Class rivalry poster postcard, 1910


Class rivalry poster postcard, 1910
Class rivalry poster postcard, 1910
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Creator: Bovee, F. N.
Subjects: Student Activities
Description: A poster of the freshman and sophomore rivalry in 1910. The poster was defaced by the sophomores with the number 14 stamped over the original writing, as well as the words "fresh." Text on front: "Hear Yez!!! We the great, glorious and remarkable class of M.A.C. 1914 do hereby give warning to Ye Sappy Sophs and promulgate the following Declaration of War. WE have listened to your insinuating remarks and watched your overbearing manners for the past number of weeks. You have treated our classmates as inferior beings. We now call upon you to make good, and issue this formal challenge for the whole-sale slaughter of your worthless class Saturday Oct. 1st, 1910. Brainless Batty Sophomores Ye Have: 1st. Scoffed at us on the campus 2nd. Sneered at our freshmen caps. 3rd. Guffawed at our manly bearing in the classroom. 4th. Spoken of and pointed to trees in our presence. 5th. Unlawfully attempted put a price upon campus privileges. 6th. Endeavored to precipitously rush some of our number into the State of Matrimony. 7th: Contemplated exposing our sweet, silvery voices to the damp and chilly atmosphere of the evening in open air concerts. And finally ye so polluted the waters of the botanical cesspool by your annual bath that the pond lilies no longer grow therein, thus detracting from the beauties of this far famed institution of learning. And now ye silly simpering sissies. Since you have shown your asinine imbecility in the aforementioned divers ways it becomes our sacred duty to rid the fair name of this college of so ignoble a stain and we hereby pledge ourselves to wipe you from the face of the earth on Bloody Saturday Oct. 1st, 1910. Signed, sealed and delivered M.A.C. 1914." Text on back: "Challenge to the Fresh-Soph fight" "From Mrs. Alubowicz"
Date: 1910
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Original Format: Postcard
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