Timeline - 1970

Date: 1970
Title: Mary Mayo, Shaw, and Williams Halls began a coed living experiment
Description: These three halls of the 35 on campus tried a coed living experiment by placing men and women on different floors. MSU students had been petitioning the board to try new living environments. In the fall of 1970 this new living experience was approved.

Coed living had been in existence since 1961 but only with men and women living on separate wings of the buildings.
At the time Shaw Hall already had women living on top floors and the men on lower floors.

The board cited that there were great behavior changes as a result of this new experience. Students became more social, became more mature, men began to decorate their room more, rooms were noticeably cleaner. However, there was an increase in noise, especially on the weekends.

Source: The Spirit of Michigan State, J. Bruce McCristal