The M.A.C. Record; vol.53, no.04; June 1948


Creator: Published by the Michigan Agricultural College; Edited by the Faculty
Subjects: Alumni, Faculty, Students
Description: Major articles in this issue include:
A Letter from the Dean...
Plans Set for Alumni Day, Commencement
Alumni Honor Huddleson, Owen, Hedrick, Brandes
The Affairs of State
M.S.C. Negro Fraternity
Faculty Changes
On the Cover...
This Beautiful Michigan State Campus
It's Our Fondest and Deepest Tradition
Spartans Grid for 1948 Olympic Games
Grid Squad Prepares for Michigan Opener
Michigan State Net Team Boasts Six Straight Wins
Downtown Coaches Ticket Drive Goes Over 5,000
The Dionysians Present...
Following Alumni Clubs
Professors Win National Recognition
M.S.C. Writers Get World Circulation on Articles
Addition to Staff
Subscriptions Increase Fund Total as Progress Report is Prepared
News About these Alumni
Schultz Gets Top Post with Lincoln-Mercury
Homecoming October 16
Officers of "Freshman" Alumni Class
Date: June 1948
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The M.A.C. Record; Volume 53
The M.A.C. Record; Volume 53
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