Timeline - 1859

Date: 1859
Title: College survives six attempts to close it between 1859-1869
Description: 1859 Some legislators felt the college should be self supporting from its farms. Legislation was introduced to close the college and create a department of agriculture at the University of Michigan.

1861 Rumors flew that the college again would be shut down and a department of agriculture created at the University of Michigan. They faded when the Board announced a new term starting on April 17, 1861.

1863 The College's existence was threatened again due to lack of funding and the number of men going to war or staying home to work on farms. Another strong effort was made in the legislature to move the college to Ann Arbor.

1865 Another proposal was made to transfer the college to Ann Arbor.

1866 There was another attempt in the legislature to close and move the college to Ann Arbor.

1869 Final attempt to close the college but opposition from the University of Michigan melted away and legislature appropriations included monies for a new dormitory and a new farm house.

Adapted from J. Bruce McCristal's The Spirit of Michigan State