Associated Women Students Handbooks - Given to each female student at the beginning of the school year, the Associated Women Students Handbook communicated what women could expect from the college experience, as well as what would be expected of them. Information regarding curfews, dress codes, permissions to leave campus, and information regarding extra curricular activities could all be found in these guide books.
Beside the Winding Cedar - This college catalog was distributed to prospective students. It features different photos from around around campus, a discussion on college education, and different student activities and events. This promotional pamphlet also features course offerings.
Commencement Programs - These programs detail the commencement exercises from each year. Details include the topic of speeches given, the individuals who spoke at each ceremony, and the music played. Additional years available for viewing by appointment on site at the Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections.
Edward J. Frost Album - The photo album was created by MAC student, Edward J. Frost.  He made the prints from negatives he borrowed from MAC Professor Rolla C. Carpenter.
Faculty and Student Directories - Faculty and Student Directories listing names of faculty and students, addresses, and other information.
International Student Directories - Directories of international students attending Michigan State University. The directories list student name, country, class, major, and address.
M.A.C. Calendars - Each year, calendars would be given out to students. These usually featured photographs of campus landmarks and buildings.
M.A.C. Record - The M.A.C. Record was the college's newspaper beginning in 1896. In 1913, the Alumni Association took over the publication. The newspaper is a good source of campus events, alumni information, and faculty advice to students.
MSU News Bulletin - The MSU News Bulletin was an intra-campus publication. It started in 1969 as the MSU Faculty news in September 1969. The name changed to the MSU News Bulletin in January 1992.
Meeting Minutes of the Board of Trustees - The meeting minutes from the Board of Trustees have been digitized starting with the earliest minutes in 1855. The current minutes will continue to be added as they are made available. Most of the minutes may be searched by keyword, however, the earliest, handwritten minutes, are not.
Sesquicentennial Oral History Project - The Sesquicentennial Oral History project attempts to document the lives and careers of Michigan State University presidents, faculty staff and trustees through audio interviews that supplement the written record. The project was conducted between 1999 and 2005 to be completed for the 150th anniversary of MSU's founding.
Spartan Women's League Etiquette Books - The Spartan Women's League released "Etiquette Books" to MSU students every year. The books outline how to properly behave. How to dress, "courting," and acceptable table manners are just a few of the diverse topics covered.
The Bubble - The Bubble is the first-known student publication on the Michigan State campus. It was published in 1868 by Frank S. Burton, Class of 1868, and the Bubble was intended to be a humorous look at campus life.
The Eagle - The Eagle was a campus publication created by 13-year old Roscoe Kedzie while he was living on campus. He wrote of campus events and figures.
The Tic - The Tic was a men's newsletter released by the Eclectic Literary Society. The active members, information on social events, and alumni news can all be found inside.
University Reporter - Intelligencer - M. L. Elrick, journalism student at MSU, encountered an unexpected obstacle to becoming editor of the State News, and started the University Reporter-Intelligencer (UR-I), a free weekly newspaper that had a circulation of 10,000. The UR-I was "intended as a weekly forum for the discussion of topics crucial to ensuring MSU's position as an incubator of new and revolutionary ideas, dreamt up by the minds giving our community its character and verve." The paper was published between September 1989 and October 1990.
Ye Union Lit Speculum - Newsletters from the Union Literary Society. Discussion includes building upgrades, payment of dues, and alumni news. Bound Volumes from the 1890s can be seen on site at the Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections.