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July 21, 1999

The meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, July 21, 1999, via interactive video at 1208 Engineering Building, Michigan State University, and University Center Room UC-09, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, Michigan.

President McPherson called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. in 1208 Engineering Building.

Trustees present in East Lansing: Dorothy Gonzales, Colleen McNamara, and David Porteous. Trustee present in Traverse City: Donald W. Nugent. Trustees present via teleconference: Dolores M. Cook, Joel Ferguson, Bob Traxler, and Robert E. Weiss.

University officers present in East Lansing: President McPherson, Provost Simon, Interim Vice President Poston, and Secretary Pogel. Others present: Vice Presidents Denbow and June, Vice Provost Paul Hunt, and Faculty Liaison Daniel Kruger.

All actions taken were by unanimous vote of the Trustees present, unless otherwise noted.

1.On a motion by Ms. Cook, supported by Ms. Gonzales, THE BOARD VOTED to approve the agenda.

2.There were no requests to address the Board of Trustees on issues germane to the agenda or other issues.

3.Committee Chairperson Nugent presented the Trustee Finance Committee items:

A.1999-00 Operating Budgets

It was recommended to adopt the 1999-00 Operating Budgets for the University General Fund, the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, the Michigan State University Extension Service, and Intercollegiate Athletics. Operating budgets for 1999-00 are summarized in Attachment A. The complete University budget document is included with the agenda materials in the office of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

On a motion by Mr. Nugent, supported by Ms. McNamara, THE BOARD VOTED to approve the recommendation. The vote was 7-1. Trustee Traxler voted No.

Trustee Traxler asked to have his comments regarding his vote included verbatim in the minutes.

Trustee Traxler commented: I will be voting No, as usual, because of the process involved. I have a number of questions in connection with the budget that could be answered in the course of a discussion of the budget. I am interested over a 10-year period in the number of full-time equated employees in administration, support, and academia. I am concerned with whether or not there is any grade creep in administrative staff, and the numbers of administrative staff over the last 10 years for comparison purposes. I think there ought to be a thorough review of travel and telephone expenses to the University to determine whether or not, one, the travel arrangement is working satisfactorily; secondly, the question of telephone providers should be reviewed, and whether or not we are getting the best deal with regard to long distance as well as local service. Also, I am curious as to how much of the academic salaries are dedicated to the instruction of freshmen and sophomores. I have a long list of questions. I think that the budget is one of the most important responsibilities of the Board, and if you look at Federated Case it clearly sets that forth. I think the way in which we have dealt with budgets is not in keeping with the responsibilities of trusteeship. For those reasons I am voting No.

Trustee Ferguson: Trustee Traxler, even though you are voting "No" right now, wouldn't it serve us if maybe you outlined all of these questions and we got the answers later on, because they are good questions.

Trustee Weiss: I would join in Joel's comments. I would hope that Trustee Traxler would make those questions available so that we could all share in the response.

President McPherson: We here in the administration will look forward to responding. I think it will be interesting, for example, to show the administrative staff statistics compared to other universities and the growth or lack of growth here because I think you will be impressed with them. But in any case, there are a number of things raised and we will look forward to those discussions. Are there other comments here today?

Trustee Cook: I would like to comment on the attitude of the Board toward this budget. We have worked very hard to be fiscally responsible, Trustee Traxler's comments notwithstanding. I think his are valid questions that perhaps the Board needs to examine in work sessions. For our students and for the parents of the students of Michigan State University, however, the fact that we have raised tuition by such a small increment is very significant, and I think this Board behaved in a very responsible way and worked very hard to keep the tuition increase low. Once again, Michigan State University still has the lowest tuition increase of any state university, and I am very proud of that.

Trustee Weiss: I would like to comment that I will be voting for the budget although I did vote against the tuition increase because of the inability of our student body to avail themselves of the tax credit. I will be voting in favor of the budget. That is certainly not an endorsement of the tuition, but I think that my position is clear. I lost that vote and I will move on.

B.Appointment of Construction Manager - Chemistry Building 5th Floor Laboratory Renovations

It was recommended to appoint Granger Construction Company of Lansing, Michigan, as the Construction Manager and that construction should proceed at a preliminary estimate of $1.455 million on the project entitled: Chemistry Building 5th Floor Laboratory Renovations.

On a motion by Mr. Nugent, supported by Mr. Ferguson, THE BOARD VOTED to approve the recommendation.

4.Law School Name

It was recommended to respond to a DCL at MSU Board request and direct the MSU administration to enter into an agreement with the DCL at MSU Board to amend the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Affiliation Between the Detroit College of Law and Michigan State University dated April 24, 1995 so that the Law School shall henceforth be named "Michigan State University - Detroit College of Law" or "MSU -DCL" rather than "Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University" or "DCL at MSU."

The proposed text in the Affiliation Agreement is:

1.02Use of Name. The Law School shall be known and identified to the public solely as "Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law," and in abbreviated form, as "MSU-DCL." DCL shall not use the name "Michigan State University" or any abbreviation, logo, or symbol thereof in any context, manner, or style other than the foregoing without the express written permission of MSU, nor shall it continue to use the name "Detroit College of Law" or the abbreviation "DCL" in any context except in connection with formal corporate records and corporate proceedings. As used herein, the term "DCL" shall refer either to the Law School operation as conducted in Detroit prior to any affiliation with MSU or, from time to time, to the corporate body operating the Law School.

The new logotype acknowledging the modified Law School name is included with the agenda materials.

On a motion by Mr. Weiss, supported by Ms. Cook, THE BOARD VOTED to approve the recommendation.

5.Personnel Actions

Provost Simon presented the following Personnel Actions:


A.Fanizza, Michael A., AY-Associate Professor, Department of Art, $60,000, with Tenure, effective August 16, 1999.

B.Baker, Jean A., AY-Associate Professor, Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education, $55,000, with Tenure, effective August 16, 1999.

C.Stevenson, Robert Jan, AY-Professor, Department of Zoology, $95,000, with Tenure, effective August 16, 1999.

On a motion by Ms. McNamara, supported by Ms. Cook, THE BOARD VOTED to approve the recommendations.

6.An Executive Session was not requested.


A.President McPherson reported that Governor Engler had signed the Life Sciences Corridor legislation at a recent ceremony in the State. In addition, a national press conference was held at the National Press Building in Washington, D.C. The President commented on the enormous potential this has for the State, Michigan State, and the other institutions that are involved.
B.Trustee Cook complimented President McPherson for his leadership role with the life sciences project. She said it has great potential to significantly impact the health of the citizens of Michigan, the life sciences, and the researchers who come to Michigan.

Trustee Cook congratulated Trustee Don Nugent, his company, and family, for the honor he would receive that evening in Traverse City as Entrepreneur of the Year. Trustee Cook commended Mr. Nugent for being a reliable and important member of the Board of Trustees while also making significant contributions to his profession.

C.President McPherson thanked Vice Provost Paul Hunt and his staff for arranging the technology for this special interactive Board meeting.

8.On a motion by Ms. Cook, supported by Ms. Gonzales, the Board voted to adjourn at 12:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy H. Pogel
Secretary of the Board of Trustees



Comments, Trustee and President 4

Executive Session (None) 4

Finance Committee 1-3
Appointment of Construction Manager, Chemistry Building 5th Floor
Laboratory Renovations 3
Operating Budgets, 1999-00 1-2

Personnel Actions 3-4
Appointments 3-4

Policy Committee 3
Law School Name 3

Public Participation - Issues Germane to Agenda or Other Issues (None) 1

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