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Jello Biafra at performance of "The Spoken Word"
Dr. Andrew Barclay
Reviews - Mushroomhead, David Cronenberg "The Brood", Sam Raimi "Evil Dead II", Dario Argento "Suspira", George Romero "Dawn of the Dead", Brian DePalma "Sisters", Reanimator", Halloween", "Hellraiser", Beetlejuice", "Make Them Die Slowly"
Entertainment - Thirsty Forest Animals
Date: September 20, 1990
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2 • university Reporter-Intelligencer 31 October 1990
from Jello
. They also have a blacklist of
arti~ts and musicians which is
literally just that These people are
very racist ,,
He went on to give some of the .
details In Tipper Gore's book,
Raising PG Kids In an X-Ratacf
"There's a how-to guide on
lynching record stores and radio
stations," ~Id Biafra.
They get two or three people to
call the owner of a mall with a
record store that Is selling the
records they want banned. Then
they threaten to picket every store in
the mall unless the owner tells the
record store to take the allegedly
offensive records off the shelves or
get evicted.
This gives the owner the idea
that they have a lot more people
than they actually do.
· Biafra also has some Ideas on
how to · prevent these records fro.m
being taken off the shelves and/or
these record stores from being
' closed down.
"When they closed down the
record stores," said Biafra, "the
record companies should have sent
bands in to speak up for freedom of
spee~h." . .
· . So the record companies aren't
really interested In standing up
against censorship, if anything
they're helping it along.
"When the record company says
to the artist 'Either you write stuff
that's less controversial or we'll· drop
you,' that's censorship," said Biafra.
He told th~ audience to go into
the cool record stores and leave
their phon~ numbers with the
owners In case something like this
ever happens. He said not to wait
until the PMRC is already picketing
or a record ha$ already been taken
off the shelves, because then it's
· too late.
Biafra then went into the details
of his own experience with censorship
and going into court He
presented it in a humorous way.
But somehow; it just really wasn't all
that funny.
Actually, it was kind of scary.
Ttia Persian Gulf Confllct
"How many of you are old
enough to be drafted?"
When a significant number of
people raised·their hands he asked,
"Are you prepared to die for oil? ·
- "Bum your draft card. · Burn the
flag . . And bum the Pentagon too."
. We don't even need· to be
involved In this conflict over oil
according to Biafra. He says there's
probably a patent on a solar pow-
· ered car that was bought by
Chrysler or some other company,
an now it's just sitting in an office
somewhere making sure that the
owners of the car companies and
the oil companies can still make lots
of money.
The U.S. Is a one party state
disguised as a two party state, he
told the audience. There are large
businesses that are supporting both
Democratic and Republican campaigns.
Then he brought up an anecdote
about a Russian talking to an
American. The Russian told the
American, "You know what the
difference is between the U.S. and
Rus~ia? You think you're free and
we know we're not"
Elect Ions
Biafra also went into details on
the election process and told the
audience about his experience .
running for mayor in San Francisco~
"Even running as a prank
candidate, I was offered deals [to
bow out of the ·etection]," said
· Biafra.
Biafra was boycotting his right to
vote for several years when someone
told him that if nothing else he
should be voting on the local Initiatives~
That's what he told the
audience too.
He said ballot initiatives should
be available nationally, p01ice
officers should be ·voted on, and
there should be a none of the above
category like in· Russia. .
"If nobody gets a majority vote,
there's another election," said. ·
He said there wouldn't be
anyone in any of the offices but If
nothing else the campaigns wouldn't
remind him so much of pro wrestling.
On Hamp
Biafra continued by giving the
audience a brief hemp history. In
the 1760's you could be put In jail
for not growing pot Hemp was first
made illegal in 1937 after the .
invention of a hemp pressing
machine which would have levelled
Hearst Paper Company.
. Funny how things hap?en when
big business tycoons get potential
Biafra said he advocates the
use of hemp for paper and clothes
because one acre of hemp can ~
make four times as much paper as
trees. You also have to wait 70
years for more trees; you can grow
more hemp in four months. ·
Biafra's recommended reading
on the subject: The Emperor
Wears No Clothes.
· Band Names Vol. II
"Come up with a name for my
band," said Biatra: "lrs ttie same
old cliche with the same old formula;"
Blafra has been wandering
. around with his list of band names
for years, but they'll always be just
as useful to anyone starting a new
He says the latest craze Is the
Youth bands e.g. Youth of Today.
"The first step Is to start with a
good concept Heavy metal band ·
"On the good end-is Stryper
passing out Bibles at £Nery_ show,
and on the other end Is Slayer and
10,000 other bands that 5ound just
like Slayer." .
Then he broke loose and
spewed forth some of the most
raucous band names ever heard:
Earth Fart, Pork Barrel, Anchovy
Smegma, Black Lung, Atomic
Utopia, Shut Up and Buy, Chocolate
Foetus, The Lone Derangers, The
. ·Janitors of Anarchy, Al Sharpton's
Hair, John Wayne on Acid, the Ku
Klux Fllnstones, and the Manson
"But If you really wanna get 'em,
you can forget the Dead Kennedy's, ·
thars already been done," said
.Biafra. "Put Bennett on the front
cover and call It Lest We Forget,
and then hit 'em with the band name
- Lest We Forget by Six Mllllon
Flnal Words .
. "Look a little bit more into what
can be recycled in the area."
· When asked about violent
revolutions, he said "I do think there
Is a place for pranks. Liquid steel Is
useful. Overthrowing the rich Is not·
just in our best Interest, 1rs a lot of
fun." ·
But he said It best when he said
"I want to use my position as an
artist/performer to be a journalist
and let people know what's going ,
And Jello Blafra has been doing
just that since many of us were in
junior high school and grade school.
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. the university Reporter-Intelligencer Page .Three
The Second Front Page
hie I• S
and Present .. by Doreen Valiente,
says wicca began in the paleolithic
ag&-about 12,000 B.C., .and was
founded to celebrate the goddess
In this day and age, it's easy to of fertility and the god of hunting.
denounce the practice of witchcraft Cave paintings tell stories of such
as dangerous- what with Geraldo worship, the book says. -
Rivera thrusting chicken entrails Wicca holidays include May
before America on lV and all. Day, the Yule and, of course,
Some might say we need a War Halloween. . -
on Satan to clean up these pagans. On May Day, Wiccas tradition-
Maybe so. ally dance around a Maypole and
That is, assuming that Wicca - wind strands of cloth around it. In
the religion of witches, really is early.times, Probert said, the
satanistic. winding was to channel the energy
About three quarters of the of the universe into the earth for
books at the MSU library identify fertility. Orgies were also typieal of
witchery as satanistic. May Day celebrations, she said.
However, some books - and a .. . . · Another Wicca festival celwitch
in Grand Rapids, said early ebrated until the late·1600s was the ·
. Christians IClbelled Wicca as evil, Horn Fair. Celebrated differently in
and Jinks to satanism are unjusti- various places, the Fair invariably
\\ed. involved flagellation of some sort,
"I don't want to see anyone into ---. and-was banned for that reason.
satan worship, and satanism is at In Rome, men called Luperci
variance with everyone [witches] I would strip naked and run through
know," said Lorrie .Probert, the _. the streets, striking women with
head witch at a coven in Grand straps of leather. Women willingly
Rapids. recieved strokes on the palms of .
· The ABC of Witchcraft Past their hands because they believed .
it would make them fertile or
procure them easy delivery.
In addition to rooting the term
"horny," the festival gave rise to a
proverb, "All's fairat Horn Fair."
ABC says it's ironic that, " while
strict moralists have no objection,
indeed are all in favor, of flagellation
being used for penance and
· punishment; to inflict pain and
suffering; nevertheless, the idea of
this very ancient folk-rite being
used in a magical way, not to inflict
pain but as part of a fertility ritual,
for some reason upsets them very
Probert said that every wicca
new year- Halloween, a new god
is born, while the previous :year's
god is sacraficed in the harvest
festival. This god is called the the
Horn God, and early Christians
labelled this horned gad as Satan
and per.secuted Wiccas on. this. . _
· basis, she said.
"They wanted sacred knowledge
to only be the property of
priests-," Probert said.
Witches were typically burned,
and about 3,000 executions took
place in Southern Germany in 1696
alone. Estimates of all witches
-executed vary from several thousand
to 9 million, but all agree that
most witches were killed by de.
crees of the Catholic Inquisition.
The Malleus Mallficarum,
published in 1489, provided proCedures
for courts to try witches
under the Inquisition.
Defendants weren't alle>Wed to
know their accusers-for fear of
further witchcraft upon aceusers,
and "Notorious evildoers, criminals,
servants and fellow witches, and
perjurer~ may give evidence for the ·
prosecution, but not for the defense,"
the book says.
A confession was necessary to
convict witches, so torture was
used and witches were promised
their lives if they confessed.
"The promise to spare her life
should be kept for a time, but after
a certain period she should be
bu med," it says.
Malificarum gives eyewitness
accounts of witches putting thorns,
bones and bits of wood into
peoples' entrails just by touching
The book was translated in
1927 by Montague Summers, who
lauded the book as parallel to
today's struggle between the good
and the profane.
Summers sai.d every folkcustom,
song or country dance
masks something devtish and
Probert said that there are
some witches who practice black
magic, but there is a belief among
_!!lOSt Witches that evil deeds never
go unpaid.
"Wicca is a very ancient religion
that deals with the universal power
of God in a more feminine aspect,"
Probert said. "Witches were the
villagewis~omen, and mostly
practiced herbal medicine.~
Probert said that she doesn't
use herbs daily, but she can make
herbal medicines to help with
sleep, relaxation or a cold.
· Ginseng can be used as an
aphrodisiac, an upper, or to relieve
nasea and vomiting, she said. Also,
jasmine, saffron, English walnut,
saw palmetto and savory are good
aphrodisiacs, and camomile will
relax you, she said.
"I draw energy from both the
earth and the universe overhead,"
Probert said, " then hold the herbs ·
in hand and release the energywith
what I want the herbs to do in
This energy helps medicines
work better, she said, and can be
focused purely on the self for
healing as well.
The feeling of the energy is
hard to describe, Probert said, but
she breaks out in a sweat and her
face bjushes during the ceremony.
Probert said the classic concep.
tion of a nasty old woman muttering
spells over a caldron-and out to
get everybody, is false.
"It would be nice if people
heard "Witch" or "Witchcraft" and
didn't have a negative image
associated with it," she said.
Dr. Andrew
It is very interesting that Halloween
comes at the end of the harvest season and,
of course, because of all the merchandising
in the stores, we really don't get much of a
chance to figure out what or why the holiday
is all about. We think of ghosts or gobfins,
getting dressed up in weird costumes, and
going from door to door looking for candy or
treats and, if we don't get the treat, it is time
for a TRICK, if you get my drift. Hey, in Dr.
Sex's world, tricks are good things to do, but,
of course, in the straight world, tricking is not
such a great idea. So since this IS my
Halloween column, I decided to run two
letters which I had been saving for just such
an occasion, one about dressing up, and the
other about the difference between real trick
Dear Dr. Barclay, ,
I know you are a real doctor and not just
a mad creation of this silly newspaper so I
have a real question for you. My husband
often wants me to dress up in some strange
clothing he obtained through a catalog. He
has a couple of wigs (which he wants me to
wear at different times) and some crotchless
panties, mesh stockings with seams that run
up the back of your leg, and these silly pushup
bras. He says it would be a real turn-on if
I would wear them but I keep asking: A turnon
for who? I wouldn't be very tu med on and
I have not been willing to do it especially
since I feel it is more like he doesn't like the
Wctf I am normally and wants me to be
someone else. That doesn't seem honest or
real to me. We have had a couple of "spats"
(not real fights, if you get my drift) about this
and I don't understand why this is so
important to him. Any ideas?
Dear Elizabeth:
In the first place, the correct question is,
"A tum-on for whom?' Does that help you·
any? Oh, I see what the problem is, you
don't understand what perverts men are at
heart. John Money (the great sexologist from
. the
Man, I sure am tired. I was up way
·past my bedtime last night putting
bologna on my neighbors cars. I can't
wait to see them come home.from work
In their polka dotted cars. Not that they
would notice on a woody station wagon.
Hollow Weenie
Johns Hopkins University) used to Seto/ that
., meri were really lucky if they were homosexual
because if it weren't men, it was just
as fikely to be CHICKENS! What he was
describing is that men have strange attachments
which we come b8 early in our
developmental career and once we have
been attached, it_is difficult to break awctt
from them and it is also difficult to have a
complete sexual turn-on without them.
You are describing a mild form of a
fetish in which a man attaches sexual arousal
to an inanimate object and needs this object
to get really turned on. I am sure you have
all heard stories about men who have·shoe
fetishes (they often work in ladies' shoe
stores, bv the Wct>J) and car:i't get turned on
unless their lover dons a pair of black, highheel
pu~ and waks on their back. Just
that your lucky stars that your husband isn't
this kind of guy because then there's
REALLY nothing in it for you unless you get
off stomping around on a guy's back with
your shoes on, and most women don't. That
is why these men often have to engage the
services of a pr:ostitute in order to get off.
That is also the reason I encourage you to at
least try what he wants once before you
. reject it completely - if you refuse him,
where do you think he will go next? I mean,
you know how men are. Do you think it will
stop tight here?
His attachment to these objects or even
the idea of these objects really has very little
to do with you. It is something that happened
to him as a child, long before you became a
part of his fife. He trusts you and is willing to
share this aspect of himself with you. I think
the trust aspect is really what is critical here
and it is better to focus on how much he
loves and trusts you (to even bring the idea
up, as it wera) than to focus on how it doesn't
appeal to you. .
Very often, when someone does put on
whatever their partner wants them to wear,
his excitement may be so great that it infects
them and they find themselves doing or
sctting things they might not if they were in
their actual self, not all dressed up as
someone else. In other words, it can be
liberating for both partners and not a problem
unless it becomes compulsive for him and he
can no longer halie sexual arousal without
you being dressed up.
Then you would have a problem but
now, all you have is an opportunity. Besides,
maybe if you do this for him, you can get him
to do something for you fike a candle-light
dinner or foreplay. Good luck.
Dear Dr. Sex,
I had the strangest thing happen to me
about a week ago. I am a college senior and
I was at a bar (which I do not want to name
for reasons which will become obvious)
having a conversatioo with a man I had met
there several times. We have sort of gotten
to know each other over this term and we
were talking about one of my problems for a
change. I neec:ted some money to co111>lete
my term and I work but my car had broken
down, I really don't want to tell you all my
troubles, etc. all over again.
But the upshot (rt you get my drift -
God, I'm starting to even write like you) was
we went home to my place together and we
had a very good time. It was a really nice
evening for us both but wh_en he left, he
paused at the door and took the money I
needed out of his pocket and gave it to me
just like that. He kissed me and said he
· really liked me and left. I was~ shocked, I
didn't know what to do or what to say. I feel
so weird, like I'm a whore or something.
What should I have said? ·
Dear Linda,
How about "Thank you?" Probably Miss
Manners or Ann Landers would have
sometli ng different to S8!f but I believe
women who are not married to the guys they
are having sex with should always ask for
money. I try to teach this to my dass in love
and maturity but most of the women feel just
as you do ... wouldn't that make me a whore?
Shoot. how else can you find out how m..ich
they like you? ' Guys always S8!f, i love you,·
but the real question is: •How much?" I get
the impression t~e amount he gave you was
more than $50 and less than $250 which
seems fike a really nice thing for lim to have
done. I think he really likes you and is willing
to put his money where his mouth is, if you
know what I mean.
As long as he doesn't come back and
tell you you owe him something for what he
did for you, I think you are really one lucky
person. Somehow, I am willing to bet you
are really attractive and have a nice personality
too. Some people haw all the luck.
Best regards from your
Uncle Dr. Sex
. The real holiday we are celebrating is All
Hallows Day which is a great day for the
witches among us. All Hallows Eve (or
Halloween) is supposedly the night that
ghosts or witches come out to run around for
their special day the next day. Straight
people especially born-again types, have a
real hard-on going about the holiday because
of the witch-like overtones so they won't let
their kids go out and have special God
celebrations just to counteract the evil. Tak
about superstitious ... I'm sure the witches
Gimme some Candy, ~an
I'm dressing up as Pete Rose tonight,
and after I get my candy at each house, I'm
gonna do a little batting practice on their
jack-o-lanterns. And when I'm done with
that, I'm gonna hide in the bushes and jump
the other kids and take their candy.
The only thing that's.worse than a
bunch of us kids scammin' for loot on
Halloween, is you drunk shitheads wandering
the streets the weekend before in those
stoopid costumes. You don't even get any
candy, you nimrods.
And was that just a bunch of bufugly
girls walkin' around last weekend or did all
the closet transvestites decide to go out in .
their preferred garb(age)?
Guess everybody already picked up
their copies of The Rocky Horror. Picture
Show and watched it a few too many times.
Lulu looks better.
Tricks are always cool when you get the
treats. I always look through my sister's
candy and point stuff out and say •Hey, I
didn't get any of those. can I have a bite of
yours: even if I do have three or four. When
she says OK, I take a bit~ and make sure I
slobber all over the rest of it. She always
gets grossed out and doesn't want the rest_
of it.
The other kids on .my block come up
with such lame-ass tricks though. They
throw road-kills in the mailboxes. I like to
chuck ·em in the yard next door and watch
the dog run to the end of his chain and
choke himself. He makes the coolest
gagging noises when I do that - kinda like .
the garbage disposal when I drop my sister's
hamsters in it.
I'm outta here, and you doods better
hope I don't come to your door looking for
some goods, ·cuz I know lots of other tricks
too. Besides, I'm goin· out packed with a
· carton of grade A extra-super big eggs.
are laughing like hell. Write me a letter, all
you witches, and have a Happy All Hallows
5 • univers1. y . r 1 Octo. ber 1990
/ -
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' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ( ' • • • • • • • • ' , .. . _ \ ~· • ' • • ,...,- ... '· ,,- ,. . ,,.,. .'- , ,. lo ~ ~ ... 4 • ': ' '\ ' ' ' ' "' ' \ \ " 1 ' .,. "' ' • r • -It ""' • • .,, • • ... .- <# • •
31 October 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer • 6
Reviews ·
s·hroomin' and Groovin'
With the three chord noise
., of the Stooges,· the weirdness
of the Pixies, a freshly aggressive
attitude,and an original
sound, MUSHROOMHEAD hit ·
East Lansing on Saturday ·
September 20, 1990.
They didn't play Rick's, The
Dollar, or even a frat party (God
forbid!). Better, as tradition
would dictate, and as all the
great bands before have, they
played at a house. The place
on Collingwood was attended
by well over 200, and the
basement(where the band set
up) was constantly packed.
Vocalist Dave Giles said this
was one of the best gigs the. ·
band has played yet. And to
give the reader an accurate
idea of the band's scope-they
will be playing at seminal underground-
hardcore- punk club .
Blondie's in Detroit on Halloween.
Other bands to grace the
Blondie's.stage have included:
Slayer, Poison, Necros, Dag
Nasty, Agent Orange, All,
Seduce, and countless other
illluminaries of the alternative
harsh rock scene.
The only cover they played
in their two 40 min. sets was a
fitting ·one,"Gauge Away", ·
originally done by the Pixies.
Some of their songs includ~d
"Skin" ' "The City" . "Gillespie" '
"Casey and Finnigan"(yes,
named after the two puppets on
children's T.V.-Mr. Dressup or
the Polkadotdoor, I think), ahd
the band's personal favorite
''.Barbs of Your Freedom".
"The City", begins with.a
thumping bassline(courtesy of
bassist John Hobbs and drummer
Jim Ward) and gritty vocals
before turning into a sort of(if
slightly acidified) thrash song,
· where Giles exorted the crowd
to "start jumping around, and
shove the dude next to you!".
The crowd obliged, and for a
few minutes, the basement was
turned into a tiny pit.
Guitarist Dave Rickfelder
kept the crowd begging for
more all night, but n~ver played
. the "solo" that they kept egging
him on for. The licks were light
and airy when needed, 'and full
of power.at other times. Solos
weren't neeped pastwhat was
already written into the un:.
glammish songs.· Feedback,
harmonics, and a good melodic · .
. ear does alot-more (for me
anyways) than "the fastest
fingers on earth".
· Lookfor ·
out with a tape and CD some
time in the very near future
(perhaps around January or
o .
February). Until then watch
local and Detroit clubs for future
~"I. SIC JO !IJff AJfY 11MF or tlA T'
realuring rine Cappuccino
Exccllcnl ~ervice and
Enjoyable surroundings!
S~l7,000 It M.QOIY.
Top Dog
Coney Island
Hot Dog
Coney Dog
. Kraut Dog
C.om Dog
Loo9e Burger
1I4 lb. H~mburger
1I4 lb. Cheeseburger
Onion Rings, ntra wide
Chicken Sandwich
Fish Sandwich
GrilledCheese S.nd wich
FrehC:ut French Fries .75
Chili Fries · 1.40
Cheese Fries .1.40
Chili Cheese Fries 2.00
. · 1..90
. . • ' • • • • • J' ~
CrisiS Center
Free and confidential crisis
counselling on issues from
loneliness to anxiety to
suicide. ·
24 lao11"5. We'll liste.i . .
1-'D 51« ~'RE
BE'c1JI> THE ~
1'tCTf\JU..Y . A5K
.HER wn:-.
•I 31 October 1990 university Reporter-Intelligencer • 7
Dismemberment, Gore and More
Whenever Halloween rears its ·
· blood-soaked head, people for some
reason feel the urge to rent horror
films on videotape. Movie critics also
get caught up in the Halloween spirit
by compiling .lists of "the scariest films
ever made:
Unfortunately, these lists always
seem to include the obvious choices
of cinematic pablum like Friday the
13th, Nightmare on Elm Street 4 or
Halloween 5. I however, have taken
the liberty of recommending some
alternative choices for frightful viewing
on Halloween.
David Cronenberg
This Master of Splatter hails from
the Great White North and elevates
the Horror genre to new.heights.
Even though he has coined the
phrase "More Blood!" on the set, most
scenes from his films are unsettling
even when there is no bloodletting.
The Brood - B movie queen
Samantha Eggar stars as a women
,-· under therapy at an experimental ·
psychiatric institution. Under the
guidance of her doctor (played by
. Oliver Reed) she learns to physically
manifest her rage into gruesome killer ·
qwarf zombies (the brood) who carry
out h~r bidding. Cronenberg creates· _
disturbing mood throughout the film. · ·
. The scenes involving the brood are.
f you're
.... in writing
..... .. .".". entertain-
.. ... . ment . . .
..".". . news, then
........ "." .. . call Mike
Pfiefer at
. . . .· . ~ . . . . . . . . . ~ . . . . .. . _. - ' ..
quite chilling. While this isni .
Cronenberg's best film, it is genuinely
scary and a change of pace from the
typical Friday the 13th-like flotsam
Hollywood churns out. ·
Recommended Cronenber.g films:
Videodrome, The Dead Zone,
Sam Raimi
This MSU alumnus is one of the
freshest voices in cinema to come
· around in a long time. With only a few
films under his belt Raimi has
achieved what most other horror film
makers fail at. He has managed to
blend · head-bursting, eye-popping
splatter and slapstick comedy into a
winning combination.
Argento's films are not about cute
aliens nor whip toting archaeologists.
Actually, It is often hard_to tell what his
films are about (maybe something is
lost in the translation). Maybe It isni
even important. Argento's films are
aboUt 80% style and 20% plot. But
who cares, his films are a visual treat.
The way a choreographer treats a
dance seen~ is the way Argento treats
a murder on screen.
Suspiria- The film's shoestring
of a plot features Jessica Harper as
dance Student attending an elite
dance school that just happens to be
a witches' ooven. Needless to say, it
isni long before Argento begins his
surreal onslaught of blood soaked ·
mayhem. Argento's use of colors, ·
set$ and music enhance the mood of
this suspenseful and eerie film . . This
Evil Dead II - Those expecting a film was originally released in 1976
straight hor1or story or a continuation and was cut to receive an R rating ..
of the first Evil Dead are looking in the . · Suspiria is a bit slow at times but is a
wrong place. Evil Dead II is more like unique cinematic experience. Today
a remake of Evil Dead than a conven- it's available in an uncut letter-boxed
tional sequel. .1n a nutshell the plot · version on videotape . .
consists of an assault by the forees of
the undead against the hero Ash
(played with amazing cornic ability by
Bruce Cambell). ·sam Raimi's quirky
direction is the real star of the film;
Raimi loads the film with tons of sight
gags and gruesome special effects
making Evil Dead II one horror film not
t() miss.
Reoommended Raimi films: Evil
Dead, Crime Wave
Dario Argento
In Italy, Dario Argento's home, he
is considered .the Italian Steven
Spielberg. This is very odd beCause
Don't bitch and
moan about us,
bitch and moan at
us. Send us your
gripes and we'll
print everylast one
of them.
c/o 131 E. Wilson
E. Lansing, Mi
Recommended Argento films: The
Unsane, Creepers, Demons (producer
and writer) ·
George Romero
Hailing from Pittsburgh, Romero Is
responsible for bringing the term
zombie Into popular culture with his
Dead trilogy (Night al the Living
Dead, Dawn al the Dead, Day of the
Dead). Although most known tor· his
gory zombie flicks, Romero has rarely
sold out (except for his remake of .
Night/Dead) and has always tried to
make original horror films such as
Martin or The Crazies. Thus remaining
outside the Hollywood mainstream,
but remaining one of the most
interesting directors around.
Dawn al th~ Dead - The quintessential
zombie film of all time.
Dawn features a band of humans
fighting for survival inside a shopping
· mall against an onslaught of flesh
· eating brain chomping zombies. On
the surface Sawn appears to be· a
gratuitous film with buckets of blood
flowing freely . . However, Romero has
cleverly woven in some social commentary
about America becoming a
·consumer society. Dawn also featur~
great special effects by special
effects maestro, Tom Savini.
Recommended Romero films:
Martin, Creepshow, Night al the .
Living Dead
Brian DePalma
When it comes to film-making,
DePalma attended the •It's a homage,
riot a rlp-ofr school of film-making. In
a stylistic way DePalma comes closer
to Alfred Hitchcock than· anyone.
However, he does It so well It has
evolved into his own style.
Sisters - DePalma borrow$ from
~ Hitchcock's Psycho and Rear Win·
dow in this suspenseful tale of twin
sisters (one good and one evil) played
by Margot Kidder. Jennifer Salt plays
the voyeuristic reporter that witnesses
one of the twins murdering a young
man. . Creepy musical compositions
by Hitchcock's main composer
Bernard Herriman add to the suspense
. . DePalma also interjects
moments of quirky humor into the
story. This is one of his earlier films
and is a bit hard to find but definitely
worth the hunt.
Recommended DePalma films:
Body Double, Dressed to Kill,
I would be remiss if I failed to
mention the following titles on a
Halloween film list:
Re-Animator - Stuart Gorden's
retelling of H.P. Lovecraft's classic
tale of pre-med students bringing the
dead back to life.
Halloween - John Carpenter's
classic slasher film. This film was
responsible for the slasher films of the
80's. ·
Hellraiser - Horror author Clive
Barker's impressive debut film about
S&M demons from beyond and
Rubik's Cube-like puzzle.
Beetlejuice - Tim Burton's
wacky tale about yuppie ghosts who
employ the services of Beetlejuice (a
bio-exorcist) to get rid of the humans
residing in their home.
Make Them Die Slowly-To be
· honest, I haven't gotten up the nerve
to sit through this little ditty that was
banned in over 30 countries. Highlights
include castration and various
other dismemberments. If you do see
this write .me and tell me how you
like'd it - on second thought keep it to
-Faran Thomason
. ~ .. . . . .
' I
I .
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