UR-I Debuts, (Red Cedar Log page)


UR-I Debuts, (Red Cedar Log page)
UR-I Debuts, (Red Cedar Log page)
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Creator: Red Cedar Log
Subjects: People, Students, Campus, Student Activities
Description: Page 238 from the 1990 Red Cedar Log about the debut of the alternative student newspaper, the University Reporter - Intelligencer.
Date: 1990
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Transcript: UR-I Debuts
First Words spoken by an
Alternative Voice
The University Reporter-Intelligencer debuted
this year as a student-run alternative newspaper. Alternative
news, writing styles, features and a· tabloid size
were chosen to differentiate it from its competitors.
According to the main editorial staff, Mike
Elrick and David Steams, this new newspaper was
created to voice a different perspective on news and
opinion, and in essence to "probe, search, and expose
readers to stories and issues either ignored or glossed
over by the mainstream press."
Published weekly and distributed by the staff,
the UR-I is offered in the beliefthatthe local dailies lose
the big picture with day-to-day news.
The University Reporter-Intelligencer is
printed every week from the beginning of classes to the
last week of exams, Fall through Spring terms. Ten
thousand copies are printed each week and are placed at
strategically located points in which readers are invited
to pick it up free of charge. Mail order subscriptions
were offered to its off-campus readership.
Finances are a touchy subject around the
paper's Gunson Street office. The entire budget is paid
for through advertising. The University Reporter-Intelligencer
receives absolutely no funding from the University
of any form. An off-campus office was used this
year, but plans for an on campus main headquarters are
in the makings for the next school year.
The UR-I staff included approximate! y twenty
members who had a hand in every aspect of publication
ranging from writing to delivery. The main editorial
staff included: M.L. Elrick-Executive Director, David
Steams-Managing Editor, Tresa Baldas-Chief Advertising
Executive, Matthew Goebel-Graphics Editor,
Delaine A. Wright-Technical Advisor, Raechel BeryGraphic
Artist, Kimberely Margolis-Editor-at-Large,
and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson-Editor Emeritus.
One major highlight of the paper is the column
by former MSU economics Professor Emeritus, C.
Partic "Lash" Larrowe. "Lash", the well known columnist
formerly with the State News, was reported as
being pleased to be writing for the UR-I saying that, "I
like to inflict my views on people whenever I can."
The UR-I has many unique features which are
found in no other local paper. At the top of this list is its
extens\ve entertainment section. It is devoted entirely to
reporting the latest news in current trends of the local
music industry, and other entertainment highlights. Other
features of this new paper include the "Geek of the
Week" column; "The Provocateur", the "Dog
Boy" comic, classifieds and an "Out and About" page.
Regular readers of this paper should be comfortable
with these portions of the paper, but new readers
may be shocked. Some of these features are designed
to be controversial. For example, the "Geek of
the Week" column. It describes the person, people,
group, entity, or association that the staff decides has
exhibited some "geeky" qualities that particular week.
The "Provacateur" is another column that
raises a few eyebrows. In it, some staff opinions on
campus, local and national politics are reviewed with
the use of vulgar and maybe even obscene language.
These questionable descriptions of the tone of the language
provide even more controversy. But this controversy
is what the paper strives to create.
Other more hard news features include the
-"uni'"°'Y R•pomain news stories along with the "Out and About"
section. This section gives the scoop on new and
exciting activities all over the state. Music, comedy, art,
dancing, theater, and other upcoming events are described
and times, dates, and prices are given.
When the editors of the University ReporterIntelligencer
were asked what the almighty purpose of
the paper was, they agreed, "to shake up the campus."
As an alternative newspaper, it is dedicated to reporting
alternative news, views and opinions, "We also aim to
entertain, and make the reader think," they said.
by Sandra Bitonti
ABOVE: Advertising Executive Tresa Baldas and Executive
Director Mike Elrick with the first edition of the UR-I.
RIGHT: Managing Editor David Stearns.
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