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The Michigan State University Sesquicentennial Oral History Project was conducted from 1999-2005 to celebrate the University's 150th anniversary in 2005. The project's goal was to document the lives and careers of Michigan State University presidents, faculty, staff and trustees through audio interviews. The project was created by Jeff Charnley of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures and Fred Honhart, Director Emeritus of the University Archives & Historical Collections.

People Interviewed for the Project:

Pauline Adams
Gwen Andrew
George Axinn
Gladys Beckwith
August Benson
Richard Bernitt
Henry Blosser
Arthur Brandstatter
Howard Brody
John Cantlon
Richard Chapin
Luther Cobb
Maurice Crane
Charles Curry
Frank Dennis
John DiBiaggio
Ronald Flinn
Bruce Fossum
Dorothy Frayer
Keith Groty
Gordon Guyer
Theodore Hesburgh
Iwao Ishino
Eleanor Huzar
Christopher Jackson
Ruth Jameyson
Dick Johnson
Wally Keller
William Kelly
Ted Kennedy
Phillip Korth
Karen Langeland
Kathleen Large
George Lauff
Rob Leland
Lois Lund
Myron Magen
Lester Manderscheid
Blanche Martin
Russell Mawby
Colleen McNamara
Steve Meuche
Gwen Norrell
George Perles
Barnett Rosenberg
Jack Shingleton
Jay Siegel
Ted Simon
Ralph Smuckler
Larry Sommers
Helen Spence
Don Stevens
Carolyn Stieber
Jack Stieber
Victor Strecher
Richard Sullivan
Robert Underwood
Scott Vaughn
Lawrence VonTersch
Wendell Westcott
Clarence Winder