Loud as a jackhammer, the show
was fast-paced, top. The sound only
suffered occasionally on some of the
more guitar-oriented songs where
Vanston's playing was not up front
Although the Thursday night
cro\W was sparse at first, ·by the time
Putting their best, er, foots forward are WATER 4 THE POOL, East Lansing's rowdiest band.
From left moon to right, Don B{own, Brian Stout, Mark, and Dean Vanston.
Water 4 the Pool cranked into rousing
versions of R.E.M.'s "Stand" and "Get
Up" there was a larger than usual
throng whirling it out on the dance
Along with duplicating selections
from such college favorites as the
Replacements, The Smiths, and
Elvis Costello, the band was able to
grab into other musical bags and
produce tunes that aren't as likely to
be showcased at a bar like Rick's. A
harder-edged rendition of Young Me's
•Bust a Move· got favorable cro\W
response, and so did "Dancing
Queen,· the band's homage to the ·
masters of Australian pop, Abba.
The band was joined during the
final set by the Hannibals' drummer.
Brown came out from behind his sixpiece
drum set to sing lead ahd to
coax the eroWd Into having the kind of
fun the band seemed to be having.
Some original material also snuck
Its way into the last set, and the band
indicated that they are presently at
work on more of the same.
With the addition of Mark a few
months ago, the band says they now
have four members who are interested
in writing their own stuff.
None of them seem really sure
what direction their writing is going to
take them. But Mark said he feels the
band's energy level and love for
playing and creating music translates
into huge potential.
"As long as the give and take
necessary for every band takes place,
it could be really interesting; he said.
It could be.
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