Class rivalry poster postcard, 1912


Class rivalry poster postcard, 1912
Class rivalry poster postcard, 1912
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Creator: Unknown
Subjects: Student Activities
Description: A postcard of the class rivalry poster between the freshman and sopohmores in 1913. Text on front: "List Ye! You Sodden Ossified Putrid Hollow-headed Skunks of '15. You impotent, scurrilized curs. You ghouls; your jackals; you filthy reptiles. You fossilized, pusillanimous, pickerel mounted products of machination. Conceived in ignorance, born in degradation, reared in iniquity and filth--brainless vagabonds. Consider Saturday The Bloody Fifth. As old sol approaches the zenith guard well your cranium, buckle on your imaginary, impenetrable impervious case hardened armor. For the Knights of Modern Progress will mop the campus with you; you carrion scented, unregenerated spawns of beastly breeds, and on the fateful day if you dare appear upon the battle field you will be annihilated. Beware! Signed-M.A.C. Class of '16.. N.B. -Scavenger Service, Gratis."
Date: 1912
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Original Format: Postcard
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